I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 589


Chapter 589 Brainiac

Flying nearly 100 meters through the passage that looks like an elevator shaft, Superman came to a spacious and empty room dome structure cabin.

The cabin is circular, larger than a football field. Thousands of glass bottles hang from the dome in mid-air, flickering with a faint glow, forming a hazy starry sky in the dark and silent interior.

It would be an understatement to say that it is a starry sky.

Because each glass bottle represents a civilization, a star system that once existed.

If Superman knew the name of the civilization and the coordinates of the home planet in each bottle city, he would find that the positions of the bottles correspond to the positions of their star systems in the universe.

These cities in a bottle together constitute a ‘disappeared’ universe.

They existed in the universe and were part of it.

Now their planets disappear in the universe, replaced by bottles, forming the old universe in Brainiac’s spaceship.

The bottle universe of spaceship, combined with the existing universe outside, is the complete universe before Brainiac appeared.

“It’s been almost a day, the golden nuclear bomb should have received news, why hasn’t it arrived yet!” On the lawn in front of the White House, Lord Gang, his hands behind his back, looked up at the sky and sighed.

“The golden nuclear bomb is out of ammunition, and her lantern beast was taken away by the devil. Now I can’t count on it.” Grandma Xi said bitterly.

“If we don’t count on her, who else can we rely on? The Justice League was there at the time, and even the defensive power field of the aliens couldn’t be broken.” Lord Ma Gang glanced at the patrols on the street again. The alien robot turned around and walked towards the White House.

When the city just fell, there were large-scale riots, but soon robots were sent in, not only to help police officers and soldiers maintain order, but also civil servants to return to their posts to continue working.

As president, he has more to do.

“Tear Man!” Grandma Xi suddenly exclaimed excitedly.

Ma Gang Lord didn’t turn his head, “Superman is useless, his weakness is too obvious, everyone in the universe knows it.”

“Mr. President, look in the sky, tear it apart. Poman is here for us!” Grandma Xi shouted.

“Tear Man, Tear Man!” White House staff were also shouting.

“Oumai, it’s Tearman, long live Tearman!”

At this moment, the metropolis was full of people, and countless people were shouting a name.

Lord Ma Gang looked up at the sky and saw a familiar face with curly hair hanging on his forehead, occupying most of the sky.

Superman is like a Spiritual God of Creation, standing in front of their universe.

“God bless, Superman is here, is the golden nuclear bomb still far away? We are saved.”

With a cry, he wondered again: “Why is Superman so huge? Not a holographic projection, right?”

People in Metropolis still don’t know that they are in a glass bottle .

If it weren’t for the people on the edge of the city who saw the city being blocked by a transparent force field and rising from the ground, they would all think that they were still on Earth.

It’s just that Earth was occupied by aliens, and advanced technology was used to completely separate the city from the outside world.

Because of environmental factors such as gravity, air composition, sunrise and sunset, the city in the bottle is exactly the same as Earth.

Several of the president’s scientific advisers are sticking to the ‘Metropolis is still in Earth’ view.

There was even a group of American people who “suddenly realized”: the government-government’s cover-up of ‘the truth about the flat earth’ was finally exposed by the aliens.

Now the aliens just revoke the ‘Earth Says’ disguise that the government has put on the Earth’s surface.

The glass walls, the force field shields that envelop the city, are just new disguises to fool the people of Earth.

Well, it’s nothing more than the false Earth theory of the US government-government to the “earth bottle theory” of the alien colonists.

The wise American people have clearly understood the truth!

They also organized a parade, which was suppressed by alien robots.

“It seems that Luthor is right. He said that the Metropolis was put into an instrument that simulates pocket dimensions, and there is a high probability that it has been reduced countless times.” General Minos said.

Lord Ma Gang immediately said: “Call Luther quickly and let him explain the current situation for us.”

“He was captured by the alien robot. ‘ said the general.

β€œWhy did the robot catch him?” The horse Gang Lord asked curiously.

General Minos’ eyes flickered, and he hesitated: “He participated in an experimental project of the military.”

Lord Ma Gang’s face sank, and he immediately guessed that he had become a The last person to know about secret government-government experiments.

“What kind of experiment caused the aliens to pay special attention?”

“It’s related to the Kryptonian gene technology.”

“You can hear me? Right?” At this moment, Superman’s voice resounded through Heaven and Earth like thunder.

“Ommai Kar, not a holographic projection, but a real Superman.” Lord Ma Gang waved his hand in surprise, “Superman, I’m here, what do you want to tell me?”

Superman saw their reactions outside and heard their voices, and immediately said: “I’m going to take the bottle down, there may be violent vibrations, don’t be afraid.”

“What bottle? ‘ The Earth people in Metropolis were puzzled.

“Ahβ€”” next moment, the people in the city exclaimed in unison, the “sky” quickly pulled up, the earth shook violently, and the giant Spirit God-like silhouette of the Superman universe disappeared under the horizon.

And in the glass bottle storage room, Superman, who was about to take off the bottle like picking fruit, also made an “ahah” and stepped back.

The ropes from the dome slammed violently, pulling the bottle out of his hand.

“Om-hum-weng!” The dome sounded a dull, urgent alarm.

Superman is about to soar into the sky and fish out the Metropolis glass bottle.

Suddenly, another familiar voice came into his ears. He listened carefully, his expression became excited, “That’s it.”

He ran three meters away, staring at him. With big eyes, he looked at the familiar and unfamiliar city in disbelief, “It’s really Cando City, my clansman is not dead, they are all alive, and the citizens of Cando City are still alive!”

” That’s right, that’s Cando City.” A voice responded to him.

Appears directly in Superman’s mind, telepathically.

In the glass bottle storage room, except for the dome, the deck below is almost empty, except for a green egg in the center.

The egg, which transmits a hazy green light, is about the height of Superman, with more than a dozen data lines connected to it.

“ka-cha –ka-cha –ka-cha!”

At this time, the giant egg was still cracking with a man’s voice.

“crash-bang β€”β€”” The green nutrient solution flowed out from the giant egg, a large green hand stretched out from the gap, and when it was broken with force, the egg shell completely fell off, a tall green-skinned bald man appear in front of Superman.

Those cables were actually plugged into the top of his head.

A dozen or so fingernail-sized, flashing red light information interfaces are evenly distributed on the top of his head.

It is very similar to the data interface on the back of the neck of the protagonist of “The Matrix”, you can plug in the “USB data cable”.

The “chi chi chi!” data cables fell off one by one, and a little purple red liquid came out from the red interface.

I don’t know if it’s brain juice or culture medium.

“Brainiac?” Superman put down the Candor City glass bottle, watching with serious attention.

“Hello, Kryptonian.”

Except for the “USB port” on his head, Brainiac is basically a normal person.

He opened his eyes, got up slowly, and looked at Superman indifferently.


Fast like a teleport, he came to Superman, and the big green hand squeezed his neck, β€œYou made my collection flawed. .

Well now, lock you in Cando City, and there will be no more Kryptonians left in the world.”

“Cando City is not your collection!” Superman’s eyes were red. , gave the greenskin man a heat nuclear ray at close range.

“Thorn la la!” He hit his face, but only a layer of skin was broken.

“Uh.” Brainiac was in pain, and with a flick, he threw Superman out like a cannonball.

“bang!” Superman slammed heavily on the wall, and dozens of steel cables fell from the dome, entangling him tightly.

Brainiac wiped the blood from his face and said indifferently: “I am Sovereign all things in the world, nothing is not mine.”

– Don’t struggle, just talk!

Just as Superman was about to struggle, he suddenly caught a glimpse of the goggles around his neck, and a person appearedβ€”Mirror Master, he was also holding a tablet with a line of words written on it

“Why are you? To Earth? I’m telling you, the gold nuke didn’t misfire!”

Superman awkwardly recited lines he didn’t like.

β€”β€”He does not reject Earth people’s need for golden nuclear bombs, but the golden nuclear bombs actually make Earth people become ‘extreme nationalism’, arrogant inwardly and repulsive outwardly, like the evolution of the red neck Version.

As a Kryptonian immigrant, it is only natural that he feels uncomfortable.

“Golden nuke? Ridiculous!” Brainiac sneered, “Even if she is a real ‘space nuke’, do you think I’d be afraid?”

“Then why do you He deliberately chose to come to Earth when she left and she lost the lamp beast?” Superhuman said.

“Did you destroy a robot that fell in Kansas a month ago?” Brainiac asked.

Superman startled, “Is that your robot?”

The Greenskin sarcastically said, “The news of Apocalypse’s invasion of Earth has spread throughout the universe, and the golden nuclear bomb is famous, but In my eyes, she’s a clown who can’t stand on the table.

I found your information in the news related to Earth.

Kryptonian, I’m going for you Earth.

If I had known in advance that you were going to hell with her, I would have arrived a day earlier.”

“What are you doing to me?” Superman asked in surprise.

Brainiac walked to the edge of Candor City, rubbing the glass cover lightly, “I want to make sure that Candor City is the last container for Kryptonian data!

And You are out of my control, giving others the opportunity to share Kryptonian technology, genes, and even culture,”

“What do you mean?” Superman frowned.

Brainiac’s indifferent face showed a hint of contempt, “I don’t understand such an easy-to-understand truth. Your wisdom really disappoints me.”

Superman again I want to break free from the chains.

“hope to hear the details.” He glanced at the glasses and said sullenly.

“It’s mine,” Brainiac said, pointing to Cando City. “Everything about Krypton is mine, and I won’t allow my wisdom to be shared.”

Superman still doesn’t quite understand it, but Harley has a guess, and explains it on the lens: He’s a pervert, and takes knowledge as his refrain, so taking a city will destroy the rest of civilization.

These words irritated and irritated Superman for some reason. His eyes were red, and he shouted excitedly: “In order to monopolize the technology and culture of a civilization, you actually used a missile to blow up the sun, trigger a supernova, and destroy the entire civilization. Galaxies.

You were once a living person, with clansman, family and friends, how could you do such a dehumanizing thing?!”

Harry looked thoughtful, Lalu Civilization The Sun Fruit exploded and set off a supernova, so

Bleniak was nothing but casually saying, “My spine can handle a 7-by-10 57th bar at the same time. Information, my Kru brain is 70 times that.

But I was just a human, one of the innumerable living beings like my family, friends, clansman.

Now my memory and brain power surpass the sum of my civilization’s SmartBrain, why?

Because of knowledge.

Knowledge has transformed me from a mortal to a cosmic Sovereign, and knowledge is the greatest in the world. Great power.

Power must be monopolized, of course.

The powerhouse can only be the ruler of destiny, and the weak can only be dominated – this is what every interstellar civilization should have

I, Brainiac, am an independent civilization!”

(end of chapter)

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