I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 610


Chapter 610 Constantine, Be My Disciple

“John Constantine, one day you will Understand, God is your ultimate destination!” the dog Holy Son said seriously.

“Let your god eat shit.”

Constantine got up, clapped his ass drum, and walked to the door.

“I’m serious, Constantine, you have the potential to be a saint, you can be my Saint Peter.” cried the dog Holy Son.

“What?” Harry exclaimed.

“What did you say?” Zha Kang turned his head back, his face full of surprise.

The dog Holy Son sighed: “As soon as I saw you, my heart was touched.

I have a feeling that our destiny will be very deep in the future. The fetters of you.

Thinking about my mission – to redeem the undead in hell, and looking at your past and present, I suddenly realized that you need my guidance, and I also need to find the fallen spirit in you. The method of redemption.

Like Jesus crossing the river to see St. Peter fishing, here I meet you.”

“You are sick and paranoid!” Kang Standin sneered disdainfully, “Even if I go to hell, I don’t want to be redeemed by your dog dad.”

The dog Holy Son nods to him, “Yes, I am different from Jesus, the person he redeems is human, The object of my guidance is the fallen undead like you who go to hell.”

“Uh” Constantine was stunned, fly into a rage out of humiliation and said: “God is here, I spit at him Water; when Satan comes, I will also give him the middle finger. Heaven and hell are not my destination, sir, I will not play with you!”

Harry looked at Zha Kang in surprise, “Second child, Are you sure he is St. Peter, not Judas?”

“Jesus’ Judas is St. Peter in me, and my discipline must come from hell, or a fallen person who should go to hell.” said the dog Holy Son .

The corners of Harry’s mouth twitched, “According to this standard, Constantine is really suitable to be your elder disciple.”

“You guys continue to fool around here.” Constantine Ding turned around and left.

“Please wait, today is Holy Son’s pilgrimage day. As a sage who came to visit me, you at least listen to me.” The dog Holy Son barked.

Constantine stopped, hesitated for a moment, sighed then said, returned to the opposite of the dog Holy Son, sat cross-legged, “What you say, I will not believe.”

The dog Holy Son said: “Hell has been born for 10 billion years, and almost no undead go to heaven on their own.

This goes against God’s original intention of creating hell.

Hell is a punishment The purpose of punishment is not to make them miserable.

Simply making the souls of wicked people miserable will not make the world a better place.”

“At least it can scare the latecomers.” Ha Lidao.

The dog Holy Son shook his head and said, “Master Harley, have you been intimidated?”

Haley’s feet are a little itchy, and she wants to kick people. Oh, it’s kicking the dog.

“It is very clear in the Bible that people make mistakes because they have original sins from birth. From the moment the baby fell to the ground, the seven original sins flowed in the bloodline.

The sin that grows up is just the awakening of original sin, not the infection of sin.

Fear can suppress the outbreak of original sin, but it cannot eradicate the flaws in human nature.

Only conversion Faith, feeling the glory of God in the teachings of God, washing one’s soul with the glory of God, can get rid of original sin, the soul is holy, and finally redeemed.”

It turned to Constantine: “Punishment The fallen people go to hell to teach them to repent of their sins in pain, so that their souls are sublimated and become holy spirits.

Before hell, no dead souls ascended to heaven, because from hell to heaven, there is a goal, but no The way – can look up to heaven from hell, but can’t find the stairs to climb heavenly ascension.

My mission is to create that ladder.

Jesus had twelve disciples, they All come from the human world, because Jesus needs to provide a way of redemption for mortals.

The twelve disciplines are the forerunners on the road of human redemption. The process of their sanctification is the evolution of the road, a model, and a later The guiding light of the people.

I will also have a discipline to help me practice the road of redemption.

Constantine, I am not kidding, you are in sin, and your heart is bright and righteous. Best candidate for ‘Hell Sect’.”

“Are you done?” Constantine asked.

The dog Holy Son said: “After that, you can leave if you want.”

Constantine got up and walked out without any hesitation.

“One day, Constantine, when you understand the meaning of redemption, you will come back and read the Bible with me,” said the dog Holy Son behind him.

“It’s alright, Holy Son and the sage’s game is over, go back to your kennel.”

Harry pulls the dog Holy Son off the sofa and drives him Go, stopped Zhakang again, sat down by the fireplace again, and chatted while drinking.

“Why are you able to leave the Wall of Origin?”

“After you left, I used the sacrificial method to call the name of ‘Papetua’, and we got in touch. ‘ Constantine said frankly.

“You’re courting death,” Harry sighed.

Constantine shook his head, “On the contrary, I’m saving myself.”

Seeing that Harry was about to taunt, he raised his hand to stop her, and said softly, “Don’t think I said that. Self-help is to come down from the wall of origin.

I am a magic Grandmaster, and the exclusive magic spell has been upgraded to Universe Rule.

In short, I master Rule Power.


I’m afraid Lord ‘Golden Nuclear Bomb’ will forget my little mage’s ‘spiritual sense’ skill.”

As he spoke, his eyes flashed with a strange brilliance like bright stars.

Harry felt like her soul was swiping over and over again.

“That’s right, I’ve become an archmage,” Constantine laughed, then his expression suddenly turned horrified, “Your exclusive spellβ€””

Harry right hand index finger, middle finger Forked, poked into his eyes.

Zhakang tilted his head back and shouted, “Don’t get excited, unless you never use your exclusive spell, you will be seen through sooner or later.”

“What did you see? “Harry said coldly.

“Your special spell is the anti-damage magic shield, but it seems to be related to.” Constantine browsers tightly knit, “It seems to contain a rule of Supreme.

You even No Grandmaster, how can there be rules, even more how Supreme rules?

But that’s how I feel.

Have you ever had a fortuitous encounter and got the legendary ‘singularity’ The spell’, a defensive type of ‘Universe Rule bug’, also integrated it into your magic shield?

By the way, when I met you last year, you were already able to advance to archmage.


I’m just not satisfied with the formidable power and potential of the exclusive magic. Shit, did you get the Singularity spell long ago, and you deliberately didn’t upgrade it just to integrate it into the exclusive magic?”

β€”β€”Fake, this bastard is really accurate!

Harry said indifferently: “Don’t get off the topic, my magic never hides people, I don’t need you to analyze.”

Constantine looked at her in surprise. , “I suddenly have a feeling that one day in the future, you will surpass me and Zatanna in magic.

It’s strange that your innate talent in magic has always been in the younger generation. Poor.”

“My great intelligence may appear to be stupidity,” Harry said impatiently, “speaking of business.”

Constantine said solemnly: “I The crisis I encountered was not hanging on the wall of origin – in fact, I was already hanging on it, and there was no crisis at all.

The problem is that I didn’t die, and I fell right into the big hole you dug earlier. The center of the pit.

There are also a few small cracks in the inside.

When you came to see me, I told you that I seemed to hear a sound inside.


When you tell me his name and identity – Papetua, the mother of creation, I understand the big deal.

Even if I’m a coward, restrain my thoughts and shrink Play dead on the wall, do you think he can let go of the fat ‘mouth’?

He is already calling me.

Even my spirit strength can drill through the gap Go in, can’t the Mother of Creation drill through the gap I found?

My spiritual sense senses a fatal crisis, and also finds a way to survive in the crisis – take the initiative to attack, disguise myself as a Someone who will pay any price to get away from the wall.”

“Don’t pretend, you’re that kind of person.” Harry groaned.

Constantine glared at her, “When I dealt with the wizard group, I was not nine deaths and still alive? Even if Holy Son comes, I do things that I can’t forgive myself, but I do it for the sake of My own interests? What benefits do I get?”

“You get a cheap daughter, Pink Dudu is very cute and has the same blue eyes as you.”

“Really?” Zhakang touched his chin, muttered: “Maybe, I have to go see her.”

He shook his head and continued: “Harry, it’s not only that pit that you miserable me, but also There is your attitude towards Papetua.

Heart to heart, a Great Demon who has been sealed in the Origin Wall for countless years, finally found a gap in the seal and met someone who can save him , you ‘coldly’ refused.

Of course you did the right thing, but what would Papetua think?

What would he do with the next person who could communicate, which is Me?”

“You had a premonition that He would do something terrifying to you, so you just threw it in your arms?” Harry asked.

Constantine said: “If I avoided him and showed hostility to him, he certainly wouldn’t mind treating me with the utmost malice.

Unfortunately, I was hanging on at the time. There is no way to hide from the wall.

So, I disguised myself, showing my extreme desire for power and a desire to leave the wall of origin.

I worship him as Spiritual God , like those primary level black magicians who sacrifice demons and worship demons”

When he said this, his expression became very strange, “I originally had enough fighting spirit and scheming to deal with you, ready to carry out The craziest and greatest adventure of my life.

Papetua turned out to be just like a junior high school girl.

Ten Times Cultivation Power only took half a point.

Ten Times Cultivation Power p>

He not only told me his secrets, but also gladly helped me get out of the wall of origin.”

“Are you sure that you are not being contradicted by him? After all, he is the mother of the universe, and he has experienced ups and downs. .” Harry asked suspiciously.

Constantine said: “I have the same suspicion. After leaving the wall of origin, hid in the array, and carefully examine the body inside and outside, as well as the soul.

Except in my The imprint on the soul, He didn’t set any traps.

Probably He thought He had my greatest lifeline – the thirst for power.

Well, He told me Promise that if I save him from the wall of origin, I can become the most powerhouse in the multiverse outside of him, and I can also rule countless single universes.

But I don’t even want to increase the magic power in my body, how can I do it? Want his power.”

Harry speechless saying: “Soul Seal not enough? I doubt that by his means, you can hear our conversation through the seal on your soul.”

“I’m not stupid, look at my face,” he pointed to his own, “is it pale, with sunken eye sockets and dull eyes?

When the wall of origin came down, I should have proud of one’s success and be in high spirits.

Three days ago, I just left the wall of origin, and even before I went far, I immediately used a special secret technique to make myself a full fifth. One’s soul was cut off, sealed in a magic box, and returned to the wall of origin.”

He was weak but triumphant, “It took so much cost, of course, to remove the mark.”

“You’re ruthless!” Hallie gave a thumbs up, losing one-fifth of her soul, it’s a miracle that this guy hasn’t turned into a vegetative yet.

“I’m not being hard on myself now, and others will only be harder on me in the future.” Constantine said with a bitter smile.

“What secret did you get from Papetua?” asked Harry.

(end of this chapter)

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