I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 587


Chapter 587 Rescue Dachao

“The clearer the specular reflection is, in the mirror space, what we see through the mirror is The clearer the scenery, is that the truth?” Harry asked.

“That’s right.” The Mirror Master nods, “

Why is there no clear window except for the mirror dagger?

spacep> Could it be that the entire ship doesn’t even have a silver mirror? Brainiac doesn’t brush his teeth, wash his face and look in the mirror?”

Nervous Academician sneered: “You still think Brainiac is a living person? Look at these robots, he also transformed himself into a cyborg. Grid.”

“There’s a robot coming,” the Death Archer reminded.

It’s a maintenance robot.

Their first goal is to clean the glass daggers from the broken robots.

“ka-cha, ka-chaβ€””

One window after another, split into several smaller pieces, broken into dozens of pieces The windows are too small Too small, it looks like a dense white spot, like countless small holes poked with a needle in the black window paper.

They can no longer see the outside through those tiny holes.

“If the mirror is too small, no matter the angle, it can’t hold my full silhouette, and I can’t get in and out of the mirror fragments, and it’s hard to see what’s outside.

Because the mirror is too small, the scope of the received landscape is too narrow.” Mirror Master said.

β€œI still remember the optics taught by the teacher in high school. No matter how small the mirror is, as long as it is far enough away, it can contain any huge monster.” The plastic man asked.

“You teacher is right, and you remember right. The problem is, the distance is too far, it’s out of my sight.

When I entered the mirror earlier, I also had to When we see ourselves in the mirror, the position we are in is also the distance between me and the mirror when I jump in front of the mirror.

You can understand that the process of jumping into the mirror is equal to me and the self in the mirror.

Look at each other, and then replace the position.” The mirror master said uncertainly.

His mirror-shuttle ability, the explosion of particle accelerators from Canterlot’s cutting-edge laboratory, is not the magic trick of cultivation.

I just don’t know why, and I don’t understand the principle of power.

Death Archer said: “According to what you said, you can’t bring outsiders into the mirror space.”

“I’m surprised too.” The mirror Master looked towards Harry with an expression on his face. Doubt: “I haven’t tried it before. How did Captain come up with this method to bring the entire spaceship in, and he seems to be confident that he can succeed?”

Harry looked him up and down, smiling. Weird, “I got the idea after seeing your picture and realizing you’re not a streaker, and I’m sure it’s 100% successful.”

“Why would I be nakedβ€””

Confronting Harry’s pretty heart-shaped face and big, bright eyes, the mirror Master’s face turned a little embarrassingly red.

“When you wear clothes, it means that you can bring physical matter into the mirror space. That’s enough.”

“I don’t understand.” The mirror master said blankly.

“Have you tried jumping into the mirror without clothes?” Harry asked.

The Mirror Master is embarrassed again, why do you care so much about his nudity? Although she is beautiful, sexy and has a special temperament, she is a “cosmic horror legend”, and he doesn’t dare to think wildly!

“I’m not a pervert.”

Harry changed the question, “Is it more difficult for you to carry heavy objects into the mirror space than empty hands?”


Halle said: “You can wear clothes into the mirror space, not because the space specifically allows you to wear clothes, but because the quality or volume of the clothes does not exceed the material you can carry. The limit.

Have you ever played a hydrogen balloon?

You are that balloon. The balloon is flying, which is equivalent to jumping into the mirror space.

The balloon has a load of 200kg, and your clothes It only weighs two kilograms, so it is easy to ascend to the sky.

Wait until you grab a sack of US knives at the bank, weighing 201kg, you can’t take all of them, throw away some of them, and then you can ascend to the sky successfully.

Now, you balloon, you want to pull my spaceship from Gotham to Canterlot.

The owl airship is 4000kg, and you can’t even lift up to 200kg, but you put the rope Tie it to the airship, wait for me to start the airship, and let it pull in the direction the rope pulls – it provides 3999kg of thrust.

So you pull it up and walk on the correct sky course , it will be very easy.”

“The main reason is that my spaceship is special, and I can travel freely between the material universe, the spiritual hell and other dimensions.

Without you, I also have the opportunity to travel from The material world enters here, but the chance of accidental intrusion is close to zero.

You provide the movement coordinates and traction to ensure that the direction is not wrong during the shuttle.”

Several people spoke In time, the repair robot had taken out the trash can with the mirrored dagger fragments.

β€œWhat now?” asked the mirror master.

Harry said: “Find the glass bottle with the Metropolis first, and we can just wait until the ‘hostage’ is rescued, and then we can do it.

Can’t get the Metropolis glass Bottle, even if we defeat Brainiac head on, he can blackmail us, or burn both jade and stone, and drag hundreds of thousands of people to bury.”

“OK, you stay here, I’ll go. Look for the glass bottle.”

The Mirror Master stood at the porthole, “sou”, turned into a light, jumped into the Small Mirror opposite, and was reflected by the Small Mirror to the mirror next to it.

Everyone saw a light jumping rapidly between the mirrors, getting further and further away, and finally almost lost its trace.

I don’t know how long it has passed, and the Mirror Master hasn’t come back yet. The nervous Academician worriedly said: “Will he be discovered by Brainiac? If he is caught and killed, we will be trapped forever. Here?”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s hard to enter the mirror space, but very easy to leave.”

Harry even suspected that as long as she activated the owl airship, the airship would move a little , they will immediately leave the mirror dimension.

The state of spaceship existing in the mirror space is extremely unstable.

“sou!” The front mirror light flickered, and the mirror Master jumped into the cabin abruptly.

“I met Superman.”

“Has the Justice League invaded spaceship?” the plastic man said excitedly.

Mirror Master shook his head, “I saw that he was locked on the experimental bench and was being studied by several robots.”

“In just ten minutes, what happened on the battlefield outside ?” The plastic man asked in surprise.

Deadshot glanced at Harley, saw her solemn expression, and said: “The sun of the Lalu people is 80% blown up, and the entire galaxy is destroyed, and the Lalu star is no exception. Isn’t Superman too late? Escape?”

“What, the sun blew up? The galaxy was destroyed?” Nervous Academician, Mirror Master, and Plastic Man were horrified.

Harry shook his head lightly and sighed: “At superhuman speed, he was warned in advance – even if it was only a few seconds, he could easily escape. Now that he is caught, 80% of them have done great things. Stupid thing.”

“Great stupid thing?”

Death Shot looked thoughtful, and the other three were even more at a loss.

“Could it be that Superman can save La Luxing?” Ivy was surprised.

Harry shrugged, “It’s hard for him to do it alone, but he has teammates.”

After saying that, she looked towards the Mirror Master again, “Your purpose is not to find Superman.”

“I also found the atomic Captain,” he said.

“Oh, did you find the location of the Metropolis?”

“I haven’t seen the glass bottle storage room yet. The atomic Captain is locked in a test tank alone.” The mirror Master shook his head. , explained: “I found Captain Atomic first, and when I tried to wake him up, I caught a glimpse of the robot pushing Superman down the hallway.

That lab and the ‘Human Battery’ in The Matrix ‘The walls are very similar.

On all four walls are glass chambers in the shape of eggshells, each holding a creature.”

“Take the spaceship structure you detected Draw the picture.” Harry pointed at the console screen.

The Mirror Master was lying on the big screen and drew a messy map on it with his fingers.

“I searched all the reflective surfaces, and I didn’t find the glass bottle compartment, nor Brainiac, or even the console. It’s weird.”


Harry stared at the map for a long time, but shook her head helplessly, “There are so many unknown areas, I can’t guess the location of the main control room. Or, what did you see?”

Several people shook their heads.

Deadshot’s eyes flashed slightly, “BOSS, I suggest going to save Superman first. If he wakes up in the cabin, the noise he makes will attract Brainiac’s full attention.

In this way, we have a chance to find the glass bottle display room.”

Harry thought for a while, and said to the mirror master: “Take us to the biological laboratory first.”

“How to bring it?”

“The same as when you came in, you treat the spaceship as a weapon, a gun, you hold the gun tightly and move your way .” Harry said.

The Mirror Master pointed into the distance, “Why don’t you just drive over?”

“Why don’t you just fly over, but jump between the mirrors in a ‘stepped’ way?” Harley rhetorical question.

“I don’t know, it’s purely instinct.”

“Have you never moved in this Dark Space?”

The Mirror Master was startled Startled, “I’ve tried it now, but I can’t move it. It seems that the space behind every mirror is a jar, and it can only be left from the mirror window through the mouth of the jar.”

Harry looked thoughtful, “I The spaceship is capable of moving, but when it moves, it breaks through the wall of the ‘jar’, the gap between the jar and the jar is no longer inside the jar, and there is no shadow of running away.”

The Mirror Master could only squat down again, Put your hands on the deck and imagine yourself holding a gun.

The engine starts, “Whoosh-whoosh-sou!”

The spaceship turns into a silver light, fast between the mirrors beat.

Harry and the others only felt that frames of gloomy and blurry pictures kept flashing before their eyes. When the last frame was frozen, they returned to the dark, empty empty space.

The only thing that changes is the window in front of you.

The windows are densely packed, similar in shape, in the shape of eggshells with a blurred view. Behind each window, you can see a dormant capsule containing aliens or alien animals.

“Oh, the window we’re seeing now is actually the glass cover of the dormant cabin.

The image is blurry, not as clear as a real mirror.” Neural Academician said.

“It’s really Atomic Captain.” The plastic man pointed to the nearest window and exclaimed in surprise, “He cherishes the test body and was taken out as a little white mouse for research.

If we were caught, would we be locked up too?”

“You seem excited?” Harry gave him a sideways glance.

“A little bit,” the plastic man didn’t deny, his expression even more excited, “Brainiac is the most powerful mad scientist in the universe.

If he can shut him down. I got up and studied it separately, which means that my superpower has been recognized by him. It belongs to the rarest and highest group in the universe, one out of a trillion, right?”

“It seems to make sense, and I also feel that I am not as good as Poor Atomic Captain.” Big-headed gnome muttered.

Harry ignored the two wise men and asked, “Where’s Superman?”

“Captain, watch, because the glass is transparent and reflective. The view from both sides, so each window is a superposition of the two views.”

Mirror Master pointed to a blurred mirror surface, “Look at this carefully, do you see the door at the end of the passage?

I’ve seen robots push Superman in there before.”

Harry turned his eyes to the plastic man, “You feel like you are an extraordinary natural talent, even if you jump out and make trouble, you will be caught by Bligh. Nyack finds out that he is also reluctant to kill you, and will only try to capture you alive.”

The plastic man stiffened into a wooden man, “Iβ€””

Harry patted him on the shoulder , “Don’t worry, I’ll accompany you.”

(end of this chapter)

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