I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 572


Chapter 572 Harley’s Human World Immortal Realm

“What innate talent have you awakened?” Granny Yajia stared at the blood and climbed ashore The two of them, eyes twinkling.

“I-” Clark just got excited and wanted to answer, Harry grabbed him, indifferently said: “Nothing, keep going!”

Sea of Blood It is the first story of the “Book of Immortal Realm”, before it, only the Fairy Town of the ‘Prologue’ remains.

More than half of Immortal Realm’s commoner fairies, Fairy, live in Fairy Town.

The Fairy Town and the Sea of Blood are separated by a cloudy sky.

Harry and Clark took bloody footprints one step at a time, stepping on the white clouds to the periphery of the market town.

Only at this point, the water of the blood sea like red ink on the two of them disappeared.

Goblins, elves, and Fairy all look alike, with pointed ears, awl-shaped faces, and slender limbs.

But the goblin is relatively short, with a long tail behind the ass drum, a Fairy slender figure, and a pair or two pairs of cicada-like wings on the shoulders.

The fairies can be dressed up in a variety of ways.

Some wore only tattered shorts and vests, bare feet and legs, some dressed like medieval peasants, and some gentlemen in suits and leather shoes, with a short sword on the waist and a Cloak’s warrior

Fairy’s clothing is relatively uniform, and they are all dressed in robes that are not conducive to flying, but are ethereal, very beautiful, and can increase temperament during the flight.

The market is composed of carts, stalls and shops.

The total number of vendors, guests and residents is about three or four thousand people, and it is very lively when crowded in one place.

In addition to Fairy and goblins, there are sprites in animal form and mages from the outside world.

Shops and booths are full of merchandise.

There are so many varieties that Harry and Clark are overwhelmed.

Even a small booth with computer desktops has hundreds of items on it.

All handmade, no duplicates at all.

Harry was attracted by a full-length mirror, a bald middle-aged goblin who kept throwing strange creatures at the mirror, a mermaid, a squirrel man, and a shackled human girl. Statues of these men then emerge behind the mirror.

“Hey young man, it’s you, what you want, come closer.”

An elderly Banshee geek, to stick one’s head around to look for Clark shouted.

“No, thank you, I have no money.”

Clark glanced at the amethyst grapes on the stall, swallowed, and waved his hand in rejection.

“Pay with your fingers if you don’t have any money, anyway, you have ten, and it’s not at worst if you lose one or two.” The old monster smiled mysteriously, put a piece of cloth on the grape frame, and then Opened, a basket of almost transparent pears replaced it.

As the cloth is covered and opened again, the old monster reveals seven or eight kinds of fruits to Clark.

“Give me a finger and I’ll give you a basket of fruit.”

Clark shook his head with a wary expression.

“Don’t want to eat fruit?” The old monster covered the cloth and opened it again, and various Rare Items appeared in turn.

A gem-encrusted dagger, golden-bright and dazzling daggers, a ruby watermelon, an emerald pony, and a music box for real villains dancing.

“If these aren’t enough , you can make your own wish, any wish.”

“My fingers are useful,” Clark said.

“The toes, two toes touching one finger.”

“I need toes to walk.” Clark declined again.

“Is your life enough for half a year? You’re still young, and your lifespan is like the white hair on my head.”

“I’m really not hungry, I don’t eat fruit.”

Clark’s stomach growled, but he shook his head firmly.

“Young man, didn’t I make it clear? It’s not just fruits, I can fulfill any of your wishes. If you are really afraid of death, I think your voice is mellow and powerful. Would you like to give me your voice?”

Clark’s expression is already a little frightened, this is an evil old witch!

“Ai, give me the color of your eyes, this is the lowest price.” The old woman sighed, but her eyes were fixed on Clark.

Clark waved, “I don’t have any wishes.”

“Forget it.” The old woman stood up tremblingly, shook the blue floret, and exchanged the Rare Items on the stall. fruit.

“β€”β€”” Silently, a small silver bracelet inlaid with more than ten kinds of gorgeous gems fell from the old woman, fell on the muddy ground and rolled forward, rolled off the bottom of the table, and rolled into the street , just drilled into Clark’s cloak – a long cloak of colorful clouds.

The old woman didn’t notice. After turning the stall into a basket of red apples, she sat back and closed her eyes to take a nap.

“Hey, old lady, your bracelet fell off.”

Clark picked up the bracelet immediately and handed it back.

“Oh, it’s really my bracelet, young man, you have a sincere and kind heart.”

The old woman was happy and grateful, and took out a bright red bracelet from the basket. Apple, “Honey, here’s a small gift for you, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Clark declined.

“You look down on me? Do you think I’m just an old monster who sells fruits?” The old woman kept the gesture of handing the apple, her eyes hurt.

“No, I-” Clark could only take the apple.

The next second, a circle of white smoke rose from under him, the smoke dissipated, and a three-meter-tall strong cow with smooth hair and bulging muscles appeared on the spot.

The strong cow’s eyes are blue, flashing dazed and frightened, “Moo-“

“Hahaha, such a strong cow, I don’t need to pull the scooter myself from now on! ”

The old woman clapped her hands and smiled.

The goblins around are not surprised, they don’t make a fuss about nothing, they only point fingers around strong bulls.

“What’s going on here? Why did my companion turn into a cow?” Harry asked loudly, running over.

She actually noticed the movement here long ago, but the old woman is evil, and Clark is also very alert.

Absolutely never thought that just one apple could turn a person into a cow.

Clark hasn’t eaten an apple yet.

The old woman pointed to the red apple in the bull’s mouth and said proudly: “Everything has a price. If you accept my gift, you have to repay my wish.”

Harry Touch the beef ribs and feel it thinly. Probably only a single thought, you can use the God force field to expel the old woman’s third-rate Transformation Technique.

She was relieved.

β€œHe returned your bracelet, and the apple is the reward,” she said.

The white-haired old monster shook the bracelet, and the magical brilliance of the stars dissipated from the bracelet, turning into a circle of straw ropes.

“This is the garbage I threw away, not a bracelet.” The old monster laughed heartily, “You throw a piece of fruit peel at random, I pick it up and give it back to you, can you say you’re helping me?


My apple is not ordinary.

It comes from the fairy queen’s apple orchard. Eating it can not only prolong life, but also taste the feeling of 36 kinds of first love.

The value of the straw rope deducted by the apple is my gift to him.”

β€œThis kind of immortal jump, you have the face to say it in public, isn’t it illegal in Immortal Realm?” Ha Li looked around all around, and the surrounding fairies looked disapproving.

“Old Karma made money with his wisdom, what kind of law did he commit? The human mage from outside is really ignorant.” Next to him is a fruit-selling fairy, Sneered.

“That’s right, I don’t even know the rules of goblins, yet dare to come to Immortal Realm.”

“He’s a hillbilly, a bitch.”

in In the vicinity, there was no righteous person who spoke up in the crowd, and Harry looked at the snickering mother-in-law Yajia, “Are you watching Mundo being deceived?”

“hehehe, This is the Fairy Market, what can you do to me?” Granny Yajia sneered and stepped back into the crowd.

“We signed a contract,” Harry said.

“Hahaha, look at what’s written on the contract yourself.” Granny Yajia said proudly.

Harry took out the board from under the cloak. The text on it was blurred for a while, and then clear again, from the regular English she wrote to the twisted and scrawled Goblin text.

I can’t read fairy characters, but I can understand it by staring at it.

β€”β€”Mother-in-law Yajia is not responsible for all her actions, you idiot, hahahaha.

That’s all.

“I’ve never seen such a foolish person writing a contract with my magic wood.” Granny Yajia raised her eyebrows, venting her agony of being oppressed and threatened to the spirits beside her.

“Whatever she wrote on the board, when I touched it, the real contract was etched under the surface, and she didn’t know anything about it.

What a pity , Kama old woman is a thief, taking a step ahead, did not let me realize the real plan.”

The surrounding goblins laughed heartily, “Humans are stupid.”

“How big are you? Plan?” Halle said indifferently.

Mother-in-law Yajia looked around and saw a dwarf goblin pushing a unicycle outside, her eyes shined, and she yelled, “Snaut, where have you gone?”

The sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks The goblin complained: “Of course at the entrance of the market, there are the most foreigners, and it’s best to cheat.

It takes one mile to go from the street to this square, and how difficult it is to push a car. ?”

“By the way, where are the two fat sheep you said?”

Mother-in-law Yajia pointed at Harry and Clark’s cow, “Being one step ahead!”

“What a strong cow, he must be very strong, he is an extremely powerful warrior!” Snaot exclaimed.

“What a pity, what a pity! If I had come earlier, he would have been mine.” He stomped his feet and lamented.

“What are you going to do?” Harry asked nonchalantly.

“There are so many ways,” Granny Yajia said with a smile, “for example, I gave you the Treasure Item from Slott, and then he shouted to catch the thief and asked the market guard to take you Get caught.”

“Is this still possible?” Harry looked all around, “Where is the market guard?”

A man in a tuxedo, small glasses, and an owl-like hairstyle The middle-aged fairy came over, bowed to her, gave a salute, and said, “This market is Lord Glory of the first ring. The first two Heaven and Earth prisons had major events, and the adults went back to deal with housework.”

Mother Fake, the manager turns out to be a devil, what is the need for justice?

Harry secretly sighed and asked, “Stop thief crying, “Stop thief!”, isn’t it illegal?”

The tuxedo fairy said politely: “Stop thief! Nautt often secretly puts his jewelry on the passengers, and then shouts to catch the thief.

The traveler who is trapped will either pay the most valuable treasure on his body and find me to redeem him or be his seven Ten years of private servants.”

Seeing that Harry didn’t pay to redeem people, his expression turned cold, and he continued: “This kind of behavior is strictly forbidden in the market.

But to punish Snaot, the traveler must first prove that he was framed.

It is better to catch him on the spot when he is framed.

Miss Witch, what’s your problem now?”

Harry pointed to Karma, the fruit seller, “She’s not doing anything illegal?”

“Magic tricks are goblins Every outsider should know the rules of Immortal Realm in advance.

Just like human beings have human customs, goblins have to disguise themselves as human beings from appearance to behavior and thoughts.” Tuxedo Still polite, but with obvious arrogance on his face.

“In a nutshell, Immortal Realm allows forced buying and selling through fraudulent means, right?” Harry asked calmly.

Tuxedo eyebrow raised, corrected: “It’s not a scam, it’s a highly technical artistic technique.”

“Hey, I feel like I missed hundreds of millions!” Ha Li sighed deeply, and there was a hint of joy in her tone.

“Here is my Human World Immortal Realm, I would have come a long time ago if I knew Immortal Realm had such rules.”

In the eyes of the unfathomable mystery of goblins, fairy and mages , she opened her mouth and spit out a black cloud.

(end of this chapter)

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