I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 613


Chapter 613 Goodbye Rachel

“Who is ‘Foreman’? Is it Fate Academician?”

Halle gnashing teeth, as if Kent stole her wealth.

“That’s right, he took on the task of ‘leading the messengers of heaven to save Earth’.” The voice of the sky.

“There are still missions? A mission for the mercenaries in heaven?” Harry was surprised again, “I never received a notification.”

“No notification. In the past thousand years, you have It is the only one newly added mercenary in Heaven, and the others have either lived from ancient times to the present, or inherited the family contract.

Without developing mercenaries, naturally there is no need to issue quests to mercenaries.” Voice of the sky.

“What’s going on this time?” Harry asked in confusion.

“If you don’t post a mission, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a mission to do. Every Heavenly mercenary can take the initiative to apply for a mission to Heaven at all times.” said Tian Zhi.

“That is to say, Heaven will no longer take the initiative to send tasks to mercenaries, but it will not watch mercenaries ‘starve to death’. As long as they are willing to work, they can always ‘find jobs’? If mercenaries If you don’t find you, you will always ignore him?” Harry said.

“That’s pretty much what it means.”

“You didn’t tell me that before!” Harry complained.

“Even if you came here looking for quests, I would only issue quests to guard heaven or cut down Monsters, eliminate Demons. But you’ve actually been doing exorcism quests, and you’re doing pretty well.” voice.

Harry’s face changed for a while, and she gritted her teeth: “No matter how much Destiny Academician asks for this ‘Multiverse Crisis Project’, I will double it and give you 60 points afterwards, how about it?”

The Voice of Heaven, which has always been answering questions immediately, seems to be down and has not responded for a long time.

“Hey, Voice of the Sky, are you still here? Don’t you understand? It’s the Fate Academician. If you get 100 points of merit, I want 200 points, but I’ll give you 120 points quietly.

I’m 80, you are 120, you earn more than me working hard.” Harry explained patiently.

“This is heaven, Harley Quinn, you are blaspheming!” the voice of heaven said indifferently.

“You are blasphemous!” Harry exclaimed, “You are the voice of heaven, and the voice of heaven is God’s spokesperson. If I give you cash back, doesn’t it mean that I am saving costs for heaven?

You’re better, let alone bidding, you don’t even engage in escorting bids, and you secretly send out big projects that are related to the safety of the multiverse. Does Fate Academician have a special relationship with you?”

“If you continue to mess around, today’s meeting will end, and you won’t be able to communicate with the Voice of Heaven for the next three years.” There was no emotion in the voice of the Voice of Heaven.

“Okay, let’s not talk about Fate Academician, you tell me which big guy in Silver City is in charge of this matter, I will directly talk to him about the project.” Harry said.

The next second, world Heaven and Earth turning upside down, Harry went from the holy light splendid ‘outside’ of Silver City to an endless green space that stretches across the void and is surrounded by several galaxies.

“Demoness Harley, you want to talk to me about a project?” A rumbling voice came from the end of the earth.

“Ghost?” Harry didn’t see his face, but his voice and strength reminded her of letting go of the messenger bird back then, claiming to fight Xiao Heidou one-on-one, and then pulling the mountain out. A ghost that only plucked up a single hair of the little black bean.

“Very good, I know it’s me.”

The voice of the ghost is like the sound of creation, his torso is bigger than the Milky Way, and it is horizontal in the void of the universe. around him.

β€”β€”This guy is also a force king!

Haley complained in her heart and said, “The Academician of Destiny may be better than me, but in terms of interpersonal relationships, I am far beyond him.

I am friends with the Justice League. , is also the fixed leader in the time of Earth’s crisis – the real power five-ring general, commanding all Earth’s transcenders.

When the messenger of the monitor came to Earth, the first person to look for was me, not Kent, already Pretty telling.

So, I feel like I’m better suited to be the Heavenly Chief-In-Charge for this rescue operation than Fate Academician.”

The ghost is God’s vengeance Ling may have the bad habit of bragging and pretending to be coercive, but punishing evil and promoting good, resenting evil as enmity, being upright, and being selfless are his basic characters.

Faced with this kind of “heaven’s bag”, Harry will not bribe him with 60 points of cash back as long as he has a normal mind.

“No!” The ghost firmly refused.

“Why? Where am I wrong, or what decisive advantage does he have?”

“You are right, apart from being more familiar with the magical world, he has no Too much advantage, but fate Academician is my friend, this reason is enough.” Ghost said generously.

Harry’s pretty face is distorted, going to such a “heaven”, so upright and selfless.

The foreigners don’t like this kind of thing!

“Look if this works, I’ll give you 60 points of cash back. Well, no matter how much merit I get from heaven, I’ll let you take 60% of the 60% first.

Of course, you may not care about that little money, Ghost Boss.

I can rely on you, let’s form a ‘Specter Party’, and you will be the leader.

The role of the Spectre Party in the City of Silver As with the organization, like the American political party, I support you running for a higher office, like, Prime Minister of the City of Silver?”

“Demoness Harley, shut your mouth of the voice of depravity, I am How could the vengeful spirit of God care about money and power?!” The ghost roared and roared.

“You are the spirit of vengeance, why are you still nepotism, only choosing friends, not the most correct person?”

The ghost said proudly: “I understand, no matter the crisis What is it, what preparations did the Earth people do, and who do you have? It doesn’t matter.

The key to this crisis is me!

Once I make a move, it will be very easy.

I don’t need help, and I don’t need a plan. Don’t blame me for speaking badly, you Earth, who is qualified to be my comrade-in-arms?

In this case, ‘Heaven and Earth’s liaison ‘ The only task is to shout ‘ghost’ at the most critical moment, bring me to the battlefield, bring the storm to an end, and help the building fall.

This task, very simple, who You can do it.

But the Academician of Fate has one thing better than you, he is my friend, he is familiar with my strength and style, and can find the best time to shoot.”

β€”β€” Find the best time for you to pretend to be a big guy?

Harry has 10,000 grooves in her heart and wants to vomit, but considering that she is standing on someone’s body now

“Ai, it makes sense, I was persuaded and sent me away Let’s do it.”

The next second, Heaven and Earth turning upside down, Space Change, she returned to the top of Paradise Mountain facing the City of Silver.

“Voice of Heaven, I want to report to you that the ghost is acting cool and embarrassing.”

“He is the main force in dealing with this crisis. If you think he has If there is anything wrong, you can confront him face to face.” Voice of Heaven indifferently said.

“Confrontation? You’re ruthless! Well, he’s very good, I completely trust him to pull strongly against a crazy tide.” Harry twitched his lips, “Voice of the sky, I want to apply for a special mission -During a multiverse crisis, I will act as an emissary of the City of Silver, and all the glory I earn will go to God.

Is it possible?”

“You can With the ghost action, according to the actual effect, you can get the corresponding merit.” The voice of the sky.

“You should have told me about this kind of sure-win business!” Harry complained, “I can take the Kryptonian Crisis, Darkseid Crisis, Green Lantern Crisis, Blaney All the glory of the Ark crisis is handed over to God.”

She felt that she lost tens of billions.

The Voice of Heaven: “God does not deceive believers.

The ghost is the messenger of God and he will indeed play a major role in this crisis, so glory to God.


In the previous Kryptonian invasion and the Darkseid crisis, Heaven didn’t get involved.

It doesn’t belong to Heaven’s glory, Heaven doesn’t want it.

You yourself The glory of God cannot be attributed to heaven, because you are not a heavenly messenger, nor God’s spokesperson on earth.”

“Can I apply to be a heavenly spokesperson?” Harry asked.

“In principle, yes, but you must stick to God’s teachings. Any behavior that violates the teachings will serve as a bad example, and merits will be deducted according to the severity of the impact.”

Harley stopped talking, she tossed herself into a cultivator of painstaking cultivation for a little merit, and she did it only because she was stupid.

“I want to see Rachel.” She stated the main purpose of the trip.

This time, the Voice of Heaven hesitated for a while before saying: “You can see her, but she is in a special place in Silver City at this time and cannot move freely for the time being.

If you want to see her, you can only enter the City of Silver yourself.

You were originally not qualified to enter the city, but this time I can make an exception for you, and this time, it will directly transfer you to the Pool of the Afterlife. “

Harry was startled, “Pool of the afterlife, what do you mean? Rachel is reincarnating?”

“Are you listening to me or her?”

“Okay, you can send me there immediately.” Harry said.

The golden holy light not only filled her vision, but also made her body feel the burn from outside to inside.

Each cell seems to be beating in flames.

It’s like the cells are about to explode from corn kernels into popcorn, not in volume expansion, but in deeper layers

“What’s wrong with my body?” Halle’s spiritual sense didn’t appear Crisis warning, no use of God force field.

After all, it is being teleported at the moment, and it would be bad if it broke free from the “power of God” of the voice of the sky and fell into the gap between time and space.

“This is the frequency up of the fleshy body. When the body of a mortal enters the Divine Domain, the frequency will increase, and when it enters the mortal world from the Divine Domain, the frequency will decrease.” The voice of the sky.

“What exactly is the frequency?”

Harry has heard this statement many times, but those “Spiritual God” don’t know what the frequency is, they only know from Divine Domain to mortal, fleshy body will change, and vice versa.

“Thinking or matter, who fluctuates faster? We can simply understand fluctuation as change, and the speed of fluctuation is the frequency.”

“Thinking changes faster.” Halle looked thoughtful.

“The Lingbo Prison is the dimension of thinking, in which matter must exist, either the body can be thoughtful and adapted to the environment of the Lingbo prison, or the body can resist the erosion of thinking.

Thinking body can instantly recover from injury, immortality, strength is always at the peak, magic power is more flexible than fingers. These are the characteristics of thinking.

But the foundation of thinking body is also weaker.


Mortals can completely disappear the mighty Spiritual God just by thinking – forgotten by mortals, Spiritual God will die immediately.

But the most powerful Divine King, without using extraordinary power, It’s impossible to let mortals lose a single hair through thinking and imagination.”

The voice of the sky barely fell, Harley’s body mutation was over, the golden light disappeared in front of her eyes, and she appeared by the pool with gold tiles .

This is an open-air small courtyard with forty-fifty square meters.

A small pond built of gold bricks was dug in the center, the size of three double beds side by side.

The pool is pure golden liquid, bubbling like it’s boiling.

“Harry, you’re here.” It was Rachel’s voice, coming from the fleshy membrane of a lump of pink in the pool.

(end of this chapter)

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