I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 581


Chapter 581 Brainiac the Terrible

Watchtower, Justice League Space Headquarters.

Silver’s metal floor is untainted by even a speck of dust. Walking on it can leave a clearer reflection.

The walls are also made of metal, with very simple colors and styles. The walls facing the outer space are still made of fully transparent special glass.

Standing by the window and looking out, it is as if the blue planet assaults the senses, very magnificent.

Every hero we meet on the aisle and in the cabin has a special air about him. He is proud, confident, energetic, and writes hope and light directly on his face.

A hero’s mask can’t hide the dive light in their eyes either.

Even if they met Harry, they only took a curious glance, and there was no uncontrollable admiration and awe. In fact, they were able to maintain basic respect.

Not because of what Halle did or didn’t do, but because they were confident that they, too, were on the road to being a great hero, and could face any “old hero” with a calm attitude. “.even more how Halle’s heroic name is not so pure.

“If I were a notorious super criminal, walking in the watchtower right now, watching these heroes burn themselves for the people and Earth, I might be ashamed.” Harry’s tone was complicated. to Ivy.

Ivy shook her head firmly, “Even if you are a super criminal, you will still be dazzling, confident and proud in front of them.

Your self-esteem is related to whether you are a criminal, a hero or something else. It doesn’t matter.

As long as you are the path you choose and stick to, no matter what it is, you will not feel inferior.”

Harry was stunned.

She wasn’t joking when she said those words just now.

She really felt that if she became a clown girl, even if her status was higher, she would still be a little deep in one’s heart when facing Wei Guangzheng’s Zhenglian hero. After listening to Ivy’s words, She was a little unsure.

It’s strange that she actually believes Ivy’s judgment of herself more than she thinks of herself.

“Hey, Harry, I thought you could wear armor.”

The black guy with a bonfire on his head – Firestorm, waved hello very spontaneously.

In the conference hall, several heroes are sitting around a large round table, waiting for them.

“Harley is now the fifth-ring admiral, your boss!” Ivy glared at Huofeng, dissatisfied with his behavior of calling ‘Hali’.

Huofeng shook his phone and smiled hehe said: “I have watched the news, but now I belong to the Justice League. Well, because of some political factors, it is only a temporary member, and my boss is Superman !”

Betterman gave him a sideways glance.

Harry looked around, she didn’t know Superman, Batman, Firestorm, Wonder Woman, Ion, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the green-skinned alien.

“Are you members of the expedition squad? Who is this?” she asked directly.

Alien introduced himself: “Hello, Miss Quinn, I’m fire star, codenamed ‘fire star hunter’, you can also call me ‘Jon’.”

“When did you come to Earth?” Harry asked.

“For some years, I can change my form and disguise my identity. I used to live in seclusion in the Metropolis as an ordinary person, and it was not until the parasitic demon incident in the Metropolis some time ago that I met Superman.” fire star hunter road.

“At that time, Jon saved me from the parasitic demon, but he was invisible and did not reveal his identity.” Superman explained casually, and added: “Battman and Cyborg drive the cosmic spaceship, and the rest Humans have the ability to survive in space and are the main force against Brainiac.

Aquaman leads other heroes to sit in the watchtower to prevent super criminals from taking advantage of the opportunity and other alien enemies that may appear.”

“How to chase, how to catch up and how to act. What is the detailed plan?” Harry said.

Bateman looked towards her and asked, “You have already decided to join our team?”

“Harry is an admiral of the Fifth Ring, that’s what happened. Chief-In-Charge, you want to rebel?” Ivy said angrily.

Bateman frowned: “Miss Ivy, of course we recognize her as a five-ring admiral and respect her.

But now you come to the watchtower and see Understand, we have a lot of powerful heroes here, but the expedition is only seven.

Aquaman and the rest of the heroes stayed in Earth, and the Flash didn’t even come to the meeting.

Do we deliberately exclude them?

We just selected the most suitable team members and squad leaders according to the actual situation.

Admiral of the Fifth Ring can join, but justice The alliance is not a super-power square of the government or the government, nor is it a temporary alliance of scattered heroes that needs a leader.

We have our own organizational framework and crisis response mechanism.

If every time In the event of an alien invasion, let an ‘outsider’ suddenly come to power and become the absolute leader. Is it necessary to establish Zhenglian? Of course, if she has good suggestions, we will definitely not Rejected.”

“Who’s the leader?” Ivy asked.

“Superman,” Bateman said.

“Battman,” said Superman at the same time.

After finishing speaking, the eyes of the two immediately collided, and it seemed that there were different emotions.

“Where’s Luther?” Harry asked suddenly.

“He was in Metropolis and was kidnapped by aliens.”

“Are you sure?”

“The news also published a list of missing celebrities, He’s right up there, what’s wrong?” Ivy asked suspiciously.

Harry glanced at the heroes, “I also need a team of heroes.”

“Lex Luthor is not a hero.” Huofeng said.

“Orange is orange when born in Huainan, and citrus when born in Huaibei. Luther and you can only be a super criminal. Follow me, and you will immediately become a hero of the world.

In the last Kryptonian Crisis, wasn’t he very ‘heroic’? He had no regrets even if he fought Zod and was disabled at Level 10.”

Then Harry looked towards Bateman, ” Give me the information about the alien, and I’ll see what his abilities are. By the way, you call him ‘Brainiac’? Where did you get the information, is it accurate?”

Hal Jordan touched his nose, “It’s me. The information I asked for from my former green light colleague is Kirovog. But don’t worry, I didn’t go to Oua.”

Betterman took out a tablet Hand it to Harley, “This is all the information we have.”

When Harley flipped through the pages, he also explained: “Bleniak is from a super civilization Krustar, However, we don’t have to worry about his clansman.

He is a lone ranger, a cosmic super criminal.

After discussing it, we decided that there are three things to pay attention to when dealing with him.

First of all, his own strength.

The way he exists is a bit like your friend who stays in Paradise Mountain all the year round.

He can digitize the spirit, Upload it to any mechanical terminal on the spaceship – a mechanical body or a biological body.

In other words, in addition to his own biological body, the entire spaceship and even the robots and main brains on the spaceship can become his Body.

He also has super psychic abilities, so we need fire star hunters.

I guess his fleshy body has been genetically and mechanically modified.


I don’t know how strong the Green Lantern Legion is, but Superman should be able to handle it.

Secondly, that terrifying spaceship.

From “The Book of Europe” The exact words – it’s the most powerful and advanced spaceship in the universe.

Ion and Firestorm may be able to hold back if they use their power recklessly.

Finally, Brainiac’s core technology, the Cosmic Wall force field.

The Cosmic Wall, not just in name only, but also in reality, is just as invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable.

The collection of the city’s ‘glass bottle’ seems to be related to it, as if it can really form a universe of its own.

Likewise It is a record from the “Book of Oa”, and no one in the universe has tore it open frontally.

We also tried it personally, dozens heroes attack together, throw photon missiles, all have no effect.

Miss Quinn, what do you think of the Wall of the Universe? “

“See with your eyes.” Harry threw the tablet on the table and asked, “What are your plans?” “

Bateman sighed: “What kind of battle target corresponds to what kind of battle plan.

After confirming that Cyborg’s sonic boom tunnels cannot penetrate the cosmic wall force field, our primary goal is to retake the metropolis, not to defeat Brainiac outright.

Therefore, the battle plan is somewhat passive – Superman, Wonder Woman, and fire star hunters form an assault squad. When the cosmic wall force field is not turned on, look for opportunities to sneak into the spaceship and find the glass with the metropolis. bottle.

Get the bottle and we’ll leave.

Of course, I also considered that Brainiac might get Earth back.

There will be another plan to deal with him then. “

“Your plans are not only passive, but passive.” “Harry said.

Wonder Woman frowned: “I don’t like this plan either, but the shield can’t break through, so it’s impossible to defeat him head-on.

Not only does the spaceship have a defensive power field, but each individual robot also comes with a second-class force field. Overwhelming majority heroes can’t even break the defense of ordinary robots. “

Harjo Pill Dao: “Metropolis is just one of Brainiac’s thousands of collections, as powerful as Kryptonians, and like us, the most prosperous city was robbed by skull spaceship . “

“The Kryptonians were also invaded?” When did this happen? “Harry was startled.

“Thirty years ago, on the eve of Krypton’s explosion. “

Harry took out her cell phone and dialed the number of the Kryptonian girl warrior in Paradise Mountain, “Hey, Fiora, do you know Brainiac?” “

“Every Kryptonian knows him, and his reputation on Krypton can stop children from crying at night.” “Commander Krypton said solemnly.

“Oh, so exaggerated? Heard he took a city on Krypton? “

“It is not the city of the Kryptonian home planet. The contraction policy of the Kryptonian Council only restricts the Kryptonian to expand across the galaxy.”

In stars, on other planets or giant meteorites, we also built some colonies, just like you Earth people may immigrate to fire stars in the future.

However, there is no difference between a city on Krypton or a colony, we did our best to stop it”

Fiora’s voice was low, “It was Cando City that was taken away, Krypton. The most prosperous and dynamic city of Star Civilization is almost a new hope for Kryptonians.

Brainiac chooses the best ones. If he poached the Kryptonian capital and kidnapped those rotten and incompetent parliamentarians, we Kryptonians could not be reborn, and we are living well now. of. “

“Cough, Fiora, time is urgent, don’t feel sorry for the past, let’s talk about Brainiac’s strength.” Harry reminded.

“Nothing to say, just like what happened on Earth, he swaggered into the star system with the spaceship, released. Oh, he only invested in the Metropolis Dozens of droids, in Candor City, confronted the Kryptonian army led by General Zod, who unleashed thousands of droids.

Robots are armed with a powerful defensive power field, killing anyone they see in the city, corpses everywhere across the field, unstoppable. “

Commander Krypton couldn’t help but sigh: “General Zod, such a proud person, almost shed blood and tears, watching Cando City be poached.”

After that incident, he had the idea to lead us to take down the Kryptonian Council.

Because the Parliament has done nothing, not even the Earth government.

Your president is still trying to get the Metropolis back, and you’re about to start a rescue operation.

The Kryptonian Council only allows investigation, evaluation, analysis, and strengthening of defenses, and strictly prohibits a large number of Krypton warriors from leaving the galaxy.

In fact, we can’t catch Brainiac either, and the council doesn’t allow the military to have hyperdrives.

In other words, if we don’t change the engine, our battleship cannot be separated from the star system. ”

(end of this chapter)

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