I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 580


Chapter 580 The Stomach of the Crystal Wall

Harry successfully pretended to be a big guy and said lightly, “I’m actually waiting for you For a long time”, the pioneer who was unfathomable, deep in breath, powerful, and often appeared out of thin air to frighten the hero was taken aback.

“You, are you waiting for me? You know me?” She stared, stammering.

Harry had her hands on her back, her clothes fluttered, hovering above the dense pool, calmly nodded and said: “I’m waiting for you, even if I don’t know who you are, but I know that one day, the watchers will send Someone came to me.”

“Did you predict the Infinite Earth Crisis?”

The Herald looked shocked, like those heroes who were shocked by her “truth”.

“The Infinite Earth Crisis?” Harley savored, frowned: “What is the reason for the name of this crisis?”

“You don’t know about the crisis, then you wait for me Do what?” Heralds unfathomable mystery.

Harry stretched out her hand and pointed to the sky, “You see that dark cloud, can you predict the next rainstorm?

However, if you know it’s raining, you don’t necessarily know it’s going to rain. Range, duration, and precipitation.”

The Pioneer looked in the direction of her fingers and saw the afternoon sun was so bright that the sky was as blue as a painting.

β€”β€”This Harley Quinn is so weird, she deserves to be “Harley Quinn”!

The blond pioneer had a few drops of sweat on his forehead, muttered: “There are no dark clouds in the sky.”

Harry glared at her angrily, “I’m not blind, of course I know the outside world. Clear skies.

I’m using weather and rainstorms as examples, just to make you understand – I have a hunch that a crisis big enough to alert watchers is imminent, but I’m not sure how dangerous it will be and how far it will reach.”


“More than two minutes.” The pioneer didn’t want to talk to her anymore.

Harry glared at her again, “If you’re smart enough to keep up with what I’m talking about, don’t let me explain the mess, two minutes is more than enough.”

“I’m just a pioneer, taking you to a group. And I’m very busy, there are many heroes waiting for me to recruit.

If you go with me first, you will know everything when you get there.” Blonde said the female pioneer.

“What are you busy with? You are completely busy!” Harley scolded bluntly: “What’s the use of finding more heroes? They are all cannon fodder.

I am the key to solving the crisis. You solve my problem, and the multiverse crisis will be solved.”

“No, everyone is equally important.” The blond pioneer frowned: “Where are you going? Don’t go?”

“Didn’t I just say it? I can’t leave.”

Harry sighed then said, no longer tossing this pure golden retriever, with her mind In an instant, he said what he wanted to say: “If I leave, this world may change with Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Don’t ask me what changes, I don’t even know what the Infinite Earth Crisis is. Understood.

But I did wait for you for a long time.

If you and your boss, the monitor, have paid a little attention to this Earth, you will know that during the first hero meeting, I The heroes of Earth have been publicly warned that one day in the future, there may be a ‘Pharaoh crisis’ affecting the multiverse.”

“Is the infinite Earth crisis related to the Pharaoh?” she asked.

The blond pioneer shook his head, “I am a pioneer and a prophet. I appeared before the crisis officially came, to prepare for the crisis. Now that the crisis has not really come, I am not sure whether the pharaoh is involved.”

“Is the crisis coming from the watchdog realm of the sixth dimension?” Harry asked again.

“The Watcher’s Realm is an area of the sixth dimension. Watchers want to prevent crises, not crisis makers.” Blonde Herald said.

Harry looked thoughtful, the spiritual hell of the fifth thinking dimension, there are many Divine Domains and foreign worlds such as heaven, hell, dreams, apocalypse and so on.

The sixth dimension is probably similar, with one dimension divided into several fields.

“I don’t know much about the sixth dimension, so it may be inaccurate, but your answer has almost helped me confirm my guess.

What I said about the Pharaoh crisis , 80% is the ‘Infinite Earth Crisis’ that you are busy with.

Or the sixth dimension is very chaotic, and there are multiple major events about the multiverse at the same time?

Can you introduce me The sixth dimension?”

The Blonde Herald gave her a strange look, “What is the Pharaoh crisis? Why do you associate it with the sixth dimension?”

Harley Still thinking of the sound transmission, in just a split second, she told the other party all about the Manhattan Academician’s ‘last words’, the abnormal disappearance of the Pharaoh’s soul, and the news she inquired about in the Divine Domain.

She didn’t even hide from Earth, so she didn’t need to hide anything in front of the “multiverse police”.

If the Watcher can handle the “Pharaoh Crisis”, she can save more time enjoying the hot springs.

“The first time I heard the exact news from the Overwatch when I was persecuted by the Green Lantern Legion some time ago.

The little blue man said that the Overwatch was running the multiverse.

So, I have a hunch that you will come to me one day.

Not necessarily me, maybe other heroes on this Earth, because the source of the crisis is related to our Earth .”

Looking at the thoughtful Pioneer, Harley paused for a moment before adding, “But when you did appear before me, I had other concerns.”

“What worries?”

– Worry that after I leave, you will dispose of this universe as a ‘mutant’.

Harry shook her head slightly, “It’s hard to say, in short, I can’t leave with you now.”

After chatting with her for so long, the pioneer has determined that this is not crazy The clown girl, but a rational and firm person, did not persuade her any more, she only gave her a deep look, and said, “I will go back and report your situation to the monitor first, maybe, after I recruit others, I will finally return I’ll come again.”

After she finished speaking, she just like when she came, her body fell into golden light little by little, no space fluctuations, only faint time ripples, swaying in the hot spring room.

“Pu tong–” Harry jumped into the pool again, humming a little tune like nothing else, and continued to study the digestion of the egg of the world and the evolution of the stomach dimension.

After the Food Defense Specialty is upgraded to Level 8, the digestion speed of the egg of the world is accelerated by ten times, but the upgrade experience of the Specialty has not been greatly improved.

After reaching Level 8 5%, the egg of the world is useless for experience growth, resulting in “drug resistance”, and a single food cannot make experience growth all the time.

The Egg of the World increases the feat level from Level 7 75% to Level 8 5%, a total of 30% increments.

“A prototype of the world, only 30% increments, too terrifying” Harry smiled bitterly.

She doesn’t know what to eat next to get her Defense feat to Level 9.

Eating the wall of origin?

Can’t bite!

If someone smashes the wall of origin, they can try to find a few pieces.

Shaking her head, Harry continued to watch the change in his stomach.

The egg of the world is still the size of a goose egg, but it has become transparent and illusory, and you can still see the threads inside, like something like a meridian.

Flickering with a multi-colored glow, it looks fragile.

Is the law prototype?

Under the scouring of the power of digestion, a strand of “meridian” fell off the egg and landed on the stomach bag, and the stomach wall seemed to be different.

More robust.

In the past, to maintain the space in the stomach bag, it had to be supported by the energy of the yellow light. Now, another strand of meridians has been digested and absorbed by the stomach wall. I don’t know how long it has passed, the stomach is empty, the egg of the world has completely disappeared, and the stomach wall has grown. The yellow crystal of the “green tentacles” has become a “realm” that is difficult for naked eyes to detect but actually exists.

Reminds Harley of “Heaven and Earth” of the foreign world.

“The space has not become larger, but it is more stable. Even if all the power of the lamp ring is lost, the dimension of the stomach bag will not disappear.” Harry was a little happy, but also a little disappointed.

She expected more from the egg of the world.

I thought that I might be able to follow the evolutionary route of “Yellow Light Space – Yellow Light Stomach Space – Stomach World” to directly make the stomach a Small World.

It may be that upgrading food expertise consumes too much nutrients, and I expect a 20% discount, which only stabilizes the “stomach dimension”.

“If there are more eggs of the world, eat them like eggs”

Halle had a crazy idea in mind.

“Harry, Harry, are you inside?” Selena shouted outside.

One-way glass, you can only look out from the inside, Harry sinks in the water without moving, can’t hear the sound of water.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s evening,” Selena cried.

Harry looked up at the glass dome, and the western sky was blood red with the setting sun.

“I haven’t slept for a few days and need to rest.”

Selena said: “The Justice League’s hero conference has long ended, and they are about to set off on an expedition to the stars.

Tearman sent a message asking, do you want to join their operation.”

“The expedition?” Two centimeters – the foot of the power of connection steps on the void.

Selena looked at her strangely, her long hair draped behind her casually, her blue and black robe was baggy, the sleeves were wider than the skirt of the ordinary person, and the hem dragged a step away from the ground.

“What’s wrong with your clothes? You look like an ancient person. After a trip to hell, your taste has changed?”

Harry said with a smile: “This is ‘Supreme’ fashion! Lucifer and Sandman, both Supreme Existences, wear loose, single-color robes.

I think we should move closer to them in terms of ability and taste.”

“This robe doesn’t feel like a colorful cloud gauze to me.”

Selena was in a trance for a while, and after staring at it for too long, she seemed to see a human face and flames on the hem of the robe.

“This is the robe of dreams that the Sandman gave me, and it is countless times higher than Caiyunsha’s high level.”

Selena’s eyes shined, “So, you won’t need Caiyunsha in the future. Now? Give it to me.”

She has long admired that magic dress that can change various styles of clothing.

“Harry, don’t give it to her. Flying cat already has the third-class heaven armor, give me the colorful cloud yarn!” Ivy shouted from a distance from the flowerbed.

“Ai, isn’t there a dozen or so Divine Items out there? There’s no need to pick up my old clothes and wear them.”

Harry felt weird, like the third child of a poor family. Sister, the eldest sister’s clothes can no longer be worn, so I leave it to the second sister, Third Sister.

β€œThere are no clothes in the Divine Item.” Selena shouted to Ivy: β€œYou wear vines and leaves every day, where do you need colorful clouds?”

β€œDon’t argue. , Cai Yunsha is given to Superman.” Harry said.

“No way!” Ivy’s cheeks flushed, her eyes spitting fire, she cried out in excitement, “How can the clothes you wear be handed over to a stinky man!?”

“Caiyunsha is just a cloud of mist, not stained with dirt.”

Harry summoned the Aki airship, jumped on it and asked, “Do you want to participate in the planet war?”

Selena rubbed her stomach and shook her head.

Ivy ran over angrily, “I’ll go.”

Harry glanced at Selena, then turned to the black warrior in the driver’s seat and said, “In the future You stay at home, follow Selena, and protect her.”

(end of chapter)

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