I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 622


Chapter 622 Confirms the big boss, the anti-monitor (solemnly apologize to all readers for the missing chapter yesterday)

“What nonsense are you talking about? God knew about today’s crisis more than a thousand years ago? Are you still preparing in advance? I remember that you don’t believe in God.” Harry looked at Shangdu and asked in surprise.

“I actually believe in God. Well, the ancient ancestors believed in every powerful being.” Shangdu said.

“God hates false believers like you the most.” Haley complained.

“I’m serious,” Shang Du said with a serious expression, “I told you once, I have encountered Phantom Stranger many times in my life.

I picked a few important ones to say.

In the first Arthurian era, he seemed to be involved in the fusion of Etrigan and Jason Brad.

At the time, he said to me , this is the destiny arranged by the Lord, for the later crisis.

Afterwards, I met him in most of the Mongolian Empire, in the French Revolution, in Manhattan, USA. It was thirty years ago, I met him Witnessed the birth of the ghost with my own eyes.

Do you know the name of the ghost?”

“You mean the host of the ghost? I really don’t know that.” Harry said.

“Does the ghost, like the eagle and the white dove, bear the power of Spiritual God with the body of a mortal?” Bateman suddenly asked.

I looked around the Conference Hall and found that many people had strange eyes, looked towards Harley sound transmission: “There are a lot of people here.”

“The secret of the ghost can be made public, No one can plot him.” Harry replied.

β€”β€”It was really planned, she could just sneer a few words and speak badly.

Thinking about it, he said, “The ghost’s host is Jim Corrigan, a hot-tempered, impartial police officer in Jersey City.

He was investigating at the time. In one case, Stranger pretended to be an informant, tricked him into an ambush of Gotham criminals, was machine-gunned into a hornet’s nest, and later dumped his body in the Hudson River. Even though I told myself not to be surprised, this is the Stranger, I couldn’t help but marvel – that guy is really hacky sometimes.” Harry sighed.

“Jim Corrigan thinks so too,” agrees Shangdu nodded, “At that time, the resentment of his death was too strong, I was alarmed, ran to the river to check, and saw the river above, revenge. The spirit is in fusion with his soul.

The Stranger is also present.

The new ghost wants to settle the account with him, and the Stranger said – this is God’s arrangement, the future There will be a crisis that needs to be resolved by you.”

She looked towards Harley with a complicated expression: “Now the words of the Stranger have come true.

The Stranger Thirty Years He didn’t lie before, so he didn’t lie outside King Arthur’s castle a thousand years ago, in the royal palace of the Mongolian capital, and in the Paris of the great revolution.

He is serving God, and God is arranging the fate of a thousand years later .”

“You were fooled and crippled by strangers. God can’t even control the fate that is so close at hand, and it will be arranged in a thousand years.” Harry’s face was full of disapproval.

By observing the river of time, arrange destiny for the ordinary person, not to mention God, you can even do it yourself, but prepare for the multiverse crisis thousands of years in advance. Hey, if God knew the cause of the crisis And inevitability, perhaps it is possible.

Harry was stunned for a moment, then waved her hand: “The ghost is the limit of what God can help us.

Now, let’s talk about what we humans should prepare for.

Batman, or Superman, tell everyone what happened to ‘Hero Luthor’ and Earth 3.”

Batman looked at Superman, then at Luthor and Louise, I took the initiative to take over this task and told me what I saw at the watchtower yesterday afternoon.

Even the video of the hero Luthor was released publicly.

“Me and Louise’s son.”

‘Bad Luthor’ subconsciously glanced at Louise’s belly.

“It’s unimaginable that the parallel universe is real, and yet.” Louise looked unacceptable.

β€œYou are not the hero Luthor,” Bateman said, looking at Luthor.

“The hero Luthor’s wife isn’t you either,” he said again, looking at Louise.

“You are two different universes, two different people, don’t bring too many useless personal emotions.”

“Well, it makes sense.” Louise said quickly .

“I need that crossing machine.” Luthor looked at Harry and said with a serious expression: “‘Lex Luthor is a smart person in the universe’ has been verified again.

Luther the Redbeard is the only person in his universe who has discovered the secrets of the multiverse and has also researched the technology of crossing.

I believe that, once I get the crossing machine, I can decipher it in the shortest time possible. principle, and improve the prototype into a full-fledged multiverse spaceship, which is of great help in preventing and defending against antimatter crises.”

“The machine is in the right hands.” Halle said.

“Luthor, you’re not ‘Hero Luthor’, we can’t believe you.” Superman said bluntly: “‘Lex Luthor is the smartest man in the universe’ is your own We don’t agree.

Even if you get the traverser, you may not achieve anything.

Even if you are smart enough to build it before the wall of antimatter comes Cross the machine, will you use it to serve Earth, or will you see that the situation was far from good and run away with all your belongings immediately?”

Luther said: “Harry, you are the fifth ring. Admiral, is it wartime now? Is Admiral Five Rings in real power?”

The White House representative said: “In view of the Earth 3 orphans that appeared yesterday, Mr. President has applied to Congress for the fourth time. β€”β€”Don’t enter the wartime state for the time being, keep the antimatter crisis and Earth 3 annihilation secret from the outside world, but grant the real power position of ‘Admiral of the Five Rings’ to Senator Harley Quinn.

Probably tonight, or tomorrow In the morning, after the internal discussion in the parliament, the answer will be given.”

The representative of the Congress immediately said: “It shouldn’t be a big problem, after all, Earth 3 is not an Earth, but the entire universe, a universe annihilated, not a crisis What?

Moreover, the Admiral of the Fifth Ring issued an early warning of the ‘Pharaoh Crisis’, and the deputies were prepared.”

“The fourth time?” Harry was a little puzzled , “I’ve been a five-ring general three times?”

“The Apocalypse invasion is also counted. The president and the speaker made up for it afterwards. You have harmed too many alien civilization power users. The status of Admiral of the Five Rings legitimizes the conduct,” the White House representative explained.

“Harry, since you are the five-ring admiral, it’s up to you to decide the ownership of the hero Luthor’s traverser.” Luthor looked at her expectantly.

“Well, since I’m a five-ring general, of course I have to make the best choice for Earth,” Harry shrugged to him, “I’m sorry, Zhenglian is indeed more trustworthy than you, and I’m also afraid. You run away alone.”

“puchi .” Both covered their mouths and snickered.

Luthor’s expression stiffened, then turned blue and red, “Harry, what you said is so hurtful, we’ve been dating for years”

“Don’t get excited, Luthor, I’m not. Insulting what you mean, when it comes to the time-travelling machine, I, like you, will not participate in research, development, and transformation.”

Harry glanced at the smiling Zhenglian giants, “Superman It’s the Chief-In-Charge who studies the time-travelling machine, the Flash is the second-in-command, and other heroes are not allowed to participate, just like me and Luther.”

Cyborg was stunned for a moment. In charge of the research process, Superman assists, and The Flash does not participate at all.

“Is Cyborg more suitable than me?” The Flash hesitantly said.

Harry said: “Cyber, Luthor, Stone Academician, and other scientists, and other missions. To put it bluntly, crossing the machine is the best way to escape, but we are representatives of the people of Earth, It is not a private society.

It is impossible to abandon billions of people, abandon Earth and the universe, and go to another single universe to do a name change.

So, the time-travelling machine is not the point, I I hope everyone will put more minds and energy on antimatter.”

Superman, Bateman, Diana, the Big Three all cast their approval eyes on her.

Louis also looked at her in amazement, and she couldn’t help thinking: If she didn’t speak the vernacular, this kind of consciousness and determination would really be worthy of the honor of ‘Admiral of the Five Rings’. I hope she can. Like the previous three times, they have successfully led Earth out of desperation.

“Miss Quinn, we are not ignorant about antimatter, but the performance of the antimatter wall in the video goes against the common sense of physics we know.

It seems that it It has the name of antimatter, but it’s not antimatter.” Daddy Steel, director of the Red Room Laboratory, Stone Academician said.

“Yes, positive matter Earth 3, it should be a big bang. The annihilation of positive and antimatter produces a lot of energy, and only a creation-level big bang can vent it out.” Luther continued.

Green Lantern said impatiently: “There is no need to discuss this issue, I don’t understand scientific principles, but the antimatter wall is obviously controlled. If I was the person behind the scenes, I would definitely not waste energy in vain.

Since the hero Luthor made it clear – that is antimatter, we should find out the antimatter restraint instrument or something in the first step, and finally consider the question of where the energy has gone.”

“There are only two ways to restrain antimatter,” Hallie raised two fingers, “First, use the same amount of positive matter to offset, but the positive matter in the entire universe cannot withstand the antimatter wall. annihilation.

This method excludes.

Secondly, no matter what method is used, control the flow of antimatter energy to keep it away from our universe.

This It should be the direction of our research.”

She Li glanced at several scientists, “Do you have any different opinions?”

β€”β€”To absorb antimatter to open the expertise, first of all antimatter must be used by her. Control, controls the flow to the specialty jar.

It’s like when you turn on the food defense feat, at least you eat the food into your stomach, and you can’t absorb the bread you hold in your hand.

So, she needs to use all Earth’s wisdom to create a device to control the flow of antimatter.

Let the energy flow to her jar.

“You can try.” Stone Academician nods and said.

With Superman and other scientists agreeing, Harley moved on to the next topic, “The best defense is offense.

It’s a bit over the top, but I still think Said, we should gather all the superpowers and form an extraordinary army to kill the person behind the scenes.”

β€”β€”When she upgrades her antimatter defense expertise to Level 9, she will be able to lead superheroes The black hand that controls antimatter energy has been cleared.

“Who’s behind the scenes?” Bateman asked.

Harry focused on Green Lantern, Shangdu and Shi Shi who had been playing soy sauce, “Have you heard of ‘Anti-Monitor’?”

All three shook their heads.

“I heard you mention the Monitor – the backstage of the Green Lantern Legion, is the Anti-Monitor the enemy of the Monitor?” Bateman asked.

“They are”

Harry hesitated for a moment, but still didn’t say that the monitor and the anti-monitor were brothers.

It is easy to say that they are brothers, but then everyone will be curious: Who are the parents of the two brothers?

Not a word of Papetua’s information can be disclosed!

Harry said: “They are all cosmic administrators of the sixth dimension.

Since the Watchers send pioneers everywhere to recruit strong men, the only ones who are qualified to be the Watchers’ enemies are only The anti-monitors are left.

I even suspect that there is a close relationship between the monitor and the positive matter, and the anti-monitor and anti-matter.”

Later, she said Others, explain the watcher’s identity as a multiverse manager.

Luther’s eyes flashed lightly and said, “Is it possible that the antimatter universe conjecture is true? This can explain the origin of a large amount of antimatter energy.

The monitor rules the multiverse. , that is, the Matter Universe.

Anti-Monitor rules the Antimatter Universe.

Now the two founders have fallen out and are fighting for the supremacy of the Matter Universe?”

(end of chapter)

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