I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 616


Chapter 616 Watchtower Daily

Earth Synchronous Orbit, Watchtower.

Four heroes are on duty in the monitoring room.

Two men and two women, just assigned to a group today, the atmosphere is not too warm, no one speaks.

“It’s the first time we meet, let’s introduce each other.” As Small Captain, Atom first explained his origins and abilities.

He is also a veteran hero of Star City. He debuted nearly two years ago and has long since become a B-Rank hero of Puppy Video Online.

“I’m torch. I’m currently stationed in Hawaii and can control fire.” The red-haired, blue-eyed American girl said excitedly and nervously.

She is about twenty four-five, about 1.65 meters tall, with a square face, not coquettish, but very beautiful with red hair.

Like Green Lantern, she only wears a red eye patch in the eye socket, and she wears a sexy corset and tight leather pants, all red, with two snow-white arms and most of her chest exposed. very sexy.

“I know a male torch who died in the Apocalypse Invasion War, and I attended his funeral.” Atomic man Ray Palmer stared at the woman with a complicated tone.

The red-haired woman was silent for a moment, then said sadly: “He is my big brother, and I am a second-generation torch.”

“Your big brother is a hero, and your achievements will surpass him .” “Old Hero” Palmer comforted.

“Thank you, I will try my best.” Torch said energetically.

The third person who introduced himself wore a red leather tights, a green cape over his shoulders, and a golden star on his chest.

“I am Star Man, resident in Opal City, my ability comes from a magical star power cane, which can counteract gravity, and can also pull Power of Starlight to enhance meβ€””

Atom raised his hand to interrupt him and said solemnly: “Xing Xia, unless it is a physical mutation, you don’t need to fully disclose the source of your ability. This is your secret, and it must be kept secret.”

“You are all heroes.” Xingxia looked puzzled.

A few months after his debut, he accidentally got a star staff of unknown origin, acquired superpowers, and immediately applied to Zhenglian for ‘enforcement rights’ (seeking Zhenglian heroes for guarantee), and became an official. of superheroes.

“We are heroes, but we are also human beings, and we may make mistakes. If anyone leaks your tongue and leaks your secrets to let your nemesis know, you will be in trouble.” Xingxia said.

“But I’m not dead yet.” Xing Xia’s face was a little disappointed and a little ashamed.

A hero who doesn’t seem to have a lifelong enemy would be ashamed.

“Not now, but sooner or later. Believe me, every hero has a deadly enemy.” The Atom said seriously.

“Can my nemesis be as famous as Luther, the Joker, the Leopard Girl, or the Rogue Gang?” Star Man looked forward to.

The Atomic Man is dumbfounded. My nemesis is not so well-known. What are you thinking, a newcomer?

“According to my statistics, the bigger and more chaotic the city is, the more capable the hero’s nemesis is, and the more capable it is, the more famous it is.” Torch said with experience.

Although she follows the advice of the agency and dresses up sexy and enchanting, she is not a vase herself, and has an Academician degree in geology.

“Opal is only a third-tier city, with simple folk customs and few crimes.” Xingxia looked sad, “You said, should I change a city? For example, Gotham?”

“I also want to go to Gotham, I was born in Manhattan.” Torch said excitedly.

“Don’t,” Atom quickly waved his hand to dissuade him, “there is an unwritten rule in the world of heroes, one person guards one city, and it is not a major disaster, so it is best not to interfere with the daily activities of local heroes.


In addition, Gotham belongs to Bateman, who is a giant.”

“Can I go to Jersey City next door? Hawaii is so peaceful and peaceful.” Torch said.

“There are no heroes stationed in Jersey City at the moment. You can ask Bateman after get off work. He also often goes to Jersey City next door to do missions.” Atom said.

“Actually, if you want to be famous, you just need to find the right way. You don’t need to choose a big city or a good match.” The tall woman who had not spoken all the time said indifferently.

She is more than two meters tall, not only tall, but also very strong, roughly estimated to be three hundred pounds, all muscles.

“Oh, sorry, we were just talking and forgetting that you haven’t introduced yourself yet, Big Barta.” Atomic Man apologized.

Big Barda said to him nodded, neither too fast nor too slow: “My name is Big Barta, from Apocalypse, the new Divine Race.”

“Ah, Apocalypse Apocalypse Star? Darkseid’s Apocalypse?”

In addition to Atom, the other two heroes exclaimed.

The Atom explained: “Apocalypse is an infinite planet with aboriginal people rebelling against Darkseid’s evil rule. Just like Earth has the Justice League, it also has super criminals.


Da Barta is a hero with a righteous heart.”

β€œI’m not a hero, only because my husband, Mr. Miracle, wants to be a hero, so I came to Zhenglian to check in to work.” Big Barta said frankly.

“Mr. Miracle. I haven’t heard of it.” torch muttered.

“We just came to Earth not long ago, and only did a few missions with Superman.” Big Barda said.

A few people are in awe, and if they can go on a mission with Superman, they must be the boss.

It’s not in terms of ability, they don’t doubt the ability of the new gods, it’s mainly a big boss-level relationship network – Superman’s friend!

“Why did you come to settle in Earth?” Starman said curiously.

Big Barda said: “Earth thwarted Darkseid’s invasion and can protect us.

My husband is from Genesis, Darkseid’s adopted son. , and I’m the Captain of the Vengeance Goddess squad.

We defected, and Darkseid was bound to be angry, and Earth was not afraid of his anger.”

“Because of the golden nuclear bomb?” torch one Vice with a proud expression of pride.

“Because of the Justice League.” Big Barda said seriously.

Torch looked at Gao Zhuang’s “Vengeance Goddess” and wanted to ask: Are you talking like this for political correctness?

Zhenglian is of course powerful, but it is clear that the golden nuclear bomb is more deterrent.

That’s what the news says.

A media may deceive people or be bribed, but the aliens also report this way

“Could it be that in Apocalypse, the deterrent of the Justice League is stronger than the golden nuclear bomb?” Star Man Also suspicious.

Big Barda sighed: “The Justice League will fight Darkseid to the end for the justice of others. The golden nuclear bomb is more willing to hand over our husband and wife in exchange for the peace of Earth.”

“Oh” a few heroes suddenly realized, “It’s very possible.”

“Big Barda, you just said that you don’t need a big city, you can do it.” ‘Speak out.

Big Barda’s face was calm, without contempt or other expressions, “I found a chance to pop up a mission with the golden core, and I became famous.

For example, the reputation was heard by the younger half. Neural Academician and Mirror Master of the universe.

Even super criminals can turn themselves into ‘Earth heroes’, ‘Galactic heroes’, of course you can too.”

torch eyes shined, and Depressedly shaking his head, he said, “This method is not bad, but the golden nuclear bomb will not give us a ‘hero order’!”

“I have been in Earth for a few months, and I can see that superheroes are more resistant to golden nuclear bombs. At least stay away.” Big Barta said hesitantly.

“She is the godfather of Gotham and likes to use black magic to send disobedient people to hell.” Torch said with a complicated expression.

“She once burned an enemy into ashes, made a toilet, and put it in the Arkham Asylum for everyone to use.” Xingxia said with fearful eyes.

The Atom also had a solemn expression and said: “I have spent a lot of effort to defeat a super villain Kundo who is proficient in martial arts and rules Star City casinos and pornographic venues.

We fought with each other many times, he was arrested many times, and easily released in various ways.

At that time, he was my nemesis, like the Joker was to Bateman, who seemed to be entangled. Forever.

The night when the news broke that Legion signed a ‘peace treaty’ with Admiral Five Rings, he seemed to have attended a banquet, was drunk, was very excited, and shouted proudly to me that he was Sa The boss of Boss Sass, and the boss of Boss Sass is the general of the fifth ring, and even the space police can’t help Boss Quinn.

Two days later, he hanged himself in prison with his long pants.

Later, I found out that the star real estate tycoon, Senator Victor Sass, is indeed a Gotham native and a member of the Quinn family.”

“You said that Sass is a Senator. ?”

“Well, he’s a city councilman and is currently considering running for mayor. Then I teamed up with Green Lantern and watched him for a long time and found nothing.

What he does is completely legitimate business, real estate, hotels, and tourism are ten times cleaner than other members.

But at the same time, we also found that all the people in Star City are very secretive about him and are very afraid of him.

Later, I joined Zhenglian. When I talked to other heroes about this, they were very surprised, and they all checked it in their own city.

I don’t know if I didn’t check it. Let’s jump.

Many of the top tycoons in the political and business world have some sort of mysterious connection with the Quinn family.” The Atom sighed.

The expressions of several heroes were heavy, and the monitoring room was silent.

“I was going to suggest you guys, when others avoid Harley Quinn, take the initiative to approach Harley Quinn and make a good impression, then” Big Barda shook her head and didn’t say any more.

There was another long silence in the room.

The “di di di” monitoring station suddenly issued an urgent alarm.

“A UFO is approaching the watchtower fast, from Earth, ah, so fast, it’s coming-“

Torch’s exclamation has not stopped, the four The hero has seen the silhouette of the visitor through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

“Harley Quinn!”

“Admiral of the Five Rings.”

“Golden Bomb!”

Various titles , the same surprise.

It is not uncommon to see her in outer space, but what is strange is the way she arrived: a cloud of white clouds holds a golden retriever, an admiral with five rings, a wide-sleeved long skirt, purple clothed fluttering, Sitting sideways on the Golden Retriever’s back.

A group of foreigners thought it was very strange: is this the cloud dragging the dog and the man, or the dog carrying the man and the cloud, or the man leading the dog and the man? Yunfei? Where do the clouds come from in the dark outer space? So abrupt.

What’s even more strange is that the Yungou people are extremely fast.

Across the distance, even the casual and indifferent expressions on people’s faces can be clearly seen.

When a few people were dazed, the Yungou people had passed through the special glass that is said to be able to resist the energy cannon like a shadow, and entered the interior of the watchtower.

“Someone!” Admiral Wuhuan called.

The heroes on duty came back to his senses, ran out of the monitoring room and found her in the leisure area.

The cloud under the dog is slowly dissipating, the five rings will shake his wrist, and the bridle chain shua shua retracts, turning into a brass bracelet.

“Take me to see Superman and Bateman, and bring me a plate of meat and bones for my dog.”

“Forget the meat and bones, give me a glass of jelly. Martini.”

The dog Holy Son took a window seat and took out the Analects, lightly said.

(end of this chapter)

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