I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 596


Chapter 596 Floating Cannons (Monthly Pass at the end of the month)

โ€œka-cha โ€”bang!โ€

Follow With the last vibration, the yellow light door that blocked the vacuum pressure, suddenly the pressure disappeared.

“The separation is complete, the spaceship is now under my control, and all the mainframes for Brainiac have been destroyed.” Cyborg said confidently.

After he finished speaking, his mechanical shoulder deformed rapidly and turned into a projection screen console.

On the screen, the skull spaceship and the detached ‘bottle spaceship’ can be seen in outer space.

The background of the universe is not a dark starry sky, but a sea of flames. Golden red rays of light wash around the space like a flood, and the colorful radiation jumps on the waves.

Beautiful and dangerous.

Seeing this scene, everyone knows that the spaceship is not too far from the Lagan galaxy.

The skull spaceship seems to have been opened by the skull, and then the brain was dug out. It was nearly one-fifth empty, and it looked miserable.

And the spaceship they are riding now is really like a brain with long tentacles.

The tentacles are thick and thick, and the end sprays purple red particle beams, which is the power engine of the spaceship.

“You are too arrogant, cyborg kid.”

Brainiac’s cold voice resounded in the cabin without warning.

“Cyber, did you miss something?” Harry pointed to the cable tentacles, “They’re part of Brainiac, aren’t they?”

“They’re It’s not the main engine, it can only be regarded as a terminal. Now it’s time for everyone to go out, destroy the remaining hull, and completely end Brainiac.” Cyborg said.

“I love hearing that,” Harley looked towards Superman, “Crash it.”

Brainiac warned indifferently: “You guys think clearly, There are tens of billions of people in the bottle.

Tens of thousands of civilizations, thousands of lives, are all within your grasp.

Think about it, you haven’t immediately destroyed a spaceship before The reason, because you’re heroes, hahahaโ€”damn!”

At the end, he laughed loudly again, before he could finish laughing, and cursed in annoyance.

“Are the clowns back?” Bateman approached Harry and asked in a low voice.

Harry glanced at the bracer and shook her head silently.

“What now?” Superman frowned.

Harry said: “There must be no compromise, the bottle is with us, and there is still a chance to find a way to rescue.

Return the bottle to him, they will continue to be slaves, never When rescued.

And, can we let Brainiac go?

The other day he suddenly jumps into the solar system and shoots at the sun, Earth how to guard?โ€

“I know I can’t compromise.” Superman looked left and right, expecting, “Can you trick Brainiac for the way to save the man in the bottle?”

“You’ve already said it face to face, how can you lie? By the way, what about the fire star hunter?”


“Boom–” the skull spaceship blew up A flash of fire.

Superman face changed, greeted Cyborg, and rushed out with Diana.

Harry stood in front of the screen watching the show.

“Captain, the neural Academician is gone,” the plastic man reminded.

“Ai, he’s a hero and will go to heaven with the blessings of people around the world.” Harley sighed.

“He’s not dead.” Plastic Humane.

“Didn’t he die?” Harry was stunned for a moment, then asked suspiciously, “When a group of steel cables drowned him, he didn’t die?”

Plastic Human said: “At that time, the steel cables were too It was too dense, and I could only turn into a long and elastic rope and drill around in the narrow space.

And then I saw that the big head was only tied by the rope around the neck and waist, and was pulled away

At least he didn’t die at the time.

But Brainiac didn’t kill him at that time, there’s no reason to take him captive and then kill him.”

“It makes sense” Harley glared at the short-eyed guy, she was forcing her!

Either explicitly abandon your teammates, or go out to fight a dangerous planetary war.

How can there be a younger brother who gives this kind of multiple-choice questions to the BOSS?

“Why didn’t you say it earlier, the longer you delay, the more dangerous your head will be.” She said so.

“I just remembered.” The plastic man said guiltily.

– You should go back to Earth and think about it.

Harry sighed inwardly, put on her yellow light uniform with a solemn expression, and glared at him again, “Don’t hurry and turn into a big mallet.”

“Uh, hit the planet. Do you still need a mallet?” The plastic man was stunned.

โ€œHow can you save people if you donโ€™t rush into the spaceship? Enter the interior and you will definitely meet Brainiac. When the time comes, itโ€™s up to you.โ€

Plastic Man I want to slap myself.

“Boom, boom, bang!”

When Harry came to the skeleton spaceship with a mallet wrapped in yellow light energy, he saw Superman transformed into a red light, Pile on force field shields – ram back and forth with your own body.

“Cyber, you didn’t destroy the rest of the force field generators?” Harry shouted into the microphone.

Cyborg said helplessly: “According to the previous plan – concentrate all computing power to separate the main control room, and separate it as quickly as possible.

Then take advantage of Brenia. Ke was still paralyzed and blew up the spaceship with a single missile. Simple, death ends all one’s troubles.

Bleniak woke up halfway without warning.

Even the process of separating the main control room is very reluctant and thrilling, how can there be a chance to destroy other parts on the spaceship?”

Harry floated by the side, watching Wonder Woman and Superman Blast outside and watch fire star hunters wreak havoc inside.

The force field shield, which once blocked the supernova frontally and injured Dachao’s fist, was obviously weak this time.

It sags a lot under the fist, rippling like water, very unstable.

“Captain, we request to fight.”

Pinned in the brooch lens on the collar, the mirror Master said expectantly.

“Can you survive in outer space?”

“There is a spaceship, release the owl spaceship, and use the energy cannon to strike.” The mirror master said.

“Well, I’ve got a new idea. If you can work with the Death Shooter, it might really help.”

Harry elaborated on her plan in the mirror Once again, the Mirror Master thought for a moment and agreed to try it.


Finally, the transparent force field was smashed out by Supermanโ€™s single fist smashed out, and he rushed in directly under the action of inertia.

But as soon as he entered, the hole was like the surface of the water, with several waves rippling and closing again.

“Captain, you are close to Wonder Woman. After she breaks the protective shield, you can follow in.” The mirror Master said.

Harry didn’t like to hear that.

She stood aside, not because she couldn’t get in, but because she didn’t want to.

“Wonder Woman, come over here. When I break through the hole, you can follow me in behind.”

The woman doesn’t have as many complicated ideas as she does, she really relies on it Come over and look at her with wide eyes.

Harry opened her mouth and spit out a four-meter-long golden sword, “ding ding ding~ โ€”โ€”Boom!”

The high-frequency impact of the Flying Sword triggered a quantum critical strike , blasting water waves on the force field shield.

“Chiโ€”” Finally, a small hole was punctured in the defensive cover.

“How do you let me in?” the female hero asked indifferently.

Harry laughed, “Don’t resist.”

She continued to maintain the high-intensity, high-frequency impact process of the great sword, that is, to maintain the small hole the size of the wine glass.

The big mallet in the left hand and the woman’s wrist in the right hand run towards the small hole.

Well, with the power of connection, I run on the void.

“sou!” triggers quantum displacement after running more than 30 steps, leaving one after another shadow along the way, the body is like a phantom, and it is instantly projected to the other end of the barrier.

“What kind of skill is this, it’s amazing.” The heroine exclaimed.

Harry turned back and hooked her hand, “sou!”

The Flying Sword turned into golden light and fell into her hand.

The blade is thinner.

“This is the power of Manhattan, and it’s a bit crippled. If Manhattan himself is here, the transparent force field cover will really become transparent air.” Harley sighed.

Manhattan can even penetrate the Origin Wall, and it can definitely ignore the force field shield known as the “Wall of the Universe”.

“This is already very strong. I have lived for thousands of years and have seen countless magical restrictions and technological energy shields. This force field shield is so powerful that it can be ranked in the top five.”

Harley gave the heroine a strange look. The Amazon girl’s tone was soft and seemed to be comforting her?

Every time we met before, she had a bad attitude.

Diana’s impression of her has indeed changed a lot, not for anything else, just because they fought together, and Harry’s performance is still very resourceful.


Dachao was like a red arrow, shooting the skeleton spaceship in the opposite direction, and the firelight drowned the small spaceship.

Diana thundered around and charged forward with high fighting spirit.

Harry also turned into a golden light and found a hole to get in.

“Kryptonian, don’t force me.” Brainiac roared on the public channel.

“Brainiac, surrender, we won’t kill you as long as you admit defeat.”

“You’re dreaming!”

“Buzzing .”

“Brainiac opened the wormhole, be careful, the spaceship is going to enter the FTL channel.”

Cyborg’s rushing sound entered the earbuds.

Harry paused and continued to fly fast in the spaceship channel.

Encountering a robot along the way, she keeps speeding and throws two mirror darts forward.

The dart didn’t shoot directly at the robot’s vitals, but, driven by the energy of the yellow light, drew an arc and circled behind the robot.

“Stab!” The mirror-red light flashed, shooting a beam of phase cannons the size of a wine glass, directly blowing the robot into two pieces.

“sou sou โ€”โ€”” Harley threw four mirror darts one after another. When there was no enemy, six darts flew around her slowly. When the enemy appeared, the energy of the yellow light immediately carried them with them. At a tricky angle, bypassing the robot, the mirror “shoots” a beam of energy cannons towards the key.

Although there are six throwing knives, only one “shoots” the energy cannon at a time.

“Wow, it’s too strong!” The mirror Master exclaimed excitedly, “Captain, the three of us are a perfect match, you and I add a death shooter, and I buy Karma, this kind of attack is too incomprehensible .”

“It’s very strong, it’s hard to defend, but it’s not unsolvable.”

Harry was also very happy, didn’t expect the move she came up with on a whim to be so powerful.

She controls the mirrored throwing knives, avoiding attacks and getting closer to the enemy.

Deadshot operates the guns of the owl airship, staring at the mirror window, six daggers, and six firing windows. He selects the window first, then finds the right angle and launches an attack.

The mirror master is only responsible for connecting the muzzle to the window selected by the dead shot, so that the energy cannon leaves the mirror space.

In this way, the three cooperated to turn ordinary lens daggers into floating cannons.

It’s smaller than a floating cannon, but has no limits on formidable power – just replace the owl with a stronger energy cannon.

“Captain, do you know where the big head is?”

Seeing that Harry kept running and never stopped to check, the plastic man asked in doubt.

“Of course, your space suits will periodically send position signals, and you’ll find them right away.”

Harry looked solemn and stopped at the apron exit.

The gate rose, and a green man in a black nano uniform came out slowly.

“Superman and they all left, you know?”

If you don’t look at the face or listen to the voice, this Brainiac is almost identical to the previous biological shell.

But his face and voice.

“Are you the Joker or Brainiac?” Harry asked.

(end of this chapter)

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