I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 575


Chapter 575 Encountering Old Knows in a Foreign Land

One Superman arrives in three third houses, and one third house arrives in three first-time fallen Demon Kings.

So, how many magic apples is a First Fall Demon King worth?

Titania couldn’t answer.

If Harley asked her how many magic apples a 3rd house was worth, she would still struggle.

Because, as Harley said, dead people are worthless.

San Gong has already died, not afraid of offending.

But the First Fall is still here!

Immortal Realm has to pay the “eleven tax” to hell.

β€”β€”Demoness is so cunning!

The fairy queen raised her eyebrows, secretly sighed in her heart.

Harry continued: “I respect each Demon King Your Majesty very much, and think that they exist at least on the same level as Oberon Immortal King and Titania Fairy Queen. Fairy Queen can object to this. What kind of argument?”

β€”β€”The way you honor the Demon King is to humiliate and harm them in a different way?

The Fairy Queen continued to curse in her heart, but said modestly on her face: “It’s too good.”

In a fair fight, Immortal King and Fairy Queen are not likely to be the opponents of Demon King.

But if the Demon King comes to Immortal Realm to make trouble, regardless of the reaction of hell, the fairy queen can suppress any Demon King who is not Satan.

Immortal King and Fairy Queen are of the same level as Sangong, only the strength is different.

Sannomiya is not afraid of any Demon King.

“The dignified fairy queen, in charge of the entire apple orchard, compares the value of apples with the fairy queen, which is simply an insult!”

Harry is righteous, but he is still in the words Besides, compare the value of fairy queen and apple.

In Titania’s gloomy eyes, she hooked her fingers, a yellow light energy thread, pulled the tragic and desperate mother-in-law Yajia to her side, and patted the dirty and fluffy old woman. ‘s brain.

“Look at her, she has become a legend in the world, and is known to almost everyone. She can be said to be famous.” Words are tainted.

But they couldn’t refute it. No matter how ugly an old woman is, she is also a woman. She has a long lifespan, and it is difficult to distinguish between the old and the young. It is not a big problem for “appropriate-age” women to use their ‘name’.

“She is proficient in dozens of spells, and has built the only chicken feet hut in the multiverse. She is brimming over with talent and has outstanding talent.”

Everyone thought again Tucao, this old woman has cultivated for thousands of years, and only barely managed to archmage, she has a talent for fart.

β€œShe is proficient in the cooking methods of countless intelligent animals. She relies on her own hand-made clothing, food, housing and transportation. She is a good woman who lives at home. It is not too much to praise her virtue and virtue.”

Everyone I want to vomit, God’s special cooking method of intelligent animals, cannibalism makes you speak so fresh and refined, it has become virtuous and virtuous.

“She has lived alone in the forest for thousands of years, absolutely A model of tranquility and serenity.”

Everyone wanted to say that she didn’t live outside, but hid outside, and her perverted behavior of kidnapping and eating children, if there were villages around, the villagers would not surround her Weird.

“She likes flying with a broom and crouching on a stone mortar. This kind of behavior is unique in the world, so she has an interesting soul that is not conventional.”

Everyone is dumbfounded. According to you, every pervert has an interesting soul.

“Such a well-known, brimming over with talent, virtuous, virtuous, quiet, and interesting woman, I will mark her a price that is both beautiful and beautiful. What’s the problem? This is comparable to what you use It’s too fair to replace Apple with Superman.”

Everyone’s expressions were distorted, but they couldn’t refute.

Because compared with Apple for Superman, what Mother Yajia stole before Demoness is definitely more “conscience”.

“Besides, I haven’t poured out your city and country yet, I just poured out a small market. Speaking of which, I’ve mortgaged Yajia’s elder sister to you, it’s really a big loss. ‘ Harry sighed.

“Yajia’s little elder sister vomits!” Someone finally reached the limit of physical endurance and couldn’t help but vomit.

“I don’t want to change, I don’t want the old witch Yajia!” Snaot yelled in despair.

He’s almost bankrupt today, even his unicycle with his own space house.

Harry sternly said, “Does Superman want to replace himself with an apple?

If you can lie to him, I can lie to you, that’s the rule of Immortal Realm. “

“When I exchanged apples for Superman, I didn’t know he was Superman!” cried Kama old woman.

“When I traded Granny Yajia for market goods, I also didn’t know what was hidden in your container.” Harley said indifferently.

“Okay, you also admit that I exchanged Apple for Superman. Give me that Superman. With Superman, I can still make a lot of money.” The old monster stared at Superman with drool flowed out.

Harry wiped her lips, and a bright red apple appeared in her hand. With a “sou”, she threw the apple on the head of the Karma old woman, “dong!”

Smashing her to the ground, the apple rolled back in front of him.

“Isn’t it just an apple, I have more now, hahaha!” Halle said with a smile.

“No, I don’t sell it, how can Superman be worth an apple, I don’t sell it, I just want Superman.” Karma old woman excitedly said.

“You should have said that before you traded Apple for Superman,” Harley scoffed.

Looking around at the speechless goblins, she grinned and said happily: “I really love Immortal Realm so much, this is my paradise, you have to keep working hard, I will Will come again.”

We work hard, make money, accumulate wealth, and then let you cheat and rob?

The goblins were angry and worried.

“Queen Fairy, tell me quickly, the rules of cheating and buying and selling are only valid for us fairies!” Snaot excitedly said.

Old Karma also said with grief and indignation: “Since ancient times, goblins have always been deceiving people. Human beings play goblins so unscrupulously. Never before, heavens cannot tolerate!”

Harry sneered, goblins can deceive people, not because humans are honest and stupid, but because the ordinary person is not as powerful as goblins, and cannot resist the rules of the game formulated by goblins with little magic tricks.

What is the technical content of her doing the same thing today?

Anyone with a flexible mind can think of it.

But as the old monster said, it’s always a goblin to deceive people.

If the leprechaun turned her into a rabbit or a hedgehog with a little trick, would they be talking to her for so long?

The Demon King also didn’t do much work, and still asked the goblins for the 10 most outstanding elves every seven years.

To put it bluntly, weak are prey to the strong.

If the fairy queen helps the goblin trader renege on a debt, she’s not afraid.

Because of the laws of hell, the wicked demon sleeping in her stomach will blur uncontrollably after she leaves hell, and eventually return to the shadow world against the summon, but before in the chicken feet hut, she also found Mr. Little Rabbit and Mr. Hongfa are two animal “volunteers”.

At worst go back to the dream world.

Titania was silent for a moment, then slowly said: “The rules appeared because fairies love to use tricks to deceive people, but after the rules appear, they apply to the entire Immortal Realm and are valid for everyone. .

A rule without fairness is not a rule, but a privilege.

Now I rule that everything that Demonness Hallie gets is legal, and you will share it according to your own contributions. Granny Jia.

Because Granny Yajia is a citizen of the Immortal Realm, she has the right to be exempted from death and can make her serve as a servant to compensate for your losses.”

The Market Immediately weeping.

“Your Majesty is wise, I’ll take my leave.” Harry waved, ready to leave.


“Hi, Harley!”

Two voices stopped her at the same time.

One voice was from Titania on the opposite side, while the other was from outside the crowd and was somewhat familiar.

“Zatanna, Nick? Why are you here?” Harry turned to look, surprised to see two old acquaintances.

Zatanna looked excited and seemed to have a lot to say.

Nick grabbed her and gestured to Harry with a smile, “It’s important, we’ll talk later.”

Titania glanced at the two magic Grandmasters and invited Said: “I know you, Zatanna, Nick, Demoness Halle, you can come and sit in my palace together.”

Zatanna and Nick looked towards Halle.

Harry said with a smile: “I’m wanted by the Demon King, go to Your Majesty Palace, okay?”

Titania also smiled, “Can you Hell, escape among the Demon Kings, and the trifling Immortal Realm can’t stop you.”

That’s not necessarily true.

In hell, with the little black bean’s hell kingship and the help of the dog Holy Son, the Demon King has an advantage, but it’s not a crushing advantage.

In Immortal Realm, the fairy queen’s advantage in Immortal Realm’s authority is absolutely overwhelming to her.

However, she was not alone at this time, Zatanna and Nick did not have an ordinary person.

“How far is Your Majesty’s palace?” Harry asked.

“It’s as close as the full moon in the night sky, and as far away as a waking dream.”

Titania smiled slightly, pulled the reins, and the white horse raised its fore hooves and hissed up. Yell, in an instant, the surrounding bazaars seemed to fall into the vortex’s unfolded scroll, shrinking and disappearing in a whirl, and red light filling their voids.

A few people opened their eyes again and came to the backyard of a castle with a long history.

There is a marble floor at the foot, and the water channel on the edge is clear. Under the leadership of the fairy queen, several people crossed the mossy stone bridge, and then passed through the stone arch entwined with vines, and entered a bright palace through the back door.

The palace is quiet, directly connected to the courtyard surrounded by flowers and trees, separated only by a blue gauze curtain.

There are also lounge chairs and small tables on the spacious stone steps.

Titania picked up a bell on the small table and shook it gently.

A handsome boy of eleven or twelve trotted over, “Sir, what are your orders?”

“Hamlet, four chairs, five wine glasses, and a bottle of strawberries. Honeydew.”

Hamlet was extremely fast, and in just a few words, he brought a group of handsome and innocent young men to deliver the things.

Harry, Superman, Zatanna, and Nick took their seats, but didn’t touch the cordial until Titania smiled and said, “This wine doesn’t cost anything.”

After entering the Immortal Realm, do not accept any help or gifts.

This commandment also includes fairy queens.

Actually, the fairy queen is a veteran at this.

80% of the group of beautiful teenagers just now were deceived by this sexy bearing and charming temperament, charming and colorful.

Titania stopped talking about the fairground goods, and only asked Harry about the details of the battle of hell.

Harry also used her questions to understand the perception of the extraordinary world about this incident.

The hell side trumpeted that she lost the lantern beast and became a “crippled person”, but intentionally erased the fact that the dog Holy Son appeared.

Even the existence of Titania is not aware of the existence of the dog Holy Son.

Although Harley didn’t quite understand the Demon King’s intentions, she also deliberately ignored the mother and son in the conversation.

“The mainstream view in the supernatural world now is that you go to hell, it is a thousand-day plan, a hundred days of sharpening your sword, and designed to stab the third house.

Absolutely never thought that killing the third house would be just a matter of In order to save people, I didn’t even know that the daughter of Sannomiya was your friend.

In order to be a friend who has only been with you for a day, I went to hell to kill Sannomiya alone”

Titania’s eyes were complicated , with a shocked expression.

(end of this chapter)

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