I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 611


Chapter 611 The New Universe’s Most Wanted Criminal

“What kind of intelligence did you get from a simple Papetua elder sister? ?” Harry said curiously.

Constantine hesitated, “I don’t know if I should tell you, those secrets don’t mean much to you, but once I tell you, will you remember? Faith is power, and faith is power.


I think it would be better for me to carry this heavy fate alone.”

Harry wanted to take the dog Holy Son out and bite him.

Constantine hesitated for a moment, then sighed: “Forget it, let me tell you, I don’t seem to be able to handle it alone.”

“The key to unblocking Papetua , lies in the core fragment of the Origin Wall, which he calls the ‘summer body’, and contains all of his Divine Force – I feel like he’s lying, it should only be a large part of the Divine Force.

In short, that piece The total body is the key to his freedom.

And to unblock the total body, seven special powers need to be unlocked.

First, the static force corresponding to the speed force .

second , corresponding to the invisible emotional spectrum of the emotional power of visible light.

Third Type , corresponding to the dying tears of the power of life connection.

fourth , Corresponding to extraordinary power – Spiritual God belief power and magic elemental power of the wind of nothingness.

The fifth, related to revelation. Or wisdom?”

Constantine brows frowned , “Papetua’s way of existence is too high-end. His thoughts and his words are expressed perfectly and clearly, but I can’t understand or even remember them.

Those concepts can’t last long in my thinking. Exist.”

“So exaggerated? You are the Grandmaster of Magic.” Harry looked solemn.

Constantine sighed: “Actually, it is not difficult to understand that when we tell mortals about the truth of magic, they can’t listen, or even hear them. In front of the Mother of Creation, the Grandmaster is just a child.”

“What are the two remaining powers?” Harry asked.

Constantine said helplessly: “I don’t think it is necessary to say it, first of all, I don’t understand, can’t remember, can’t understand, what I said may not be correct; secondly, even if I get lucky, you I don’t understand either; in the end, even if you understand, it doesn’t make sense, we don’t have access to those forces at all.”

“Tell me, maybe I’m more knowledgeable than you.” Halle road.

“Well, the fifth force, related to revelation, is called the ‘Black Apple’.”

“This” Harry’s round eyes, what is this?

“The sixth type, called the sixth annotation, seems to be related to the sixth dimension, or six-dimensional people? I’m not sure, can you understand?” Constantine looked at her curiously.

“I don’t understand.” Harry said helplessly.

“The seventh kind is even more ridiculous, called ‘The Year of the Villain’, which seems to be related to the belief in evil and destruction. It’s too mysterious.”

Harry’s eyes flashed slightly, “This The seven forces plus the corresponding forces are the foundation of the universe?”

“I’m not sure, but it should be the foundation of Papetua’s Divine Force.” Constantine said.

“Papetua is the Goddess of Creation, isn’t his Divine Force the power of Creation?” Harley gradually had an idea in her mind – to use these seven powers to open up seven defensive specialties, Then she is almost invincible in this universe.

“He told you these seven powers, but you can’t even hear them, so what can you do?”

“He told me to set up a ‘Creation Goddess Church’ ‘, with the seven powers as the ‘Angel of Power’ of the church. To put it bluntly, it is another version of the ‘wizard group’.

My effect on him is the same as that of the wizard group on Little Black Bean.” Constantine Road.

“This information is of little value, and your ability to talk is a bit poor. If it were me, I would inquire about his origin, life experience, future plans, fatal flaws, and abilities and characteristics.” Ha. Lidao.

“I can’t face him at all.” Constantine said solemnly: “Imagine wizards facing Xiaoheidou, even talking and listening to him, with all your heart, how can you still have the heart? Showing off your tongue?”

“But you said earlier that Ten Times Cultivation Power was only half-used.”

“I mean, it took only half the power to gain His trust. Success, gaining trust is not the same as rhetoric.

He is not stupid if he sets too many irrelevant words, wouldn’t he doubt it?

However, in addition to the total body and the seven basic powers , there is indeed other news.

For example, the process of his being sealed”

Constantine said: “He has three sons, the monitor, the anti-monitor and the The creator of the world, he was building an all-powerful universe level army, preparing to guard against ‘invaders’ from outside the universe, but was betrayed by his three sons.

They colluded with the foreign invaders and turned their mother seal.

I’m sure He lied, the powerhouse outside the universe is not an invader, but like a policeman who manages many multiverses.”

“Hey, this plot is a bit familiar. Ah”

Harry has a weird expression, why did he load up with “Naruto” again?

Why say “again”?

When she met the lantern beast earlier, she found that the lantern beast resembled the tailed beast in Naruto.

Constantine said: “I’ve never heard of monitors, anti-monitors, and worldcasters, and I don’t know anything about the universe, so these messages are of little use to us.”

“It’s useful, I’ve seen the watcher’s messenger recently.”

Next, Harry repeated the ‘Pharaoh Crisis’.

“Ai, go ahead, I’m really tired. Go to my elder sister’s house for dinner first, then go to the Amazon rainforest, and then go back to London. Goodbye.”

Constantine stood up and prepared to leave.

“What are your plans for Papetua?”

A cold light flashed in Constantine’s eyes, “Find someone else who knows and promotes ‘Papetua’. I won’t be His only pawn.”

Harry smiled strangely and said, “That’s too passive, it’s better to be more active.”

Constantine Wary: “What do you want to do?”

Two hours later.

In the front hall of Quinn Manor, the table by the fireplace is full of food, and the Quinn family begins today’s dinner.

Duoduo gnawed on the bones at Harry’s feet, the dog Holy Son squatted on the chair and gnawed on the bones, Selena ate her nutritious meal for pregnant women, and Ivy distributed fruit for everyone – just born fruit.

Originally, there was a dog at home, Duoduo’s grandson Loach, and now he went to Wayne Manor again.

Halle commented on today’s TV news while drinking sweet polenta: “It’s too much to have a statue for me again, the Met has already erected a statue for me twice. It shouldn’t be.”

“Actually, the Metropolis has erected a statue for you three times.” Ivy corrected: “The first Krypton invasion, the second hero meeting, you sacrificed yourself for the Earth people, Surrender to the Green Lantern Legion.

The third time is the Darkseid invasion, this is the fourth time.

But don’t worry about the statue being repeated, today’s statue stands in By the big pool of the Washington Monument.”

“Ai, there are my monuments everywhere, and it’s not good.” Harry smiled and shook his head.

The fat head floated in front of the 98-inch big TV, looking left and right, “Where’s the remote control? I don’t want to watch your news.”

“Press the TV directly. The button below, the red one.” said the dog Holy Son.

“I don’t like watching it either,” it added.

The fat head has a green light tentacle, stretches out and presses it.

“.Golden nuclear bomb, pulling strongly against a crazy tide!” ABC TV was broadcasting live in Brainiac spaceship, the female reporter pointed to the glass bottle hanging from the dome: “Omay, there are 42452 A glass bottle, representing 42,452 civilizations, roughly estimated that there are more than 60 billion people in it.

But now they are all asleep, and the Justice League has not found a way to rescue them.

If Admiral Wuhuan hadn’t been shrewd and decisive, he would have saved the Metropolis first–“

The fat head hurriedly changed the stage.

Fox Economic Channel, which is broadcasting an alien program, the mirror Master in suit and leather shoes, facing the red-skinned alien host, talking eloquently: “Don’t blame me for boasting, this space rescue operation can be successful , mainly on our unrighteous watchers, on Quinn Captain—”

The fat head replaced the next stage.

Gotham News

It changes channels immediately.

NBC entertainment gossip: “Justin Bieber said in an interview at the Met this morning that the fifth ring general’s deeds against Brainiac inspired him to make a Will write a ‘Song of Star Wars’.

This is already the ninth king-level singer on Earth who has publicly stated that he wants to write a song for Admiral Five Rings.

At the same time, A total of five pop queens are writing songs for Superman, and three singers are writing songs for Mirror Master. There is also an Internet singer with 30,000 fans, who ravely praised Bateman’s “mortal body, dare to participate in the battle of the gods” After completing the five-ring admiral’s ‘Cosmic Hero of Beauty and Power’, he wrote a song ‘Brave Bat’ for Bateman.”

“Why is it all news? I’d rather watch cartoons!” Fatto exclaimed.

“It’s half past seven, news golden time. Otherwise, you can try Disney.” Selena suggested.

“We are seriously considering the possibility of animating ‘Admiral Five Rings’. Many children like her and want to play her.

It’s a pity that her image is not as good as Wonder Woman , Superman and other heroes are so distinctive, uniforms are a big problem”

“Harry, Disney got your permission?” Ivy asked.

“Films and TV shows about celebrity biographies, as long as the content comes from public information—newspapers, news, interviews, etc., can be done without the consent of the parties concerned.” Selena said.

“Why is it all about Harley? It’s been a few days since he defeated Brainiac, isn’t it?” Chubby said irritably.

“You can use a tablet to surf the Internet, how many cartoons on puppy videos are not enough for you to watch?” Harry said.

“The tablet is too small, it makes my eyes hurt.”

“Harry—peng peng peng!” There was a hurried knock on the door outside the house, and the voice was Green Lantern. Jordan.

“It’s finally here.” Harry smiled slightly, dumped all the beef shank bones on the plate to Duo Duo, wiped his mouth and stood up, “You guys continue to eat, I have a relationship with Green Lantern. I have business to discuss.”

Opening the door and seeing Hal with a stern expression, she still asked politely, “Have you had dinner yet?”

“Can you prepare it for me? Two chicken and tomato sandwiches to take when I leave.”

Hal said casually, and then asked in a low voice, “Where’s Constantine? The Guardian wants me to take him to Europe immediately at any cost. Ah.”

“He left long ago.”

“Since you reported him, why did you let him leave?” Hal wondered.

“I reported him to remind you that there is a big problem with the Origin Wall, not to send my friend to Oua to be interrogated as a prisoner.” Harry said.

“Harry, the Guardian wants to know exactly what happened to the wall, they’re going to check Constantine’s memory for themselves,” Hal said solemnly.

Harry shrugged, “If you can catch him, I’d love to see him suffer.

But I won’t betray a friend.

In fact, he was there when I reported him to you.”

“What are you trying to do?”

“Call the Guardian out to wash the floor. , repair the cracked wall of origin.”

“I’ll ask the Guardian.” Hal stepped aside, whispered a few words to the ring, and when he returned to Harry, his face was not very good. “The Guardian will lead a group of Green Lanterns to the Wall of Origin and use the power of the Green Lantern to mend the cracks, but they insist on taking out John Constantine.

They say, you leave the Wall of Origin and rely on the power of God, which is No problem.

Constantine left the Wall of Origination, very abnormal, and keeping him would jeopardize the safety of the entire multiverse.”

(end of this chapter)

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