I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 599


Chapter 599 The Unrighteous Watcher

Even if his civilization is going through the greatest catastrophe in history, the long-haired Lalu People still received a group of Earth heroes with a grateful heart and the highest standards of etiquette.

Halle neither enjoys the special hospitality of Lalu, nor is interested in the next reconstruction work of Lalu people, or can do nothing. After accepting the personal thanks of the king and general, she is ready to bring Lalu. The souvenirs presented by the Lu people are returned to Earth.

As a result, the movement on the Lagan Galaxy was too loud. In just one day, hundreds of spaceships brought thousands of alien reporters, or those with reporter status tokens. Alien scouts have all come to Lalu, which has lost its sun.

They want to interview ‘Misfired Gold Nuke’ and Zhenglian, for Brainiac.

Harry stayed again.

β€œI don’t like to be in public, especially the exaggerated reports of me in the alien media, but I can’t let you lose the honor you deserve because of my likes and dislikes.

Well, The people of the universe should know that you defeated Brainiac, you saved the universe, and you are heroes!”

When she explained that she had changed her plan and decided to stay for an exclusive interview with an alien reporter, she said: The four younger brothers said so.

“Captain, there are too many alien races, too many languages, and too much etiquette, what should we do?”

Several Injustice Watchers really hope to be in the universe Famous within.

For example, Mirror Master, thinking that he is about to become one of the front-page figures of the mainstream media in the universe, is so excited that his head is a little dizzy, “Or, should I prepare a speech in advance?”

Harry said: “Just speak English, recite the speech in advance, let the aliens use the translator, and the etiquette is also based on Earth.

Of course, when the time comes will prepare a tablet for you, and every time a reporter asks you a question, the personal computer will display the reporter’s name, gender, race, and ethnic taboos.”

“What do I wear to the press conference? ?”

“Whatever you want to wear, let the Lalu sew it for you,” said Harry.

“I should wear our squad’s uniform as the Unrighteous Watcher.

Well, that’s the silver nanomaterial space suit.

Or, should I be the ‘Mirror Master’ and wear my Earth uniform?”

He glanced at her dark dress, “Or, like Captain, wear whatever you want. Do you want to be interviewed as a gentleman of Earth?”

“Gentleman.” The Death Archer gave him a sidelong look with disdain.

“By the way, do I want to wear a mask?” the Mirror Master asked again.

“The uniforms of the Unrighteous Watchers are more foreign and highly accepted by the people of the universe. The uniforms of the Mirror Master are more personalized, but the fabrics are too ordinary and too low-tech.

Outside Star people watch it, just like us modern people watching costumes of costume dramas, what it feels like is up to you.

As for the mask, you don’t need to wear it. Not everyone knows it, but many people know it.

This time, you have saved Earth and thousands of civilizations in the universe, and you have become a celebrity in the universe.

Your name, you Your skills and your story will be known to countless people, and will even be recorded in the annals of history, how can you hide this?” Harry said.

“Celebrities in the universe, go down in history” The four younger brothers trembled, and their eyes were full of longing and excitement.

Even death shooters, who have always been indifferent.

“Well, I’d better wear a space suit.”

Mirroring Master brows frowned, he began to doubt whether his suit was worthy of his current “noble” status.

“Back to Earth, we Unrighteous Watchers will be disbanded, but the uniform will not be taken back, it is your property.

If you want to have both Yes, you can transform it into your own personalized battle uniform.” Harry said.

“Hey, do you want to disband? I just came here.” The plastic man was full of reluctance.

“I think Injustice Watch can exist for a long time like Zhenglian. Let’s fight together, take risks together, and build trust and friendship with great difficulty. It’s a pity to disband.” Datou excitedly said.

Harry glanced at him, I have a ghostly friendship with you!

“We are not the same as Zhenglian. Zhenglian normally wants to be a hero and save people everywhere. Can we do it? Anyway, I am too lazy to be a daily hero,” she said.

“We can do bad things.” Big Head blurted out.

After finishing speaking, the atmosphere in the small living room suddenly solidified, it was very quiet, and the needle drop could be heard.

Several people stared at him blankly.

“cough cough, big head, you go back and continue to be a super criminal, I won’t have any prejudice, and I’m not a pure good person myself.

But we have a reputation as injustice watchers. It has already started, and it has become the Legendary of the universe.

Instead of destroying the signboard, it is better to disband it, keep a good memory, and make the Legendary eternal.”

The mirror Master said solemnly. : “Captain is right, when we go back, we’ll be fine with what we do as individuals, but we can’t get together and ruin the glory of the Unrighteous Watcher.”

“I have nothing else to do. It means that it feels sad to be separated.” Datou explained.

“oh!” Both the mirror master and the plastic man sighed, and their mood became depressed.

Although Harley felt their sentimentality was an unfathomable mystery, she was still comforted: “Didn’t you find it? Earth has been very wrong these past few years, and it has encountered crises every once in a while.

I can’t say much.

There is another major crisis in the sky, and the watchmen will be able to reunite again.”

“I really hope the crisis will come sooner.” Datou said immediately.

The corners of Harry’s mouth twitched, and she was also puzzled. This guy was reluctant when he first formed a group, why is he reluctant to part now?

At a later press conference, she seemed to have an answer when an alien reporter asked the original super-criminal Injustice Watcher if she was the Suicide Squad cannon fodder the “Golden Bomb” was looking for.

“.We are not improvised vanguards, we are a super-power team with ideas, ideas, technologies, division of labor and cooperation!

Captive, when I was desperate, Captain and his teammates rushed into Brainiac’s trap without hesitation.

Hundreds of robots couldn’t stop them, and Brainiac himself couldn’t stop them , the lore game like the city in a bottle, did not break their resolve, can Suicide Squad have this kind of friendship?”

When he said this, the big-headed dwarf’s eyes were red.

At the end of the lively press conference, Harley was ready to leave with a few teammates who were still unfinished.

Before leaving, Harley asked Zhenglian about the rescue plan for Laluxing.

The Lalu star treated her savior with great hospitality for two days. If she left without asking, it seemed too savior’s demeanor.

“The Lagan Galaxy will definitely not last.” Superman sighed.

“If Lalu Star is moved to a nearby star system, even if it moves at the speed of light, it will take several years.

During this period, it needs to provide Lalu Star with a lot of energy and food, and also To protect them from the interstellar disaster during their wandering on the planet.

Even if they reach the nearest galaxy, the attitude of the aborigines, the impact of the newly added planet on the original star system has too many problems to be solved Solved.

Give Legion the green light to come out ‘wash the floor’, that’s the easy way.

They don’t have the guts or the ability to deal with Brainiac, deal with Brainiac Liu There’s no problem with the mess, right?” Harry said.

Hal Jordan’s expression changed a few times, and suddenly he said seriously: “Harry, I want to talk to you alone.”

Halley left the Zhenglian Conference Hall with him, Went to the small alien garden outside.

“The Green Lantern Legion actually came to me, before, and today for Lalu Xing’s matter.”

“What are you looking for?” Harley indifferently said .

Hall’s eyes flickered, “They want me to return to the green-light Legion and continue to manage sector 2814.”

“You have a decision now?”

“I will make the final decision after talking to you,” Hal said.

“What are you talking about?”

Howl said slowly: “You know, after becoming Ion Man, I not only worked in Earth, but also often fought in the 2814 sector.

Half a month ago, Kirovog approached me for the first time and invited me to return to Legion.

He said that my behavior these days proved that I can become a qualified person Green Lantern.

I said no at the time, and I promised you I would never return to Oa as Ion.

Just yesterday, Corps Head Sinestro found me personally , he was shocked that I actually helped the entire Lalu Star to block the supernova.”

Speaking of this, a little smug flashed in his eyes, and his tone became excited: “He said this is a ‘history’ The greatest Green Lantern’s innate talent, he invited me back to Legion to serve as his deputy”

“Are you excited?”

Hal’s eyes were bright, without a trace of confusion : “I’ll be honest with you, I have ambitions, and the Green Lantern Legion is a big platform that goes beyond the Justice League and can express myself and realize my self-worth on a larger scale.

Where I can achieve more and more

Saving La Luxing is a legendary experience worth boasting about for Earth people, but it is a daily job for Green Lantern.

Batman and Flash are content to be alone Yicheng, I also love Seaside City, but”

After a while, he said in a complicated tone: “My father is a test pilot, and I watched his fighter jet explode at the airport, so I still did a test flight. I am a member.

The disquiet with the status quo and the desire for adventure are inscribed in my genes.

Being a Green Lantern who travels the universe and explores the stars is more suitable than squatting on Earth and being an ion man. My heart.

Of course, I also understand that Kirovog and Sinestro both represent the will of the Guardian of the Universe.

The Guardian wants the Ion Shark far more than it does to me Need – even if I do have the innate talent of ‘The Greatest Lantern of All Time’.”

“I can breathe a sigh of relief, you haven’t fainted yet.”

Harry Involuntarily brought a little sarcasm.

β€œYou can not only breathe a sigh of relief, but also completely relax.” Hal Jordan laughed, β€œI can feel that the ion shark helps me far more than the green light energy supply.

Ion man Howl can hit two green light Howl.”

“Only two?”

“The present me can hit a hundred past me, but with After the lantern beast merged, I am also growing rapidly.

Now I can at most fight two me who will lose the lantern beast and get the ring in the future.” Hal said to himself.

“So, you want the glory and power of Green Lantern, but also want to keep the power of Ion Man?”

Hal said seriously: “That’s why I didn’t agree Nisto, the reason I’m still talking to you alone at this moment.

I won’t break my promise to you.

If you’d like me to bring the Ion Shark backβ€””


“Of course not.” Harry was firm.

Hal smiled bitterly, “If you are willing, I will immediately agree to return to Oua without any hesitation. If you are not willing, I will consider which one to choose, the ion shark or the lamp ring”


(end of this chapter)

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