I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 585


Chapter 585 Cosmic Horror Legends

The Lalu of the Level 3 civilization is much stronger than the Earth army, which is barely a Level 1 civilization.

Even the GIs of Earth could fight the Brainiac invasion in tanks and fighter jets, and the Lalu did better.

The sky is densely packed, and the space battleships are stacked one after another, firing around the skull spaceship. The output of tens of thousands of energy cannons per second makes the air hot.

Not a metaphor.

The high-intensity space artillery fires in the atmosphere, and the enormous energy can really boil the air.

Superman was flying in mid-air, hundreds of miles away, and he could feel a hot air blowing towards him.

On the ground, hundreds of thousands of alien soldiers in uniform gray metal uniforms, all using powerful energy weapons, encircled the Brainiac robots that fell into the city from all directions.

When the Earth people first entered the Lagan star system, they were discovered by the Lalu people’s space satellite.

They were able to enter the interior of the planet without being blocked, not because the Lalu couldn’t forewarn or stop it, but because they were putting all their energy into Brainiac.

But at this time, after Zhenglian approached the city below, it was immediately blocked by the Lalu people.

Superman was the first to be knocked into the air.

“We are the Justice League, from Earth, tracking Brainiac, to help you.”

In fact, since entering the star system, Bateman has been This message is being scrolled.

From Green Lantern Legion’s “Dictionary of Alien Languages”, also with English to Lalu.

But it didn’t work.

The Lalu people don’t know Zhenglian, and they don’t dare to trust the aliens “coming with Brainiac” at such a time.

“I’m Green Lantern.”

Seeing a space force of a hundred battleships approaching, Hal hurriedly rushed to the most all-round side, holding his hands high, indicating that there was no hostility .

“We did not detect the information fluctuation of the green light ring.”

The approaching speed of the alien battleship slowed down, and the energy brilliance of the muzzle also gradually dimmed. First response to Earth people.

“I was temporarily suspended due to some personal matters. Your star system is in sector 2814, and I am the Chief-In-Charge of this sector. You should have heard of me, right?


Earth’s Hal Jordan who inherits the ring of ‘Abinsu, the greatest Lantern ever’.” Hal shouted.

“It’s been 734 years, and no Green Lantern has come to Lalu. We can’t confirm your identity, please come up with more evidence.” The opposite main ship replied.

“Bleniac is killing their people, can’t they see it, these brainless alien idiots?” Firestorm cursed furiously, “Just rush over, rush to the skull spaceship In front of us, we can immediately prove the identity of our friendly army by smashing a few robots on the ground.”

Harley agrees with the idea of high school students, “The army of millions of Laluxing looks strong, but in fact they are right Brainiac is unkillable and unstoppable.

The city will soon be bottled, and we have no time to delay.”

With that, she added: Turn on the public video broadcast, and prepare to make yourself known to the Lalu people.

Even if you want to be reckless, at least say it clearly first, it can save a lot of trouble.

But as soon as she opened her mouth, there was an exclamation of inhalation on the radio.

Then, the aliens also started video communication.

It was a group of long-haired humanoids wearing generals’ costumes, similar to Earth humanoids, except that the body hair was particularly strong, and it was multi-colored and colorful.

“Are you the hero of the universe opposite the legendary ‘Demoness Harley’?”

Zhenglian was shocked.

Wonder Woman said: “This ‘backcountry’ doesn’t even know ‘Abinsu, the greatest Lantern of all time’, but does anyone know her?”

The Injustice Watcher is shocked .

Mirror Master muttered: “It seems that the ‘Open Your Eyes to the Universe’ program is still conservative. The golden nuclear bomb is not a Megatron universe, but a household name.”

Harry was also a little surprised, “You Know me?”

“It’s Demons Halle!” The green-haired general was startled, overjoyed, and shouted to the communicator: “Get out of the way, they’re not enemies, it’s Demonness Halle, she brought People are here to support us!”

“General Blue, isn’t Demonness Halle a cosmic horror legend as famous as Brainiac?” An old voice exclaimed from the microphone.

“Emperor Your Majesty, they are horror legends, but they are not accomplices.” After a pause, the green-haired general said again: “Demoness Harley will not speak to us in a good voice if she wants to destroy Lalu. Reasonable.

Let’s reason with her while she is still reasonable.”

Harry’s pretty face twisted slightly, “Don’t slander me, I have never done it before. How did evil things become cosmic horror legends?”

“You have done countless cosmic evils, you have done countless galactic overlords who dared to think but did not dare to do.”

The green-haired general showed a pleasing smile. The cosmic bullies are afraid of the Green Lantern Legion, but the Green Lantern is afraid of you. You are not a horror legend, who is?

“didn’t expect Captain to have such a high ‘fame’ in the universe, it has become a ‘cosmic horror legend’.” The big-headed dwarf was shocked.

“As famous as Brainiac, so terrifying!”

The mirror Master looked at Captain with envy and awe.

“It turns out that the greatest terror in the universe has always been in our Earth.” Firestorm murmured.

“Let’s fight,” Bateman said dryly.

The Lalu battleship has given way to the sky, and the Zhenglian and the Owl Airship are not only marked as friendly forces, but several generals have sent messages expressing their willingness to cooperate with the “Terrorist Legend” to fight another horror legend.

“Whoosh–” Superman didn’t bother about Harley’s “lofty reputation”, and rushed straight into the “Metropolis” of La Luxing, punching the “Terminator” who was slaughtering the hairy man with one punch. brain.

The force field shield on the robot is not continuous and does not cover the entire body.

In order to save energy, Brainiac only activates a small transparent force field shield when the enemy attacks itself with energy weapons.

“Thorn–” Superman turned his head and stared at the other robot. The heat rays were excited, but the scarlet rays left a red mist on the surface of the transparent force field.

“Stabβ€”” The robot’s eyes lit up with red light, and with a thermonuclear beam, Superman was knocked back a few steps.

“bang!” Ion Man came to the sky above it, embodied the green fist of the van, and smashed the mechanical head with one punch.

“Physical attacks seem to work better.” Howl said with a smile.

“No, the effect of physical damage is worse. If the energy attack is implemented, it will cause more damage to the mechanical body.

It’s just that the robot’s intelligent system is very sensitive to energy rays. Sensitive.” Bateman analyzed in the spaceship.

He sees it very well, even with superhuman strength, smashing the body of the robot with one punch, they can still struggle to move.

Instead, he was hit by an energy cannon in the front, uh, very embarrassing, the hairy aliens bombarded like rain, but none of the energy cannons directly hit the robot.

Only Firestorm robbed Superman of a miscellaneous soldier with a radiant flame.

The robot is paralyzed to the ground in one move.

Betterman suggested: “You can activate the robot’s force field shield in one direction, and then use your fist to attack in the opposite direction.

Fore and aft, left and right, two opposites Attack in both directions at the same time.

If the speed is not enough, two people can cooperate.

I have noticed that the force field shield seldom covers the whole body of the robot.

Maybe The energy is limited.

Remove the outer skeleton, weapon equipment, and communication equipment, and the position for the robot to load the battery is not ample.”

“Boom boom boom” superhuman is like turning on the killing god Mode, just according to Bateman’s tactics, his eyes shot a beam of scarlet, and the next moment he came to the back of the robot, and when it opened the force field shield on its chest, it punched its back with a punch.

In the blink of an eye, there are already more than a dozen robots, whose heads are crushed by him, their spines are pulled out, and they are torn apart by the waist – a real mechanical devil.

“Long live Demoness Harley, long live the Justice League!” the long-haired alien shouted excitedly on the communication channel.

The magnificent army with thousands of men and horses has been busy for a long time, not even killing a robot, Demoness Harley has not shown up, her hero Squad is unparalleled in the robot army, can they not be excited?

“Captain, the aliens are cheering for you. Shall we go down and help? I don’t think that robot is very strong.” The plastic man’s neck stretched two meters, turned a corner, She put her face in front of Harry and said excitedly.

Harry slapped his head away with a slap, like slapping a ball, full of elasticity.

“Since they’re cheering for me, what are they doing to waste their energy?”

“Uh” The plastic man didn’t know how to refute it.

“BOSS, the situation is not right.”

The death shooter tugged at the collar of the Nano suit, showing inexplicable irritability.

“What’s wrong?” Harry squinted and looked towards the sun outside the window.

On the endless loess and Gobi, the sun is extraordinarily large, occupying most of the sky, like a human face, a very shocking alien landscape.

Like Deadshot, her spiritual sense also sent faint warning signs, which seemed to come from outer space.

However, the sense of crisis is not too strong, and she does not understand the reason.

“I feel uneasy, I don’t know the reason. I have had similar feelings many times when I encountered a life-and-death crisis.” Deadshot said solemnly.

“The situation is very good now, what kind of crisis could there be?” The Mirror Master asked strangely.

The big-headed dwarf glanced at the ‘incapable’ Deadshot with contempt, “Captain, don’t worry, I’m a psionic master, I can immediately find out if there is any crisisβ€”ah, you see, Robots are starting to build the ‘City Glass’.”

The battlefield situation changes rapidly.

From the time when Zhenglian joined the battle, to when Deadshot felt wrong, in just a few words, the Brainiac robot had completed the sample collectionβ€”the needle popped out of the palm and inserted it into the long-haired alien brain to check Their intelligence, genes, wisdom and technology to judge whether they have the value of being collected.

Brainiac’s collection of the city in a bottle has a large part of the perverted psychological factors of collection addiction, arrogance and arrogance, but his main purpose is to extract all the civilization from the city in a bottle” wisdom”.

There is a possibility that when encountering a civilization later, a “wisdom” that is highly similar to the civilization of the previous generation appears. In this way, this civilization is of little use to him and has no collection value.

At this point, Brainiac completed the “quality inspection” work, and the robot “crack crack” changed its shape – the limbs and head were retracted into the torso, becoming a four-clawed reptile.

The four claws are firmly nailed to the ground, and a transparent force field spreads on the body surface

Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and other heroes can no longer hurt them.

The force fields on the surface of the robot began to merge with each other, gradually forming a circular force field wall that surrounded the city.

“chi chi chi β€”β€”” The force field wall is as thin as cicada wing, extremely sharp, cutting the street like a radish, dividing cars, armed aircraft, and even people on the ground into two .

“Noβ€”” Superman’s eyes were red, he raised his fists and punched, using all his strength, they smashed against the transparent force field bottle wall.


Fist smashed the air, a strong wind blew in front of Superman, Iron Fist landed on the wall of the force field, making a roar that shook Heaven and Earth , like Mount Everest broke off halfway up the mountain.

The bottle wall is completely motionless.

“Shit, Superman is bleeding.” The mirror image Academician exclaimed, “Superman’s fist is bloody, the force field bottle wall is completely motionless, so scary?!”

Harry pupil shrink, Superman’s hands were dripping with blood, like an ordinary person smashing a concrete wall with his fists a hundred times.

“Harry, can you spray me with ‘Supernova’?” Superman shouted back.

(end of this chapter)

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