I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 601


Chapter 601 Homecoming, Infinite Scenery

“Last time at the Earth Heroes Conference, the Green Lantern Legion was dispatched to intimidate Earth people in the name of cosmic security. .

After the Apocalypse invasion, we only sent a volunteer squad

The Green Lantern Legion gave Earth people a bad impression, I’m afraid it would be difficult to influence them ideologically and culturally .” There is Xiaolan humanely.

Apas indifferently said: “You are overthinking, I understand the history of Earth civilization.

Even if developed countries invade or even colonize backward countries, as long as developed countries continue to maintain technology The leading level in China.

Then, with the attitude of aloof and remote, it will release some false, low-cost goodwill to the backward countries.

The advanced knowledge of technology and economic backward countries Molecules’, was immediately deeply moved, and then automatically whitewashed and beautified the former enemy.

It was not a false favor.

They were completely conquered from the soul to the bone marrow, Wholeheartedly praises everything in developed countries.

As long as the technology is advanced enough and the economy is developed enough, even if the culture and system become a piece of shit, even if his own culture is splendid and rich like a star river in the sky, they will only be wholeheartedly Worship and believe in the ‘stinky shit’ of the former colonists, and regard their own culture as stinky shit.

even more how our ideas are not stinky shit.

‘Justice, “Freedom and peace” is the sharpest knife and the hardest shield among all kinds of ideas, invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable.

We stand in the Universe Starry Sky and shout, “Promoting justice and maintaining peace is The right thing’.

Even Demoness Halle has to obediently and honestly sidestep, unable to refute.

The Green Lantern Legion’s philosophy is justice, peace, order, sublime and great, challenging Sure enough, Earth people can’t resist this kind of thought.

Plus the green light Legion is the world’s first in technology, Earth people, at least celebrities in Earth intellectual circles, will madly adore us and praise us for everything.

Our intimidation of Demonness Harley may even become a model of justice and strength.

We only send one squad to support Earth, and they can also be understood by them and understand that we are in ourselves In times of crisis, we also send the most elite team to help Earth’s great sentiment.

In short, as long as the strength is strong enough and the brand is bright enough, no matter what we do, we can make some literate Earth people, for the sake of the earth.

We make the ‘most beautiful’ explanation.

And often that part of Earth people can still occupy the mainstream in public opinion.”

“What is the use of the worship and praise of Earth people ? They don’t have what we need.” You Xiaolan said humanely.

“Of course they have!” Apas said indifferently: “Even if it only makes Demoness Harley uncomfortable, it’s worth a little effort.

Even more how Earth itself is very special.

They are the only civilization in this universe that repelled Darkseid’s invasion, and they also captured Brainiac, who also had a headache for the Green Lantern Legion.

These two things are in the universe Will other civilizations regard Earth as a new force in the universe?

Zhenglian also adheres to the concept of justice and peace like us. In the interstellar news, it is reported that the Justice League is trying to save Lalu Star, almost annihilated.

Zhenglian knew that the supernova storm would arrive within a minute, they still stayed in Lalu, standing with billions of Lalu people, and even gave up skull temporarily The capital city of Earth in the spaceship.

Almost everyone in the universe praised Zhenglian and the Unrighteous Watcher.

The Earth people are not only saving themselves this time, They are still fighting for the sake of the people.

It should be the responsibility of the Green Lantern Legion to save Lalu and judge Brainiac.

Many cosmic media We can’t argue with that clearly.

Ion is not Green Lantern, everyone knows.

If Zhenglian did more Green Lantern work, then”

The little blue men were silent.

Ganser said: “Apas, you are overthinking it. The status of the Green Lantern Legion was established over billions of years. How many cosmic superhero organizations have been born during this period?

No matter how prosperous they have been, they will eventually die and wither in several decades.

Our greatest strengths are actually lifespan and inheritance.

Even if the green light Legion is from today Begin to disband and leave the universe to the Justice League.

After a thousand years, they will become ashes, the universe Guardian is still the universe Guardian.

Sprinkle 3600 rings into the universe, 3600 green light one Gathering in Ou within a few days, Legion is still Legion.”

β€œGanther is right, we have too much advantage. It’s us.” Scarface said.

“I understand what you’re saying, I just suggest to devote a little attention to Earth to strengthen the connection with Zhenglian and Earth. After all, Demoness Halle is only one in billions of years.” Apas road.

“Demoness Harley is indeed a wonderful flower. The key point is that she is a mage and can live immortally.” A little blue person agreed.

“If she has been relying on the power of the lamp ring to waste the magic cultivator, the magic realm will be too low, and she will die within a hundred years. From a long-term perspective, it will actually be good for us?” muttered.

“This” all the little blue people were dumbfounded.

“Don’t think about it, the ‘Cain curse’ that Satan put on her, even if she is always just an apprentice magician, she will never die, she is a big thief.” Ganser said indifferently.

“Satan.” Gurion suddenly said: “Has the Parallax gone down?”

“Only one strand of Remnant Soul escaped from hell, and most of its origins were captured by Demoness haha. Li devoured.” Apas coldly said.

β€œWhere did you escape?” Gurion continued to ask.

“According to the energy response of the emotional spectrum, it probably falls in the antimatter universe.” Appas said.

Ganser’s indifferent expression turned solemn: “We don’t need the Parallax, but we can’t let it fall into the hands of others.

You should all remember the Book of Oa “, the prophecy about our destiny – one day, both the Green Lantern Legion and the Guardian of the universe will be destroyed by the hands of the parallax monster’s host.

I was worried before that the destroyer in the prophecy was Demonness haha. Li, Demoness’ escape from the central energy cell is the beginning of the prophecy, so I persuade you to immediately agree to the reconciliation contract guaranteed by the Stranger.”

“We should go to the antimatter universe.” Scarface said.

Apas said: “The antimatter universe is very dangerous, you can send a lantern there.” , is actually the former den of Captain Cold, an old warehouse of 400 square meters, a few broken sofas, a large color TV, and an experimental area covering an area of 100 square meters.

At this point, the boomerang Captain is drinking beer and playing darts with the heat wave.

The Cold Captain modifies his freeze gun while lying on the lab bench.

The other people were sitting on the sofa watching TV and playing with their mobile phones.

β€œ. Saved tens of billions of interstellar refugees, will it go against the past beliefs and feel awkward? What is the problem? I am not a hero in the traditional sense, but I am not a pervert.

When I was in Earth, I asked my team not to kill, not to harm innocent people, and not even to fly (ps).

I, like Captain, have some moral flaws ‘Human Race hero’.”

“Sam’s bastard again?” Heatwave threw the dart and shouted to the magic flute on the sofa.

“You still can’t hear his voice?” The magic flute didn’t lift its head.

“mother Fake, when did the gangsters become his team? Human Race heroes, oh shit!

That guy steals every time he goes to a fast food restaurant for a burger. The waitress is the worst character on our team.

Now you dare to brag about your ‘moral flaws’ in front of Earth people, Fake!” Heatwave foul-mouthed.

“It’s not Earth, he’s being interviewed by Alien TV. Well, he’s deceiving the people of the galaxy.” Magic Flute said sourly.

β€œI’ve endured not touching my phone for the past two days. Even if it’s turned on, I never watch dog videos or other news.

I don’t want to watch Sam’s smugness. Yangyang’s face, I don’t want to listen to his bragging!”

The weather wizard glanced at the green cloak magic flute, “You are also ill, and you are looking for his videos.”

The magic flute continued to stare at the video, “Put yourself in his role, imagine that the person who received the five-ring admiral’s ‘hero order’ was me, and now I am talking to the alien name and being worshipped and cheered by countless Earth people. I’m also me, so it’ll feel very different.”

“Shit, isn’t this too squeamish?” the trickster scolded.

Heat wave took out his mobile phone, opened the news network casually, and found dozens of news interviews.

“Don’t say it, it feels really different!” He said with satisfaction.

“Really?” Boomerang Captain doubted and picked up his mobile phone in Paradise Mountain.

After a while, “hahaha, I’m really cool.”

“shuaβ€”β€”” The window glass mirror light flashed, the mirror Master in silver nano uniform jumped into the warehouse hall, see you All the little friends stared at their mobile phones with weird smiles on their faces.

“Youβ€”” The Mirror Master took a few steps and heard his own voice in the video. He couldn’t help but get angry from his heart, “You are laughing at me?”

“Who is it? “Shit, Sam?” Cold Captain was startled, saw who was coming, and hurriedly turned off his phone, with an embarrassed expression: “Hey guys, the hero Sam is back!”

“Oh , Sam, you’re back, why didn’t you make a call in advance?”

“Sam, your uniform is so handsome!”

“Sam, I haven’t seen you for a few days. , you seem to have gained weight? The alien food is delicious, did you bring some back?”

“What were you doing just now?” Sam said with a sullen face.

“Uh, I’m not doing anything, I’m just watching the news.” Everyone’s eyes flickered, hesitating.

“I know you’re watching my news, and I see you all smiling and sneering, but I brought gifts for each of you from hundreds of light-years away.” Sam was angry. road.

“Sam, I swear, we didn’t really mock you. Well, at least not when I just watched the video.”

Ice Captain was originally serious and solemnly vowed, but Then, he remembered that they had indeed frigid irony and scorching satire to him before, and he couldn’t help but look embarrassed.

Several teammates reassured them and finally revealed the matter.

“Why did you come back all of a sudden? Didn’t you say there was a congress dinner tonight?” Heatwave asked.

“It’s not just tonight, there are all kinds of interviews, invitations, awards ceremony. There are too many events, and the other party is either a famous person in the universe, or the president or a member of parliament. There is no way to refuse, and the schedule is scheduled to half a month. It’s over.

Alas, being a Legendary in the universe is so tiring, it’s even more tiring than fighting Brainiac for 300 rounds.” The Mirror Master sighed.

β€”β€”You have the face to say, in the whole operation, who have you fought a round with?

The rogue helps a group of people complain in their hearts.

“Why are you always being interviewed and attending events, and Harley Quinn hasn’t even shown up a few times.” Captain Frost wondered.

PS: The rogue gang is indeed a clear stream in the DC super-villain organization. Their gang rules are stricter than most ordinary social organizations.

For example, can’t kill, can’t poison, can’t betray teammates

(end of this chapter)


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