I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 615


Chapter 615 The Grinding Fairy

Quinn Manor.

A garden in the afternoon in mid-December.

Three lounge chairs in the bright winter sun, surrounded by colorful exotic flowers and rare herbs, Fruit Tree green vines.

Selena was knitting a small sweater, Harry was wearing sunglasses and didn’t speak, and she didn’t know if she was asleep.

Ivy squatted by the coffee table, brewing milk tea for several people.

There is a huge green shark in the sky, playing in circles like a fool. In the back room not far away, there is the sound of reading aloud by the dog Holy Son.

The atmosphere of the estate is harmonious and peaceful.

Ivy put the milk tea and a stack of small snacks by Harry’s right hand, her eyes flashed slightly, and she asked softly, “Have you seen Rachel? What did you say?”

“Said a lot, about her suffering in hell, and about her expectations for the future.” Halle briefly recounted Rachel’s experience.

“You don’t seem too happy for her to be a saint?” Selena squinted.

“No, I have no prejudice against saints. In fact, I admire sanctified mortals from the bottom of my heart.”

To be a Holy Spirit, one must be sublimated in thought, Then the soul evolves in essence.

It is impossible to achieve this by deceit and foolish faith.

Regardless of whether the doctrine of God is good or bad, every believer who becomes a Holy Spirit must at least achieve the unity of knowledge and action, and the inside and the outside are the same.

They know what they’re looking for and what they want, and they become who they want to be.

No matter what kind of religious culture or philosophical thought, this kind of realm is extremely rare and worthy of respect.

Harry didn’t know much about Holy Spirit before, because she didn’t understand and had prejudice against God’s teachings.

Now she respects them because after she understands it, she is convinced that she can’t do it – it’s not that she can’t be devout and believe in God, believing or not God is not really important, the important thing is ‘living through’ .

“I don’t like the way she’s a saint though. City of Silver is so rude about it, and the role of God is disgraceful, I’m not even sure which ‘God’ is in the plan.” Harry sighed.

“You told her that?” Ivy asked.

Harry shook her head, “Speaking ill of God to the saints, when I have a problem with my brain? And what’s the use of saying it?”

“She lives in silver Now, what’s the future?” Ivy asked again.

“Well, Rachel isn’t actually dead, she’s ‘reincarnating’ in the City of Silver right now, and she’ll be back to Earth in a while, I’ve agreed with her, when the time comes come to us Manor.” Harry said.

A shadow quickly flashed in Ivy’s eyes, “Perhaps, it is more suitable for her to live in a church and live in a manor all year round. She can get used to some of our behaviors?”

“We What are you doing now that you can’t see the light and God?”

Ivy snapped her fingers and said: “We play black magic, summon the devil, play with the soul;

We secretly control Gotham, arrest the disobedient bastard to make flower fertilizer;

We often go to Arkham to torture criminals, and recently you are planning to visit other city prisons to provide ‘psychological medical’ services for local super criminals;

The Quinn family is also spread across the cities of the United States, even if they are not involved in the underworld, they also play a pivotal role in the local community; devil beast meat, wine from the king’s cellar. It’s common to eat hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for a meal;


“etc. Wait!” Selena couldn’t accept it, raised her hand to stop her, “Are we so bad? Even if you are bad, but I am a superhero.

On the puppy video network and various On the big social media, there is my ‘Flying Batcat’ section.”

“You still have grievances?” Ivy sneered and sneered, “It’s you who talk about extravagance!

Harry and I also buy some otherworldly food from time to time to improve our meals, but you eat every day, every day, not only eat, but also like to wear otherworldly clothes and jewelry.

Just say this Don Gubao, didn’t you ask for it?”

“I admit that I eat a lot, but I’m pregnant, and it’s all for the sake of children!” Selena cried.

“If it’s really for Helena, I’ll tell you?” Ivy glared at her, “Three months ago, we listed you in Oblivion Bar and bought Giant Milk, Divine Beast Milk at a high price. , giant dragon milk, did I say you are extravagant?

The otherworldly magic foods you eat are all to make you younger, with more collagen on your face, less wrinkles, and a faster recovery after childbirth. “

“You and Harry are magicians, with a long lifespan and eternal youth. I’m a mortal, what can I do if I don’t eat magic food?” Selena said aggrieved.

“I didn’t say you shouldn’t eat it. I bought a lot of food for you! But you shouldn’t be extravagant while flaunting yourself as a virtuous superhero.” Ivy said.

“Well, I was wrong, I’m just as sinful as you, and when the time comes let’s go to hell together.” Selena sighed.

Ivy ignored her, turned to Harry, and continued the previous topic, “We are obviously not good people, I’m afraid Rachel is not used to living in the manor.”

Selena Immediately said: “Let her live in first, and then wait until you’re not used to it.”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Ivy proudly.

“Ivy, I have to criticize you,” Harry leaned on his arm and drank a sip of milk tea, “Now just turn on the TV, and you can see the people of the world sing praises to us – me and You, not including Selena.

We are not good people, who are?”

“Halle, you didn’t say that before,” Ivy cried, “You keep saying that we have to be self-aware, that we are not the same as superheroes, we just need to live comfortably.

Being a hero and saving the world, just because the world is ours too.

Also, we have more resources in Earth than everyone else, live better lives, and don’t want the existing order to be broken.”

β€œI doβ€”hey, wait. Wait!” Harry looked solemn, put down the glass, his eyes sharply looked towards the sky, “Ivy, did you feel the time and space vibrate?”


“Just now, it seems” Harry thought, “It’s like I live in a castle, someone kicked hard outside, kicked the wall, and the place where he was kicked wasβ€””

“Beep beep beep”

“Learning and learning is a great pleasure, Master Harley, your cell phone is ringing.” The dog Holy Son put down the “Analects of Confucius” book and shouted to the outsider.

Uh, yes, Yebby is reading the Analects.

The owner of Harley hopes that it will learn from the past and the present, learn Chinese and Western, become a great philosopher, and start preaching after forming a set of mature ideas.

“Bring it to me.”

Harry had an inexplicable feeling that the call was related to the time-space shock just now.

“I want to read.” Dog Holy Son said.

After finishing speaking, it began to read aloud again.


Harry reached out and patted the Holy Mother’s head.

“Wang Wang.” Duoduo Sa Huanzi ran into the house, biting his phone and running out.

Taking over the phone and wiping the drool on Duoduo’s soft fur, Harry pressed the answer button, “Steve, what’s the matter?”

Yes , is Heavenly Eye’s call to Chief-In-Charge Steve Trevor.

“Miss Congressman, just now, a strange thing happened to the watchtower, you’d better go there immediately.” Steve said solemnly.

“Was it two minutes ago?” Harry asked.

“You know?” Steve was startled, and then he wondered: “Zhenglian contacted you? No, they are quietly researching it and haven’t planned to disclose it yet.”

“The time and space are touched, I feel something.” He explained casually, and Harry also wondered: “Since Zhenglian has not made it public, how did you know what happened on the watchtower just now?

You’re not right on the watchtower, are you?”

The watchtower is the site of the Justice League, but the headquarters of the Heavenly Eye Society is in Washington.

As Heavenly Eye’s Chief-In-Charge, Steve should be based in Washington.

“I’m at the Heavenly Eye meeting, it’s a notification from an informant,” Steve said.

“You have an informant in Zhenglian? Let me startled.” Harry said strangely.

β€œThe Zhenglian has never stopped secret activities, and the White House has always wanted to know what they are doing. As the leader of the Heavenly Eye Association, it is normal to add a few sands to the Zhenglian team?”

“We always thought that you were the biggest ‘sand’ within the government.” Halle said with a smile.

“Director Quinn, my heart is for justice and loyalty to the motherland.” Steve said solemnly.

“In the end you’re not going to please both of you.” Harry groaned.

“That’s because I’m the first Chief-In-Charge of Heavenly Eye.” Steve sighed.

Wait for him to step down and other Chief-In-Charge to come to power, Zhenglian and the U.S. government will miss him and ‘posthumously seal’ him as the best Heavenly Eye Club Chief-In-Charge.

Harry hung up the phone and shouted into the room, “Dude, Yebby, come out, I’m going to the watchtower!”

“I want to read!”

“You have to combine work and rest, hurry up, don’t linger!”

The dog Holy Son had no choice but to put down the book and ran out with his head drooping.

Harry stepped up, extending a metal chain “sou sou” around her wrist, wrapping a bridle around the dog Holy Son’s head.

This is a Divine Item snatched from the Fairy Bazaar by the Infinitely Extensible Chain of Enlusa.

It is said to be one of the three most valuable collections of the vampire demon Enlusa, and has a small reputation in the entire magic world.

Because Enrusa is a servant of the legendary Goddess Hecate.

Harry’s teacher, Asar Goddess, was also one of Hecate’s maids in the early years

“Hey, ah, what are you doing?” Perceiving the aura of space fluctuation, Harry Hastily pulled the ‘rein’ and cried.

“Aren’t you going to the watchtower? I’m about to start Spatial Teleportation.” Dog Holy Son wondered.

“The teleportation is instantaneous, no feeling, you have to fly.” Harry said.

The dog Holy Son knew that he couldn’t beat her, so he controlled the Wind Elements to gather under him, galloping with all his four legs, and the speed instantly broke through the sound barrier, but no sonic boom came out.

“It’s not good, it’s dry, there’s no atmosphere.” Harry cried again, “You have to condense a cloud of white clouds under you to be worthy of my ‘immortal’. Identity.”

For Holy Son, a dog who excels at manipulating the elements of magic, it’s pretty simple.

But after running for a while, Harry picked on the prick again, “Dude, I don’t want you to do a somersault a million miles apart, but I’m in a hurry, can you hurry?”

β€”β€”You’re in a hurry and won’t let me teleport? !

The dog Holy Son was suffocated in his heart, and he increased his strength, almost ten times the speed of sound, so fast that only a white line could be seen.

Harry was dissatisfied again, “So fast, how can mortals on the ground see my lithe and graceful fairy?”

“Do you want to be fast or slow?” The dog Holy Son is vomiting blood.

“I have to be fast, my time is precious. At the same time, it looks very slow, so that outsiders can see clearly. No one else can see it, so how can I be envious of me?” Harry said.

(end of this chapter)

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