I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 600


Chapter 600 Little Blue Man’s New Plan

“Have you ever thought about it, I agree with you to bring Ion Shark to join Legion, you can really keep it Ion shark? Don’t forget how my lantern was lost.

The little blue man has a hundred ways to easily peel off the lantern from you.” Halle said with a sneer .

“Will the Guardian still take action against Legion members?” Hal was stunned.

“Have you seen The Trisolaran Crisis in the Post-Manhattan Era?” Harry asked.

“I’ve seen it.”

“Then think about how the ‘law of the dark jungle’ came about?”

“Well, it turns out that in the universe There’s no such law. The Cosmic Guardian knows the location of each interstellar civilization, but they don’t throw a two-way foil at them,” Hal said.

“Childish, Brainiac, we just got rid of, why do you think he sent reconnaissance robots around?

Or, the original civilization of the more than 40,000 bottle cities , If you don’t reveal the location, can something go wrong?

The little blue people are more ruthless. They didn’t throw the two-way foil because they regarded the discovered civilization as their own back garden.

Cosmos 3600 sectors, countless civilizations, but have you noticed that in billions of years, there has never been a civilization that surpassed the little blue man.

Attention! The little blue man is not a cosmic wanderer, not a universe The alliance of sages of various races, they are always one race and one civilization.”

“I don’t think the Kryptonian civilization is weaker than them.” Hal frowned.

“Where is the Kryptonian civilization now?” Harry gave him a sidelong glance, and added, “Kryptonians are afraid of the red sun and kryptonite, and their lifespan is only a hundred years old. There is no way to even survive in outer space.

Little blue man immortality, without any fatal flaws, can travel the Universe Starry Sky with only thought power, be friends with the Spiritual God of the fifth dimension, and monitor the sixth dimension They seem to have a ‘labor agreement’. Who can compare with them in the entire universe?”

“Well, since they are so strong, it is normal for no civilization to surpass them?”

“My family is rich and I am the richest woman in the United States, so other people deserve less wealth than me – is there any logical problem with what you say?”

Hal frowned, it seemed that there was something wrong

“Let me change the question. The United States has never done anything to other countries, so it can always maintain its status as the No. 1 economic and military power?”

Hal said: “The United States has always Helping other countries economically and politically, helping the people of other countries get rid of tyranny and tyranny, helping them improve their economy, and establishing equality, freedom, and democracyβ€””

Harry interrupted him impatiently, “It’s not a press conference at the White House now, don’t be full of nonsense.”

“Halle, although the United States is not as great, bright, and just as it advertises, it has excellent culture, advanced technology, and advanced technology. The system has indeed benefited many Earth countries a lot.

The existence of the United States has also stabilized the world situation to a certain extent.” Hal said seriously.

“This topic can’t be discussed anymore” Hallie waved her hands with a grumpy face, “You’re right, you’re a good fit for the Green Lantern Legion.”

“You’re the one who started the conversation. Far away, the unfathomable mystery mentions the laws of the Dark Forest.” Hal muttered.

Harry said: “I’m not trying to talk about the law of the Dark Forest, but to use it as an example.

A psychological factor that gives birth to the law of the jungle is suspicion.

You know that the Guardian pulled you back to the Green Light Legion, largely for the Ion Shark.

Now you don’t believe the Guardian will grab you straight to the Lantern, but you’re definitely guessing– How would they take the Ion Shark?

The Guardian knows you’re not an idiot, even the idiots know they want the Ion Shark, and then they suspect as it should be by rights – Hal Jordan joins He also knew that we want to get the lamp beast, so can he be loyal to us?

Could he be planning something, even related to Demoness Harley? A trustworthy person, why don’t you look for a chance to win?

You suspect, I suspect, and the chain of suspicion forms and continues to deepen, and eventually one party must have the idea of ‘it’s better to start first’.”

Hal shook his head and said, “Your words are too exaggerated. I’m not a person who likes to be suspicious. Be honest.”

“When you get back to Oa, you’ll run up to the little blue man and yell – I know you want ion sharks, confess to me, what crafty plots and machinations you have !”

“Frankness is not stupid, how could I possibly do this?” Hal cried.

“Yes, you are not stupid. Even if you are so suspicious in your heart, you will never say it, but you still think you are very honest.” Harry smiled sarcastically.


Hal scratched his nose awkwardly, β€œOkay, I see, I’ll give you the Ion Shark now, which is good for all of us.

Without the source of suspicion, there will be no chain of suspicion, and there will be no series of bad things that follow.”

As he spoke, he clenched his fists and his expression was forceful, like constipation. Shit, strands of thick green mist seeped from all over the body, and gradually condensed into the shape of a fat-headed shark on the top of the head.

“huhuhu” finished all this, he brow beaded with sweat, staggered and almost fell.

“Hi, Harry.” Chubby shook his head in mid-air, feeling depressed.

It was abandoned.

Harry touched its lower lip and asked Hal, “Have you got the ring?”

Without the ring, he certainly wouldn’t have separated the ion shark on the spot.

Hal nodded, took out the Green Lantern Ring from his pocket, read the Green Lantern Oath aloud to it, and immediately turned into Green Lantern.

“Fattou, thank you for your company these days, I will miss you.”

He touched the fat shark’s forehead and his eyes were a little sad.

Harry comforted Fattou and said, “With Hal Jordan’s character, it won’t be long before he will be fired by Little Blue. When the time comes, you may still have a chance to cooperate.”


β€”β€”No chance, she will never give her fat head to “heartless man Hal” again, just as she lost her parallax monster and needs a righteous friend.

“I won’t let go of this ring again.” Hal clenched his fists, Faintly said.

“Can you resist the little blue man?”

Hal shook his head without saying a word, and dawdled for a while with the fat-headed shark before returning to the Zhenglian Conference Hall.

An hour later, Oastar, Guardian’s Cliff.

“Hal Jordan sent a request to Legion to dispatch a team of 50 people to cooperate with him to open the space-time channel and migrate the Lalu Star to the Keren Galaxy.” Guardian Apas said slowly.

“Did he take the initiative to return the lantern beast?”

“He gave up the lantern beast, returned the ion shark to her in front of Demonness Harley, and put it on Ring, swear to return to Legion.”

“Without the lamp beast, what use is he to Legion?” a gray-haired little blue man indifferently said.

Gunther said: “Don’t be so mean, Hal Jordan himself is special.

He showed the power of ‘The Greatest Lantern of All Time’ on Lalu Star. , and he became a Green Lantern for less than half a year.

This kind of innate talent has not appeared several times in the three billion-year history of the Green Lantern Legion.”

A famous The little blue man named Gurion said indifferently: “The first lanterns that we randomly selected and used for experiments, the first generation of ‘the greatest lanterns in history’ was born just after the ring was made.

He was just a librarian from a Level 2 civilization, cowardly, thin, and confused in his life, but on the day he got the ring, he crippled the Clos space main fleet, which intended to unify the galaxy, with the strength of oneself.

In the years to come, ‘The Greatest Lantern of All Time’ has not disappeared from the Green Lantern Legion.

Before it was Abinsu, now it is Sinisto, and in the future it will be Jordan Hall and again How?

We never lack Lanterns with innate talent, but the Lanterns of Green Lantern Legion, the entire multiverse is unique and unmatched.”

Ganser sighed: β€œThe Lanterns Back in the hands of Demoness, it has become a fact. Now that Hal Jordan asks for help, Legion should immediately respond to the fact that there are hundreds of cosmic media gathered on Lalu Star!”

“This matter has been handed over to Sinesto has full discretion. Sinesto also asked if the promise to Jordan Hall was fulfilled.” Appas said.

“You still want to be a Corps Head candidate without offering a lamp beast? He is dreaming!”

“Hal Jordan didn’t ask for anything after he put on the ring. It was Sinestro, and he was very optimistic about the Earth man.” Appas said.

“Hal Jordan and Demoness have a close relationship. Demoness is likely to control the Green Light Legion by controlling Hal Jordan. We must not allow this to happen.” Scarface said indifferently.

Gunther said: “Like most of the ‘Greatest Lanterns of All Time’ in history, Jordan Hall has a strong personality and won’t be anyone’s puppet.

No He can’t be a great Lantern with certain qualities, and we should have confidence in the power of the Green Lantern.

Like Lyra”

Hearing Lyra’s name, all the little blue men Be silent.

Layla is a female Green Lantern from the Jed interstellar empire of high civilization. She is also the first-in-line heir to the empire’s Princess.

A few months ago, Harley was locked into the central energy cell, causing the green light to have three major defects in digestion, willpower, and magic resistance.

Because she was suppressed by Green Lantern, transcender realized the power of Green Lantern and began to hunt Green Lantern and seize the ring in the universe.

In desperation, the little blue man recalled all the lanterns to Ou Axing, temporarily giving up the responsibility of guarding the universe sector.

Just like after the withdrawal of the US military, some countries and regions in the Middle East will have a power vacuum and will fall into short-term turmoil, and the universe will also be in chaos for a period of time.

The Jade Empire took the opportunity to send starfleet, madly eroded the nearby civilization, and slaughtered the planet that dared to resist.

When Harley left the central energy battery, the various defects of the green light disappeared immediately, and the green light disappeared. Legion returns to battle strength, and the Lanterns return to their former positions.

The “brutal” Jed Empire has become an urgent target for Legion to dispose of.

The Lantern who brought justice to the invaded galaxy is the emperor’s biological daughter, the imperial chief, Princess Lyra.

The final result made the little blue people very satisfied: the commander of the empire was beaten and disabled, and the emperor who wanted to pull his daughter to collude with the major event lost his life and occupied the Star Domain and recovered all.

Appas said: “You really don’t have to worry about Hal Jordan becoming the puppet of Demonness. You can let him be Sinestro’s apprentice first, and then slowly investigate and teach.

He is the hero of Zhenglian, and Zhenglian and Demonness are not the same, and even opposed to each other in some aspects.

We should export to Zhenglian and Earth the concept of green light Legion to protect the peace of the universe through Hal Jordan. They establish ‘interstellarized’ ideas of equality, freedom, and democracy.

In recent years, aren’t Earth people becoming popular superheroes?

You can choose a few with innate talent Green Lantern apprentices, come to the Lantern Training Camp for further study.

Ou Axing’s fresh and sweet air will make them unforgettable for a lifetime.”

(End of this chapter)

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