I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 626


Chapter 626 The Joker’s Special Jailbreak

“Hahaha, this idiot didn’t hide. Or think I saved Earth a few times, I Don’t you dare to kill? Stupid, I dare to kill even Wonder Woman, what is the five-ring admiral?”

The giant woman felt her fist hit a nail and knew she was on the right Target.

She couldn’t help laughing excitedly at the thought of being able to detonate the ‘golden nuclear bomb’.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Since she decided to kill, the giant woman will naturally not stop.

She will not stop until the police officers in the vicinity launch an overwhelming attack, or confirm that the ‘nuclear bomb’ is dead.

Punch after punch, I don’t know how many times I punched, and the ground was smashed into a 100-meter-deep sinkhole. The giant woman was tired, hu hu gasped, “Why don’t you attack me? Amanda Waller, where are you, come out and die, I’ve killed Earth’s greatest hero.”

“She told us not to attack you.” Amanda shouted from a distance, trumpeting.

“Who?” The giant woman sat by the pit and wiped the sweat from her forehead with her hands.

“Why don’t you stop and keep attacking?” Amanda asked.

“I don’t think she’s dead yet. The dead person should be a lump of wet mud, not a hard nail.”

Speaking of this, the giant woman stood up in horror, He opened his eyes as big as the swimming pool and stared at the bottom of the pit.

“Looks like you understand, let’s stop attacking you, the one under your fist.” Amanda sneered.

“Impossible!” The giant woman jumped 100 meters high and stepped on the bottom of the pit, “I want you to die!”


The earth trembled, the nearby houses were shaken naked eye visibly, and there was an endless stream of exclamations of “earthquake” in the prison.

“A total of 187 punches, plus a kick from the sky.”

Harry, like a loach in the quagmire, drilled from the ground to the back of the giant woman, and then flew into the sky from the ground. A golden light flashed in the night sky, and her voice appeared behind the giant female head.

next moment, the yellow light energy wraps the arm and punches out.

“bang!” is like Spiritual God hitting a big drum in mid-air.

After the giant woman became giant, her defense was close to Wonder Woman, and the punch accelerated by the power of the yellow light did not pierce her scalp like a “nail”, but only made the back of her head bulge as big as a grave package.

“ao wu β€”β€”” The giant woman screamed miserably, spreading for several kilometers, and her body couldn’t help staggering two steps.


Harry gradually increased her strength, dodging the giant woman’s wildly waving hand, and quickly walked around the back of the giant’s head, behind the ears, The top of the head, the back of the neck, the spine, the temples, the bridge of the nose, the eye sockets, etc.

From a distance, it looks like a golden fly flying around a person’s head.


Finally triggered a quantum crit, a double-strength presence field attack, directly smashing the entire elbow into the jade pillow, the blood was like a fountain, spraying Harley was shredded.

The external performance of the field attack is similar to the ‘true attack’ in the game that does not count armor and magic resistance. It only takes one move to beat the flesh into minced meat.

“No, stop fighting, I surrender!” The giant woman clutched her wound and knelt on the ground howling in pain.

The “Golden Fly” didn’t stop, and continued to jump around her body at an extremely fast speed. In just 30 seconds, it landed 130 times, triggered eight critical strikes, and knocked the giant girl down.

Call it a “little man”.

The injury was too heavy, unable to maintain the giant form, and returned to a normal height of more than two meters.

The strange thing is that although the wound has also shrunk with the body, it is not proportional to the Small Accomplishment pinhole, but is like a bullet, a hole as thick as a finger, and blood is gurgling.

“Stop fighting, I surrender, I admit defeat.” She moaned and moaned with frightened eyes.

“Holy Mother is merciful!” Halle blessed the Holy Mother’s halo, revealing a holy and loving dive light on her body, face, and eyes, “Giant woman, may Holy Mother bless you.”

“Holy Mother’s mercy!” p>

She gently placed her palms on top of the giant woman’s head, and pure holy light spread all over her body.

Those wounds, naked eye healed visibly, leaving only a faint scar.

“Are you better?” Harry asked softly.

“Thanks, much better.”

“Then stand up and keep getting bigger.” Harry said softly.

“What?” The giant girl didn’t react.

“You punched me 187 times and stepped on it, and I only returned 130 punches. According to the rules of the game, you punch me every punch, fair and just.”

“I have already given up. You also understand my characteristics. I am stronger than you, but not as flexible as you.” There was a cry in the giant female voice.

“Well, you admit defeat, and I know your situation, but the game isn’t over yet. If you don’t change shape, I’ll punch you to death.” Harry wears the Holy Mother aura , said kindly.

“Youβ€”” The giant woman’s eyes shrank, and a force of yellow fear that only Yellow Lantern could see emerged from her body, falling into Harry’s body.

Harry slammed down with a punch, hitting the back of the giant woman’s left hand on the ground, “pa!”

“The 131st punch.”

The energy of the yellow light wraps the arm, more than a thousand jins of force, directly smashing the meat palm, like a boneless chicken foot chewed in the mouth by an old woman, and then spit out.

“β€”” The giant woman’s face was covered with sweat, and the pain almost made her lose her voice.

“May the Holy Mother protect you.” The gentle voice, the warm holy light, and the slow healing of the palms.

Normal Lay on Hands can’t make this kind of injury recover completely in an instant.

So, Harry changed hands, “bang!”

“The 132nd punch.”

“May Holy Mother love you.”

“Amanda, help!” The giant woman finally cried out, utterly tragic.

No one pays attention to her, Amanda and the guards are pretending to be deaf and blind.


Harry replaced her instep, unfortunately, the yellow light energy blessing + quantum critical strike triggered, half of her foot was blown up.

“β€”β€”” The giant woman’s eyes turned white and she fainted.

Harry first used Lay on Hands to stop the bleeding, and then used the power of yellow light to launch a mental shock on her.

“Ahhhβ€”β€”” The giant woman woke up screaming hysterically, and then heard the ‘133rd punch’.

“I change, make me bigger!” The giant girl cried.

yellow The flood of fear, which was slammed into the gate, bubbled out of her and into Harry’s body.

In ten minutes.

When Dizzy Count was escorted to the side of the giant pit by four special police officers, he saw a tall, bloody woman with her head drooping, her feet dragging two bloodstains on the ground. Pull the right arm away.

When passing by him, I also saw a deep footprint on the back of the female yellow uniform with a broken spine

“Continue? You just suffered a giant female 187 Fist.” Amanda Waller frowned.

“The power has been endured by the earth. I can even shrink down like a loach and only endure the force of the shock.” .

“Is the giant woman qualified? She caused the most damage to the previous group of people.” Amanda asked.

Harry shook her head, with some disgust on her face, “My brain is too stupid and my body is too heavy. I can go to the dock to move containers. The battle is a lot worse than the Leopard Girl, and I don’t know how she became Wonder Woman.” The mortal enemy’.”

With disgust on the lips, Sea of Consciousness checked the experience jar a little deep, and was happy again, 7Level 6!

Giant Woman provides nearly one-tenth of Level 1 experience, twice as much as Leopard Woman.

Well, she’s not as strong as Leopard Girl, but her “attacking giant” figure with a height of 10th layer, rushing through the city streets, shocked Earth people far more than Leopard Girl.

Being famous and influential, it can increase a person’s maximum experience limit.

“Dizzy Academician, huh, come and sit.” Harley smiled softly, looking towards the next “Legion Candidate”.

β€”Ah, that’s the beauty of power!

If she is an ordinary hero or criminal, such as the original Harley Quinn, she can only be ordered by Amanda, how can she mobilize the entire suicide and murder headquarters (ps) to provide her overnight Super VIP service?

Harry spent three days in Belle Liv Prison, where more than 300 felons helped her raise her level to Level 7.

Then she went back to Gotham and replayed Arkham Asylum for the nth time.

It’s a pity that there are too many old faces, barely adding half a level.

The reason why Bellev was first and then Arkham was because Harley was waiting for the return of the Ten Heroes.

Well, Shi Yingjie was just separated from Brainiac’s mental data, and received the spiritual counseling of Dr. Quinn’s “post-war psychological trauma”.

“Why, why, we are honest and obedient, we helped you defeat Brainiac, we have done nothing wrong!” The Riddler guessed Harley’s ‘brain teaser’ incorrectly and flipped the electric shock switch , trembling like chaff in the blue arc of bright jumping.

β€”because you dare to hate me! !

Harry’s anger boils over at the thought of Brainiac’s shared hatred for her and the ideological unity of the Ten Heroes.

β€œGuess what,” she said.

This is her guessing game.

“I don’t know.”

“The answer is wrong.” Harley pronounced the sentence, increasing the intensity of the current.

In her mind, no matter what she did to the scumbags of Arkham Asylum, they should respect her, love her, and worship her religiously.

It is like the love and belief of the black bear spirit and the red child to Bodhisattva Guanyin.

“I have ‘qualification for amnesty’, I killed the ninja master.”

The clown Jerome was taken care of and howled miserably under the blood-killing stick.

“Well, I promised that the person who killed the ninja master will not be targeted by me for his actions in Gotham in the future. Did you hear it clearly, it’s ‘in Gotham’.”

Leave Gotham, or dare to take the initiative to offend her, then she can help them treat their mental illness again.

Not only did she use the confession stick, blood killing stick, and Holy Mother treatment to make Jerome cry and repent to God, Harry also called the dog Holy Son and performed some soul baptism on himβ€”β€” Infuse every ray of his spirit strength with the infernal holy light magic of the dog Holy Son.

“I’m helping you. Your soul may be stained with the sinful nature of Brainiac. Only the all-knowing and almighty God can redeem you.” Jerome Road.

On the second day, Harley got on her mount refreshed and was about to go to Stryker Island in the metropolis when Bateman came to the door.

“What did you do to them?” he said solemnly.


“The clown is dead, shark.” Bateman stared at her face, “What did you do to make him give up his life?”

and me.

“Jerome is dead? Why didn’t I get the news?” Harry was startled.

“Just found out, the warden is even on his way to work at this time.”

“Are you sure it’s a shark?”

Betterman from the waist I took out an 8.3-inch tablet and handed it over.

“I checked myself, the clown wrote a suicide note at about 5am, and then stabbed himself in the throat with a pencil”

On the screen were pictures of the clown’s body and the prison .

Harry originally thought that the clown would leave a smile mocking the world before he died, but he didn’t want to see a pale face that was twisted, painful, conservative, but faintly relieved and relaxed.

A pencil is inserted into the throat, and the body is huddled on the ground.

β€”β€”Battman, I really don’t want to leave you, but the joy of playing games with you is far from the pain of being tortured by her. I thought that if I was strong enough, I could fly like a bird, but I was wrong.

This world, this city, is always shrouded in her will to do as one pleases, there is no living space for me, no hope for freedom.

I don’t want to kneel before Jesus Divine Prayer before Idol, we’ll meet again in hell and miss you Jamie (Jerome’s nickname).

This is the Joker’s suicide note. The handwriting is scribbled and the paragraphs are crooked, revealing a suppressed despair and sadness.

Harry returned the tablet, disapprovingly said: “Isn’t it just escape from prison and go to hell? What a big deal, wait until I call his soul back.”

(ps : Belle Liv Prison, the headquarters of the future suicide squad, Amanda’s lair)

(end of this chapter)

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