I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 628


Chapter 628 Harley’s Attitude

The antimatter universe, the Kovad star, a yellow sand and the next door Desolate planet.

Anti-Monitor Bastion.

“Your plan, the anti-prisoner, has come to fruition, and the Shadow Fiend has captured the body of a pioneer.

The Shadow Fiend is so powerful that it is almost impossible to rival in the physical universe.” Pharaoh Wang exclaimed.

When he first came to the antimatter universe, he thought that the anti-prisoner king was a martial artist with power and no wisdom. Otherwise, he would not have been staring at him, “the smartest person in the almighty universe”.

When he entered the library specially prepared for him by the anti-prisoner, the pharaoh’s view of the anti-prisoner changed for the first time: at least he had a lot of knowledge.

Now, witnessing the destruction of the multiverse, seeing the army of shadow demons from the anti-prisoner king, seeing him use his tactics to control the monitor’s henchmen, and thinking about the anti-prisoner king’s arrangements for himself

Pharaoh completely put aside his contempt, and regarded him as someone who needs to be treated with 100% of his heart.

Well, on the same level as Demonness Halle.

“Shadow Demon is very strong, but not perfect. Sneak attack is ok, but facing superheroes head on, the effect is not good.” color.

The antimatter universe also has galaxies and life on planets.

Shadow Demon is a biological weapon transformed by the natives on the Kovad star using special means by the anti-prisoner king.

“There are 20 Heralds in total. Together, they are the Monitor’s assistant, Lyra. If they only control one, will other Heralds notice them and expose them to the Monitor?” Pharaoh asked.

The anti-prisoner king said with a smile: “They can perceive it, but they still can’t control their behavior.”

The pharaoh thought for a while, and then said: “Now the pioneers Going to Earth 0 to find Alexander Kent and Harley Quinn shows that they are extremely useful to the watchers, should we stop them halfway?

Especially Harley Quinn, she gets a part of Manhattan power, has Could be your scourge.”

“Alexander Kent and Harley Quinn are important, but they’re not as important as the scouts.

If they go out halfway through Accidentally, the Watchers will definitely suspect the Heralds.

In this case, the plan to use the Heralds to assassinate the Watchers cannot proceed.” The Anti-Supervisor King said.

Pharaoh said: “I mean using ‘Old Quinn’, didn’t you plan to use the connection between bloodlines to let the shadow demonized old Quinn control Harley Quinn?

It’s like controlling the Herald now.

With Herald as an inner responder, Alexander Kent is just an ignorant child, Old Quinn ambushing Harley Quinn, top secret, she has become your person .”

“Well, you can try.”

The anti-supervisor beckoned, and a dark shadow fluttered in front of him.

The shadow is dark, the face cannot be seen clearly, and the shape is also changing, like a silhouette that is free from the body and can move freely.

“Casapa Quinn (Harley grandfather), wait outside Earth 0, and wait for the Herald to bring Harley Quinn into an ambush, you quietly occupy her soul.”


The shadow bowed and suddenly disappeared into the brightly lit hall.

“Is he still conscious?” Pharaoh asked.

“Yes, he retains all the memories of his life, but now he only listens to me. The Shadow Fiend is transformed by anti-matter power, and anti-matter power is an extension of my will.”

The anti-prisoner king still faced the multiverse monitor, but his eyes under the thick heavy metal armor gave the old man a meaningful squinting, and the corner of his mouth evoked a sneer.

Earth 0, the watchtower of the Justice League.

“In Greek mythology, there is a story that a hero drinks giant milk and grows a year older. Does your milk have the same effect?” Harry said curiously, looking at Louise’s big breasts.

“What nonsense are you talking about, I didn’t–I only fed once, and the milk was not enough, and I ate formula after that.”

Louise glared at Harry, red. said with a face.

“Did he suddenly grow up, or did he grow up every day?” Harry asked.

“Everyday all grows up evenly, our day is half a year for him.” Superhuman said.

“So, you guys found out about his abnormality, but didn’t notify me?” Harry’s face was a little unsightly.

Superman’s expression was a little embarrassed, “Didn’t I tell you now?”

“It’s too early, Alexander is only ten years old, you should wait for him to die of old age, and then Call me to the memorial service.” Harley sneered.

“Harry, don’t be so mean, Alexander is still a child, what do you do against him!” Louise said angrily.

Harry said with a sneer: “Do you think what I said is not true? With his growth rate for more than half a year, after a hundred or so days, what else can he do if he doesn’t go to your house for dinner? ?”

Louis turned pale with anger, but couldn’t say anything to refute.

Superman persuaded: “Harry, we didn’t think about hiding anyone, you ran all over the country a few days ago, ‘testing’ dozens or even hundreds of criminals every day, and you were very busy.

We’re too busy, too busy with the antimatter crisis ‘Three Great Legions’ plan, too busy checking little Alexander, and we’re ignoring you.

It’s really not that You, or hide it from you.”

“I don’t know what a big deal, and I’m not flustered and exasperated.” Diana said impatiently, both hands crossed near chest.

“You’re still complacent, and you think your insensitivity is an advantage?”

Harry directly replied.

Wonder Woman stared at her with wide eyes, “I’m insensitive? I think you’re a small belly and cares about everything. How about we go to your cosmic King of Fighters fight again?”

β€”β€”See if I will save face for you this time!

Well, in the last fight, the heroine also deliberately avoided Harley’s face and key points.

“You’re numb and ignorant, you’re still not convinced, and you still want to fight with me?” Harry pointed to the little red-haired boy in the sterile room, “His father ‘Hero Luther’ is just a fool. A tech warrior equipped to eat, his biological mother is not a hero at all.

In other words, there is nothing abnormal in his genes – the hero Luther must have done a medical examination for his son, and you have also checked it at the beginning.


Now he should be normal, but he is growing abnormally, and the only abnormal point is his experience of ‘walking through the wall of antimatter’.

You tell me, he is nothing like antimatter The relationship between money, the ‘little thing’ that it doesn’t matter if you know it sooner or later?”

The female hero opened her mouth wide and was speechless.

Betterman said: “Superman, Atomic Man, and Zatanna have all checked. He has no genetic mutation at this time, nor does he have abnormal energy in his body.”

“You research Antimatter energy?” Harry asked.

Several heroes engaged in scientific research shook their heads.

“You didn’t create antimatter, and you didn’t know the true properties of antimatter, so you rashly decided that little Alexander has nothing to do with antimatter?”

Superman sighed: “You are not a scientist either. , if we haven’t been able to research antimatter, what can you do even if I inform you earlier?”

“Since I can’t do anything, what do you guys want me to do, and continue to study hard? , I’m not a scientist anyway,” Halle said indifferently.

Superman looked unnatural and said: “You don’t have the ability to research and magic, but you have a lot of connections and connections, going to heaven and going to hell, maybe you can help Alexander, let him not be quick Aging, you can also ask the Most High about his peculiarities.”

“he he he” Harry sneered.

“Hey, I said, it’s not that I’m hiding it from you, it’s that you’re too busy, and we’re too busy, and the heroes who don’t come to the watchtower often, also don’t know about Alexander’s situation.” Superman explained.

Harry was about to sneer at them for a few more words, when a vertical two-meter-high golden lightning arc suddenly flashed beside her. The arc opened like a curtain, and a familiar silhouette emerged from the inside.

“Hello, Harley Quinn, see you again.”

“Pioneer? You. Hello.”

Harley frowned and looked at the red hood blond woman, she seems a little different.

The Herald glanced at the bewildered heroes, “I am one of the Avatars of the Herald, Overseer Assistant Lyra, you may also call me ‘Lyra’.

Harry Β· Quinn knows me and what I’m doing, and she should have told you.”

“Pioneer, are you looking for me, or are you looking for other heroes?” Harry asked.

The pioneer walked to the glass window and pointed to the red-haired child inside: “Alexander Kent has a major connection with the Antimatter Crisis, and I want to take him to the Watcher satellite immediately.”

Before the Zhenglian scientific research team solemnly vowed, little Kent was normal, and now the face is coming.

Several people stood there, embarrassed and puzzled.

“What can little Alexander do?” Superman said solemnly.

“I’m not quite clear, the monitor noticed that he was the man of destiny, and asked me to take him to the monitor satellite for a detailed medical examination.” Pioneer said.

“We checked, both magic and science.” Louise said nervously.

Pioneer said: “You have never seen or mastered antimatter energy. How can you do antimatter-related tests?” , making everyone present look embarrassed.

Betterman squinted at the pioneer for a moment, and suddenly said: “Why can you suddenly appear in the watchtower, near Alexander Kent?”

“I came to this universe, I knew you were here, so I came,” said the pioneer.

“You know what we do?”

Betterman looked serious, thinking in his heart that when he returned, he would set up a preventive file for the watchers and pioneers.

“I don’t know what you guys are doing, but I have the authority to look up the location of anyone I want to know.”

The Herald looked towards Harley again, looking expectantly: ” I can now answer your doubts when you refused to leave.

First of all, the more stable the existence of the universe, the less likely it will be annihilated by antimatter, and you have the ability to maintain the stability of space and time.

Therefore, we need you, and those worlds that are collapsing in the antimatter wall need you.

Secondly, after leaving your home universe, as long as the antimatter wall’s advancement is terminated in time, Earth 0 in the center of the Tenma It will not be restarted.

On the contrary, if you keep hiding in Earth 0 and watch other universes disappear, the power of the enemy will become stronger and stronger, the power of the monitor will become weaker and weaker, and eventually you will also protect Not this universe.”

Harry was lost in thought, not responding immediately to her invitation.

After a long time, she asked: “How many people have you recruited, and what action plan do you have?”

“The more the better heroes, there is no limit. The plan is made by the monitor, I Currently only responsible for recruiting heroes.” Pioneer said.

“You can take Alexander Kent, but I really can’t go with you.” Harry hesitated.


“I once got a part of Manhattan’s power, which can indeed stabilize my timeline, but this power has no effect on antimatter.” Harry said.

“Try it, if it doesn’t work, you can join the hero Legion with your strength.” Pioneer said.

Harry still shook her head, “Don’t persuade, I have made up my mind, no matter what happens, I will not leave this universe.”

The pioneer frowned, “You This is very irrational.”

“Harry, it would be a good thing to keep the crisis out of our universe.” Superhuman said.

(end of this chapter)

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