I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 595


Chapter 595 Weird Laughter

“Omg, I broke into the data core, so easy. Blaney Yake’s data matrix seems crazy, the logic is reversed, the instructions are ridiculous, and it is still automatically generating viruses?!” Cyborg excitedly said.

The chaos in the information network was invisible to the ordinary person, but the force field barrier disappeared again, the data cables and cables were flying with sparks, and the robot was at a loss, all indicating that something was wrong with Brainiac.

“Don’t talk nonsense, immediately separate this control room.” Harley urged.

“I’m doing it.”

“Boomβ€”ka ka kaβ€”” The spaceship began to vibrate violently, and the sound of metal structures being dismantled and assembled could be heard incessantly.

“What did you do?” Wonder Woman looked at Harry in surprise.

“Release the ten heroes.”

“You also sent them into the spaceship’s data network before, what’s the difference between now and now?” the woman asked in confusion.

Harry said: “The difference is too big. Before, the ten heroes were like network worms, madly eating the data in the network, so the spaceship system collapsed and the defense cover was closed.

But cloth Leignac is too big to be eaten by ten fleas, but it cannot completely devour him.

In fact, let alone ten heroes, even if the souls of the entire Earth are digitized, they will not be able to devour him completely. Devour ‘Giant’ Brainiac.

Because he’s not an empty-handed brat, he has tools and a whole spaceship as a weapon.

No matter how many ordinary fleas there are, it’s like Like the hundreds of thousands of people in the city in a bottle, it has become the nourishment of his ‘wisdom’.”

Diana looked thoughtful and asked: “Now it is no longer a moth, but a poison?”

“It’s not a poison, it’s a virus. Although both poisons are poisonous, the pollution of the two poisons is still different.

As worms before, the Arkham Ten Heroes devoured data, but now they have As food, it was devoured by Brainiac on his own initiative.

Of course, if it was replaced by other people, ten or a hundred, and put them into Brainiac’s mouth, it was just food, and could not become a virus to infect him.

As a ‘virus contamination source’, must have two characteristics: strong taste and indigestion, that is, stubborn thinking, difficult to persuade, cure, and assimilate.

There is no doubt that the ten heroes who have been treated by the best doctors in the world for ten years in Arkham Asylum, and who will still recover completely in the future, fully meet this condition.”

Halle couldn’t help but look at this. Disappointed, saddened.

“How do you know that doctor is the best in the world? After ten years, he has not been able to cure patients in a mental hospital. He is obviously a quack doctor, right?” Wonder Woman doubted.

Harry stared at her with a bad look.

Wonder Woman’s unfathomable mystery, “Does it make no sense for me?”

“She’s the best psychiatrist,” Bateman whispered.

“You?” Wonder Woman looked at Harry with a weird expression and more suspicious eyes.

β€œHarry has an Academician degree in psychology from Gotham University.” Superhuman.

Batterman glanced at the unperturbed Harley and added: “In addition to the Arkham psychiatrist, she is also the psychic and moral teacher of Gotham Cathedral.

In the Upper East Side, many upper-class families would like to send their children who have problems with their thoughts and behaviors to the cathedral and ask her to teach them personally.

It is very effective.”

See Women Xia’s face was full of doubts, and Bateman solemnly nodded, “If it doesn’t work, and rich people are not stupid, why risk their own heirs?”

“But why?” Wonder Woman murmured.

Superhuman said: “Harry has a confession stick, the silver baseball bat.

I used it, and it was very domineering.

If ‘Ten Yingjie’ ‘After being knocked by it for ten consecutive years, he is still a crazy terrifying psychotic criminal, and it is not surprising that he cannot be ‘digested’ by Brainiac.

No matter how strong Brainiac is, can he be stronger than God ?”

“It turned out to be magic item.” Wonder Woman calmed down.

Harry was not happy. “The penitent stick is like a doctor’s scalpel. It is very important, but it can only play a supporting role.

Under my teaching, several people who did not Believers who are qualified to go to heaven have successfully ascended to heaven.

The Evil Spirit who should have gone to hell left behind tears of repentance and became a more splendid Holy Spirit.

At that time , I didn’t use a confession stick.

In fact, the confession stick was made from tears that the Holy Spirit gave me.”

“She really can persuade people to do good. , and ascended to heaven to become Holy Spirit?” Wonder Woman asked Superman and Batman next to her with a twisted face.

“This. I’m not so sure,” said Superman cautiously.

“She can indeed go back and forth between heaven and earth, but I have never seen evidence, and I can’t find evidence to refute it.” Bateman speak frankly.

“I’ve been to Oblivion too, why haven’t any other transcenders mentioned this?” Wonder Woman asked.

“I’m a low-key person and I’ve never told anyone about it.”

They didn’t believe it when I said it.

The deeds of Robbie cultivator’s transformation from hell demon to heaven Holy Spirit also have a small reputation in the transcendent world, but Brother Huanxi, one of the parties, also thinks it is Harley’s mistake.

Because Harry has been taunting and hitting Robbie.

Afterwards, Brother Huanxi also gave her a devil count heart as a reward for her act of pulling Holy Spirit to hell.

The news spread, who still believed that she was teaching Holy Spirit ascension?

So, Halle really didn’t preach about it before.

“You’re spreading the word everywhere right now.” Diana slapped her face on the spot.

Harry glared at her, “He’s clearly talking about Shi Yingjie, who brought the topic so far?

If you don’t keep doubting and asking, I’ll take the initiative to talk about it. This old time?”

Diana stopped talking.

But Brainiac is being poisoned by the Ten Heroes, Cyborg is separating the spaceship, not talking, and they have nothing else to do.

“In terms of firm will, I think that the heroes of Zhenglian are stronger and more determined.” Wonder Woman said slowly: “The firmness of Arkham’s super criminals is a mental illness, and our firmness comes from Cognition and ideals.

If the mental data of a few of us is digitized, the effect may be better.”

Betterman shook his head: “We can’t. Still have to twist the chaos.

Brainiac has absorbed the characteristics of the Joker and the others now, but he has not digested it, and those characteristics have become his characteristics. The Joker is crazy, so he is crazy.

But Brainiac’s own characteristic is control.

Look at what he does, what he says, Brainiac is used to controlling everything, he can’t face himself Uncontrollable affairs.

So, the chaos of the data network gives the steel an opportunity.

In our case, our characteristics are biased towards norms, institutions and stability. Traits don’t confuse Brainiac, but instead enhance his strengths and make him stronger.”

Although his words were basically correct, Harry still wanted to spit out that others would be fine, Baxter Man, what’s the difference between you and Arkham Yingjie?

“Is that so? You were still in Earth, and you didn’t see Brainiac, so take that into consideration?”

Wonder Woman looked towards Halle, this time There is more solemnity and respect in her eyes: if she is purposeful and targeted, then she is too terrifying.

Dozens of them discussed for hours in the watchtower, and no one thought of this method, and she only read their analysis report on Brainiac

Zhenglian is definitely not stupid, that only shows that Demoness is too cunning.

The heroine’s small eyes made Harley very useful, but she didn’t take the opportunity to pretend.

“Because of some of my friend’s experiences, we have been conducting research in this area, and I have long considered ways to deal with the ‘Ritchie’s kind’.

Today I put the ‘Ten Heroes’ It’s purely coincidental that the psychic virus was used on Brainiac.”

Betterman took a deep look at her, he also had a ‘Ritchie defense plan’, or rather, ‘digital spirit transformation’ Soul Defense Plan’, but until now, there has been no breakthrough progress.

Wonder Woman vaguely knew something about Richie. Seeing that Harry was vague, she didn’t ask any further questions. She just thought, “Can your ten heroes be taken back? Will they die?”

“Sacrifice for Earth, and die well,” Harry said solemnly.

β€œDefinitely?” Bateman frowned.

Without those heroes, how many days will he have in the future

“Depending on the situation, if Brainiac is too strong, he will one after the thoughts that do not belong to him. Another suppression, the ten heroes are just disposable consumables.

If the ten heroes are persistent enough and their beliefs are firm enough, they may be recycled and reused.” Harley is uncertain.

β€œka-cha β€”β€”huhuhu ——”

The cabin suddenly shook, then violent wind erupted, the air flowed frantically out of the gate, and the cold rushed in from the outside at the same speed .

Thousands of glass bottles in the dome shook violently, clinking under the expansion of the data cable, making people panic.

The superman with super hearing, the complexity greatly changed, hurriedly flew into the air, and hugged the Cando City glass bottle tightly with both hands.

“Steel, what are you doing, why is the cabin leaking?”

Harry pushed forward with both hands, and the yellow light energy embodied a tightly-sealed door that would come from outside. The vacuum pressure of space blocks it.

Steel: “The control room is not a complete spaceship. If it is separated from the main body of the spaceship, there will inevitably be loopholes in the mechanical structure. When I activate the force field shield-“

A resentful voice interrupted him and said cruelly: “You have no chance, you will never save these glass cities.”

“Noβ€”” Superman let out a tragic wailing.

Everyone raised their heads in doubt, glanced at the dome, and the complexity greatly changed.

Those glass bottle cities were originally clear and transparent, but at this time, a thick white mist was sprayed from the mouth of the bottle.

Harry doesn’t have super eyesight and can’t see the impact of the white fog on the city, so she can only ask Steel Bone aloud: “What are you doing? Why don’t you have the administrative authority to immediately seal the glass bottle?”

“I spent all my energy separating the control room, and why did Brainiac suddenly wake up? There was no warning at all.” Cyborg said regretfully and blankly.

“Continue to separate the control room and leave the skull spaceship as soon as possible.” Bateman said solemnly.

When Cyborg was back at work, he comforted Superman again: “Although I don’t know what happened in the bottle, I’m sure that no matter what happens, it’s not irreversible damage.”


“People in the city suddenly lose their vital signs, how can they be saved?” Superman’s eyes were a little red.

The “corpses” of hundreds of thousands of Kryptonians appeared in front of him, and the impact on him was too great.

“I don’t know, but Brainiac won’t destroy his kingdom and lose the city in a bottle, what’s left of him?” Bateman asked.

“hahahaha, Bateman, you know me so well, and I certainly wouldn’t destroy my property.”

“Look, I said you don’t have to worry too much.”


Bateman’s expression was light, and his clenched fists quietly loosened, guessing right!

“If you want to save them, you can! Give me back the main control room and the glass bottle city, and get out of here, hahahaha!” Brainiac said with a smile.

Harry said strangely: “Brainiac, your laughter seems too unrestrained.”

“Gahβ€”” Brainiac stopped laughing abruptly. , “Yeah, why am I smiling like that?”

(end of this chapter)

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