I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 592


Chapter 592 Cosmic Horror Legend Killed Cosmic Horror Legend

The quantum ghost released from Harley’s bracelet did not directly pounce on the cloth Leignac. The green skinkru people standing not far away are just Brainiac’s biological shell.

The spaceship and the steel cables, robots and other intelligent instruments on the spaceship are his mechanical shells.

Following every data cable, you can also reach the Brainiac core.

The Arkham Elite touches the wire and involuntarily disappears along the data line.

Only Rich and Fiora, familiar with this kind of soul data-based movement and battle method, crossed the data line and rushed directly into the biological shell brain of the Green Skin Crewe.

Harry’s silver wristband is actually a piece of memory chip, which transmits the quantum ghost in the form of WiFi signal.

Alien Brainiac doesn’t even know how to use hundreds of gigabytes of signals. Of course, it’s different from Earth’s data, so before, Harry deliberately stole a robot head and used the spaceship’s signal. Mode is broken.

It works great.

β€œAhhhh—” Brainiac held his head, slumped to the ground and wailed.

The snakes of steel cords that shot at Harley densely froze, the surface arcs flashing, and they fell softly to the ground.

“Sting, stab.” The arc was still spreading along the wire rope. In an instant, most of the main control room had symptoms of poor signal and unstable voltage.

There is a problem with the spaceship operation.

Superman is also freed from a bunch of out-of-control tightropes.

The glass bottle city above the dome, the light and darkness are unclear and flickering.

Harry hurriedly shouted: “Don’t touch the energy system and control system of the miniature city, first paralyze all intelligent systems in the spaceship, and physically destroy the AI chip and information memory!”

“Buzzβ€”” The spaceship vibrated slightly, and the air became scorching hot.

“What happened?” Harry asked loudly.

“The spaceship’s force field shield system has just been short-circuited, and the spaceship seems to be in an energy storm.”

An illusory shadow, like a 3dprojection, appeared beside Harry.

“Fiora!?” Superman exclaimed.

The Kryptonian commander glanced at him and continued to report to Hallehui: “The star of the Lalu people exploded, and the violent radiation energy and light energy are raging in outer space.

The skull spaceship is still in the galaxy, swallowing the energy dissipated by the explosion of the stars.

But now that the shield has been lost, the surface temperature of the spaceship shell has exceeded 6000 degrees, and there is slight damage.”

“Can you subdue Brainiac?” Harry asked.

If she can completely control the core data of the Kru people, the spaceship is spills of war, and she naturally cannot destroy “own” spaceship, if she can’t subdue it

Fiora said: ” Ritchie is in a digital life battle with Brainiac, and the situation is not good.

He said that when he faced Brainiac, he was like a dolphin jumping on the grassland to fight a lion.

Dolphins are not adapted to the grassland environment and are not as sharp-tongued and powerful as lions.

Not only is the environment of the spaceship host extremely uncomfortable for Ricky, his strength and fighting skills are also inferior The other party.

Brainiac has the right place and the right time, and will tear Ricky apart sooner or later.”

“Where are my Unrighteous Watchers? They are my killing move. The chaotic flow of information, almost the mortal enemy of Brainiac, who is used to controlling everything.” Harry added.

“Those guys.” Fiora’s expression was a little distorted, “After entering the spaceship information system, they lost one’s head out of fear, ignorant, and a few were so frightened that they cried and begged, it was just ugly .”

“Didn’t you teach them how to do it? I don’t expect them to be super-hackers, just use their instincts, devour data everywhere, and do crazy destruction.” Harry said.

Fiora said: “Teached, they are doing it now. The force field shield outside the spaceship is faulty, and the operation failure inside the spaceship is all caused by them.

You can let them help Ricky defeat Brainiac, the technical content is too high, I’m afraid that you can’t count on it.

The battle between digital lives depends not only on who has stronger spirit strength, but also It’s a competition of information technology knowledge.

Thanks to Richie’s way of quantum magic, Brainiac can’t be technically crushed.”

Harry said: “OK, I I understand the basic situation of the data spirit transformation soul war, you go to help Richie first, I will open up a new battlefield in the material world, let’s unite inside and outside, and work together to strangle Brainiac.”

Fiora Nodding, turning into a Wireless Electronics signal and entering the digital network war,

Harry greeted Da Chaodao: “Use your super vision to see through the spaceship and destroy its weapons and data systems.”

She had a plastic human mallet in her left hand, a blood-killing stick in her right hand, and stepped on quantum displacement, and quickly rushed towards Brainiac, who was squatting and wailing on the ground.

“whiz whiz whiz!” The man was running, and golden flying needles had been spit out of his mouth.

“chi chi chi β€”β€”” All hits, piercing the data interface on Brainiac’s head that looks like a ring scar, and the purple red juice splashes, dyeing his green head and face purple.

It’s just that his physical strength was beyond Harry’s expectations, and the needles embodied by the energy of the yellow light failed to penetrate his head.

“Ahhh!” Brainiac roared, dashing towards Harry like lightning.

The dazedness in his eyes had vanished, becoming bitter and fierce.

His reaction took Harry by surprise again.

Although he could see his movements clearly, he was too close to react in time.

“Boom – bang!” The stick was knocked flying.

Harry’s right hand holding the stick, the flesh is torn, and the blood is endless.

She held back the pain, turned sideways to avoid the opponent’s body collision, and fiercely knocked the big mallet on his back with her left hand, “Tangling him!”

“whiz whiz whiz!” The big mallet Like a morphing Vajra of a starter switch, popping slender limbs, necks and expellings, in the blink of an eye, tying Brainiac into a rubber dumpling.

Brainiac screamed and struggled, and Harry leaned behind him and slapped the back of his head, “pa!”

Not a normal slap, but There are seven or eight golden awls in the palm, which just pierce through those data interfaces.

“Go to hell!” At the critical moment, Harry no longer sparing the energy of the yellow light in his body, the awl that pierced his head turned into a propeller, stirring frantically.

“ε‘²ε‘²ε‘²!” The purple-red nutrient solution, white’s brain juice, and red’s blood flowed all over Brainiac, and also drenched Harry’s face.

It’s like mixing 10 pounds of purple Fire Dragon Fruit and 10 pounds of bananas in a juicer, then pouring the juice on Harry’s face.

Fortunately, she covered her body with a yellow light battle uniform in advance.

Such a terrifying attack also triggered quantum critical strikes from time to time, launching a field attack in the brain, Brainiac didn’t even have time to scream, “pu pass”, and fell to the ground.

“Kill him? We’ve done the cosmic horror!”

The plastic man looks dazed and doesn’t feel real.

“He’s not dead.” Harry’s expression was solemn, the yellow light energy manifested a dagger, splitting the skull with great difficulty, and peeling the skin all the way down along the neck, revealing the entire spine.

That is not the spine that human beings should have. Sections of silver crystals have replaced bones, and each section of the crystal spine is a super brain, flickering with blue arcs.

Hesitating for a moment, Harry swung the knife to peel off the spine, “Sam, then!”

He threw the bio-computer spine at a dagger nailed to the wall – early The front dagger was flying all over the sky, taking the opportunity to take the glass dagger that was taken away from the Metropolis glass bottle.

An arm sticks out from the mirror, just right to catch the spine.

During the period, seven or eight steel cables suddenly bounced, trying to snatch the spine and smash the glass dagger, but Dachao rushed up and tore it off.

“See? That guy has only lost his biological shell, but his consciousness is still there.” Harry pointed to the data cables flying all over the sky.

She was able to kill the biological shells, thanks to Richie and the others for keeping Brainiac at bay in the data dimension.

“bang!” A sonic boom roared, and a waterfall of white and gray lines appeared at the entrance of the main control room. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg walked out in turn.

“What’s the situation now?”

Batman was wearing dark and bloated armor, and his voice was distorted when it came out of the helmet.

“Why are you here?” the plastic man said curiously.

“The skeleton spaceship was in the aftermath of the sun’s explosion, but suddenly lost its force field shield. I immediately guessed that there was an unfavorable change on the ship, and I brought people to support. “

Bateman said, joining the fight against the data cable.

He uses bat darts that release powerful EMP pulses, and a strange electric baton that only temporarily deactivates the wire rope.

“Where’s Brainiac?”

“Under the wise leadership of Captain, the Unrighteous Watchers have rescued Metropolis and defeated Brainiac’s husk .”

The plastic man pointed to the dismembered corpse on the ground, proudly said with a smile: “He is Brainiac’s biological shell, and if we destroy the mechanical shell, we will win.”

Several heroes look at Divine Spark in Harley’s eyes, especially Batman.

I thought before that this time I can finally get rid of the shadow of the golden nuclear bomb and let Zhenglian dignified be the protagonist once, but now.

“Destroy these tentacles and kill them completely. Dead Brainiac?” Diana’s sword was like the wind, and the data cables seemed to be the tentacles of the physical body and mortal flesh, completely unstoppable.

“Saving Metropolis is not the end, we have to destroy Brainiac.” She shouted to Harley, “You didn’t see what he did, he blew up the Lalu The sun!

If we don’t end Brainiac, our sun will always be under threat.”

Harry looked at the thousands of glass bottles in the dome, brows frowned, “To kill Brainiac, there is only one way to completely destroy this spaceship.”

Wonder Woman also looked up subconsciously and shouted: “Hera, so many. Bottle City. How to take it away, how to store it?”

“Harry, it’s up to you, swallow them all.” Superhuman said.

“It’s not as simple as you think, taking the bottle off will release the shrinking state.”

Harry glanced at the steel skeleton who was tug-of-war with the wire rope, “Victor, Come here.”

“What?” He was still wrestling with the tightrope.

Betterman threw out a few bat darts, and the “stab la la” arcs jumped around, softening the steel cables on the steel bones.

“Download the data inside.” Harry pointed to the bracelet on his left wrist.

Cyborg was puzzled, still stretched out his left hand and pressed his index finger on a silver sheet, “It’s already connected, what do I want to download?”

“‘Bleniak Information format’ file, see?”

“The download is complete, you want me to take control of this spaceship?”

Cyborg immediately understood her intention, Start doing that right away.

He did not use wireless wifi to find the spaceship host, but found a data cable, and the robotic arm extended an interface that just matched the model of the data cable.

Next moment, the electronic eye on his left flickered with high frequency, “Hey, there is no firewall? Just went in. Omai, I, I saw the clown!”

Gotham The high school student took a few steps back in shock, took a careful “look”, and said in disbelief, “It’s really the clown, the clown is here, he’s talking to me, Omai, what’s going on?”

(end of chapter)

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