I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 597


Chapter 597 Destroying “Small World” saliva

“Are you the Joker now, or Brainiac? “Harry frowned.

This Brainiac is also a green-skinned Kru, and has a data interface that looks like a ring scar on the top of his head, but his face is distorted, a distorted smiling face, and the corners of his mouth are split to the roots of his ears, as if they were slashed by a knife.

He was originally green, but now his face is still a little gray.

These characteristics belong to the clown, which seems to indicate that he is being turned against by the clown.

But the eyes don’t have the hysterical madness of the clown, and they still belong to Brainiac’s calm, indifferent, and cold.

โ€œHahahaโ€”โ€”โ€ Brainiac opened his mouth to speak, but he couldnโ€™t help laughing, โ€œDonโ€™t laugh!โ€

He slapped himself , still couldn’t help showing a smile, even though he was gnashing teeth, “Superman and the others have left, do you know?”

Harry’s eyes flashed, nodded and said: “I have a communication headset, I know. You jumped your spaceship into a civilized galaxy and dropped a missile at the sun and a planet.

In order to save innocent aliens, superman, fire star hunter and wonder woman had to chase the missiles .”

Superman and Wonder Woman did leave, but the fire star hunter.

Harry continued: “How did you come up with this method? It’s amazing, Grabbing our vitals all at once.”

“Hahahaโ€”ga!” Brainiac almost dislocated his jaw, finally stopped laughing, and used the power of his mind to sound transmission: “I Has Superman’s memories, and also draws all Earth’s wisdom from Metropolis.

So, I know how some Earth criminals spend Superman, tried it now, and it works, hahahaha – law Grams!”

Even with the sound transmission in his mind, he couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Brainiac slapped himself a few more times and roared angrily at Harry, “Now, you’re a lamb who fell into a trap, little splash, and hand over the secrets of quantum magic. !

I can’t stand that bastard for a moment – hahaha – Fake, tell me the way to separate the magic soul data, haha – Ahhh!”

His face twisted Weird smile, the other side of the face is mad with anger.

Like an alien version of a two-faced person.

“You need to set traps to catch lambs? You’re so funny.”

Harry laughed at him first, then leaned forward and looked at him, said curiously: “Why? There is only one characteristic of the clown, what about the others?

If you donโ€™t digest them, your face should be like a palette, with eleven personalities changing in rotation.โ€

โ€œ Guess — answer my question, how to separate those bastards!”

The Third Type look on Brainiac’s face, that confident playful smile, was fleeting, and Harry thought Riddler.

“You answer my question first, how did you suddenly surrender to them? You tell me the answer, and I’ll answer your question,” Harry said.

“Simple, find a potential common ground between me and them, that common ground is like a hole in a bead that can be connected by a thread, hahahaha.”

Brainiac didn’t hold himself back this time, because he was really proud and wanted to laugh.

“What do they have in common? I thought those ten people had their own characteristics, but they were all so chaotic and crazy, and they couldn’t mix with you, who was rational, calm, and controlled by obsessive-compulsive disorder.” Harry asked strangely.

“Because of hate! Hate can overwhelm all other emotions and make us one, we all hate you, we hate you to death.

But they all fear you, I’m not. You.

With hatred as the bond, we are connected in an instant, and my consciousness commands all wills. Because they are afraid of you and dare not face you, they actively choose to retreat behind the scenes.โ€

This time Brainiac didn’t laugh, didn’t ‘grimace’, his face unified into one expression, gritting his teeth.

โ€”โ€”mother Fake, can this be? !

Harry cursed inwardly, but her expression and tone were very aggrieved: “Why do they hate me? I am so good to them.

I heal them and help them reverse their mistakes. He also accompanies them to exercise, and now he shares with them the great glory of saving the world and the universe.

Why donโ€™t these guys know how to be grateful!โ€

Cloth Leignac became more and more hated, and his eyes were red.

“ahhhh โ€”โ€”” He roared wildly, the power of his mind surged like a tsunami, and at the same time, he stepped on the soles of his feet forcefully, as if teleporting, and rushed towards Harry with his “Iron Body”.

Harry anticipated his furious blow and threw the big mallet almost simultaneously.

“Boom–” The power of the mind arrived in an instant, but was blocked by another powerful power of mind two meters in front of her, and even the air made a low, violent sound.

It’s like listening to a thunderstorm with earplugs, very dull.

“Fire star hunter? I have star missiles for you too, aren’t you afraid of billions of people dying?” Brainiac surprised and angry.

A groan appears around Harry, and the silhouette of the fire star hunter changes from a fully transparent phaseless state to a translucent illusory shadow.

“Superman has calculated that it will take at least 9 minutes for your missile to fly to the stars, enough for him to run four or five times.”

“whiz whiz whiz!” Harry threw it out Before the mallet fell to the ground, it suddenly bounced off like a rubbed spring.

Even if he was hit by Brainiac at a high speed, it would just deflate, stretch, and wrap him around from top to bottom, circle after circle.

Brainiac’s body is no weaker than that of Kryptonians, and the plastic rope failed to bind him, only slowing his movements, like wearing a tight plastic suit with no crotch.

Harry dashed forward towards him, and six throwing knives circled over Brainiac’s head first, firing beams of red energy cannons.

But next moment, a transparent force field is excited from Brainiac’s belt, which not only blocks the energy cannon, but also props up the plastic man.

“A force field shield that you carry with you?” Harley’s heart startled, moving slowly, opened her mouth and spat out a golden light dagger with high-frequency tremors, stabbing at the force field cover at extreme speed.

“bang!” Brainiac smashed out a single fist, smashing a sonic boom and shattering the dagger that embodied the energy of the yellow light.

“I said, you are a lamb that fell into a trap, impossible in my spaceship, hurting me who is fully prepared.” He sneered proudly, and kicked the rushing Harley.

Harry triggered the quantum shift one step earlier, leaving a shadow no different from the daoist in front of her. She herself had passed Brainiac, passed the robot, and entered the cabin at the rear.

โ€”โ€”Since there is no way to forcefully kill Brainiac, save him first, and then recklessly expand his moves to get him in one move.

Haley temporarily changed tactics.


Brainiac kicked the shadow, unable to hold back his strength, and stomped the deck out of the knuckle-deep pothole.

He tried to turn back, but was stopped by the fire star hunter.

“Big head, big head?”

In a cylindrical glass vessel, Harry saw the nerve Academician, with a few data cables plugged into his body and head, suspended in purple. red medium.

She punched the glass cover, completely motionless.

“It’s not glass, it doesn’t have any mirror properties, it seems to be the same as the glass bottle in the city, it’s a substantial force field.” Pinned to the lens on the collar, the mirror Master quickly said.

โ€œA trifling big head, what about it?โ€

Harry threw away a yellow light energy dagger, the machine above the glass column sparked, and the glass wall began to emit Faint white light.

“Yes, that’s it, the bottle of Metropolis was also glowing at that time, I guess the materialization force field was evaporating, like dry ice.” Mirror Master said.

“Harley Quinn, it’s not him that matters, it’s you, hahahaha!”

The cheerful laughter sounded in the cabin, followed by transparency The field shield quickly rose against the wall, covering Harry and the big glass jar, as well as the nearby experimental instruments.

The 100-square-meter experimental area quickly shrinks to the size of a rice cooker.

Hanging in mid-air by a data cable.

“Oops, I fell into a trap!” The Mirror Master was shocked, “I lost all the sense of mirrors in the outside world. The glass bottle force field is too weird, like the real wall of the universe, which can block everything.”

Ordinary foreign world, different space, its internal space is connected into one piece.

And behind each mirror, is an independent mirror world.

There are countless mirrors in the world, and the corresponding countless mirror worlds are connected together to form a honeycomb mirrored dimension.

Therefore, the mirrored Masters, who stay in the “honeycomb” behind the lens of Harley’s collar, are confined together within the force field wall.

“Fall into my bottle world, all your thought waves will be collected. Nuclear bomb Harley, all your memories and wisdom will eventually belong to me, hahaha!” Blaney Jacques laughed heartily.

“The trap was prepared in advance, but how did he know that we were coming to save Datou? Even we ourselves just knew that Datou was not dead, so we made a temporary decision to rush in to save people.” The Mirror Master was puzzled.

“I’m too careless. There is a locator on the big head protective suit. Brainiac detected the signal and cracked it.” Halle said indifferently.

“Let you guess, but so what, it’s too late to know the reason now, hahaha, I’ve started reading your mind, and soon I’ll get the secrets of quantum magic!”

The force field wall of the petri dish disappeared, and the purple red culture solution crash-bang flowed out.

Harry calmly pulled him out. When the probe was pulled out from the back of his head, red blood and white brain juice gurgled out.

She used Lay on Hands to stop the bleeding.

“Uh.” The big head twitched and woke up in severe pain, his eyes dimmed, “What happened?”

“You were captured by Brainiac, let’s save you You, who ended up in a trap, are now in a glass bottle, just waiting for fire star hunters or other heroes to save us.” The Mirror Master lamented.

“Trifling the wall of the universe, hard to get me?” Harry said slowly, wiping his hands.

“It’s not the same as outside, we entered the glass bottle.” The mirror Master said.

“Why can’t I read your mind?” Brainiac surprised and angry.

Harry said with a smile: “Probably the instrument is broken, you should check it carefully.”

She can ‘all thoughts come together’ and put all the thoughts in her mind into one. Wrap up in one place.

No distracting thoughts, no spilled Spiritual Fluctuation, no divergent brain waves, how to collect thought fluctuations!

“Since there is no way to collect thought fluctuations, you can only be tied to the experimental bench and directly extracted from memory.” Brainiac gloomy and coldly said.

“The big head has been rescued, I’m not interested in accompany you.”

Harry opened her mouth and tapped her left flank a few times.


A plume of yellow light flew out of her throat like a lump of chewing gum, stuck on the mouth of the bottle – there was a connection Information collector and data line port.

“Hahaha, you are too childish, there is a bottle mouth, but there is no hole at all, myโ€””

“chi chi chiโ€”” A dazzling white smoke , interrupting Brainiac’s sneer.

The top of the ‘chewing gum’ bottle smoked and melted, revealing holes.

Like coals falling on ice.

Wait for the “chewing gum” to melt outside, and the port and information collector will evaporate faster, giving off a large plume of black smoke.

The glass bottle began to shake, and a faint white light flickered on the bottle wall.

“Ah, the glass bottle is disappearing!” The Mirror Master exclaimed.

“It’s impossible, how could my force field dissolve in an unfathomable mystery?! What are you spitting?” Brainiac exclaimed in disbelief.

“Your force field isn’t the real wall of the universe.” Halle said with a smile.

The real wall of the universe is the wall of origin, and the gastric juices of the Level 8 food specialty will definitely not be digested.

(end of this chapter)

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