I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 602


Chapter 602 Dreamland vortex

“Sister Harley is too low-key and trusts me too much, so she made me do something wrong. Representative of the Righteous Watchers.” The Mirror Master sighed.

“Sister Hallie? Didn’t you call her ‘Captain’ in the news? Could it be her little brother now?”

“I do have this idea, but unfortunately.” The Mirror Master shook his head regretfully, “Yesterday afternoon, when we were holding Brainiac and carrying the skull spaceship, we landed in Washington Square, and Sister Halle was in front of the crowd.

The powers of Admiral of the Fifth Ring were returned to the President.

From that moment on, she only had the honor of Admiral of the Five Rings.

Formed under the name of Admiral of the Five Rings in Wartime The Injustice Watcher is officially disbanded.

With this, she is no longer our Captain.

But I can’t call her by her first name.”

” You used to call him by his first name.” Cold Captain said.

The Mirror Master said solemnly: “I didn’t know how powerful Sister Halle was before, but now that I know, of course I have to show basic respect, just like others respect me.

Before Everyone calls me ‘Mirror Master’, and now the people of the universe call me ‘Mirror Man’.”

“You want to change careers and become a superhero?”

“Of course not, I am with Zheng Lian is not the same person. Mirror Master is still Mirror Master, Mirror Man is just a honorable title.”

While speaking, Mirror Master took the contents of his bag out, “Leonard, you have a freezing gun, But there is no formal cold suit.

This nano space suit can survive in the harshest environment in outer space, can withstand small-caliber energy guns, and its colors are also your favorite silver and blue.”


Captain Frost picked up the clothes and compared them on his body. The size was just right, and he was even more moved, “Sam, you have a heart.”

“Lisa, this is Harry. The force field shield that my sister took off from the robot was transformed into a belt.

The force field is so strong that the energy cannon can resist it.”

The mirror Master put another one The golden girdle is handed to the golden glider.

“Sam, you are too sweet, what should I do?” The blonde girl leaned down and gave a sip on the mirror Master’s face, “Or, let me be your girlfriend, go Participating in the Congress dinner?”

The Mirror Master was really moved, but looked at Captain with a sullen face, and shook his head regretfully, “Those occasions are not suitable to bring a female companion, my few The injustice teammates are on the side.”

The weather wizard said: “What a pity, Kardashian still @you, as long as you take her for an alien interview, she will be your girlfriend .”

Mirror Master eyes shined, excitedly said: “Which Kardashian?”

“Which one? Of course Kim Kardashian.”

“Ai, I like her younger sister more.” The Mirror Master said tangled, and continued to distribute gifts while speaking.

Every gift is carefully selected by him, very targeted, and makes the recipient very happy.

At least his intentions made them feel it.

β€œThese high-tech alien goods cost a lot of money, right? Where did you get the alien star coin?” Cold Captain asked.

Mirror Master said with a smile: “No money, except for the spills of war captured on the Brainiac spaceship, the rest were donated by the Lalu people.

That hairy-faced old king is so enthusiastic, he opened up his private treasury, and let us pick it at will.

Zhenglian is still serious, and he will not refuse, and our unrighteous watcher is not polite to him.”


“With these equipment, we might be able to defeat The Flash.” The weather wizard said excitedly.

The Mirror Master was stunned for a while, and then said with a dull interest: “After defeating Brainiac, I suddenly felt that The Flash was so boring. It’s like seeing Mount Everest and then looking at the 100-meter-high Mt. Small mound.”

The rest of the rogue gang members raised their middle fingers to him.

Harry asked the Mirror Master to be the “press officer” of the Unrighteous Watcher, not trusting him too much.

Although he thinks his mirror space ability is very good, she admires her “old boy” death shooter more.

If Deadshot wants to, she will put him in charge of the entertainment after returning to Earth.

Deadshot left the team after receiving a large bonus and a set of alien technology equipment. Like her, she didn’t stay in front of the media.

Mirror Master, Plastic and Neural Academician, all enjoy the feeling of being sought after.

But only the Mirror Master hid in the mirror and witnessed the whole process of the battle.

Having him as a representative can more realistically restore all the scenes of Harry Captain and Brainiac fighting their wits and bravery.

No need to exaggerate, no need to take credit for Zhenglian, and to truly restore Harley’s achievements, it is worthy of her status as “five-ring general” and “golden nuclear bomb”.

Moreover, Zhenglian did not receive frequent visits, and Harley’s impossibility was even worse than them.

The first thing I did when I returned to the manor was to deal with the ion shark.

Contrary to what the little blue man was worried about, Harry didn’t plan to fit in with the fat head.

In other words, she fits, feels uncomfortable, and plans to separate from Fattou.

“didn’t expect the lamp beast has such a great influence on the host, I feel like I’m not me anymore.” Harley sighed.

β€œRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple, the green will is in the middle, and the emotional attribute is the most neutral.

Compared with other lamp beasts, I The impact on the host is minimal.” Fattou said aggrieved.

Harry shook her head, almost nothing compared.

And the influence of the lantern beast on the host is not a simple emotional enhancement.

Even the user of the lamp ring will be affected by the corresponding emotions when using the power of the lamp ring.

For example, frequent use of the power of fear of the yellow light will make the yellow lantern cruel and ruthless.

The seven powers of the Lantern Ring were once in the hands of the little blue people, and in the end they only chose the green light, because the green light willpower has the least impact on the Lantern.

Harry has the expertise of visible light defense, and is not afraid of the erosion of the mind by the energy of yellow and green lights.

The flaws of the fit with the fat head are reflected in three other aspects: First, she has to reveal her soul completely and show the red fruit of her soul in front of the ion shark.

Because she and it are a spiritual fusion.

The higher the spiritual fit, the more perfect the fusion.

Exposing thinking and memory is the foundation of spiritual integration.

This is a bit tricky for Harley.

She doesn’t mind letting Fat Head know that she’s doing crafty plots and machinations, but there are some memories that no one can tell.

This level has not been completed, and Harley and Fattou are only half-integrated.

Secondly, the yellow light and the green light can only be chosen at the same time.

When using amber energy, green energy must be sealed first, and vice versa.

And every use of energy requires skill and time to exercise.

The power of the yellow light belongs to Harley, and the power of the green light belongs to Chubby, which is lent to her. Harley is definitely not willing to give up her “own” power and spend her time on ‘external forces’.

Finally, soul fusion has too many side effects.

soul fusion, which represents the “new soul” after fusion, which has the common characteristics of Harley and Lantern beasts.

Ion Sharks are fearless and neutral compared to the other six emotions – anger, greed, fear, hope, pity, and love.

But Harley is used to being clever, and when she can solve problems with tricks, she is definitely not reckless.

But firm fearless is reckless.

In this way, after soul fusion, Fattou has always distorted her character in the direction of “recklessness”.

It’s not that the fat head is deliberately doing bad things, but recklessness is its characteristic. If it changes its own nature, it can’t represent the will and emotion.

At the end of the day, Harley isn’t fit to be the Green Lantern.

The selection criteria for Green Lantern is willpower and recklessness.

After the fusion of the real Green Lantern and the fat head, there is no character distortion at all, a man and a beast, the characters are the same, and there is no conflict.

In addition to the symbiosis of soul fusion, there is another way to use lantern beasts.

Harley deals with the enslavement of the Parallax.

It can be used against parallax monsters and cannot be used on your own friends.

In desperation, Harley could only give up her plan to become an “emerald nuclear bomb”.

“Fatty, what are your plans for the future?” Harry asked.

The fat head said uncertainly: “I don’t know, maybe go for a walk in the universe?

Alas, when I joined Hal Jordan, his experience was also my experience.


He is very restless and likes to run around.

I have experienced a lot with him these days, it is very exciting, I am not as interested in wandering the stars alone as I used to.”

At the end, it’s tone and expression showed dazed and desolate expression.

Harry stroked its upper lip and said softly: “Fattou, you are a lamp beast, but your wisdom and emotions are richer than many people, so I have never regarded you as an animal.

You’re my friend, an alien like a shark

Selena and Ivy are my friends too.

We grew up together , have no family.

We have gone through a lot of things, a lot of time, and now we are each other’s family.

You have no family, you are my friend, and I After experiencing a lot of things, as long as you want, you can also make Quinn Manor your home.

Just like an ordinary person, you can stay at home, go out to play, go home to rest when you are tired, If you get into trouble, I will protect you.

Even if you meet the right person and you want to find him as your host, you can still treat this as your ‘mother’s home’.”

“Home, Family.” Chubby murmured softly, staring at her “little eyes” with big eyes, “Can I?”

“Of course, whoever becomes family with you is a blessing.” Ha Lidao.

Looking at the sincerity and expectation in her eyes, the fat head and big eyes became a little hazy, “Harry, thank you, I’d love to live with you too.”

In this way, Fattou became the fourth owner of Quinn Manor.

On the roof of the castle, Halle also built a copycat central energy battery for it. A green light energy pool the size of a bus.

The swimming pool does not have the function of charging and discharging the lamp ring. It only stores the green light energy normally released by the fat head to form an energy pool for its daily living.

After settling down, Harry went to the Dream Kingdom again, found Morpheus, and told about the experience of the past few days.

He also returned the sand of dreams he left on her that day.

“Until I get rid of the vortex in the dream kingdom, try not to use the dream escape,” the Sandman warned her.

“What to do? I wasn’t in vortex at the time, and there was nothing you could do about it,” Harry said.

Sleep demonic path: “Every epoch, a vortex appears in the kingdom of dreams, I’m not sure why, but I know that at its core is a mortal, and finding her can destroy the vortex of dreams.”


“Each era.” Harry thought, “How do you define an era?”

“Era is regardless of the length of time. It starts with one cosmic major event and starts with another. The major event is over.”

“Does the Manhattan Academician fusion universe count as the beginning of a new era?” Harry asked.

“Forget it.”

“A few days ago, the monitors of the sixth dimension sent someone to find me and invited me to save the multiverse. What kind of event is this? Or, can this represent The end of an era? The multiverse crisis, what does it have to do with the dream vortex?”

(end of this chapter)

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