I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 618


Chapter 618 I would like to call you the strongest in the universe

“At such a time, Harley is actually punching someone? Where to fight? “Luther frowned.

“The ‘Cosmic King of Fighters Tournament’ has been held for more than ten years, and it is only because of the restricted level that it is inferior to the four major sports leagues in the United States. Haven’t you watched the live broadcast on premium channels?”

Aquaman straightened up and pulled an 8.3-inch tablet out of his butt pocket. “Amanda, can you get me a beer? Watching a boxing match without beer is like eating fries without ketchup. Tasteless.”

“What beer do you want?”

“Budweiser, Heineken, silver bullets.”

Amanda called from the door Come to a suit boy.

“Didn’t Halle organize this meeting?” Luthor wondered.

“This ‘Hero’s Meeting’ is the general trend and must be held. It not only summarizes the gains and losses of the Brainiac crisis, but also prepares for the next ‘anti-material crisis’.” Bateman said solemnly.

Amanda Waller explained for BOSS: “Director Quinn’s boxing match was scheduled early. She was originally scheduled to have a meeting tomorrow morning, and the Justice League wanted it as soon as possible.”

” Can’t be unhappy, there are too many things waiting for us to do.” Superman sighed.

“When did Harley come over?” Luthor looked at his watch, “Has the boxing match started?”

“Director Quinn said that the meeting with Da Ba will be over within 3 minutes. We canโ€™t wait a few minutes for the battle of Da, but we havenโ€™t arrived yet, Director Quinn is not the last person, and representatives of several heroic teams have not come.โ€ Amanda said.

“It started early, now it’s the 23rd game, and each game has a total of 24 games.” Aquaman looked down at the video with his head lowered, “The last match against Big Barda is about to start.”

“I’ve also watched King of Fighters a few times, it’s boring, like a fake match,” Luther said.

The beer came, Aquaman took a big gulp, hiccupped contentedly, and said seriously: “I can guarantee this, the King of Fighters is the most fair and transparent of all professional leagues, and it never cracks down on fakes. Competition.”

“I didn’t say that Halle played fake matches. Other people’s matches with her were too simple and too single, like a fake match – she stood there motionless, taking the opponent’s attack at will, One more punch, one more punch, it’s over.”

Luthor shrugged, “I don’t understand why she’s so obsessed with such a boring game, even delaying an important meeting to save the multiverse.”

“You are not a martial artist, so you cannot understand the subtle martial arts skills contained in it.” Aquaman said contemptuously.

Luther stared at him and asked, “You seem to be just a fisherman’s son, and you know Martial Arts?”

Aquaman purse one’s lip, “Watch boxing matches and learn kung fu. “

He didn’t know kung fu, but when he was young, he met a “strange man” who called himself his mother courtier and taught him many seabed people’s profound martial arts.

Since then, he has gradually abandoned the hobby that drinks beer to watch football games, and instead drinks beer to watch King of Fighters.

“Today’s game is a bit special. Earth Golden Nuke VS Apocalypse Vengeance Goddess, Earth Man vs. New God, I want to go and see it myself.” Diana stretched her head to look at Aquaman’s Small tablet.

“Apocalypse?” Luther was surprised, “Is it Darkseid’s Apocalypse? The ‘Vengeance Goddess team’ under the dark elite’s kind grandma?”

Amanda simply opened the door. The big screen behind the conference table was tuned to the live broadcast of The King of Fighters.

Before we saw the fight on the field, a magnificent picture appeared in front of everyone: the arena that was originally the size of a football field was rapidly blooming. Amid the exclamations of tens of thousands of spectators, the auditorium, which was shaped like a round pumpkin as a whole, seemed to be cut into sixteen pieces by a knife, extending outward and rising, leaving a wider open space in the centerโ€” – A ring where rocks and steel plates are mixed.

“Harry seems to have thought about fighting at this level long ago.” Superman said in surprise.

“Once the boxing champion was called ‘Gotham King of Fighters’, and later changed to ‘world King of Fighters’, and changed his name again two years ago to become ‘Cosmos King of Fighters’, you can guess her thoughts from the name. ‘ Bateman indifferently said.

“Gentlemen and Ladies, this afternoon’s finale is about to begin, with Apocalypse Vengeance Goddess Grand Barda taking on Earth’s King of Fighters Harley Quinn.

Considering the two women The peerless martial power of warriors, we decided to upgrade the fighting field from ‘mortal martial grade’ to ‘violent Divine Grade’ – a level that can withstand the battle of Spiritual God!”

Hearing the host’s explanation, The panic shouting in the audience turned into excited cheers.

Everyone heard a different taste: the host deliberately downplayed Harley’s “five-ring general”, “golden nuclear bomb”, “Human Race hero” identities, and only called her “Earth King of Fighters” .

“It looks like she’s not going to use trickery today,” Wonder Woman said.

“You mean, you will lose in the fifth ring. Lose in public?” White House representative worriedly said.

“Without using external forces such as yellow lights and Satan’s punishment, without using any tricks, and relying only on true strength, Harley Quinn couldn’t even make it into the top 100 on the Earth battle strength list.” Dai Anna Road.

“How can the golden nuclear bomb not use the power of the yellow light? I think Admiral Five Rings will definitely be able to defeat the Apocalypse Goddess.” The representative of the Pentagon said nervously.

Next moment, the five-ring general in the white training suit will break his illusion.

“Bada, I won’t use amber energy today, let’s compete with martial skills and magic,” she said.

The martial artist uses weapons, so the King of Fighters game from the very beginning did not ban weapons.

At this time, Harry chose flying knives and flying needles, and Big Barda used his own “million-ton” short staff – transformed into a long stick without a spear tip.

Well, it’s a million-ton weight.

“O-Maiga!” Several government and government officials shouted, “Vengeance Goddess on the opposite side is still wearing Apocalypse armor, the golden nuclear bomb is only in ordinary clothes, and he doesn’t need the power of a yellow light. Big.”

“It is indeed a bit arrogant, if nothing else, she will be crushed. Because her physical fitness is too poor, Vengeance Goddess, strength, defense, reaction and speed, recovery, It was crushed in all aspects.” Wonder Woman commented.

Betterman’s eyes flickered, “She just wanted to compete with the Apocalypse warrior, she didn’t want to win.”

“She can still use magic.” Louise Also a little nervous.

Before she was reluctant to raise the status and status of the golden nuclear bomb too high in her own show, and now she is afraid that she will lose the halo of the nuclear bomb

“She has no magic power at all in her body. .” Wonder Woman said.

“Amanda, you said she’d get the big alien in 3 minutes?” Louise said.

“She only said that the fight will be over within 3 minutes.”

Several people stopped talking, and the fight between Earth’s female boxing champion VS Apocalypse Vengeance Goddess has begun.

“Hey, I’m wrong.” Wonder Woman was first taken aback.

Harry wasn’t knocked down by a single move, nor was he crushed, at least not yet.

Bada is fast and powerful, and the golden long stick pierces the sound of wind and thunder. Harry is unarmed, but he is like a catkin. The right leg, the knee slammed against the big Barta’s lower body.

Well, it’s not that Halle is going to attack the vitals, it’s just that she is a little “petite” – compared to a big warrior who is close to 2.2 meters.

“Bangโ€”โ€”” Big Barta couldn’t hold back, and took the initiative to slam into the top of Harry’s knees. There was a muffled sound at the skirt armor, and the Apocalypse girl warrior only took a half step back and then stabilized.

The figure, the arm waved, the golden long stick swept across, and Harry raised his right elbow to block.

“Om-boo!” A thin magic shield with a broken edge and a black vortex in the middle emerged, and was instantly shattered.

Big Barta staggered back two steps, her head dizzy.

Harry flew out like a hit baseball.

However, she was in the air, her body still maintained her balance, her feet stepped on the air and stepped back, as if rubbing against the ground, and a puff of white smoke rose from the soles of her shoes, only sliding in the air for more than ten times. The meter completes the deceleration and hovers in the air.

“Ahโ€”” The audience of seven or eighty thousand at the scene exclaimed in unison.

“This is unscientific!” cried Luthor.

No one answered him.

Aquaman’s eyes were fixed on the screen, forgetting the beer mug he brought to his lips.

“whiz whiz whiz โ€”โ€”” When Harry stepped back on the air, he threw away eight throwing knives one after another with both hands.

Big Barta easily knocked out two of them, dodging the rest.

Like lightning, rush towards Harley quickly, anti-gravity frisbees appearing under her feet – the new gods of Apocalypse, including Darkseid, will not fly, they use saucer-sized anti-gravity frisbees, Fly on the soles of your feet.

“Ah, watch out!” Diana couldn’t help but yell.

“ahhhh, this is unscientific!” Luther yelled again.

“This” Bateman’s eyes widened, his expression shocked.

But when Da Bada rushed forward, several more flying knives shot past, one of which was about to miss, suddenly a flying needle flew behind, hit the handle of the knife, let it go. Slightly deflected, shooting from the side to the neck of Big Bada.

It’s also thanks to the advanced live cameras that otherwise the audience wouldn’t be able to see what was going on.

Da Barta was hit, only scratched a layer of oily skin, and even the charging action was not interrupted, and after getting close, he punched a sonic boom.

Harry seemed to have anticipated her punches, twisted her body flexibly, dodged again, and took the opportunity to kick the opponent’s chest.

This time, Big Barta was careless and raised her knees to block it.

“Bang!” At the collision between the soles of the feet and the knees, a magic shield exploded, and Big Barta seemed to have been hit by mysterious power again. His body trembled and his expression was slightly distorted – vortex’s grafting flowers onto a tree , returned the attack absorbed by the zero-level jar and landed on her knees; Harley’s anti-injury magic brain spell after being injured was a mental shock to the brain.

Double Retaliation.

Harry in midair, as agile as she is on the ground, walks around behind Da Barta a few steps, Wing Chun Ziwu smashes, and punches an afterimage, “pฤ“ng pฤ“ng pฤ“ng – boo!”


Quantum critical strike triggered, double-strength presence field attack, the back bone “ka-cha” was broken, Big Barta issued an angry roar, instead of turning around, he slammed back.

This move was beyond Harley’s expectations. Although the Speed Force Defense Specialty allowed her to see the opponent’s movements clearly, her body’s reaction speed couldn’t keep up with what she thought because she didn’t predict it in advance.


Harry seemed to be face down from a height of 200 meters and fell onto the concrete road.

The bridge of the nose was broken, the lips were broken, and the sternum “crackle” was broken.

“BOOOM!” Several cracks were smashed into the rock.

“Uh, how miserable.” In the Conference Hall, the heroes grinned.

Amid the exclamations of tens of thousands of people in the audience, Harley kicked a carp and jumped up again, wiping the blood from her nose and mouth, and laughing to meet the slaughtering Daba again. up.

“Is her breastbone broken?” Luthor swallowed.

“Hmm.” Diana nodded.

“But she’s laughing.”


The fight that followed was almost a repeat of the previous moves, with Harley relying on her seventh defense feat. , to clearly see every movement of Da Barta, including the bulging of muscles, the lifting of shoulders and elbows, so as to predict her movements.

At the same time of dodging, she also launched a ‘Little Spirit Quick’ counterattack, with crit as the main damage.

Until Big Barda figured out her way, a few fake moves Beat Harley into a blood bottle gourd.

“As expected of the first Martial Goddess of Apocalypse, I lost.” Seeing that the experience jar was no longer bubbling, and it was difficult for him to reach him, Harry lay in a pool of blood, Shen Yin said: “Big Barda, I would like to call you ‘the strongest in the universe’.”

“Harley Quinn, you have earned my respect. You are also a great warrior without relying on crafty plots and machinations. “Big Barta held the weapon, cup one fist in the other hand with both hands, seriously said.

Her condition is not very good, her waist is broken, her leg is lame, her left eye almost burst, her nose is also broken, and her face is full of blood.

(end of this chapter)

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