I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 623


Chapter 623 Two-faced Harry?

Harley said: “Luther’s guess is very reasonable, and I think so too.

It can be said that the crisis has not yet come to our universe, we have basically locked the person behind the scenes, and we also know him. The basis of the ability – antimatter.

Knowing this, we can divide our forces into three groups and form an ‘anti-anti-prison alliance’ with the Three Great Legions as the core.

All the way to scientists Legion, research equipment and even armor against antimatter.

Lest we, like Earth 3’s hero Luthor, there’s no resistance to be instantly killed by the antimatter wall.

The second way is Magic Legion, headed by Fate Academician, with ghosts as the trump card, summons all the characters on the magic side to develop forbidden spell magic for antimatter energy.

The third way is the hero Legion, forming the power user Legion, to target the antimatter energy.

Training on antimatter defense and confrontation.

Three groups of people work together, as long as we can achieve two points – prevent antimatter force, and break the antimatter defense of anti-monitors – we may not have the power to fight.

If there’s no chance of victory, the Watchers don’t have to dispatch Heralds to recruit heroes across the multiverse.”

“Clear and well-documented!” Louise Applaud softly.

She wasn’t alone this time.

The government-government representatives who were sitting in the gallery like her were the ones who took the lead in applauding.

They feel good because they understand.

No matter whether Admiral Five Rings can fulfill his promise in reality, at least this “PPT on Solving the Anti-Material Crisis” is really well done, the thinking is very clear, and it is reasonable.

After they go back, they can deal with the inquiries of their superiors in a logical and smooth manner.

Before this meeting, the U.S. government was bewildered by the crisis, not knowing who the enemy was, how it happened, and how to resist it.

Although not everyone applauds and applauds Zhenglian Heroes, no one finds mistakes or makes additions.

With the information they currently gather, they can’t find a better way.

“With the ‘Three Ways’ guidelines, we continue to analyze the next things one by one.”

Halle continued: “First, the scientist Legion.

First, Superman and The Flash will research the hero Luthor’s crossing technology as soon as possible, and report to me immediately when the time comes, and then determine how to apply the crossing machine when the time comes.

Remember, don’t tell anyone outside your research team, including me, the results of your research.

Before the war, only cutting off one’s means of retreat was the only way to cut a line. The road of life and death.

I don’t want a passage for a small number of privileged people to escape before the crisis really comes, which will lead to the disintegration of the army, and the three groups of people are distracted and not prepared for war.

The ‘Anti-Monitor Alliance’ will face the imminent crisis with a desperate attitude.”

“Harley Quinn, I agree with you very much and appreciate your attitude very much. , just.” Wonder Woman purse one’s lip, “I don’t quite believe that you can do it, and everyone must be equally suspicious.”

Betterman nodded, Superman nodded, Luthor nodded, all above Nod, the old man of time

Steel looked left and right, not sure.

Aquaman and Flash seemed to believe Harley’s nonsense, and were slightly hesitant to respond to their companions.

Green light both hands crossed near chest, all the expressions have not changed, people can’t guess his thoughts.

“Of course I can’t do cutting off one’s means of retreat. I have other options, and I don’t care about the one that goes through the machine.” Harry said calmly.

“Then you.” Everyone’s expressions were distorted.

“Ai, I have a way out. It’s not that I’m looking for ways around, but I have too many ways. Just like a person who is too rich, it is difficult to be troubled by poverty.

This is not a problem with my mind, it is purely because of my ability that there is no difficulty that can make me have no way out.” Harley sighed.

At this moment, both the hero and the government officials felt that she specially dedicated a beating.

“What’s your way back?” Luthor said curiously.

“A lot. The simplest way is to send family and friends to Paradise Mountain before heaven closes, or to hide in hell with my son of hell.

As long as it’s not God After coming out to destroy the world, no one can move heaven and hell.” Harry said in a relaxed tone.


Luther’s expression changed, and after glancing at the people around him, he swallowed the words that were about to be blurted out.

“But don’t worry, even if I can’t do cutting off one’s means of retreat, I’ll try my best to keep myself out of the way.

Well, there’s no difficulty stumbling me, I Just create difficulties and strive to be like everyone else, and in the end there is no way out.”

The participants contorted their faces and wanted to curse again.

Harry didn’t seem to see her, she only had clear eyes and a firm expression, and said resolutely: “Before heaven closes, I will send a few friends who are unable to cope with the crisis to heaven, but myself , will always stay in Earth.

I will stick to the last moment, and live with the people of the world!”

β€”β€”When the general situation is over, and all the people of Earth are dead, she will run away.

“Are you sure?”

“I won’t lie, and I can’t lie. Heaven must be closed first, and then the crisis will come. Heaven is closed, and hell is still open?

That is Said, as long as I stay with everyone, when the crisis comes, the back road between heaven and hell has already been cut off.” Harry said.

I was still suspicious, but I stopped asking.

Harry continued: “Actually, the hero Luthor’s traversal device is useless. Little Alexander Luthor was sent to our Earth by him. We are also willing to take good care of him, but he really Are you safe?

Therefore, everyone still has no other thoughts, join me, and fight to the death against the anti-monitor for Earth and all mankind!”

β€œ This doesn’t always sound right.” Diana whispered to Bateman, “Demoness Harley inspires others to face the crisis and sacrifice with her – if this is heard by the demons, it will laugh off a few of their front teeth. .”

“No matter what she thinks in her heart, at least what she says and does now can stabilize the military’s morale and is most beneficial to solving the crisis.

And, I believe, she will Persevere until the last moment.” Bateman sighed softly.

“The second mission of Scientist Legion, led by Luther, Cyborg and Stone Academician, recruits scientists from all over the world to study antimatter defense and breakthrough technology.”

Harry Lu Continuing to say a lot, others have been supplementing and revising her plan.

Except that the task arrangement of the Magic Legion cannot be determined, the next actions of the Scientific Legion and the Heroic Legion have been assigned very finely.

Even the shogi club has been assigned a job: to help the League of Nations stabilize Earth’s political situation when the crisis comes.

“In this small hero meeting, we have determined the crisis response outline and several small details, and basically achieved the purpose of holding the meeting. Do you have any questions? If not, I will declare the meeting adjourned. “

Luther raised his hand, “How did the Brainiac spaceship, and Brainiac himself, deal with it?”

Harley looked towards Bateman, “I’m still waiting for your report.”

Bateman said, “Bleniac is in Metropolitan Stryker Island Prison.”

Stryker Island To Metropolis what Arkham Asylum is to Gotham, it’s a place for super criminals.

“What’s he doing now?” Harry asked.

Bateman glanced at Luthor and said, “Director Quinn, I will report this to you individually.”

“Where’s the spaceship? We scientists, Legion, need it on it. technology, such as force field shields, such as Brainiac’s accumulated civilization wisdom over thousands of years.” Luthor asked.

Betterman said: “The spaceship is now sealed in Superman’s castle of loneliness, and there are more than 40,000 glass bottle cities in it, which need to be properly kept.

If you want to use a certain aspect The technology can be applied to the U.S. government, and the Pentagon will get three robots, two disused stellar missiles, and a list of key technologies.”

Stone Academician: β€œThe Red Room Laboratory Received those things from the Pentagon, and if the ‘Science Legion’ uses Brainiac’s technology in some places, you can hand it over to me to handle it.”

I didn’t get what I wanted. Yes, Luther was a little dissatisfied.

But in this environment, he couldn’t say anything.

“I have one more question, little Alexander Luthor is just a baby, a poor little refugee, should be of no use to you?

I am willing to adopt him.” Louise looked at Harry expectantly.

Harry said with a smile: “As long as your husband agrees, his mother is ‘Louise Lane’ and his biological parents should be happy that you adopted their son.”


“Actually, I can also be his father.” Luther said slowly.

“Luther, what do you mean?” Superman said solemnly.

Luther gave him a sideways look, “I mean, Mrs. Kent is pregnant and busy with work, so she probably doesn’t have the time or energy to take care of the child. Besides, she’s going to be a mother soon. child.

And I am just the opposite. I have money and leisure, and I am lacking a son.”

“Giving a child to you will only add another dimension to your inhumane biological experiments. A sample, Luther, I know you too well.” Superman’s eyes were sharp and his tone was cold.

“Admiral Five Rings, how do you judge?” Luthor turned to Harry.

Harry shrugged, “Unless the judge collects your black money, no one will award the child to Louise.”

“Miss Quinn, I’m glad you gave the child Leave it to me, but your remarks can easily lead to misunderstandings, this is not a divorced couple fighting for custody of the child.” Louise said with a sullen face.

After the meeting, it was already eight o’clock in the evening, and everyone held a “Hero’s Small Meeting” for four or five hours.

Although the pregnant Louise was a little overwhelmed, she stayed in the small lounge of the Heavenly Eye Club until her husband arrived, and the couple took the little Alexander to go through the adoption procedures.

Special procedures are not complicated.

Superman acts as a guarantor and will go to Kent’s house every once in a while to check on the child’s condition.

Louis and Clark sign, Heavenly Eye will Chief-In-Charge Trevor stamp, it’s done.

Well, Clark Kent and Superman show up at the same time.

“Who is he?” Louise whispered, hugging her cheap son.

“Jon, the fire star, he can transform and is very suitable for helping heroes disguise their identity.” Clark whispered.

Louis looked at the baby and said, “When you see him, do you think of yourself? He has almost the same experience as you, and he was also on the verge of destruction of civilization, and was put into a small spaceship by his parents and sent to Earth. “

Clarke caressed the baby’s forehead tenderly, “Maybe it’s fate.”

“Would you like to change the last name? Alexander Kent sounds better.” Louise asked.

“Well, it should be no problem. When he grows up, we will tell him all about his life.”

Louis leaned on her husband and smiled happily.

“I found that Harley Quinn is actually quite a good person. Aside from her personal life and dark family history, as an admiral of the Fifth Ring, she is calm and airy, does not change at all, has outstanding ability, and is extremely good at finding Fighter aircraft.

And to a large extent, it can achieve a clear distinction between public and private, and be brave and fearlessβ€”β€””

“What’s wrong?” She found her husband stopped in the corridor and didn’t move, The expression is also very strange.

Clark hesitated for a moment, but took his wife around a few corners to a terrace, where he hid his figure at the corner.

Louis’s expression was slightly condensed. She heard that the Fifth Ring Admiral, Luther and several officials were talking very happily.

“This is a small matter. Before heaven closes, I will inform you that your younger sister, mother or whoever is ready to carry items with you. I will let Owl Spaceship pick them up.

There are also Mr. President, Speaker, and generals. As long as it is not a great escape of 100,000 or 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

My Paradise Mountain is large enough and enough food, even if the multiverse is destroyed, there It’s also like a paradise.

As for those of you who stay in Earth, don’t be afraid, when Earth is destroyed, there will be one last ship to prepare a place for each of you.” Harry held the wine glass , said with a smile confidently and smugly.

His eyes quietly glanced outside the terrace.

“I don’t worry about that.” Luthor smiled and clinked glasses with her.

β€œAdmiral of the Five Rings is wise!” The officials happily complimented.

Louis is confused, her eyes are confused.

(end of this chapter)

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