I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 604


Chapter 604 The Fifth of the Endless Family

After getting close, Harry realized that the green fatty is not fat, but strong.

Like Hercules in Harry Potter, a middle-aged brawny man with a body as wide as a door panel and as thick as a tree trunk.

“gu guβ€”β€”” Along with him came a raven soaring in the sky.

Harry stared at it for a while, its eyes flashed with wisdom, but there was no Rachel’s breath. When the king of dreams is over, go to heaven to find Rachel and see how she is. .

“Gilbert, thank God you are here!” Rose saw brawny man, more excited than the first time she saw the golden nuclear bomb, rushed over and threw herself into his arms, telling her grievances.

“He’s going to kill me, saying I’m a vortex, and the golden nuke won’t help me.”

Harry rolled the eyes.

“I know, Rose, now I’m here.” The brawny man in the green coat reassured her, lifts the head to look directly at the Sandman, “Your Majesty, I’ll trade my life for hers. .”

“Gilbert, your life is of no use in dealing with vortex.” Morpheus said indifferently.

“Your Majesty, you’re the Sovereign of Dreams, you must be able to do something, right?” Gilbert begged.

Morpheus raised his brows, “Where have you been all these years, why are you interceding for her?”

“She is the most beautiful thing I have ever encountered in my life. “

“You fell in love with her?”

“I love her, but not the kind of mortal love, I’m not even a person, I.” The big man in green looked down. The ignorant Rose said, “I am the ‘green space for idlers’, a secluded place in the dream. With this child, I feel like a real person. I like the feeling of being a human being.”

“The reason you escaped from the Kingdom of Dreams is to be a person?” Morpheus’s dark eyes flashed with starlight, “I used to trust you so much, and you were so reliable.

But you, like Collins and the others, are in the dreamland. When the kingdom needed you, I abandoned my responsibilities.

You are the green space for idlers, and the heart of the kingdom of dreams.”

The strong man lowered his head and said, “Your Majesty, I left because I was curious and tired.

I am a green space for idlers, providing a beautiful and relaxing environment for all those who enter the dream paradise to rest and relax, but I myself have been exploring the essence of mortals in their desires.

I wonder how, in my eyes, Small Accomplishment success and failure can make them a rich emotion of ecstasy and pain.

I am a green space for idlers , only indifferent and peaceful, I want to feel more.

I feel it now, this girl, what happened to Rose Walker makes me pity.

Can’t help She, let me thwart sadness again, this is human feeling, human emotion.”

Harry felt that he was hypocritical, but Morpheus was a little touched.

He thought of himself. In order to be a mortal, he spread his power into three Supreme Divine Artifacts. p>

“Idlers’ green space, I will punish you, but not now. It’s none of your business here, go back to where you should be.” He said slowly.

“Sorry, I failed your expectations when you needed help the most. I am willing to pay the price of my life, but I can’t resist him.” The big man said guiltily.

Rose was touched and hugged him thoughtfully, “Gilbert, thank you, you’ve done a lot, at least I’m no longer afraid of death.

If I can do it after death, It may be a good thing to stay in the dream world, at least I can see you often.”

“Death is really not so terrifying, you see me, my name is Matthew, I used to be a poet, and now I live very well .” The crow fell, gu gu cried.

“Goodbye, my dear, see you soon” The big man in the green clothes touched Rose’s head, her sturdy body turned into golden lights and disappeared in place.

In the next second, the appearance of the barren Gobi Desert’s royal city changed dramatically. The mountains in the distance stood tall, the upper half was covered with snow, the lower half was tall and straight, the lake at the foot of the mountain was clear and jade green, and the grass spread from the lake to the woods. , birch, oak, cherry, apple Fruit Tree. There are many trees in the forest, but it is not messy at all. As far as a few people, there are clear springs and flowing water, rumbling waterfalls, hundreds of flowers in full bloom, butterflies and birds singing, and the quiet and peaceful scenery makes people feel Intoxicated, forgetful and refined.

“This is the green space for idlers, is it his body?”

Harry felt more relaxed than ever, exhales one mouthful of impure air, as if all the troubles and sorrows were gone with it .

Different from the pure holiness and peace of mind of the bottom heaven, the dream paradise is more focused on making people refreshed and relaxed.

Heaven is the place of belief, and the green space for idlers is aptly named, making people “idlers”.

“I’m sorry, Rose, I don’t have any personal grudges, it’s my responsibility.” Morpheus walked up to Rose and held her neck.

Although he struggled, he squeezed hard.

Even in her dream, Rose was gradually out of breath.


Just when Harry thought it was over, another silhouette suddenly appeared.

She is a purple-haired woman in a dress, her eyes are bright, elegant and gentle, her manner is generous, and she has a noble temperament.

Harry notices that her appearance is similar to Rose’s has several points of.

“You areβ€”” Morpheus was very surprised when he saw her, “I know you, Unity Kincaid, you used to come here a hundred years ago when you were a little girl. My king is playing.”

“It’s me, my lord.” The purple-haired woman bowed to him, “Rose is not vortex, she doesn’t know anything, I am.”


“Who are you? You look familiar.” Rose wondered.

The purple-haired woman smiled softly, “Of course it’s familiar, we met every day in the past few days, I’m your grandmother.”

“Ah, but youβ€”” Rose exclaimed , The woman in front of her looked even less than twenty.

“This is a dream. In fact, my real age is not too old. I fell into a deep sleep at the age of 11 and didn’t wake up until a few months ago.” Yunidi said bitterly.

“A few months ago.” Halle glanced at Morpheus, “The time she fell asleep coincided with the time when you disappeared.”

Morpheus gently nodded. , “She often dreamed about my kingdom, and she was stuck in a dream that day and couldn’t leave.”

“My lord, I’m running out of time, and I’m about to die in this world, please let me finish the last one.” something.” Yunidi said quickly.

“You’re not vortex, I’m not mistaken,” Morpheus said.

“You’re wrong.” Yunidi said to her granddaughter, “Give me your heart.”

“What?” Rose was shocked.

“This is a dream, you can do anything, listen to me, I won’t hurt you.”

Rose groped, tentatively, put her hand into her left chest, Really took out a red crystal heart.

The heart had neither blood nor blood vessels, nor flesh, nor the appearance of a real heart. It was like a carved red crystal, with mysterious golden light shining on its surface.

“This” Harry swallowed, wanting to take a bite.

This heart is nothing short of extraordinary!

“What’s going on?” Morpheus asked in shock.

The heart is not ordinary, of course he can see it, but the heart is not a vortex.

But after Rose took out her heart, she was no longer a vortex, and Yunidi became the new vortex.

“Uh–” Before Yunidi could put her heart into her chest, the crystal heart suddenly radiated bright red light, and she also lost her strength in an instant and fell to the ground.

“What happened?” She looked blankly at her empty hands.

“You’re dead, and the vortex is gone.” Morpheus said with a complicated expression.

“You’ve been sleeping, where did the child come from?” Harry asked.

Yunidi looked at her curiously for a while, “Admiral Wuhuan, you are really amazing. After I wake up, I like to watch the news about you and Superman the most.”

“Uh, Thank you.” Harry forced a smile and said.

Yunidi sighed then said, “My soul is sleeping, but my body is growing. Later, a caregiver strengthened me.

The process of pregnancy and childbirth , I didn’t know anything. When I woke up, someone told me that I once had a child and was sent away at birth.

It took me two months to put Rose and her mother found”

“Why are you vortex?” Morpheus asked frowning.

“My lord, it’s up to you to investigate. I was just dying before I was dying, when I suddenly had a clear comprehension – I passed on ‘vortex’ to my offspring.”

“I want to check your soul.” Morpheus said.

Unity said obediently, “Come here.”

Morpheus didn’t touch her, just stared into her eyes and got everything she wanted.

He looked more serious, and turned his eyes to Rose again, “Don’t struggle, don’t resist, I won’t hurt youβ€””

“Omβ€”” a pink temperament The mark flickered between Rose’s eyebrows.

“Desire.” Morpheus growled angrily.

“What happened to Rose?” Yunidi asked with concern.

Morpheus waved his hand, “This is green grass, you can stay here, Rose, you can also go back.” send away.

“What’s the situation?” Harry tentatively asked: “Is the desire you’re talking about your brother?”

Each member of the Endless Family has their own unique imprint, For example, adding a cross under the circle represents the death of the second sister, the key represents the dream, the opened Book of Fate represents fate, and the star mark on Rose’s forehead represents desire.

The star sign is quite common and doesn’t necessarily refer to desire specifically, but it’s no coincidence that Morpheus called it ‘desire’.

“It’s my younger brother and sister, it’s a male and a female, it’s him who strengthened Yunidi.” Morpheus said gloomily.

“The vortex is transferred to the descendants along Yunidi’s bloodline, that is, your niece and grandniece, and you must kill vortex.” Harry frowned: “If desire has Conspiracy, is it to want you to kill relatives? What good is this for it?”

Morpheus said slowly: “There is a rule in the universe that can affect the Supreme God spirit – the kinslayer will receive curse, and break the rule of ‘Spiritual God shall not kill relatives’, the deeper the Spiritual God’s bond with the universe, the greater the impact.”

“Could it be that desire wants to kill you? First let you break the rules and suffer Heavy wounds, and then he kills you and is no longer punished by the rules?” Harry asked in surprise.

“Why? Isn’t your Hentai family the most harmonious and united?”

“Perhaps for fun” he said vaguely, and then said to her: “Harry, you first Go back, I’m going to talk to Desire.”

Harry wanted to stay and watch ‘Brother, Brother and Brother’.

“Take care, find me if you have something to do.”

She reluctantly left.

It was late at night when she got home. Harry ate some of the dinner that Ivy left her, then got into the black magic meditation room, held the bones of the blossoming and started the hell summon.

(end of this chapter)

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