I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 577


Chapter 577 The eldest sister of Shangdu

The inside of the gate of all realms is like a world of light, you can’t see anything when you enter it .

But after taking two steps, the bright but soft rays of light suddenly disappeared, and the scenery in front of Harry’s eyes changed again.

In the early morning, when the sun was just showing, she was standing by a lake surrounded by mist and smoke. The grass was lush on both sides of the dirt trail and the view was wide. Small wooden door.

On the low mound, there is an apple Fruit Tree, and the red fruit looks attractive and lovely.

Superman is sitting crooked against the tree trunk, Zatanna and Nick are slowly waking up.

“Why did you run under the tree?” Harry asked in confusion.

“You didn’t lose consciousness? The Land of Summer Twilight is separated from reality by a layer of dream dimension. The experience in Immortal Realm is also like a ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.”


After Zatanna stood up, she couldn’t help but stretched her waist and was still yawning, “It seems like she slept.”

“Did you enter the Immortal Realm in your sleep? No, Superman is 100% real.” Harry shook Superman a few times before he woke up from his stupor, “It’s weird, he’s really asleep.”

“Immortal Realm is not a space. It is a world where thoughts, art and dreams are mixed, and we are indeed in it, but the way of existence in it is dematerialized.

The way of existence with Mortal World is completely It’s different.

I can’t tell you the exact reason, but as everyone knows, once you fall asleep in Immortal Realm, the world will pass by for a hundred years.”

Nick squinted as he said. Harley’s robe.

He found it extraordinary.

“Gudonggudong.” When Superman was waking up leisurely, a series of bubbles appeared in the lake below the mound, a few people turned their heads and saw that they were wearing emerald crowns and their faces were flashing under the morning sun. The radiant wet-haired green dress fairy slowly rose.

Her appearance almost melts in the sun, and she doesn’t look right, but her temperament and charm are very charming.

“Harley Quinn, you took away King Arthur’s Sword in the Stone?”

The fairy’s voice was clear and sweet, like the music of spring rain on a bamboo tube.

“Oh, this is the Fairy Lake!” Harry stared at the Fairy curiously, “Are you Nimiao’s eldest sister Vivian?”

“Nimiao.” The fairy murmured softly, her expression stunned.

“I’m Vivian, you took the Sword in the Stone?” she asked again.

“Thomas the poet said whoever drew the sword belonged to him,” said Harry.

“I want to see with my own eyes.” Female immortal dao.

Harry lifted the mopping robe, took off the two-handed sword from the waist, raised high.


The sword was unsheathed, and a white light flashed on the lake.

“You cheated.” Shangdu’s eldest sister said angrily.

“Don’t slander people, I’m drawing my sword based on my ability.” Halle loudly said.

“You don’t have King’s Aura.”

“Nimiao’s eldest sister, you’ve been a fairy in the lake for so long that you don’t know what time it is outside.” Harry said with a smile: “It’s been 100 years since the Qing Dynasty perished. Whoever shows King’s Aura all day long will probably be admitted to Arkham Asylum.”

“Look what this is!” Vivian The eldest sister shouted furiously, the lake crash-bang, the fair-skinned and rounded arms of the fairy raised from the lake, a 12.9-inch Paradise Mountain tablet was held in her hand, and the metal casing shone in the sunlight.

Harry was almost blinded, “Nimiao’s eldest sister, are you still online?! How can you connect to WiFi underwater?”

Superman touched her and pointed to the soil Country road outside the hills.

Walking a hundred meters along the trail, there is a 4G signal tower.

“Uh” Harry was stunned, “It turns out that Fairy Lake is at the junction of Immortal Realm and the mortal world.”

“Since you know that there is no real king in the world, why? Obsessed with King’s Aura?”

Vivian indifferently said: “I have put my sword in King Arthur’s tomb, and I don’t expect another king to appear.”

“Nimue My eldest sister, the sword in the lake is yours, and the sword in the stone has nothing to do with you, right?” Harry said.

“King Arthur’s heroic spirit is in my Immortal Palace.”

Harry thought for a while and asked, “When King Arthur was Peak, how many of his subordinates were directly under Knight?”

<"What are you asking this for?" Vivian asked in confusion.

Harry smiled shyly and said, “Although I’m sorry, but I want to tell you, in fact, everyone calls me Emperor Gotham.

Everyone is a king, I think Compare with King Arthur.

As the Emperor of Hedao, my Quinn family currently has 36 family members, who are equivalent to Dukes, distributed in major cities in the United States, and have business throughout Europe, Asia and Africa.

Among them, 20 members are from ‘previous emperors’, and are not considered direct vassals.

16 direct family members, plus my personal team in Gotham, easily pull out six or seven A fully armed little brother who can fight and kill.

When King Arthur was Peak, could he form a peasant army of five thousand people?”

Superman’s expression twisted.

Zatanna and Nick also look weird.

I couldn’t see the fairy’s expression clearly, but she seemed to open her mouth slightly. Well, not slightly, but rather wide.

Harley continued: “Many transcenders know that I have a warrior squad with all members ‘Shadow Warrior plus’, the number of which is maintained at around 150 people all year round, this should be placed in the past, it is absolutely top This is the Lord of Knight.

Does King Arthur have 150 direct Knights?”

According to historical records, even if the Knights of vassals are counted, the Knights commanded by King Arthur in the Peak period did not More than 150 people.

There will only be fewer direct Knights.

The Knight of the vassal is not necessarily the Knight of the king, but Harry’s Shadow Warrior belongs only to her.

“Besides the territory, King Arthur’s Britain is just that big, and the Fiefdom that really belongs to him is even smaller.

I am in the Paradise Mountain Electronics Factory, Direct Store, and Research Department in Asia, The combined area is definitely bigger than King Arthur’s earth-walled king city, with more than 300,000 employees!

Can King Arthur’s small castle have 300,000 people?

The final comparison Merit, King Arthur tossed and tossed, and also tossed in the piece of land in Britain, I am different, I defeated the Krypton invasion, I slapped to death several millions of demons, and I am famous in the universe.”

It was bullshit at first, but in the end, Harry became more and more confident and was almost convinced by herself.

“I don’t have King’s Aura, so I can’t prove I’m not qualified.

Just because I advocate the idea of freedom, democracy and equality, I don’t want to face the people as a king.


When I don’t make myself king, I don’t have King’s Aura.

Compared to people who make myself king, I should be more qualified to master the sword in the stone.”


If King’s Aura is defined her way, even Superman thinks she’s more qualified than King’s Aura people.

“King’s Aura is by no means domineering, aloof and remote in attitude.” Said solemnly, the fairy in the lake: “It is a sense of responsibility to worry about the world, a mission to rule the country and make the people happier.”

Harry pointed to Superman next to him, “Does he have King’s Aura?”

“No, King’s Aura comes from fate.”

Superman frowned: “Give her the sword back, it’s useless to ask for it. I’m inexplicably irritable, and I want to go back to see my wife immediately.”

Harry also felt that she was full of Divine Items, so there was no need for one Broken sword and tossing.

And the other party is the eldest sister of Shangdu, even if Shangdu’s face is more than a sword in a stone.

Thinking of this, she returned the blade to its sheath and threw it back into the lake.

“Pu Tong.” The two-handed sword splashed a handful of water in front of the fairy and quickly sank to the bottom of the lake.

The fairy in the lake didn’t expect her to be so straightforward. She was stunned for a while, and when she saw a few people were about to leave, she hurriedly called out, “Demoness Halle, wait a minute.”

“Anything else? Do you want me to help you bring some souvenirs to Gotham for your younger sister?”

“Nimiao has her own life, and all I can give her is my blessings.” Xian raised the sword in the stone out of the lake again, “King Arthur was listening to what you said just now.

I think you are full of nonsense, but he appreciates your heroic actions in saving Earth, so-“


A silver line cut through the sky, and with a “duh” sound, it was nailed to the tree trunk.

“Hahaha, see? Even the King of Heroes admires my unparalleled deeds.”

Harry smiled triumphantly.

But just when she was about to pull out the long sword, the fairy in the lake said, “Don’t be sentimental, the person recognized by King Arthur is Tearman, not you, he is very disgusted that you use the godfather of Hei Tao. His achievements are compared to his unparalleled achievements.”

Harry’s expression froze, and the small hand that was stretched out quietly retracted.

Superman glanced at her and refused: “The sword was drawn by Harley, and I don’t use a sword, and I don’t kill people.”

“If she gives it to you, you can take it. Let’s go.” Harry said.

“I can’t use it.” Superman shook his head.

“Tear Man, you don’t know what happened to Earth yet, take it, you need it now.” The fairy in the lake said meaningfully.

“What happened to Earth?” Harry frowned, looking towards Zatanna.

“I don’t know, I’ve been accompanying Nick to find the magic book these days, and haven’t returned to Earth for half a month.” Zatanna shook her head.

“Let’s go back immediately.” Superman drew his sword and looked dignified, ready to take off.

The fairy in the lake shouted: “Superman, you have to remember that King’s Aura is not about majesty and domineering, but the responsibility and care for those you love. This is also the way to use the sword in the stone.”

“Why is it so troublesome, please report your social account, everyone will join a group, and keep in touch when you have something to do,” Halle said.

The fairy in the lake glanced at her, did not reply, and slowly sank into the lake.

After getting off the mound, walking along the dirt road, and after passing through the misty fog, Superman immediately complexion greatly changed, “Harry, I can’t hear Metropolis anymore, it. It was outside. It was just half an hour ago that the star man poached it!”

The white fog is the last barrier of the Immortal Realm, leaving the range of the lake and the fresh fog, it enters Earth completely, and Superman’s super hearing comes into play again.

Harley looked towards Zatanna, “Will we go back to Gotham together?”

Zatanna nodded.

“Take us to Quinn Manor.” Harley turned her head and persuaded Superman: “Find Bateman first, he must have prepared a stack of documents waiting for us.”

Half a minute later, at Quinn Manor, Bateman, who was brought by the irony magic summon, took out the tablet and handed it to Superman, “This is all the information I have collected about the alien spaceship.”

On the tablet are mainly several videos documenting the disappearance of the Metropolis.

It was a spaceship in the shape of a skull, with silver metal tentacles growing below itβ€”probably the function of a mechanical tentacle.

The skeleton spaceship approached Earth quietly and launched dozens of “metal meteorites” in low-Earth orbit. The meteorites landed on the streets of the metropolis without causing much damage, because before those metal bumps landed, all the It unfolded in mid-air and turned into a Terminator-like robot.

Except for the Earth cops who attacked them, the robots didn’t kill people.

They only do two things: grab the human head with their palms, shoot metal probes as long as chopsticks from their palms, pierce the human eyebrows, and purposefully examine biological samples; open some kind of force field barrier, A group of robots, the force fields are connected together, covering most of the metropolis in an energy hood.

The energy shroud shrank rapidly with the city and was eventually picked up by the skull spaceship.

Then, the alien spaceship fired a missile at the sun and immediately disappeared into the solar system.

“Is there anyone to intercept that missile?” Harry asked immediately alertly.

(end of this chapter)

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