I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 591


Chapter 591 Killing move – Arkham Ten Heroes

On the owl airship, Harry didn’t have a private room to change clothes, so she directly put a A set of dark red plate armor with slightly rough craftsmanship is worn on the body, and the Sandman’s robe seeps out from the gap of the plate armor like smoke, and is wrapped outside the armor.

The dark silver plate armor is made of N metal, because the problem of N metal smelting has not been solved so far.

Only a vest, a helmet with most of the face exposed, no shoulder pads, skirt armor, and no gloves.

And there are many impurities in the metal.

N metal should be crystal-clear silver golden, but at this time it contains too much demon blood marrow, showing a strange dark red, and exudes a depraved and evil atmosphere.

Well, the N metal mixture extracted from the spinal cord of the Demon Lord Omani.

With only plate armor and a helmet, Harry quickly put it on, and then cherished it again, taking a silver bracer from Ivy.

It is made up of mahjong-sized silver metal blocks connected in series.

She kept it on her left wrist before saying to a few teammates: “Plastic man, continue to be a big mallet and follow my instructions.

Nerve Academician, you are in charge of suppressing the cloth Leniac’s psionic power.

Mirror Master, your task is a little heavy.

Fatigue, Ivy, you guys should cooperate with him.

Now , the unrighteous watchers are all attacking!”

“Ai, wait!”

Atomic Captain, like the body of mercury, said: “I used to be a watchman too, I I can help.”

Well, after helping Superman break up, solve more than ten robots, and raise the level to 7 Level 5 and a half, Harley went to the sample room to save the old friend Atomic Captain Adam, and then again Jump into the mirror space and wait for Superman to create his chance.

“Adam, you are very capable, but you are not precise enough, so you are not suitable for this occasion. You have seen how many glass bottles are hanging outside. The energy beam is slightly misaligned, and it kills hundreds of thousands of people.” Harry advised.

A superman who has never killed an ordinary person or a super criminal by mistake. His micro-manipulation ability is extremely strong. At this time, he is still constrained, struggling with restraint, or using a lot of heat rays.

He is still trapped there by countless data cables, not because he can’t break free, but because he doesn’t dare to use force.

Just as he broke the rope, a piece of metal as thick as a finger broke off, knocking a clear sound like a wind chime on the glass bottle.

“Brainiac, undo the force field, I’ll go head to head with you!”

A line of words blurred on the lens.

Brainiac was expressionless, “If you can’t even break free from my next Essence Power field, you’re not qualified to see me, let alone challenge me.”

“Silly, look behind you!”

The next second, the sarcastic voice of the Mirror Master sounded behind him.

Brainiac didn’t have to look back, the entire spaceship, and even all the intelligent machines on the spaceship, were his body.

But he couldn’t help but turn around.

I saw that the surface of his eggshell-shaped dormant capsule had mirror reflections, and three people stood in front of the eggshell dormant capsule.

“What if you block a road? Your hatch is also made of glass, you idiot!”

He didn’t sense Brainiac’s glass bin before, mainly because Brainiac was sleeping inside. He had been sleeping for hundreds of years, and he had always turned on the force field protection.

“Bleniak, what do you want to compare with me?”

Harry smiled and walked towards the Crewe, the big mallet in her left hand “hu hu “Turn in circles, as flexible as a pencil.

The big-headed gnome is wrapped in a layer of yellow light and floats over her left side, like an elves hanging over the player’s head in the game.

“chi chiโ€”” Two steel cables popped out of the metal deck, trying to tie Harry’s legs.

The tightrope is extremely fast, but Harley’s seventh defense specialty is the speed force defense.

This defensive feat gives her dynamic vision a magical blessing.

The vision itself has not improved, just the ability to see every movement of fast-moving objects.

Harry hopped lightly with both feet, gracefully evading the antelope on a mountain stream to avoid the surprise attack of the poisonous snake.

โ€œchi chi chi!โ€

The spaceship deck is sunken with holes, in a flash, from which dozens of steel cables are ejected.

The cable is actually a data cable, with a port at the end that flashes purple rays of light, and some ports pop out sharp steel needles, and some pop out with curved bladesโ€”much like a scalpel.

They’re like Brainiac’s arms.

“This trick doesn’t work for me.”

Harry’s mind sound transmission, running fast, triggering quantum displacement, one after another afterimage revolves around Brainiac.

โ€œwhiz whiz whizโ€

At the same time as she ran, she opened her mouth, and the golden lights were almost connected into a line, which were golden needles embodied by the energy of yellow lights. The entity flying knife driven by the energy of the yellow light on the handle shoots at the key point of Brainiac with extreme speed.

The Crewes were expressionless, but the eyes looking towards those quantum phantoms were full of curiosity and inquiry.

He had never seen a quantum shift, so he didn’t fight back for the time being, he just picked up and down, his hands were so fast that only a shadow was left.

Some flying knives were knocked flying, and some gold needles were directly crushed.

The flying knives that were knocked flying flew around in the air, hitting walls or steel cables, and bouncing back and forth.

“Dingding dong dong!” Under the dome of the city with countless glass bottles hanging, dozens of golden lights bounce back and forth between the walls, and the lightning-fast flying knives also pass through the glass bottles. Below superman trembling in fear.

“Harry, littleโ€””

He let out a nervous cry, but before he could finish, he caught a glimpse of the golden light passing by, a sling arc flashing, “Thorn. lah”, and disconnected from it.

Finally a throwing knives cut the cable above the glass bottle.

The bottle falls down.

โ€œAhโ€”โ€ Superman cried.

That’s the metropolis!


Superman heard the metropolis rising winds, scudding clouds, Heaven and Earth shaking in the bottle, and hundreds of thousands of people were screaming in panic.


In Superman’s horrified eyes, another flying knife wrapped in golden light shot straight at the bottle.

Time seems to slow down infinitely, and Superman uses his super eyesight to see every frame of the picture.

He was suddenly stunned, the mirror light on the surface of the flying knife flickered, and a silhouette appeared unexpectedly, that silhouette extend the hand, and with a light grab, the glass bottle disappeared.

“sou!” The lens flying knife continued to fly forward in the original direction.

It was only at this time that Superman discovered that the speed of this lens flying knife was much slower than other flying knives.

The speed is very slow, so the hand sticking out from the mirror can hold the glass bottle calmly.

But it came just right, the first throwing knives were faster than lightning, this one was so slow

“You dare to fight with me!”Brenia The violent rage, the eyes are silver-white, and the violent spiritual power forms a layer of naked eye visible purple red spiritual shock wave.

“Boom!” In an instant, all the darts and needles that approached him were smashed.

The golden debris flew around, the aftermath did not diminish, spreading outward, crushing the “guerrilla warfare” Harley like a city wall.


Harry was unavoidable, like being hit by a shell, flying backwards more than ten meters.

As soon as the mental barrier is released, it is closed, followed by a stronger and more violent mental shock.

“Uh–” a mournful howl sounded.

It’s not Harley, it’s the big-headed dwarf hanging over her side.

He was like a game elf, held by Harley’s yellow light energy.

Before Harley ran to trigger the quantum shift, he also flickered and jumped, and his head was a little dizzy.

At this time, facing the impact of the mind, he also stimulated his superpower, the spirit strength turned into a substantial golden lightning arc, and he slammed Brainiac’s spiritual hammer.

It’s a bit like “Planet Wars”, where Rey and Palpatine blasted each other with force lightning.

The big head is golden, mind lightning, like a stream; Brainiac is purple, like a waterfall.

“Captain, I can’t hold it anymore!”

The big head and seven orifices bleed, extremely miserable.

Harry was speechless, “It’s only less than two seconds, I didn’t have time to catch my breath”

In fact, since she started to charge, darts shot, and darts bounced for cover, Cleverly recaptured the Metropolis glass bottle, by this time Brainiac was furious, and the power of the mind collided with lightning, and it didn’t take more than five seconds in total.

She and Brainiac were both moving too fast, and it all happened between the rabbit and the falcon.

“Oh, something happened to Captain, the glass bottle has a big problem.”

At this moment, the mirror brooch on her collar came out with the voice of the mirror image Master.

“The miniature city is not the steady state enlargement and reduction of Atom Man. The glass bottle wall is not even real glass, but a substantial force field wall, which seems to maintain the miniature state of the city.

Now that the bottle is removed from the wire, the force field is slowly disappearing.

If it disappears completely, the city in the bottle will suddenly expand to its original size. So, we have to leave immediately , hurry back to Earth and put the bottle back in its place. (ps)”

He spoke very fast and nervous.

“Damn!” Harry scolded secretly, holding the big cross and asking: “Voice of the sky, how much merit does it take to send the glass bottle back to Earth?”

“One hundred thousand .”

This price.

The price of the Heavenly Teleport, determined by difficulty.

The more difficult it is, the higher the delivery fee.

At that time, the wizard group was located in the old lair of the super-time flow, and it was very difficult to teleport to the Lingbo prison. It cost 500,000 yuan.

If the most common teleportation is carried out in Lingbo Hell, to heaven or Earth, it will be about 50,000 to 100,000.

Now there is only one bottle, but the price is reasonable across the mirror space.

“Loan, teleport!” Harry said immediately.

“This time is not your fatal crisis.” The voice of the sky.

“I don’t have time to beep with you right now, hurry up and give me a loan, or I’ll make it public that God in heaven was beeped by my dog,” Halle said.

The next moment, a beam of white light descended into the mirror space.

The Mirror Master exclaimed, “Ah, the glass bottle disappeared.”

“This is my method, don’t be afraid.”

Harry calmed down Put away the big cross.

Brainiac was really furious. At the same time as the biological shell launched a psychic shock, the mechanical shell shot hundreds of steel cables from the dome, the ground, and the walls.

“chi chi chi โ€”โ€”” The wire ropes bounced together, forming a four-meter-high wire rope tide, surrounding from all directions.

Halle, who returned to reality from the voice of the sky, found that she had no way to escape.

“Ah-Captain save me!”

There are two steel cables wrapped around the nerves Academician’s neck and thighs, dragging him forcibly away, even with Harley’s amber energy Can’t hold it.

And Harley herself was trapped in a tightrope.

Although she was holding a large mallet and swung the block repeatedly, the ankles and back center were sneak attacked by the wire rope.

The ankle was entangled, and the back was piercedโ€”the sharp steel needle at the port of the wire pierced the thorns black vortex magic shield and the N alloy armor in turn, and only after piercing the flesh, was the yellow needle pierced. The lamp energy cover is blocked.

In order to block the fatal blow, the energy of the yellow light gushed out.

“Fake, this armor is simply disgraceful for N metal.”

Harry scolded secretly, and covered it with steel cables that spit steel needles and steel knives at countless mouths. Before, he raised his left arm and shouted: “The unrighteous watchers, all members are dispatched!” What information wave was launched.


calm and tranquil, no thunder and lightning, no heroes to promise in unison.

The atmosphere was awkward for a moment.

But Brainiac suddenly widened his eyes, his bright eyes became hazy, and there were countless 0s and 1s swiping on the surface of the pupil.

The expressions on his face also became richer, and various emotions such as surprise, shock, ecstasy, and rage flashed quickly.

In other words, these complex emotions are mixed together.

If Brainiac had seen Stephen Chow’s “Kung Fu”, when he described his current experience to others, he would have said: At that moment, he became the incompetent person in “Kung Fu”. Ah Gui, he “saw” a group of Ominous Ghosts rushing towards him in the melodious sound of the piano.

Agui, the gossip stick, saw a skeleton soldier holding a large sword, but Brainiac saw a group of Arkham elites drilled out of the silver ‘mahjong piece’ of Harry’s wristband , laughing, screaming, howling, cursing, praying, crying and pounced on him.

Uh, yes, the Arkham elite, the last ten members of the Injustice, the clowns in purple suits laughing, the scarecrows in rag-hats screaming, the Mad Hatter Howling, the Riddler is foul-mouthed, the Angel of Death is praying.

They are like the undead sealed in Harley’s wristbands, and every mahjong-sized silver memory on the wristbands is a The coffin was opened, the ghost was released, and was driven to pounce on the enemy of “Black Wizard Harry”, that is, Brainiac.

In addition to the Arkham elite, there are two brave generals rushing to the front, Ricky of the magic flames (dipped by the origin of the little black beans), and Fiora of the holy light.

(ps: Brainiac’s bottle city, is it a real glass bottle, or the materialization of a force field?

Actually, both are correct.

Brainiac is to Superman what Bane was to Batman, and the comic book publication of Superman keeps repeating, and so does the story of him and Brainiac.

Blayney When Yake first appeared, his bottle city was indeed an ordinary glass bottle.

But then the more perfect the Earth’s physical theory became, some common sense problems began to appear – for example, Superman lifts a plane, Superman Catch Louise who fell from the upstairs. Later, the comic writer added a biofield setting for Superman, which is a patch.

The same is true for Brainiac’s city bottle, we all now When using a mobile phone, I also care about the chip of the mobile phone. Therefore, I know some common sense, such as the chip of 7 nanometer technology, the performance is stronger than that of 8 nanometer. .

In the bottle city of Brainiac, people and items have already broken through the nanoscale, and ordinary bottles cannot make them stable.

This is as everyone knows Common sense of physics.

So, the manga editor changed the settings again and replaced it with a force field shield, a bottle is almost equivalent to a small universe.

(end of this chapter)

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