I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 608


Chapter 608 The Return of Zhakang

Seeing Duoduo, the three sages finally understand that Holy Son lives in Quinn Manor s reason.

Also understand Holy Son and Harley’s relationship.

Fuck, Holy Son not only has a dog mother, but also a Demonness owner, how ridiculous?

Or, great?

Fate Academician has mixed feelings in his heart.

Yerbi is obviously impossible, like his brother, to become the faith of mortals.

At least not as “mainstream” as Christ Jesus.

“Yerbi Holy Son, what is your mission?” Zatanna asked first.

“Quiet the elemental disorder and redeem the undead from hell.” The dog Holy Son said loudly.

Oqi Sage asked the second: “How to calm the elemental disorder, how to redeem the undead from hell?”

The dog Holy Son bowed his head to the three sages, and the dog face sincerely Said: “I should ask all the sages for advice, teach me the knowledge of the mysteries of the universe, teach me the secrets of mastering the magic elements.

Also ask the elders of the world and the sages of hell to teach me the truth of living people and The pain of the dead, help me to find a way of salvation for the crying souls in hell.”

β€”β€”This is a humble and polite dog!

Oki sage gently nods, with a look of approval on his face.

Finally, the Academician of Destiny asked: “When will the elemental disorder subside and the undead of hell will find redemption?”

The dog Holy Son thought for a moment and sighed: ” No matter where I live, Earth, Hell or Heaven, the elemental power in the entire multiverse can be stabilized, and the elemental disorder will end.

Wait for the number of undead entering hell and leaving the Sea of When the Bitterness is maintained, my mission is completely over.”

Fate Academician bowed respectfully again, held a piece of gold at the feet of the dog Holy Son, and said: “Thank Holy Son for everything he has done for the world, You should enjoy the honor.”

“Thank you.” The dog Holy Son also bowed his head and bowed back.

Oqi sage saluted respectfully, placed a box of frankincense in front of the dog Holy Son, and said: “Thank you Holy Son for your sacrifices for the world, you should be holy in the world.”

“Thank you.”

Zatanna offered a brocade and said, “Full of glorious generals and saints!”

The brocade disappeared out of thin air, Zatanna complexion pale.

One day in the future, when the dog Holy Son completes his mission, today’s blessing will be fulfilled, and the brocade will be turned into a brocade robe and worn on the dog Holy Son.

“Thank you.”

After asking questions and giving gifts, the three sages said goodbye to the dog Holy Son and the dog Holy Mother.

The dog Holy Son didn’t go out to see them off, and they didn’t actually leave Quinn Manor.

The Three Sages were invited to the side hall for breakfast.

“What’s the point of that?” Harry said curiously.

“Our three questions, corresponding to Holy Son’s three answers, contain all the information humans need to know, isn’t that meaningless?” Kent said.

“No. You don’t need to be so solemn, let’s sit and chat together, won’t things be made clear?” The most concise etiquette. Think about it, two civilizations have just come into contact with each other and lack mutual understanding and trust. Can they sit and chat together?

Can you explain your future policies clearly in the chat? Letter?”

Harry looked thoughtful.

“Now you believe it’s not me who is playing tricks, right? With my ability, I can’t come up with such an awesome Holy Son.” She said.

β€œJehovah is worthy of being Jehovah, and mortals like me can’t plan on him in the end.” Destiny Academician sighed.

“Why did God choose Dodo?” Zatanna wondered.

“How can we guess God’s thoughts?” Harry said with an innocent face and spread his hands.

Oki sage seriously said: “Harry, I suggest you don’t keep Yabi in Earth at this stage.”


“Holy Son is not God, He may die or die prematurely. The world is mixed, and an alien may come down and kill Holy Son. Hell, not everyone can go to hell, and they can’t find Holy Son. .” Oqi Sage said.

“Why didn’t anything happen to Jesus?” Harry asked.

“Jesus died.”

“Jesus grew up without incident. He lived several decades.” Harry said.

The Academician of Fate said: “Today, the three of us and Yabi have spoken out, and the magic world will reach a tacit understanding. At least normal-minded human mages will not provoke Yabi for no reason.


In Jesus’ time, Earth transcenders were almost all from the magical side.

The mage didn’t interfere in Jesus’ life, and Jesus’ life was only mortal.

Now In the supernatural world, the magic side is even in a weak position. Those mutants and aliens don’t care about the unwritten rules of heaven and earth.”

Harry nodded and said: “I understand, thank you. The warning.”

The three of them looked at each other, got up and said, “Then we’re leaving.”

“Wait. Actually, if you don’t come to me, I’ll be there in two days. I’ll come to you.”

Harry stopped the three of them and repeated all the information related to the Pharaoh crisis, the Infinite Earth crisis, and the Overseer’s Herald crisis.

“I’ve noticed this too,” Destiny Academician said with a frown.

“What do you perceive?” asked the Sage of Orchi.

He and Zatanna were stunned to hear for the first time that the Heralds were looking for heroes to deal with a crisis across the multiverse.

The Academician of Fate said slowly: “After the last Apocalypse invasion, I have been paying attention to Darkseid’s movements, worried that he will retaliate against Earth.

Soon I Then I discovered the abnormality of Apocalypse.

The dark elites who fought outside led the demons back to Apocalypse.

Up to now, there is no one related to Apocalypse.

Conflict, happening in the multiverse.

I was puzzled and watched more closely.

And then from three days ago, I couldn’t follow because the Apocalypse disappeared Without a trace.”

“What does it mean to disappear without a trace? Is it disappearing from your sight, or disappearing in the same place?” Harry asked in confusion.

“Probably hidden in some secret place by Darkseid.” Fate Academician said.

“This” Harry said in disbelief: “Did Darkseid sense the danger and run away?”

“I guess so, so I am very worried about the next crisis. Worry.” Destiny Academician sighed.

“unimaginable, who else in the universe can make Darkseid fear?” Zatanna muttered.

Fate Academician shook his head, “It’s not necessarily fear, the City of Silver seems to be planning to close its doors.”

“The City of Silver is also going to hide? God wants shameless?” Li doubted.

“You are the Duke of Paradise Hill, and you will know if you ask yourself?” Destiny Academician said.

Harry decides to go to the City of Silver to find Rachel later.

“What are your plans for the impending crisis?” she asked, looking at Fate Academician.

“First, send a message to all human Grandmasters, and set up a temporary Wizard Council again. Gather the power of everyone, monitor Wan Tianyi, determine the disasters that appear in other universes, and then formulate a response plan.

Perhaps, this time, the magical world will take the initiative to join forces with the Justice League, which represents Earth’s superheroes.” Destiny Academician said slowly.

“cough cough.” Harley coughed a few times and pointed to herself, “Kent, I’m the real boss of superheroes and criminals, just tell me if you have anything, no need to get it right. “You?” Destiny Academician shook his head, “Superheroes all have their own ideas to stick to with their lives, and their ideals are higher than their lives, as well as traditional rules and social authority.

You may be able to influence their judgments and decisions, but you can never control their hearts.”

“You are wrong, I have always used great spirit and noble sentiments , The passionate fighting spirit infects his companions, and he never thought of controlling anyone ideologically.” Harry said sigh.

Fate Academician twitched the corners of his mouth a few times, and said with a smile: “If I need to unite the super criminals, I will come to you, your methods are very practical on their side.”

After the three sages left, more than ten visitors came one after another.

Harry has only heard of many mages, and today is the first time I see them.

But they didn’t visit rashly. They were all introduced by Harley’s acquaintances, such as Mrs. Shangdu, Jason Brad (ps) and Swamp Monster.

Like the three sages, they communicated with Yabi using ancient etiquette, and sent blessings and gifts before leaving.

It is much more valuable than the symbolic gold, frankincense, and brocade, either Divine Item, or Divine Item-level Rare Item, treasure.

Before robbing the Fairy Bazaar, Harley would still be greedy, but now. Put it away and put it all in the manor’s treasury.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Harry met many powerful but mysterious human mages.

Well, it’s all human transcenders.

The dog Holy Son respects every visitor, and the conversation between them is not as serious and serious as the ‘Three Sages’, involving elemental power, faith and God, the topic is very in-depth, let Harry interject Don’t go in.

Later, she simply left the mages in the living room, dragged them all and chatted with the swamp monster to the backyard to bask in the sun.

The above is just clicking one’s tongue in wonder, marveling at Harry’s dogshit luck, there is actually a Holy Son pet dog.

The swamp monster’s expression was very complicated, but he didn’t get angry or yell in excitement.

“That’s fine, Germinal can be a normal girl and live a normal life. Before because of her status as Holy Son, I didn’t dare to leave her for a moment.

Now that I’m not Holy Son, she can leave the swamp, go back to the big city, go to school, and live a peaceful and stable life.”

There was a sense of relief in his tone, and some loss of disappointment.

“Perhaps, you can send Germination to Gotham, the manor is huge, and a girl will be born soon.”

Harry sighed in relief.

The attitude of Fate Academician and other mages combined is not as relieved as the swamp monster alone.

The swamp monster is her friend and she cares about his thoughts and opinions, but the other Human Race mages are irrelevant nobody.

“Let’s talk about when the time comes, for at least two years, Abby won’t let her leave her.”

With visitors coming all the time, Harry wasn’t sure about every wizard With goodwill, they stayed at home and did not go to Silver City for the time being.

It wasn’t until evening when the old man of the Shadow Bureau, a neon little loli in his early 10s, took the Frankenstein couple to leave, and Harry closed the door and said wearily to the dog Holy Son. : “Secondβ€””

“Please call me ‘Jerby’, thank you.” the dog Holy Son interrupted her.

“Okay, yeah son.”

The dog Holy Son’s eyes widened again.

Harry threw herself on its fluffy, soft back, each minding their own business and said, “The three sages asked me not to leave you in the world for a long time, what are you doing? See?”

The dog Holy Son was excited, and suppressed the excitement indifferently and said: “Sages naturally don’t talk nonsense, I think I’ll take mother back to hell.”

“I mean you are still settling in the manor. When I get home, you will go home too. If I leave, you will wander back to hell.”

β€”β€”But I just want to avoid you!

The Dog Saint closed his eyes and said indifferently: “Let’s go.”

Harry was about to let it go back to hell first, and go to heaven by herself, a familiar but very intimidating way. An unexpected voice came from outside the door: “Hey, Halle, Holy Son, it’s not too late for me as a ‘sage’?”

“Constantine?” Haley Rubbing his eyes, he exclaimed in disbelief.

(ps: Jason Brad is a human Knight who merged with Etrigan, the Knight of King Arthur, who was once used by Harry Summon to deal with the demon Duke Nigal.)

(end of this chapter)

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