I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 579


Chapter 579 Infinite Earth Crisis

There are two restrictions for food defense feats to increase experience: first, food or The level of the Rare Item should be high enough.

The higher the feat level, the higher the energy level required to level up, and the level of food and Rare Items will also increase accordingly.

But it can’t be too high, too powerful Divine Item can’t digest it.

For example, before Level 7, Harley swallowed the Divine Item, which could not be digested at all. Naturally, she could not pass the Divine Transformer to increase the experience of the food defense specialty.

After Level 7, eating the food of an ordinary person will not increase the experience at all.

The second restriction is the type of food and Rare Item.

The same kind of food, even if the level is appropriate, can’t always increase the experience for the feat.

The essence of defense expertise is the directional evolution of Harley’s body and soul.

The food defense specialty is the evolution of the digestive system.

Just like vaccination with cowpox, the human body is infected with bovine smallpox virus, thereby producing smallpox virus antibodies and immunizing human smallpox.

All kinds of virus vaccines have almost the same principle.

But there is no single vaccine that protects against all viruses.

Naturally, it is impossible to get “digestive immunity” of all kinds of food by digesting one kind of food.

Therefore, even if Harley ate most of the Fairy Bazaar, and ate countless Magical Artifacts, Rare Items, and food, it could not guarantee that the experience of the Food Defense Specialty would always improve.

Of course, even if you can’t improve the experience of food defense expertise, you can absorb the “nutrients” in the digestion magic item and convert it into Bloodline Power with Escape Pattern.

Haley did the same at first.

After discovering that some low-level Magical Artifacts, even Divine Items, could not improve the food defense feat, she digested them and absorbed the magic factors in them to enhance Bloodline Power.

It is effective, but the effect is not very good or the cost performance is too low.

For example, she swallowed a magic dagger of Demi-God Artifact, which has many functions such as invisibility, curse, poisoning, and breaking steel.

It can be eaten into the stomach, and the magic factor is equivalent to a basket of magic fruits, and it can’t even increase the body attribute other than defense by 0.001.

It’s better to take it as a gift!

Harry is doing the same now.

Those “really tasteless” tasteless ribs were all spit out by her and piled up in the living room for Zatanna, Nick, Ivy, and Selena to choose.

In addition to the looted goods from the Fairy Bazaar, Harley also cleaned out the “gastric stone”, “Sunshine Lake” and other strange things in her stomach.

All that remains is a cosmic egg whirling around and emitting multicolored aura.

Things are packed in the dimension of the stomach bag, so you can’t feel the weight and volume, but the stomach bag is a stomach bag after all, a part of her body, not a garbage dump.

And now her stomach is undergoing some unknown evolution.

Stomach space.

The stomach acid mist is like a hazy sun, wrapping the cosmic egg with a large goose egg and colorful surface.

“Gudonggudong.” The wisps of air were absorbed by the body, the jar of the first food defense expertise, bubbling continuously.

The bubbles in the experience jar are sparse and small, and the feat growth rate is about 0.05% per minute.

This growth rate is not too slow, mainly because the digestion speed of the eggs of the universe is very slow.

When the egg of the universe was first obtained, it was the size of a goose egg.

It is also fortunate that this is just the egg of the universe. If it were a universe, it would not be digested at all if it was stuffed into Harry’s belly.

Well, the difference between the egg of the universe and the universe is like one of thousands of tadpoles after a male eruption, and an adult.

Because it’s just a “tadpole”, the Level 7 Food Defense Specialty can barely work, but the digestion speed is extremely slow.

And after eating hundreds of high level Divine Items, Rare Items, and magic foods, Harley has raised her Food Defense feat to Level 7 75%β€”about 35% more bazaar items. Experience progress.

At this point, the other items obtained by the fairy market, if they can’t help her, are left in the living room for friends to choose.

Harry is soaking in the steaming hot spring pool in the backyard right now.

While closing his eyes and taking a nap, he waited for the Specialty to be upgraded again, and was still checking the subtle evolution of the stomach bag.

Well, Indian Mountain originally had no hot springs. After Harley became the host of the yellow light, the power was too much to use. She used the power of the massive yellow light to distort the landscape and forcibly created a small connection with the “crust crack”. spa.

“Gudong Gudong.” The hot spring pool bubbling.

“Gudonggudong.” The experience jar bubbling.

I don’t know when, Harry, who was lying on the stone chair in the pool, moved his arm.

The jar is overflowing, Level 8 Food Defense feat!

β€”β€” Digestion of all physical substances with positive energy in the universe, draws energy from substances to maintain physiological needs, and can also absorb special energy and substances in it to supplement the corresponding functions of the body. Organs and innate talent; Low-intensity digestion of non-physical light waves and energy waves with positive energy in the universe, the “nutrients” obtained are only needed to maintain physiological needs.

“Energy is positive. Could there be substances with negative energy?” Harry frowned slightly.

Level 8 food defense feat, there are two kinds of digestion objects: physical matter, and non-physical “waves”.

The digestion of physical matter is not much different from the Level 7 feat.

Well, more than a tenfold increase in digestive strength.

Ordinary person eats food, in addition to satisfying appetite, it has only two effects on the body: maintaining the needs of daily physiological activities, and nourishing the body.

Food is just food, eating anything has only two effects on Harley: replenishing energy and nourishing the body.

Harry does not have the innate talent for genetic evolution, and eating Superman is just a piece of meat, and cannot obtain Superman’s Iron Body genes.

That is to say, the kidneys must be nourished first.

However, Harley’s tonic range has exceeded fleshy body.

She can even “feed” her innate talent and ability.

For example, if she has Bloodline Power, she can first extract magic power from food containing Bloodline Power, and then convert the magic power into her own Bloodline Power – that is, supplement Bloodline Power with Bloodline Power.

She has the Holy Mother aura, in order to absorb the divinity in the food, and even the clergy, to complement the divinity and Rule Power of the Holy Mother aura.

She first uses the stomach to store the power of the yellow light, almost turning the stomach bag into a yellow light battery – the battery has the Space Attribute, in order to absorb the “yellow light source” of the parallax monster, so that the stomach bag evolves into a “yellow light source”. Yellow Light Pocket Dimensions”.

Only if Harley’s own strength is stronger, not particularly strong, mainly in all aspects, the food defense expertise can play a greater role.

If she can’t absorb the magic power, eating the devil beast containing the power in bloodline is no different from eating a roasted fat cow.

If she learns Xianxia World’s “Treasure Item Body Refinement Art” – exercise her body as a magic weapon.

After eating the Divine Item, the qualities of the Divine Item will not be “lost in vain” – it is only used as a common nutrient such as amino acids and Vitamins – but is absorbed by the body and becomes the ability of her meat shell .

“Gudong, gu.dong.” Harley moved Fart to the hot spring spout and activated the Level 8 Food Defense Specialty.

The bubbling rhythm of the pool water is gradually slowing down, the mist on the water surface is also diminishing, and the scalding temperature is decreasing.

“Interesting .” She rubbed her stomach with satisfaction, then lifted the head, opened her mouth and spit out an umbrella-shaped yellow light, sucked the sunlight from the glass dome into her belly, and showed an intoxicated look on her face.

Compared with the Level 7 feat, Level 8 has an additional function of digesting non-physical light waves and energy waves.

She put her body in the hot spring vent, absorbed the heat radiation, and felt like she had eaten a scoop of milkshake.

I inhaled more than ten square meters of sunlight into my stomach, and after digesting it, it seemed like I ate it, it was embarrassing, about two or three joules of nutrition, equivalent to licking a mouthful of creamy ice cream.

For non-physical energy, it is only low-intensity digestion, and only the nutrients to maintain physical activity are obtained.

A situation like Superman, absorbing 1 joule of sunlight and doing 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules of work, can’t happen to Harry.

Her Level 8 Food Defense feat is subject to the Law of Conservation of Energy.

“Hahaha, from today onwards, I can be a little fairy who doesn’t eat, don’t poop, eat gas, doesn’t fart or sweat!”

Haley He turned over happily and snorted swimming in the hot spring pool.

“Harley Quinn, we need youβ€””

A golden lightning arc suddenly appeared on the one-way glass wall, and the arc opened like a curtain. The woman came out.

“Who?” Harry stood up alertly, and the Sandman robe suddenly unfolded from a “black mole” on his neck into a robe with wide sleeves and dragging the floor, wrapping her whole body inside.

“I’m a pioneer, Harley Quinn, the multiverse needs you, please come with me.”

The blonde was about to reach for her.

Harry’s body flickered with energy from the yellow light, and moved several meters away like a teleportation.

“Who the hell are you? I didn’t even notice the space fluctuation, but a faint breath of time flow”

The woman was taller than her, over one meter seventy-five , The golden curls are very thick and dazzling, like a golden cloud floating behind the head.

She’s beautiful and delicate, and her temperament is quiet and peaceful, but she wears an ugly red leather hoodβ€”only her face and blond hair are visible.

It’s December, and she’s wearing a tight blue skirt that shows off one shoulder and silver briefs.

The shape is really weird.

“I’m a pioneer, ordered by the watchmen of the universe, to recruit superheroes to save the multiverse, Harley Quinn, come with me.

Wait until the watcher spaceship , you will naturally understand the entire process of development.” The blonde woman in the red hood said hurriedly.

“It won’t take long, just talk for two minutes” Hallie raised two fingers and said strangely: “I’m actually very happy to meet you.

Because you are looking to save the universe The superheroes of my life, but didn’t go to see the Justice League, and came directly to me.

When I see Bateman and Superman again, I’m going to fiercely have a fiercely in front of them.

Also, I have a lot of admiration for the Cosmic Watchers and am interested in Multiverse Crisis.

But I really can’t leave you.

Especially now, after you show up. “

“You’re not the first superhero I recruited, and they didn’t refuse.” The Pioneer wondered, “Why do you say that?”

“The monitor spaceship is outside the universe, Still in the river of time, right?” Halle speculated, based on the time fluctuations when the Herald arrived.

Blonde pioneer nodded, “The monitor is the manager of the multiverse. He exists outside of space and time, and his spaceship floats on the super-time stream.”

Harry look Complicated: “I’m afraid that after I leave this time, when I come back, the blue sea has turned into mulberry fields, things have remained the same, but people have changed.”

“Solving this infinite Earth Crisis will not delay you much time.” Pioneer said.

Harry smiled wryly, “If I said, I was waiting for you to come to me, would you believe me?”

(end of this chapter)

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