I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 617


Chapter 617 Alexander Luther Jr.

“Harley Quinn, I’m not a waiter!”

Big Barta first came back to his senses from his amazement at the ‘cloud dog flying’, talking big dog, both hands crossed near chest indifferently said.

“Oh, Vengeance Goddess, you’ve come to the watchtower to be a hero too?”

Harry looked curiously at the big woman, so tall and strong, Yao Ming with Schwarzenegger muscles!

As expected of Captain Vengeance Goddess.

“I didn’t use you as waiters either. Let the waiters at the watchtower come out.”

She had already received a report from the Heavenly Eye Club, but she saw Da Ba Daoist, but for the first time.

“There is no waiter in the watchtower.” Atomic man said.

“Do you guys drink coffee, eat sandwiches, and order takeout?”

Torch raised his hand, “I can make coffee and cook. When I’m on duty, I’m in charge of preparing food for my teammates. Food.”

After she finished speaking, she deng deng deng ran away.

Xingxia looked at Apocalypse Goddess, and then at Captain, the “big guy”, hesitantly said: “I’ll lead Miss Quinn to the test area?”

Atom hesitated for a moment , only gently nod.

“Bada, leave a phone call, let’s go to the ring to fight when you have time.”

Harry took out her phone and said to Vengeance Goddess with a smile.

Bada’s eyes shined, be eager to have a try: “just to my liking, well, I’ll be free tomorrow.”

She took out a The tape-sized mother box touched Harley’s cell phone, and the cell phone signal was collected, analyzed, and recorded.

“ding dong!” A text message was sent to Halle’s mobile phone, which was Da Barta’s mobile phone number and social account.

“Okay, you come to see me at Quinn Manor tomorrow, do you play an open tournament or a secret fight?” Harry put away his phone and asked.

“I want to knock you down in public, do you mind?” Big Barta raised her chin slightly and looked down at her defiantly.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll only be happier if you can beat me,” Harry said.

“Okay, I choose the Open, tomorrow afternoon.” Big Barta said seriously.

Leaving the coffee shop and on the way to the laboratory, Xingxia couldn’t help but said, “Miss Quinn, I’ve watched many ‘King of Fighters’ fights, and you’ve never used superpowers in the ring.

Can you defeat the strongest female warrior of Apocalypse by fighting with your body?”

“80% of the time, Big Barda is the well-known figure of the new gods, the physique and the Wonder Woman. The difference seems to be that Xia is much stronger than me.

Her fighting skills are tempered from the worst environment in the universe, surpassing all martial artists in Earth.

And She is 250 years old this year, and she has more combat experience than I do not know.” Harley said frankly.

“Then you still challenge her? In case you lose,” Xingxia looked worried.

Although in the previous chat, several people discussed the dark side of the five-ring admiral, which can maintain the deterrence of the golden nuclear bomb, in fact, it is beneficial to the whole Earth, he really does not want her to lose in public .

Harley said in disapproval: “I can’t beat Superman, I’m not the opponent of Wonder Woman, Aquaman also surpasses me in physique, I’ve never been the number one in martial power, don’t hide it, everyone knows it. “

“But you have never lost, and it is best not to be defeated publicly.” Xingxia excitedly said.

“Fear of failure, sooner or later you will fail miserably,” Harry said.

Big Barda is just the beginning, she will continue to challenge all heroes and super criminals.

When the time comes I don’t know how many games I’ll lose.

As for the face of the golden nuclear bomb, the multiverse crisis is coming, no matter who is the black hand who directed the crisis, as long as she is level 80 and has an extra defense expertise, it will increase the confidence to face it.

No matter how many solo fights you lose now, as long as you are pulling strongly against a crazy tide in a crisis, who doesn’t look up to her?

On the contrary, if you maintain the vanity of the golden nuclear bomb now, you may lose your life in the crisis.

Even if she doesn’t consider the impending crisis, she doesn’t care about the reputation of the golden nuclear bomb simply for the sake of rank.

Strength is the foundation of fame, and fame is just the embellishment of life.

The two were talking and had come to the door of the central laboratory. Bateman was notified and was standing outside the door with a serious expression.

“The crisis is real.” Bateman said in a complicated tone as he waved Xingxia away.

“What happened to the watchtower?” Harry asked.

“It’s hard to say, you’ll understand after you see it.”

Bateman didn’t ask where she got the news about the watchtower mutation, he just opened the door and took her with him. to the innermost sterile isolation chamber.

The 30-square-meter glass room is empty, and there are two things: a swaddle on the table, and a metal warhead more than one meter high and thick – with a cabin inside, like an aircraft.

A group of heroes gathered outside, all watching Superman in protective clothing, checking the body of the little baby inside.

“About 10 minutes ago, this small airship burst into the central hall of the watchtower with a baby inside.”

Battman said, opening the tablet, “There is his identity and origin on the spaceship.”

A video appeared on the screen, a man with a red beard and a bald head and a beautiful woman with curly hair, hugging each other tightly.

The woman was sad and weeping, and the bald man’s eyes were desperate, but his emotions were still under control.

He said solemnly: “Hello, Earth 0 heroes, I am Earth 3, my name is Lex Luthor, and by my side is Lois Lane, my wife”

“Luther and Louise?! This”

Harry covered her mouth and whispered, and her eyes looked strangely towards Superman in the room.

β€œNow my universe, my Earth, is rapidly being destroyed, time is urgent, I will make a long story short.

Like you, I am also a superhero, arming myself with technological equipment Hero.

I am still a scientist.

I wonder if you have noticed other universes. I discovered the existence of other Earths and other dimensions five years ago, and gave every Each Earth is simply named.

I call your Earth Earth 0 because your Earth is very special and located at the very center.

It seems to be the main universe of all parallel universes , which is the starting point of the multiverse.

Different universes with different vibration frequencies are not well differentiated, the sky is disappearing, there is no time!

I put all the theories I have developed It’s all in the database, you can see for yourself.

In short, I invented a machine that travels through different universes, it can collect public signals in the universe, lock the gathering place of Earth heroes, and then send it to Earth 0 Hero Station.

It’s a pity it’s just a prototype and can carry a kitten or puppy – I was going to experiment with animals first, but now I’m hoping it’ll work the first time and safely take my new The born son was delivered safely to his destination.

His name is Alexander Luthor, the only survivor of our Earth, our universe.

I believe you can take good care of him, Because you are heroes of justice, thank you!”

After that, Bateman played another video, the video of Earth 3 being destroyed: endless white light forms an endless wall, wherever it goes , high-rise buildings, the earth and sky, human and livestock. All physical substances are annihilated into nothingness, like a painting being erased by an eraser.

Luthor is indeed a superhero.

In other words, in the video, he is wearing a uniform with a huge “L” on the chest and flying in the sky with a rocket backpack, looking like a hero.

Luthor’s voice-over sounds desperate and incomprehensible: “I don’t know where they came from, but I know what they are, they’re all antimatter energy!

Antimatter particles When it meets a positive matter particle, it immediately annihilates into a pair of photons, which is how the white light in the sky comes.

I have spent years studying antimatter, but I have not found a single antimatter particle. Now this covers the entire universe. Where do the antimatter walls and countless antimatter energies come from?

And after the encounter between positive and negative matter, it only annihilates into a faint white light, and no more intense energy fluctuations erupt, indicating that some people have this phenomenon. Control, who directed all this?”

The video is not long, it’s not that Earth 3’s ‘hero Luthor’ doesn’t want to continue the “narration”, but the antimatter wall is advancing too fast, annihilating the process of Earth Also only a few minutes.

“This is the multiverse crisis that Pharaoh created? Too terrifying.” Wonder Woman came over and asked in a low voice.

Harry frowned and shook her head, “I don’t know if he came up with it. Antimatter is not the field that the ‘past tense’ Pharaoh is good at.”

“What kind of technology does he have? ‘ The Flash asked.

“Mainly researching genetic engineering, biological cloning, tachyons, teleportation, quantum.”

“No problem!” Superman shouted after finishing his work and holding the baby : “He does not carry abnormal germs and antimatter, and the germs on our side will not cause fatal harm to him, so the quarantine can be revoked.”

The hero Luther has a red beard, and this little baby has a handful Sparse red hair.

Pudgy white, bright eyes, very cute, very smart.

“Superman, how do you feel?” Harry touched Dachao and asked strangely.

“What does it feel like?”

“Holding Luthor and Louise’s son.”

“Just the same name.” Superman shook his head in disapproval , “The world is different, so are the people.”

“Hey, this represents a probability.”

Second day afternoon, Washington, the headquarters of the Heavenly Eye Club, ‘Heroes Club’ is about to be held.

An oval conference table, the chief executive is empty, and several giants are sitting on the same side, Stone Academician (Steel Daddy), Lex Luthor and other scientists from the Red Room Laboratory Sit on the other side.

Mr. President’s advisers, representatives of the parliament, representatives of the military, and Louise, a cosmic celebrity with a big belly, did not sit in the main seat, but sat on the small chairs next to him.

β€œWhy is it still called Luther?” Wonder Woman complained as she was seated.

“He’s the universe. Oh, the smartest man in the universe is Brainiac, that’s what Brainiac said.

Luthor is the smartest man in Earth Man, this is what Luther said.

The above words are all from Director Quinn, who issued a hero order to Mr. Luther.” Amanda Waller said.

“During the Krypton crisis, Harley took the initiative to come and invite me. In the past Brainiac crisis, Harley was also the first to think of teaming up with me.

I have to admit that there is a reason for someone to succeed, and Harley has a top-notch vision.”

Luther tidied up the collar of his suit and said to himself, “Earth didn’t go to the universe back then. My self-assessment is limited to Earth.

Time has changed, and we have come into frequent contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and I have a new insight – I am still the smartest person in the universe.”


“Does your perception come from Brainiac’s lab? What medicine did he inject you with so that you haven’t woken up from your hallucinations yet?” Green Lantern sneered.

“Green light bulb, you never thought about it. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the metropolis, and more than 40,000 bottles and tens of billions of people. Why did he specifically target me?

Because he knows , I’m the only one who can escape from the inside of the bottle with wisdom, or even defeat him!” Luther said in a deep voice.

“But I received news from the Pentagon that the reason you were targeted by Brainiac was your involvement in the dangerous Kryptonian genetic research?” Louise said.

“Miss Louise, you are only invited to listen and have no right to speak.” Luthor glanced at the superstar he was looking at, then looked at Louise’s big belly, and said seriously : “However, I can answer your question – Krypton’s genetic research is purely non-existent.

You can doubt me, but you can’t doubt your father – General Ryan personally held a press conference to discuss this. Fake News has issued a statement of accountability.”

“Unfortunately, as the daughter of General Ryan, I could see at a glance that he was lying.” Louise said bluntly.

“Then you go to General Ryan, I’m just a civilian entrepreneur and scientist.”

Luther looked around and found that the Zhenglian was all there, and couldn’t help but wonder: ” Why isn’t Harry here yet?”

“She’s punching, with Big Barda,” Amanda said.

(end of this chapter)

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