I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 573


Chapter 573 The Robber and the Fairy

“Immortal Realm’s rule is very much to my liking.”

Harry still had her robe fluttering and her hood covered her face, but it was obvious that she raised her head and a “dark cloud” spewed out of her mouth.

A manifestation of the power of the yellow light in the stomach.

The power of hell is activated by the little tail at the back of the head, and the power of hell king is integrated into the energy of the yellow light, which not only turns the golden yellow into the degenerate black with the rolling magic flames, but also doubles the infectiousness of the power of fear.

Black clouds are 100 meters high, covering most of the market.

Fairies and elves are not only shrouded in darkness, but also have a heavy layer of fear in their hearts.


The black cloud that manifested the power of fear did not attack anyone, but rolled into a huge vortex above Harry’s head.

vortex high-speed rotation, a rope made of black smoke, threw away from the center of vortex, in the vicinity of the stall, a bunch of grapes, a dagger, a magic pot.

Except for the living and living creatures, all the Rare Item treasures on the stall are “whiz whiz whiz” inhaling the black cloud vortex.

“ahhhh, my darling!” A goblin vendor tried to stop him, but was swept away by a black whip.

“What are you doing?” Tuxedo surprised and angry.

Haley smiled and sounded transmission Bafang: “Don’t get excited, everyone, I’m not robbery. Everything is according to the rules. Any help or gift from you must pay the price of being recognized by you.

I have no opinion on this.

Before you did everything possible to send things and food to the outsiders, now it’s alright, so that you don’t have to work hard, I’ll take it myself.

Don’t worry, every item has a price, I am in Immortal Realm, right in front of you, and I will definitely not be able to leave without completing the transaction.”

“Are you crazy? There are so many things, You must have no money to pay.”

“Pledge your body, soul and all innate talent power, it is not enough for these treasures.”

The goblin vendor shouted excitedly.

“Hahaha, it doesn’t matter, she’s here anyway, and the goods are here. When the time comes, everyone will divide her up and get your own things back.”

Mother-in-law Yajia was very happy, the bigger Hari Zuo’s death, the more unlucky it would be.

The more unfortunate Harry got, the happier she was.

“Where’s everything gone?” Snout asked, staring at the dark cloud vortex in the sky.

The other goblins stopped shouting and stared at the old witch with questioning eyes.

“She is a witch with great innate talent, with a pocket dimension in her stomach. I saw her with my own eyesβ€”hey!” Granny Yajia blinked, and the one on the other end was called ‘Mundo’ The bull is gone.

Also sucked into the stomach by the witch?

“Look, the cow is gone, and must have been sucked into the belly space by the witch.

Don’t worry, I’ve seen her suck up stupid big fellow Mundo many times. Spit it out again.

When the time comes, whoever gets her pocket dimension innate talent will naturally be able to pour it out again.”

β€œWow, she has so much pocket space. , with a cow, and so many Rare Items.” Old Karma looked at Ha Li, his eyes lit up, “I am the best at stripping mage innate talent, don’t fight with me, pocket space belongs to me. “

“Wishful thinking! I lost a box of magic jewelry, and I should be the first to pick out her possessions.”

A bearded shopkeeper swallowed greedily.

“You only have a box of jewelry, I lost half a carload of magic fruits.”

Old Karma picked up the silk cloth, covered the empty basket, opened it, Another basket of grapes.

A black thread floats down from the vortex, hooking the grape bunches away.

Next, she covered the cloth again, opened it again, and found another basket of crystal pears.

After such a rapid cycle for more than ten times, she lost hundreds of kilograms of precious magic fruits and treasure .

“Now I have the most debts, the witch’s property compensation, I account for the majority!” Old Karma said proudly.

“Good old woman, you are so cunning, you actually take the initiative to deliver.” The bearded man opened the magic locker angrily, and brought out a box of jewelry for the vortex in the sky to suck.

“Who dares to compare with me!” He glanced at everyone with red eyes.

“Everyone, don’t compete maliciously. You can’t use so many things. All the witch’s property, including her soul, is no longer hers.” A goblin shouted.

“That’s what I’m saying, but whoever posts more things, the higher the priority and the distribution ratio when the witch is divided up later. Well, I took a fancy to her robe, which seems to be the same as Dream’s.

” It’s about power.”

A goblin selling condiments took out his cargo box and threw it high at vortex.

Just when the other fairies were hesitating whether to increase their investment in order to increase their income in the future, the “hooded witch” who was surrounded by fairies in the center of the street, heard their conversation and thoughtfully helped. They made a choice.

“huhuhu!” The black cloud vortex turned faster, violent wind erupted, flying the containers and boxes on the stall, taking away all the goods inside, and even sucking the entire wheelbarrow directly into it.

At this time, the black cloud vortex has covered the entire market, and everyone is alarmed.

A human mage asked suspiciously: “Aren’t you afraid that she will take something and run away?

No one is a fool, her companion has become an ox, and she only needs to pay a certain price to redeem it. Just go back, there’s no need to get yourself into it, and it’s signed to eternal damnation.”

“Hey, of course she’s not stupid, 80% of the time she’s still smug, thinking she’s smart, and runs away thinking she can grab something. “Mother-in-law Yajia sneered.

Said she pointed to the tuxedo on the side, “Mr. Crowne and the Market Law Enforcement Team are here, who can escape?”

be that as it may, many goblins But he began to worry, not only did he no longer actively deliver goods, but he also exerted his strength, and the magic of magic surged, desperately preventing his stall from being caught in the storm vortex.

The products left at the end are always the most precious, the most valuable, and the ones most reluctant to take out for risk.

Harry understands this.

As a result, the power of fear surged in his body, first of all, he swept away the sharp-mouthed monkey’s gills, who was planning to harm him, and sucked his magic unicycle into vortex, and then fell into his stomach.

Then target the old monster Jing Karma who tricked Clark, pull up by the roots of her small shop, and even let go of the muddy foundation.

No No goblin resistance.

But the goblins don’t have an Iron Body, they are similar to the mother-in-law Yajia, relying on magic tricks, and the fleshy body is not strong.

The magic trick of the goblin is unique, it can be called a bug to the ordinary person, and it is unfathomable mystery. Once it is attacked, there is no resistance.

Even if the magic Grandmaster falls into the magic trap of the goblin, he will suffer a great loss.

But they encountered Harley – God’s position is completely immune to low-level magic, immune to 99% of the rule-based forbidden spell damage.

And they didn’t dare to attack her, for fear of killing her.

If she dies, her innate talent will disappear with the soul, and the property that was stolen before will disappear with the innate talent of the “belly dimension”.

They use magic that interrupts her swallowing skills, no effect.

He switched to using magic on his own shop and stall, but was easily torn open the protective cover and took away the goods by the big hand of the yellow light shrouded in the divine force field.

Well, because of the kingship of hell, the palm of the yellow light energy has also become the claws of black smoke.

Looking at the imposing manner is amazing.

“Who’s wreaking havoc at the fair, where is Glory?”

Harry’s rampage continued until a majestic female voice resounded through Heaven and Earth.

A strange force pressed down on the black cloud vortex, and at that moment, the blue sky with high autumn air seemed to rumble a lot shorter.

“Boom!” Harry couldn’t hold it back, the vortex forcibly exploded, the black smoke of the power of fear flew, and the uneaten goods were scattered all over the place.

“What a daring man, how dare you loot the Fairy Bazaar under broad daylight.”

A woman with a very beautiful appearance and a very noble temperament rides a white horse and rides white clouds from the sky Come running.

It was a charming woman with a pearl crown on her forehead, her blond hair like seaweed hanging down from her waist, her beautiful face was flawless, her skin was like the most High Level white jade, and her fairness revealed a touch of coolness.

She wore a red classic dress woven by sunset and sunrise light, and a blue cape like a blue lake draped over her shoulders.

The colt that she rides under her crotch is tall, strong, and pure as snow.

Even the reins of the puller are silver chains strung with agate, sapphire and opal.

Harry wiped her mouth, no oil.

“Are you the Queen of Elf Titania?”

No need to ask any further questions, the nearby fairies, fairies, mages, and alien creatures all saluted respectfully, and were called “fairy queens” or “Queen”.

Immortal Realm fairy queen and fairy queen are not contradictory, Titania is the queen of Spirit Race, after marrying Immortal Realm master Oberon, she became one of Immortal Realm masters.

“Bold, it’s not polite to see the fairy queen!” Tuxedo scolded.

Harry felt a strange magic fall on her as the voice fell.

Spiritual sense didn’t warn her, so she took the skin of God to see what the magic would do.

Then she felt a little itchy in her ear, and reached out to touch it. It was fluffy, with a long, pointed slap.

A pair of donkey ears.

“This is just a small lesson, Immortal Realm attaches great importance to etiquette, and those who are disrespectful will be punished.” Fairy Queen indifferently said.

“I just can’t agree more with that.” Harry laughed weirdly.

archmage’s exclusive enchantment, the black vortex of thorns – a level 10 specialty experience jar, integrated into the anti-damage magic shield, forming a zero-level energy black vortex, absorbing any energy that the zero-level experience jar can carry , and 100% reflected back.

Simply put, it’s a limitless way to reciprocate.

The limit is the amount of level zero experience jars can hold.

When the Defense feat is first activated, it is level zero.

Level 0 feat reserves, that is, the energy required to activate defensive feats.

The tier-0 specialty jar doesn’t have much storage. At the beginning, Harley used only a few breads and her own fat to activate the tier-0 food defense specialty.

Converting it into magic, it can’t even hold an ordinary intermediate magic, and the extra is naturally borne by Harry’s body.

In the future, if you upgrade to the Level 10 experience jar, there will be more than one jar, ten jars are tied, and the top ten Level 10 Black Vortex.

Although the exclusive spell has just been born, Harry also Dare to proudly declare that this is the most powerful magic in the multiverse.

The top ten level 10 black vortex is still a dream. At this time, a zero-level black vortex has absorbed all the magic of the long donkey’s ear.

Harry tone barely fell , her ears returned to normal, the elf queen standing proudly in the void, but sou sou grew a pair of fluffy donkey ears.

β€œahhhh—” There was a sharp and angry cry from the sky.

“Hahaha, Immortal Realm attaches great importance to etiquette, and those who are disrespectful will be punished.”

Harley repeated what the Queen just said, “Even the Queen is no exception.”

“The fairy queen is on top, the fairy queen has donkey ears.” The goblins screamed in horror.

“The level of magic with donkey ears is not high, but the opponent is a fairy queen. What kind of magical attainments can make a fairy queen grow donkey ears?” The mage was also shocked by otherworldly creatures.

Well, the magic that the fairy queen uses to turn donkey ears must be high enough to make the fairy queen grow donkey ears.

“Who are you?” The fairy queen looked cautious.

Her donkey ears quickly disappeared, reverting to lovely, crystal human ears.

(end of this chapter)

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