I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 619


Chapter 619 Chapter 615 Harley’s new character design: mediocre, thanks to hard work

The Golden Nuke was defeated?!”

“I don’t believe it, this is an illusion, the Golden Nuke will not lose.”

“The Golden Nuke admits defeat, and our Earth is doomed!”

“Golden nuclear bomb, you still have the power of the yellow light to use, stand up and continue to fight and defeat the Apocalypse.”

“We want ‘golden nuclear bomb’, not ‘Earth boxing champion’.”

Harry was lying on the ground, relying on Lay on Hands to repair the flesh wounds; digesting the stock in her stomach, and healing her internal wounds with food therapy.

The audience was excited.

This scene, not to mention the on-site staff, even Harley didn’t expect it.

It wasn’t the first time she was knocked down in the ring, and the audience moaned at most ‘lost miserable’.

Hearing them shouting now, Harley felt that she should be angry, and then yelled at those who tried to use her own thoughts to hold her will and interfere with her life: I can play as I want, I can’t stand it. Get out of here.

The truth is, she was so calm that she felt incredible.

She understands the state at this time – the ‘Golden Nuclear Bomb’ has been backlashed by ‘Faith’.

“Golden Nuclear Bomb” is constantly being mythed by the media and Earth people, and it has almost evolved into a god of faith with “Guard Earth” and “Never Fail” as Divine Spark.

In this process, the initiator is Louise, who doesn’t want her to be too mythical.

It’s ironic.

The facilitator is Earth Media, Earth people who are disturbed by alien contact and looking to find support.

But Harley herself didn’t stop the trend, and was happy to see it happen.

She has the aura of Holy Mother, which can transform the belief, trust, and belief that befell her into the true faith of “Black Holy Mother”.

After Zed gave her the Holy Mother halo, Heaven cut off the link between the halo and the believers of the Earth Holy Mother. To use Lay on Hands, you have to find faith by yourself (ps, Chapter 493).

All power has its price.

Now the ‘golden nuclear bomb’ is being swept up by the public opinion of the “believers”, which is to pay the price of gaining the power of belief.

So, she is not qualified to be angry.

Of course, she would not really be like Spiritual God, who would rather distort her will and try her best to satisfy the expectations of the ‘believers’.

“BOSS, the online forum was blasted by netizens, and the TV station was blasted by phone calls. They are all excited about the defeat of the ‘nuclear bomb’.” The host ran over, looking nervous and whispered.

“Bring the microphone here.” Harry’s expression remained unchanged, and he stood up after wiping the blood on his face with a towel.

“Are we still going to fight?” Big Barta asked.

Then, she hesitated in a low voice: “If you use the power of the yellow light, I may not be able to beat you.” Her sense of the golden nuclear bomb changed greatly, and she felt that Harry, like herself, was an admirable brave woman.

If necessary, she is willing to cooperate with her to keep the honor of “golden nuclear bomb, never fail”.

“I’ve already lost and surrendered, so what else do I fight?” Harry said calmly.

“Oh, then I’ll go first?”

Big Barta looked at the angry audience and was a little embarrassed.

“You won, and you have to accept the prize. Wait a few more minutes.”

Harry took the microphone from the host and sat cross-legged, neither too fast nor too slow said: “I didn’t want to say anything at first, the battle process happened under your eyes, fair and just.

My skills are not as good as others, and I lost very simply.

But I’m ashamed of your reaction.

Not only are there Apocalypse Vengeance Goddess Big Barta, but there are also alien friends watching this show.

You can’t afford to lose It makes me feel embarrassed.”

The embarrassed Big Barta took a closer look at her: her expression was flat and unwavering, without a trace of strangeness.

The audience fell silent.

“I am a five-ring admiral, also known as a ‘golden nuclear bomb’, but my real identity is just Harley Quinn, an ordinary, unremarkable Earth person.”

Big Barta’s expression was distorted, and countless transcenders, demons, and outsiders watching the show were scolding mothers in their hearts.

“I’ve saved Earth, been a cosmic hero, and saved the multiverse before you knew it

But I’m just one of you, not all of you .

Winning or losing in the ring is just one small step in my personal progress on the Marital Arts Path, nothing more.

Ten years ago, I was at Gotham High School Going to school, I have small achievements in gymnastics, but will not even the most basic martial arts.

From that high school student to now, there is no fortuitous encounter or luck.

I’m not a mutant, I got superpowers once; I’m not an alien, I can be invincible in the whole world just by basking in the sun; I’m not from a prominent Martial Arts or a magical Aristocratic Family, and I’ve been taught the best since I was a child.

My family is the same as most of the underclassmen in Gotham. It’s terrible. I have no money and no resources.

I have nothing but sweat, persistence and uninterrupted failure. My partner.

I am used to failure, and I am used to being inferior to others, and this is exactly the driving force for me to move forward.”

“Is what the golden nuclear bomb said true?” On the Internet, Netizens responded most quickly.

“I’m from Gotham, and I swear to God, her origins, her experiences, are terrible. Also, she’s definitely not mutated or awakened to alien genes.

The first under the heavens Martial Arts field has appeared for more than ten years, and she has failed more than once.” Immediately some netizens replied.

β€œEveryone in Gotham knows how she went from a fugitive oppressed by the Crusaders of the Holy Land to today’s Gotham Emperor, Earth Thigh, and Galactic boss.”

β€œ But why is her strength so strong? Without the power of a yellow light, she can be five to five with Vengeance Goddess, does martial arts really have such an effect?”

“Five to five? Are you blind? Almost none The odds are good.”

It started to crumble.

“You’re blind, you haven’t seen Vengeance Goddess use Divine Items, wear Apocalypse Battle Armor, Admiral Five Rings only have one training suit, and flying knives are ordinary goods?

If she had a Divine Item dagger with ‘Broken Steel’ special effect, she would have stabbed the Apocalypse to death earlier.

It’s all conservative.” The netizens upstairs were excited.

“Hey, after hearing what you said, I just found out that Vengeance Goddess was also miserable, bleeding a lot, but her injuries came from the golden nuclear bomb’s fist, knee and alloy flying knife.


Gold nuclear bomb naked VS Vengeance Goddess with full-level god equipment, this.”

β€œI can buy Karma, the truth is, the naked assassin picks the War God and the meat shield warrior, and you won’t lose. That’s weird.”

“The point is not the golden nuclear bomb, she really relies on cultivation to achieve what she is today? Strength, speed, reaction, and can fly. Admiral of the Fifth Ring has absolutely extraordinary physical fitness. Before today , I thought she was a mutant.”

“This question is hard to answer. At least someone who has contacted her and understood her cultivation process is qualified to answer.”

“Which Old Brother has seen the cultivation of Admiral Wuhuan?”

“Wait for Old Brother.”

“Wait for Old Brother +1”

” Wait for Old Brother +2″

“Old Brother is here! Old Brother Gotham, ‘Banana Brother’ on Carrot Street, Queens, is down.

But, all I know is The Martial Arts Cultivation process of the five-ring admiral. The magic should be stronger, but I don’t know.”

“Old Brother, how did you report your identity?”

“If I don’t report my identity, how can I prove that I didn’t lie? And what about the exposure? Brother Banana is here, who can help me?!”

“I am also from Gotham, I know Brother Banana, Brother Banana Controls three nightclubs, has a forty-fifty younger brother, and I heard that he has also won the second place in ‘The King of Fighters’. Was Bateman sent to Heimen Prison?”

“That’s right, when I went to Brother Xi to pick up the goods, Bateman was eyeing me. Now I’m using the prison guard’s mobile phone to watch the live broadcast online, every time Five dollars a minute, Fake!

Tell you guys, Bateman didn’t have a good time, I broke three of his ribs.

In addition, I am the same as Admiral Five Rings , is also naked, Bateman need not say more, you all understand.”

“Banana brother is good.”

“Worship banana brother.”

After a series of flattery, the landlord asked: “Brother Banana, have you seen the cultivation of Admiral Five Rings?”

“More than just seeing, I also helped her with cultivation! It was ten years ago, when I didn’t know much about Martial Arts, I was called by Uncle Gibbs to the first under the heavens Martial Arts field to accompany Sister Halle’s cultivation – don’t think that I was messing around, I really called her at that time’ Sister Halle’.”

Then, Banana Brother was triumphant, hit “Sister Halle” on the back with the stick, and explained the process of helping her cultivation Iron Cloth in detail.

“Dozens of brawny man, morning and evening, never stop for ten years? Too hardworking and too hard. “

“I can testify about this. I also practiced Qigong with Sister Halle. “The second Gotham “big brother” debuts.

“I still have pictures I took at the dock. ”

The third big brother is more direct, and really put a picture – he and a dozen fierce brawny men, holding a long stick, standing on the roof, smirking at the camera, old Gibbs It’s still on the side.

“Let me state first, I’m not a ‘big brother’, I also helped Miss Quinn practice Qigong when I was studying for a master’s degree at Gotham University. In fact, this matter does not require evidence at all, too many people in Gotham know about it, you can see.”

The master’s brother turned out all the recruitment revelations of the year, “The recruitment ended a few years ago, But the post is still hanging on the Gotham University BBS forum and has not been deleted. You can read the date and the replies, you can’t fake it. “

The landlord sighed with emotion: “As a poor mortal, the cultivation is comparable to Spiritual God, and the five-ring admiral is too inspirational.”

Compared with her, those mutants, powers, aliens, and equipment warriors who call themselves heroes should be ashamed.

No wonder she is the golden nuclear bomb, no wonder she is not afraid of failure.”

His comment received 100,000 likes within half an hour.

“shit , Earth people crazy? “

Harry was stunned.

She just wanted to use a more euphemistic method to break the “golden nuclear bomb” chain on her body, so that Earth guy would stop using his imaginary ‘five’ Huan Admiral’, to interfere with the life of ‘Harley Quinn’ in reality.

What I didn’t expect was a surge of faith.

It’s faith, It’s not about knowing, believing, and trusting these superficial forces.

Harry’s heart is touched inexplicably: as long as she becomes a magic grandmaster, and the exclusive magic spell is upgraded to a rule, as long as the attitude of Earth people towards her remains as it is now In this state, she can use this belief to become a Spiritual God in a short period of time.

“Boss, the audience is quiet, and it’s time to present the award. “The host reminded.

Harry woke up and beckons with the hand outside the arena, a giant plaque made of gold was carried out by four warriors.

Write a letter” The First Fist Emperor of the Universe”, with a line of small characters “Harley Quinn Certification” beside it.

“Big Barda, this is yours. “

In addition to the plaque, there is a bank card, “$5 billion, after taxes.” “

“Ahβ€”” Big Bada exclaimed.

“I can buy Karma!” “The entire audience, everyone watching the live broadcast, exclaimed.

Hehehe, do you want billions of wealth and the glory of dominating the universe? Come to the Cosmos King of Fighters Championship!

Harry thought triumphantly.

(end of this chapter)

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