I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 625


Chapter 625 Starts the Experience Harvesting Journey

Although there are frequent escapes in Arkham Asylum, Bruce did not violate the principle of demanding Harry back The promise of Arkham’s takeover: to transform it into a more advanced, more humane, and more secure, modern prison.

At this time in the United States, there are only three prisons on the surface that can hold super criminals: Stryker Island in the metropolis, which can hold Superman’s enemies, once held Zod, and now holds Brenia Gram, belongs to Superman’s territory.

Gotham’s Arkham Asylum not only detains Bateman’s enemies, but also often sends super criminals from nearby cities.

Bell Reeves Prison, Louisiana, a super-powered prison that Heavenly Eye will control.

At this time, three days have passed since the ‘Hero Club’.

Amanda Waller walks with a tablet in front of the special cell at Bellevue Prison.

“Bang bang bang!” She suddenly stopped and knocked a few times on the alloy door without a single gap. Stopping, a thunderous and angry female voice roared: “Don’t disturb me at night. Fuck myself.” Li Quinn, right? She’s visiting Belle Liv Prison now, you are a special talent, and she was called by her.”

“Harley Quinn?” The woman’s voice sounded from behind the door, and some Excited, “She finally recognized my strength and gave me a hero order? Who is the enemy this time? Which city is in trouble?”

Amanda said: “There is indeed a crisis, But she is not looking for you this time for the hero order. The situation is special. You come out first, and we will talk while walking.

If you agree, I will not inject you with anesthesia; if you object, object It doesn’t work, I turned you over and dragged you to her.”

“I want to meet her too, Harley Quinn is the woman I am second most interested in.” The giant girl said excitedly.

The alloy iron door opened, four fully armed SWAT officers entered, and a tall woman with a two-finger black collar around her neck came out.

She has bushy red hair, is two meters tall, has a strong body and long arms, like a female Schwarzenegger.

Although he is very strong, his face is actually pretty good, and he is more beautiful than most American girls.

Amanda shook the remote control in her hand, “No handcuffs and shackles, but you’d better be smart.

The bomb around your neck is from the Kryptonian civilization, even kryptonite. Stars can be killed.”

The bigger the giant woman is, the stronger her strength will be. When she is the strongest, she is as high as the 10th layer building, and her strength is enough to match the superman in normal state.

Now the height of the ordinary person is not necessarily better than Bateman.

“Have you heard of the ‘Pharaoh Crisis’?” Amanda asked as she walked down the road.

The giant girl thought for a while and said, “Is it one of the three major crises that Harley Quinn said at the Heroes Conference?”

“Yes, now the crisis is coming. Now, in the form of an antimatter energy wall. We need to find a way to restrain antimatter and recruit a group of super warriors.

Admiral of the Five Rings is touring the cities where heroes are stationed, feeling the local heroes and The power attribute of super criminals to single out members of the heroic Legion.” Amanda said.

β€œYou think I can fight against antimatter energy? I can only grow bigger.”

The reason why the giant woman has the ability to become huge is not because the eagle and the white dove are not by Spiritual God. Blessing is not a pure accident like the Mirror Master, nor is it a natural awakening.

She is similar to the octopus Academician. In order to cure herself, the medicine she developed failed and her body mutated.

A person who has the ability to mutate himself is definitely not illiterate, and naturally knows what antimatter is.

“When you see Admiral Five Rings, you tell her to go, she wants to see all super criminals.” Waller said.

While overseeing the Prison Sect, they meet another team.

“Oumai, Leopard Girl, what’s the matter with you?” the giant girl called out.

It was also a prison officer who led four SWAT officers to escort a prisoner.

The prisoner is a woman with a leopard’s head, like a female leopard.

It is the number one fan of Wonder Woman, Leopard Girl.

The leopard girl and the giant girl, like the clown and Bane, are the core members of a hero fan group.

However, the Bateman fan group rarely cooperates, and often one person leads the way, a group of people and a bunch of bugs.

The Wonder Woman fan group is very harmonious, and they often act together for common idols, and the relationship is not bad.

At this time, the Leopard Girl was dripping with blood, and there were scratches everywhere, especially the repeated attacks on her chest, which were all scratched into flesh.

Hearing the giant woman shouting loudly, she didn’t respond, her arms were being held by two prison guards, the leopard’s head was drooping weakly, and her feet were dragging on the ground like two writing brushes. Wherever he passed, there were two bloodstains horrible to see.

“The Leopard Girl is dead?” Juhua Nu excitedly said.

“You don’t have to drag him back to jail if you die,” Waller said indifferently.

This makes sense, but Juhuanv was even more excited, “What have you done to her? Even criminals have human rights. I want to find my lawyer, and I want to accuse you of abusing prisoners.”

“Don’t be silly, this is Belle Liv.” Ward shook the remote control in his hand again.

Then, she reassured: “We didn’t hurt the Leopard Girl. Like you, she was named by the five-ring admiral to test her power attribute. A little injury.”

“Is that a small injury?” The giant woman was about to swell with anger, “Could it be that Harley Quinn is a pervert who likes to abuse others? It’s bleeding all over the place. Is it just a minor injury to the Leopard Girl?”

“It’s time for the Super Martial Practice Stage, you ask the Fifth Ring Admiral yourself.”

Belle Liv isn’t The Cam Mental Hospital did not build an underground fighting arena dedicated to Harley’s “exercise”.

The so-called Martial Practice Stage is actually the airport next to the prison.

At about ten o’clock in the evening, sixteen 2,000-watt giant lamps illuminated a piece of ground the size of a football field as bright as day.

The giant woman first saw a large green shark at the periphery of the arena, a shiny ion shark, and then saw Harley in the center of the arena.

She is talking to another woman in an orange-yellow uniform.

The first time I saw Daoist, the five-ring admiral, two thoughts flashed in the giant girl’s mind: she was younger and more beautiful than on TV, and compared with the heroic and determined Wonder Woman, her The appearance and temperament are sweet; the next moment, thinking of the tragic state of the Leopard Girl, the sweet heart-shaped face becomes a mask to cover up the perverted heart.

“CyberAcademician, have you decided, what do you want to compare with me? Or, what is your best trick?” Harry asked with a smile on the opposite side of the partially mechanized woman.

The giant woman turned her head and asked Amanda, “What is this doing?”

“This is a strength test, you have to wait a few minutes.”

Waller stopped a few meters away, and the four SWAT officers and the giant woman stopped advancing.

“I know Cyber Academician.” The giant girl wondered: “Why are all the enemies of Wonder Woman tested?”

“Categories, it’s time for you. ”

The giant woman was standing there, and when she saw the Admiral of the Fifth Ring beckons with the hand outward, a special policeman walked over with a box that contained CyberAcademician weapons.

Next, Admiral Wuhuan and Cyber Academician were ten meters apart, holding weapons and standing opposite each other.

Admiral of the Fifth Ring used a Browning, raised his hand and shot Cyber Academician first.

“ding dong .” The bullets bounced off the CyberAcademician metal cheeks.

Cyber Academician raised his metal arm, and “Stab La La” fired a shallow blue arc, causing the Fifth Ring Admiral to take two steps back.

Admiral Five Rings fired a bullet again, CyberAcademician fired an arc.

The giant woman said blankly: “What is this? Isn’t it a test of power attribute, What can be measured like this?”


I don’t know how many rounds of shooting, CyberAcademician suddenly screamed, and her lower abdomen was shot through , broke a hole the size of a wine glass, shot blood, and fell backwards.

“Impossible, how could my armor be shot through by brass bullets?” she exclaimed in disbelief.

“Sorry, I see that the bullet has no effect all the time, and the bullet is wrapped with a layer of yellow light energy.” Harry said with a smile.

Experience is gone, I won’t play with you anymore.

“Are you still playing?” she asked.

“I admit defeat.” CyberAcademician said sullenly.

Admiral Wuhuan waved his hand, and four special police officers walked over, removed the mechanical equipment on her body, and dragged her away, adding a trace of blood on the ground.

“Cyber Academician, your armor is more suitable for melee combat. Even if you face Wonder Woman, you can go back and forth. Why abandon the strong and use the weak?”

Cyber As Academician passed by her, the giant woman couldn’t help saying.

“Ai, I can only go back and forth with Wonder Woman Nabi Chi. The Leopard Girl can seriously hurt her, but you didn’t see the tragic state of the Leopard Girl.” CyberAcademician shook Shaking his head, he was dragged away.

“Harry, this is the giant woman, the last ‘Wonder Woman’s enemy’.” Amanda walked over and said.

“Get ready for the next group.”

Harry invited the giant beckons with the hand to sit across the table and asked, “Do you know the rules? “

The giant woman shook her head, “Isn’t it here to test the power attribute?”

Harry looked at the burly female man, and said, “Test by fighting, The way to fight, you choose.

If you win, you will automatically get a hero order to help Earth through the crisis, and you will be free.

Even if you fail, you can Within a reasonable range, make a small request.

For example, if CyberAcademician doesn’t like Belle Liv’s food, I will arrange a Michelle Lin Dachu specially for her.”

“Can I refuse to fight?” asked the giant woman.

“Of course, you can stand there and don’t do anything and let me beat you.” Harry said with a smile.

The giant woman clenched her fists and said angrily: “What if I kill you?”

“Why don’t you ask? The guards nearby will let you on the spot. Give me your life.” Harry said.

The giant girl stared.

Harry glared at her, “What are you staring at me for? I asked you to test the power attribute and battle strength. It was a selection for the superhero Legion. You played Death as Earth for no reason. The people worked hard. Me, does it make sense?”

“My specialty is the super strength and super defense brought by the giant.” The giant girl gritted her teeth.

“Then let’s play a boxing game, you punch me, I punch you, turn-based, fair and just, how about that?”

“It couldn’t be better.”

After removing the pressure-sensing bomb on her neck, the giant woman gave Harry a grin, and her body swelled from two meters to one hundred and fifty meters in a few seconds.

“Roarβ€”” The sky and the earth shook gently, the dark clouds dispersed, and the bright moonlight fell on the giant’s face and body.

“Great Thousand Worlds, there is no lack of strange things!” Harry looked up, realizing that she was no bigger than her opponent’s toes.

“Hahaha, stupid Harley Quinn, I’ve killed countless people, and I’m still afraid of giving you the threat of death?”

“Boom!” It’s like a world falling from the sky , that fist caused a small storm within several hundred meters, and even light people were sent flying.


There is a 10-meter-deep crater on the ground.

(end of this chapter)

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