I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 576


Chapter 576 Find a fairy queen to be your lover?

Titania sighed softly: “Immortal Spirit is on, even if the fact has already happened, I can’t imagine it, it’s crazy, it’s incredible.”

Zatanna and Nick were also shocked. expression.

Not to mention them, even the Demon Kings of the parties felt that Demones went to hell mainly for the sake of the third house.

The daughter of the third house is just a means to deal with the third house.

If Harley told the ‘real’ reason alone, 80% of the fairy queens would not believe her, thinking that she was habitually cheating and lying.

But Superman is right next to me.

“I’m not alone,” Harley pointed to Superman, who was sitting upright. “With Superman with me, he’s the main force.”


Titania’s mood is more complicated, “Superman, do you know the daughter of the third house?”

Demoness is crazy enough to be crazy alone, but there are people who go crazy with her, do the two have an affair?

It’s not like she has the vision of a ten thousand year old driver!

Superman shook his head, “She’s Harley’s friend, and she’s a poor good girl. That’s enough to know.”

“What’s enough?” The fairy queen raised her voice, With a unimaginable face, “You are going to hell to deal with Demon King! Don’t you know Demon King’s terrifying? Or, don’t you know how much Demon King hates Demoness Harley?”

Superman thought for a while, Said: “Of course I know the relationship between Harley and the hell demon, and I have also fought against the Sannomiya demon, but I didn’t catch a single move.

But like you, I heard that Harley was going to be a friend. Hell and Demon King, I am deeply shocked.

I am very moved and excited.

As a friend, I am very willing to accompany her to do such a righteous and great thing.”

β€”β€”I am deeply shocked, but I will not be moved, and I will not be overwhelmed and lose my mind.

The fairy queen fixedly looked at Superman, and suddenly felt that this kind of simple and stubborn middle-aged tough guy was quite cute.

Harry smiled wryly and waved her hand, “My friend is in great trouble, life and death are on the line, isn’t it right to help when you have the ability, what kind of greatness?”

She really I don’t think I’m being humble.

Rachel has been kidnapped for ten years, and she sometimes thinks of her, but she never fails to eat or sleep because of it.

When she should laugh, she laughs happily, and when she needs to be proud, she will not feel awkward. Her daily life, except for adding a reason to work harder, is hardly affected by Rachel. been.

At that time, she was in hell, she encountered setbacks, the three palaces recovered, her merits were exhausted, and she was still ready to run away to save her life!

Harry felt that nothing was great without sacrificing consciousness.

This rescue operation, which seems extremely dangerous, is actually as stable as Old Dog.

Little Black Bean and Sandman are the two supreme helpers, and it is not a big problem to escape in distress.

The fairy queen stared at Harry for a while, and when she found out that she was not hypocritical, she was even more shocked – this insidious, very ruthless, vicious, self-serving Demoness seems to be about to collapse. !

“But you lost the lantern beast. Did the Demon King lie? I don’t think you lost the yellow lantern energy,” she asked.

“The lantern beast is lost, but the yellow light energy that the lantern beast once stored in my body is still there. Well, now I’m like a Green Lantern who lost his charging lantern, only the energy in the ring is left. ‘ said Harry half true half false.

“Don’t you think it’s a pity, don’t you regret it?” asked the fairy queen staring into her eyes.

“Hey, the lamp beasts are just outside things, easy to come and go quickly.” Harry said generously, laughed.

It’s a pity, it’s a pity, but there’s no need to regret it.

The dream lord she gave Rachel was not necessarily inferior to the lamp beast in terms of authority and power.

She didn’t feel pity either.

Also, if the lamp beast runs away, can you catch it again?

She said with a smile again: “speaking of which, the value of the parallax monster is not as great as the harvest in the fairies today!

The hell of the lost, the Immortal of the harvest. Realm, generally speaking, this trip to hell is not a loss at all.”

The fairy queen’s expression was distorted, she suffered a big loss in front of the Demon King of hell, and ran to Immortal Realm to balance her income and expenses, you What means?

Zatanna looked at the two of them and interjected, “It’s unfortunate that the daughter of Sannomiya has a father like Sannomiya; it’s so lucky to have a friend like Harry.

Perhaps, fate is really fair, if there is a loss, there will be a gain, and a gain must also be a loss.”

The fairy queen raised her eyebrows, this seems a bit meaningful, is it a mockery of Immortal Realm, today Ransacked by Demoness to balance fate?

Harry didn’t try to guess the thinking behind the fairy queen’s changing expression, looked towards the anti-grammarer curiously, “What are you and Nick doing at Immortal Realm?”

The two looked at each other, Looking at the fairy queen again, Nick said, “For the legendary ‘Book of Magic’ that records the origin of magic.”

“The origin of magic. Isn’t that the unexplainable Goddess? Could it be that she stayed behind? magic secrets?” Halle strangely said.

“Oh, I didn’t make it clear, it’s not the origin of magical power, but the origin of Earth magic, Earth orthodox white magic.”

Nick explained: “The power of miracles was originally only In the hands of Spiritual God, the first human wizard who uses magic must have borrowed the power or wisdom of Spiritual God.

It can be said that for a long time, human magic has been closely related to Spiritual God, devil, Immortal Spirit and otherworldly creatures.

Their magic is not pure.

As powerful as Fate Academician, you pay attention to his magic, and it also has a very strong heavenly style.”

, Fate Academic’s signature skill, is actually holy light Cross Slash.

Ordinary person’s holy light cut is just a small “cross”, but Fate Academician used it as the Great Ancestor Long Fist in the hands of Qiao Feng.

The cross rays of light are condensed into a solid body and thrown out at will. It is taller than a two-story building. It is as bright as the sun.

Fate Academician is not only accustomed to using holy light Cross Slash in attack, but also holy light cross shield in defense.

“Doesn’t today’s universal magic involving gods, demons and summons have a common source?” she asked.

“That’s right, an otherworldly magician once came to Earth and brought pure magic. He wasn’t a god or an outsider, he was a human.

He is the ancestor of contemporary universal magic.

Before his death, he left behind the “Book of Magic” which records the ultimate mystery of magic. That book not only contains the true meaning of magic, but also a key that can be opened The door to the world of the ancestor of magic.”

After hesitating for a while, Nick said inexplicably: “Behind the door, there is pure magic without any imprints, and it is the ideal homeland of orthodox mages.”

“It’s strange, I haven’t heard of this story.” Harry was a little skeptical.

As a ‘big guy’ who has been in the supernatural world for ten years, there must be something wrong with what she doesn’t know.

“It’s not surprising that I also connected the words and phrases in the ancient books through years of research, and finally confirmed this secret.” Nick said.

“You are the only one who knows about this?” Harry felt increasingly unreliable.

Nick’s eyes flashed, and he glanced at the indifferent fairy queen, and said meaningfully: “I suspect that many old Grandmasters know, and are even quietly planning something.

It stands to reason. , knowledge can be shared, and sharing will make knowledge grow rapidly.

But magical knowledge is equal to power, and the power is definitely less shared, so our younger generation is excluded.”

<"Does the fairy queen know?" Harry turned to ask.

“The Book of Magic is true, but I’m not human and it doesn’t work for me,” Titania said casually.

“Is ‘pure’ magical power real too?” Harry frowned.

Is there really a lot of fat there, can gods and demons turn a blind eye?

“I want to know too.”

Zatanna said: “We came to Immortal Realm to collect information related to the Book of Magic.”

“Oh, I’ll pick out the books when I look back, you can read as you like.” Harry said while rubbing his stomach.

Zatanna smiled nodded and turned to the fairy queen again, “We are willing to pay the corresponding price for the knowledge we desire.”

The fairy queen shook her head and said, “I don’t have you here. Want something.”

Zatanna and Nick looked at each other and thought of saying goodbye.

The two looked towards Harry.

Harry got up and said: “many thanks to the fairy queen for hospitality, it’s getting late, we have to go back.”

Titania looked towards Superman, with clear waves in her eyes, implying that Teaser, “Superman, do you want to stay with me? In this summer twilight place, in this old fart, there are countless surprises waiting for you, you can taste delicious fruit and sip strange wine. You Be my Prince, and I’ll be your everything.”

Harry looked odd.

Superman was stunned before realizing that the fairy queen wanted to find him a lover.

He blushed and waved his hands again and again, “I want to go home, there is a wife at home waiting for me.”

“It doesn’t matter if you have a wife,” Titania took out A long key with an antique style, “You can hold it, you can open the door directly to the Immortal Realm palace from anywhere.”

Facing the key handed in front of him, Superman almost ran away , “No, thank you. It’s beautiful and fantastic, but it’s not suitable for me.”

Harry looked at the side with full of smiles, even if the key to the door of Immortal Realm was precious, she I didn’t even persuade Superman to stay.

It is a curse to stay.

Superman is not her, no resistance to the spell of the fairy queen.

“Ai, your wife is so lucky.” Titania looked at Superman with mixed feelings.

In the Palace Lord Hall of Fairy Queen’s Palace, under the huge dome, more than ten three-story arc stone gates are lined up side by side.

“This is the gate of all worlds.” The fairy queen pointed to the gate that several people were facing, introduced: “Skatias, you should have heard that it is the center of the earth, a distance from the center of the earth. The nearest other dimension in the mortal world.”

It was a fantasy world of swords and magic, and Harry often encountered mages and knights in the center of the earth in the oblivion bar.

“This is the country of Mirella, where there are dragons,” the fairy queen looked towards Superman, “are you interested in subduing a giant dragon? I dare say, whether in the country of Mirella, or Over there in Pataria, you can become a hero that everyone admires.

Anyway, you are a Kryptonian, and being a hero in Earth is not much different from being a hero in the foreign world.

In the magical world, the faith of the people can even make you crowned as a god.”

“In the Earth that raised me, I have a reason to be a hero.” Superman remains unmoved.

“This door goes through the gem world, you all know the six-pointed star on the other side, you can enter hell, and then there is heaven on the side, and then a dream, right, where are you going? Are you going directly back to Earth, or Go to Dreamland first?”

“Earth.” Harry said.

The voice fell, a large stone gate creaked open inwardly, and endless white light spewed out, and everyone couldn’t help squinting.

Before leaving, Harry said curiously: “Why not hand me over to hell?”

“Why hand you over to hell?”

“I heard that Immortal Realm is going to pay taxes to hell, I robbed your market.”

Immortal Queen looked gloomy, said with a sneer: “If the things in the market can really improve your Strength, I will be very happy.

You have not killed the third house, and in a few years, the bastard of those first-time fallers will bring disaster to you.

Even if you If you die halfway, you can kill a few more demons.

And the tragic end of your death is enough to make up for anything you did while you were alive.”

(end of this chapter)

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