I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 624


Chapter 624 Watchers and Heralds (this chapter is free, sorry for the missed chapter the day before)

The dc multiverse has six dimensions, The existence of the world is like a three-story building.

The First Layer building is a four-dimensional material world, and countless single universes are packed in a basket like eggs. This basket is called “Wan Tianyi”.

The Earth where Halle lives is located in a single universe called “Earth 0”, which is the center of all parallel universes, and also the main universe. In the four-dimensional space, it is at the center of the Ten Thousand Heavens.

Second Layer Building is the fifth dimension above Wan Tianyi, the dimension of thinking and imagination. Its foundation of existence is not matter, but the sum of the thoughts of all beings in the four-dimensional material world.

Even Apocalypse Darkseid is the projection of “evil” in the minds of all beings.

The Third Layer Building is the “Multiverse Master Control Room”, which is the domain of the dc Multiverse Manager.

But the dc multiverse is not just a “three-level world”.

For example, in Wantianyi, the “blood domain” between the single universes.

For example, there is a wall of speed force between the Wan Tianyi on the first floor and the Lingbo prison on the second floor.

Another example is at this moment, the super-time stream where the Infinite Earth Crisis Rebel Headquarters-Monitor satellite is located.

If a world has a timeline, the overtime stream is the sum of all the DC stories that have appeared and those that have not yet appeared.

The monitor satellite located in the super-time stream can observe everything happening in the multiverse and observe the condition of each single universe within ten thousand days.

“Laila, your movements are a bit slow. I haven’t found all the heroes I need, and more than a thousand single universes have disappeared.”

In the satellite, monitor The man sat in front of the screen with a solemn expression.

The shape of the satellite is very similar to the Death Star in “Planet Wars”, a giant metal ball with many instruments on the surface, the whole body is golden, and it looks like a spherical artificial satellite made of gold.

“A thousand universes annihilated so quickly?”

The blond woman who once found Harley in the hot spring pool was shocked.

The watcher said: “For every additional universe that annihilates in the antimatter cloud, my power decreases by one point, and the energy of the anti-monitor who controls antimatter energy increases by one point.

In the beginning, before some civilization discovered and researched antimatter energy, there was no antimatter in the fourth matter dimension, and the antimonitor could hardly interfere with affairs in the multiverse.

There is no way to even kill Earth on An ant of an ant.

Later, a scientist on Earth made breakthrough progress in the field of antimatter energy. He not only created antimatter energy, but also loaded a large amount of antimatter energy into a room of antimatter energy. The powerhouse, wanting to tear space and time apart with that enormous energy, peeping into the origin of the universe where time began.”

“The Forsaken?”

Lyra immediately thought of that Sad man with purple hair and green cloak.

She’s been in a lot of universes these days, seeing a man who calls himself “The Forsaken” many times.

Every time he descends into a universe, it means that the wall of antimatter has approached this universe, and the catastrophe of the world is about to happen.

He stood on the street crying and wailing, telling the heroes and mankind of the world that disaster was coming.

When the disaster really comes, he will disappear immediately and go to the next universe that is about to be destroyed. In this infinite cycle, he witnesses the destruction of the universe and sees billions of absolutely human beings disappear in front of his eyes, but he can’t do anything. .

“Yes, that’s him, the Forsaken. He’s a beacon, a warning to the universe of impending disaster.

Of course, the witness to the destruction of the world is powerless. The experience, to him, was like a curse, my punishment for his unauthorized study of antimatter in the physical universe.”

When the Watcher spoke to Lyra, the tone was gentle, like a loving father and Daughter chatting.

When he mentioned the “curse” of the outcast, his expression was indifferent, and there was no trace of emotion on his face.

“Scientists are often more rational than mages, but they are also more ignorant than mages. Every accomplished Grandmaster understands the common sense of magicβ€”power has its master, and newfound powers require extreme caution when using them , at least to know the master of the power.

The Forsaken is too reckless.

When he built the antimatter energy chamber and hit a large amount of antimatter energy in one place, the sleeping for countless years The Anti-Monitor was awakened and took control of the small laboratory.

The Forsaken narrowly escaped because he was inside the antimatter energy chamber, but his homeland, his Earth , his universe, is like a piece of white paper ignited by a flame from the center, slowly burning out.

This is the direct cause of the infinite Earth crisis.

With The energy of a single universe, the anti-monitor began to use antimatter energy to erode the nearby universe, eating like a beast. The more positive matter universes that were eaten, the weaker my strength, and the less powerful I was to chase and block him.

The more universes he ‘eats’, the stronger the power, and the antimatter storm begins to sweep across the entire multiverse on a large scale.

Therefore, the destruction rate of the single universe within ten thousand days increases exponentially, We’re running out of time.”

At the end, the Watcher’s voice was exhausted.

Laila said: “Just as the universe split from one into countless parallel universes, I split myself into 20 in the same way.

I am no longer The human Laila you adopted has become a pioneer in 20 equal parts.

Dozens of pioneers are scattered in the Ten Thousand Heavens, and at the same time looking for a hero to save the world, it is already the fastest speed.

I don’t know how to continue to improve efficiency.”

“Prioritize important heroes and put less important heroes last.” The Watcher said.

“Watcher, you tell me, who is the most important?” asked the Herald immediately.

The monitor looked at the screen and pondered, Wan Tianyi was like a basket full of green apples, annihilating and eroding from the outside to the inside.

Now that most of the fruit outside has died out, the eroded white light is about to approach the core area.

And in the center of the core area, there is a universe with a different color, like a red Fuji in a basket of green apples.

“You go to Earth 0 again and find Harley Quinn and Alexander Luthor, his name is ‘Kent’ now. And Superman, Superman the more the better.”

“Harley Quinn is reluctant to come over, she is worried that Earth 0 will be restarted after she leaves.”

“She is very smart and very discerning.” The watcher praised.

“Will Earth 0 be rebooted? I need a reason to convince her,” Laila asked.

The watcher’s eyes flashed slightly, and he lied to his adopted daughter, “If we can truly win this war, the rest of Earth can be saved.”

β€”β€”Reboot It is inevitable, and no one can change this final outcome.


“The purpose of the Anti-Monitor is to replace the current positive matter universe with an antimatter universe, and to defeat him before he starts to use antimatter to create the world is the real thing. The victory.

If he has already caused irreversible damage to Wan Tianyi, then “the monitor shook his head and sighed: “In short, the sooner you defeat him, the more stable the existing state of the universe will be.”

“Why is Harley Quinn more important than Superman?” the Herald wondered.

“I don’t know the reason, but.” The monitor stood up, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, and looked at the “starry sky” that continued to shower with meteors outside.

β€œLook at the star trails outside.”

The pioneer looked towards the outside, very beautiful scenery, hazy and obscure cosmic background, countless multi-colored meteors, dragging long The long wake, along the same direction, rushes towards the deeper unknown starry sky.

Meteor is like a drawing on a drawing board, the trail of flight stays behind and never disappears.

Each meteor represents a timeline of a world. Some meteor trails are very long, and the end cannot be seen, which means that this timeline has existed for a long time;

Some The meteor trail is very short, the naked eye sees the starting point, and the starting point is the birth time of the parallel space-time; A world There are many parallel worlds because of a person’s possible choices.

Some meteors come to the end and are disappeared, which means that the world disappears;

There are also meteors that come to the end, disappear for a distance, and suddenly reappear in front, which means that the world has completed a restart.

“In the super-time stream, each meteor is unstable, with multiple possibilities of destruction, restart, split, etc. Harley Quinn has made her universe as stable as Mount Tai.

” p>

The stability of the universe is the Infinite Earth Crisis and the anti-monitor’s worst enemy.

The job of me and you, and the hero Legion, is to stabilize the rest of the universe.” The Monitor ask.

The Pioneer was taken aback and asked, “Where’s Alexander Kent Jr.?”

“Well, I need to study him again, he’s a little weird,” said the watcher.

“I’ll find them right now.”

The pioneer rushed out of the monitor satellite, like a golden light in the super-time stream, shuttling among the thousands of meteors.

Soon, she saw a big light blue star, imposing manner magnificently “flying” along the flow of time, its wake was very stable, not erratic, not erratic, not suddenly broken. Line, no bifurcation

But its wake is very short, and the pioneers can see at a glance that its flight trail is only twenty years old.

More than 20 years ago, there was a blank space, and after that, an old trail was seen – it was restarted at this point in time.

After approaching the meteor, the Herald plunged in and entered a space-time tunnel of brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

At this time, she is in the gap between the super-time flow and Wan Tianyi, and the next moment will be the same as the countless times before, and she will enter the material universe.

She even saw Earth.

“Hehe.” A gloomy and smug laughter suddenly appeared behind her, and the extreme danger struck her heart. The pioneer had one’s hair stand on end, and turned back suddenly, just in line with a pair of dark and sinister eyes .

It was a completely illusory black shadow, like a human shadow.

“You areβ€”ah!” She wanted to question and defend, but it was too late. The shadow was ambushing her, and it plunged into her body without giving her a chance to fight back.

The Heralds could have resisted.

Although Laila is an ordinary Earth person, she was rescued from a shipwreck by a watcher when she was a child, but she received the gift of the watcher, and the physical strength in her body is strong enough to rival the weakened watcher itself.

But the Herald is not Lyra, the Herald is just one of Lyra’s twenty Avatars, one twentieth of the power of Lyra.

The terrified expression of the pioneer freezes, and the world in front of him loses its color.

She felt like she had a master in her soul.

She wanted to shout “Get out”, but she couldn’t.

She can only do what it allows her to do.

“Continue your work, just wait for that moment to come, kill the watcher.” A voice sounded in her heart.

The Herald continues to move, rushing into the Earth 0 universe, rushing towards Earth.

(end of this chapter)

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