I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 594


Chapter 594 Brainiac Crazy

“What is the killing move?” Zhenglian hero asked curiously.

“Arkham Ten Heroes!” Harry said solemnly, word by word.


“Arkham isn’t Arkham Asylum, is it?” Superman asked.

“I saw them in Brainiac’s information network, Joker, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Inquisitor Barnes, shouldn’t they be the ten heroes?” accept.

“Clowns and the others can do damage, but if they really want to paralyze Brainiac, it’s hard to do anything at all like a mayfly shaking a tree,” Bateman said slowly.

“Don’t look down on them, each of them is your lifelong enemy, ten people join forces, not to mention the trifling tree, they are enough to shake Heaven and Earth.” Harry said.

Batterman said blankly, “I and they are not enemies for life.”

“Tell me what they can do.” Wonder Woman said.

“They canβ€””

Harry was about to explain that a powerful shock wave shattered the venue built by the fire star hunters with the power of the mind.

It’s a psychic shock.

Only Psychic Shock can interrupt communication within the psychic space.

“Harry, Brainiac broke free. Richie and I have returned your wristband chip. If we don’t return, he may devour us both and obtain the magic soul quantization technology.” Fei Ona said weakly.

“Kryptonian, Justice League, Golden Nuke” Brainiac’s grim voice echoed in the glass bottle storage hall, “None of you can escape!”

“whiz whiz whiz!” The data cables and cables, dense as rain, fell from the dome and danced nimbly in mid-air, steel needles and dissect daggers popped out of the ports.

The transparent force field shield rises at the gate, sticks to the wall again, and wriggles upwards quickly.

It can be predicted that after ten seconds, everyone will be surrounded by a “glass wall” the size of a football field.

“The force field shield is restarted, and the sonic boom channel cannot be opened to leave the spaceship.” Cyborg said in a heavy tone.

“Ai, what spaceship is this? It’s the Divine Kingdom, the god of machines and numbers.” Harry sighed.

“Let your Arkham Ten Heroes act and see if a miracle can happen.” Bateman said.

“I know it in my heart” Harley pressed her left wrist with her right hand, distracted, and while quietly issuing orders to the “Ten Heroes”, she said loudly to the dome: “Bleniac. , with your wisdom, it should be seen that we had the opportunity and the ability to completely destroy you.”

“You are stupid, weak, and missed the best time.”

Brainiac’s indifferent voice, rumbling from all directions.

Harry said: “Let’s not talk about being weak or stupid, we at least proved our strength.

In school, when a child proves that he has the strength to let the bully Injured, the bully will give up on him and change to another bully target.

In countries, when a country proves that it has the power to make the invader’s head bleed, the invader will give up the armed invasion, and can only cowering, sneaking, and subverting economic, cultural and ideological activities.

In the universe, when a ‘cosmic nuclear bomb’ appears in Earth, higher civilizations will treat Earth as equals.

There is no need to provoke people who can hurt you, because there are too many people in the world who can’t hurt you.

This is the common survival wisdom of campus, Earth, and even the universe.

Wisdom If you are, you should understand this too.

So, why don’t you give up Earth and pretend that you have never been to the solar system, have never seen us, and have never seen these bad things happen?

You continue your wisdom-scavenging journey, and we just treated it as a nightmare and completely forgot about you.

Everyone is well and continues their peaceful lives, what do you think?”


The heroes of Zhenglian wanted to refute her words, but because they couldn’t think of a better solution, they were silent and gloomy.

“The bears in the hunting grounds can also hurt the hunters. Will the hunters give up hunting and live with the beasts in the woods?

Especially now, the hunters have found their hounds and hunting guns. , and the stupid bear falls into the trap, the hunter will give up the great harvest in front of him?

Golden nuclear bomb, you are so naive.” Brainiac sneered.

Superman quietly sighed in relief.

He would rather have a fight than compromise.

“A bumper crop? Are we important to you?”

“Your bracers alone are worth an interstellar battle.” Brainiac’s The voice became fiery and greedy, “I originally thought I had reached the extreme of soul dataization, didn’t expect you to open up another path.

A completely different path from mine, but arrived at the same The destination.

In many ways, even better than my technology.

For example, your data spirit transformation soul can cross the four-dimensional universe, and enter the fifth dimension with no difficulty .

The god of technology is above, I have worked hard for hundreds of years and searched hundreds of thousands of civilizations, but I have never seen such a simple and efficient inter-dimensional technology.

If I To master it, to integrate it into my technology. Maybe, this universe is no longer worth my nostalgia.

I will enter a greater realm.”

Harry sighed : “Believe me, every toad that jumps out of the well will forever lose the joy of viewing the sky from the bottom of a well, and they will hate the yearning and choice they once made.

Because Heaven and The Earth is too big and too broad, the toads are too small, and even the swans by the lake are not worthy of it, so how can we participate in the competition in the mountains, grasslands, lakes and swamps of the ligers, pythons and crocodiles?”

“You say I am Toad?” Brainiac’s voice was full of anger.

“Trust me, at the bottom of the well, you’re barely a Little Overlord. You’ve really gone to the fifth dimension, and you’re not even a toad.”

Brainiac quickly calmed down Down, indifferently said: “We Crewes do not have natural superpowers, and when I leave the home planet, I am indeed not even a cosmic toad.

I have enough wisdom, determination and perseverance to let me From a toad to a cosmic Sovereign.

This process is my joy.

Sitting at the bottom of a well, looking up at the starry sky at the narrow wellhead, does not satisfy me, it only makes me happy I am always in the torment of wanting to explore the unknown but not getting it.”

Harry said: “No, you have changed. When you left your home planet, you were a low-key and pragmatic person, even insidious, cunning and arrogant. Strategies, so you can grow up in the dangerous Universe Starry Sky.

Now you are arrogant and conceited, reckless, and your character is fixed and difficult to change.

This character is destined to be only It’s suitable to be the boss, but I can’t do it and slowly climb up from the bottom.”

Wonder Woman’s expression was slightly distorted, she touched Bateman, and asked in a low voice: “What are they doing? It’s so strange.”

Bateman said with a sullen face: “Probably sharing his experience as a ‘cosmic horror legend’, just like Arkham ‘Yingjie’ met in Gotham, he couldn’t bear it Just a few words.

We outsiders, well, normal people, can’t understand.”

“Brainiac may be delaying time on purpose.” Wonder Woman pointed Looking up at the dome, worriedly said: “The force field shields are closed, completely blocking us.”

“Hahaha, yes, I’m just stalling for time!” Brainiac laughed triumphantly, “Nuclear Harley? Hehe, I think I’m called ‘Stupid Harley’. I think I’m reckless and can’t crafty plots and machinations.

Well, now you’re not in the game.


Tell you, when I was talking to you, I not only quietly blocked your space with the force field wall, but also completely took back control of the spaceship.

The ten living Trojans you put into the information network , and they were all locked up by me.

I am now extracting their memories and deciphering the secrets of their soul data.”

“Ah, Brainiac is really making trouble. .” Wonder Woman and the fire star hunter were shocked.

“Don’t worry, don’t panic.” Superman swallowed and looked towards Harry with anticipation.

“Don’t worry, just wait and see.”

Betterman comforted almost at the same time, his expression was light, and he didn’t even look at Harry.

“Ai, I’m waiting for you to catch them, I thought that the first time Arkham Ten Heroes had their souls digitized, a proper novice ‘hacker’ would be easily arrested by you, didn’t I don’t expect to waste so much saliva with you.”

Harry sighed and ordered to the bracers: “Unrighteous Watchers, show your peerless grace to this cosmic Sovereign.”

“Peerless grace.” The hero of Zhenglian has a strange expression.

“hahahaha, hahahaha what. graceful? My head was blown away, wow, my brains flowed out, hahahaha, hahahaha.”

Data cyberspace, Jerome’s limbs’ The big’ glyph opened, sticking to the wall of the silver lightning arc flashing, an arc like a poisonous snake, drilling hard to the top of his head, and he cracked his mouth and laughed wildly.

This is an infinitely broad singular dimension, with no direction, no distinction between up, down, left, and right.

Even the sense of time is greatly blurred.

But the world is not empty. In the empty space, it is regularly divided into abstract objects composed of many colored squares.

Like a piece of electronic components floating in the sky, components built from colored building blocks.

It’s bright and colorful.

From any angle, those “component clouds” can form a set of circuit structures representing logical operations.

All electron clouds are combined into a numerical spirit strength matrix representing “Brainiac”.

The space here is Brainiac’s data soul itself.

If Ricky comes in, he can read a piece of instruction, a piece of knowledge, a piece of memory, and even an emotion from the component through observation.

But the ten heroes of Arkham have been locked in the core, but their “eyes” are blank, and they can’t “see” at all.

None of them are qualified hackers.

Not to mention the hackers who attacked the city, Shi Yingjie himself was about to be “disassembled”.

In the center of the spirit strength matrix, there is a boundless arc wall, ten heroes are stuck on it like spiders, only to feel that a hole is broken in their heads, they are dug inside with a spoon, dig their secrets, they Screaming, crying or laughing.

Until an instruction came: show your peerless style.

“What a graceful look, hahahaha.” The clown laughed wildly, his body twisted illusoryly, like an unstable signal.

“According to what the woman said before, our unique beauty is our memory, experience, life experience, values, realm of thought, views on everything, and the reasons for those views. In short, don’t struggle, completely Unleash your true self.” The Riddler loudly said.

He can’t help but explain, because he is the Captain of the Ten Heroes, and he must let the Squad complete the task, otherwise

“I don’t understand.” Destiny Academician said.

“We are the ‘clown virus’, and that woman made us defile this ocean of data.”

“Oh, that’s it.” The clown stopped struggling, and with a “bang”, Fried into strands of purple black smoke, absorbed by those “cloud elements”.

The electronic components built with colored blocks lose their color, and the naked eye visibly turns into purple black.

“hahahaha, hahahaha” is a regular matrix, twisted and deformed, and countless element clouds are combined into a huge smiling face, the face of a clown.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang” The remaining Arkham heroes exploded one after anotherβ€”from the spirit strength matrix representing a complete life to countless information factors, integrated into Brainiac’s spirit strength matrix.

“hahahaha.” In the main control room, Brainiac let out a crazy and weird laugh, and Zhenglian Hero felt his scalp tingling.

“This laughter” Bateman was surprised.

“Ah, I hacked into the data core.” Cyborg was overjoyed.

(end of this chapter)

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