I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 629


Chapter 629 General lost his mind?

“Harry, I think Pioneer’s plan is very good. It not only protects the enemy from outside the country, but also helps innocent people in other universes.” Superman said hesitantly.

“My ability is low, even the yellow beasts are gone, battery life is a big problem.” Harry pretended to be weak.

Wonder Woman glanced at her and turned to the Herald, “Can we help?”

The Herald said, “It’s a big help if you want.”

“What’s the situation in the multiverse now?” Bateman asked.

“The watchers told me that at least a thousand individual universes were destroyed.

This is just the beginning, and the rate of cosmic annihilation will increase exponentially.

Maybe while we are talking, hundreds of universes have disappeared inside the wall of antimatter.”

The Pioneer said, raising his wrist and projecting a hundred-inch high-definition picture in mid-air.

Barbarian Desolate Era, the savage, terrified and dazed, stood by the campfire, watching the night sky suddenly turn white mist.

All matter is decomposed into particles in the white light, and then the particles are turned into energy, leaving only a dead silence, nothingness, and a cold blank.

In the modern city, the wall of white light pushes along the street, on one side is the citizens screaming in panic, and on the other side is the nothingness of the white mist.

The world is like a picture under an eraser, erased stroke after stroke.

In the future sci-fi world, the army in uniform high-tech combat uniforms is ready to fight, and the battleship and star weapons hang overhead. Such a powerful military force is useless to the coming wall of white light.

When the soldiers disappeared in the white light, the desperate screams were no different from the primordial people.

“These are the scenes of cosmic destruction I have experienced”

The pioneer looked at the shocked heroes, his tone was a little sad and a little excited, “It is not a city that is annihilated. , not a planet, but the entire universe, how many people are in a city?

How many people are in a planet?

How many people are in a universe?

One thousand One, ten thousand, countless universes, how many people are there?

The direction of our efforts is to let more people survive.

One effort of heroes may Save the innocent in trillions.”

“Too cruel, too cruel, every life is so precious, how many people in each universe? No more dead people, we must act now !” Superman clenched his fists and shouted excitedly.

“Isn’t the person who directed all this devoid of humanity?!”

Wonder Woman’s gnashing teeth, her red eyes were a little wet.

“Anyway, we’re going to do something.”

“I don’t know how to do research, I’d like to join the ‘Hero Legion’ now.”

Atom Xia and many other heroes shouted.

Betterman also looked solemn, but did not shout loudly. When they were a little quiet, he asked: “Pioneer, I once got a map of the multiverse, and there are only 52 universes in Wantianyi. .”

The Pioneer said: “Even if you buy a random map in Earth, the cities and buildings on it are limited.

More content in reality, such as a mound, A lake, a small intestine trail. They all exist, but cannot be found on the map.

52 universes do not represent the number of single universes in the multiverse, but the structure of Wan Tianyi at this time. ”

As she spoke, she projected a 3D multiverse map again.

Although it was only Wan Tianyi’s map, it was more detailed than any map Harry had ever seen.

“Look,” she pointed to a circle in the inner ring, “this is the ‘other world’, including Earth 4, Earth 35, Earth 39, 41, 45.

It is equivalent to a load-bearing column of a building and is an important part of the overall structure.

In addition to it, there are eight cemeteries composed of single universes, and cartoons composed of five universes.

The Ring, there are two multiverse axes that connect the universe – equivalent to the level of the building.

For example, Earth 0 and Earth 33 where you are in constitute the axis of creation, which is equal to the foundation of the multiverse.

In addition to 52 ‘building bodies’, a building must have countless bricks, glass, floor tiles, which is an infinite parallel universe.”

Betterman stared at the map and pondered. After a while, he asked: “How long will the crisis spread to our universe?”

The pioneer thought for a while and said: “If we do nothing, even an ordinary person can be on this Earth within a week. We are aware of the abnormality of the universe. Our efforts can at least delay the crisis by a few weeks, or even months.”

Bateman looked towards Harley, β€œWe should not sit still, at least let the ‘heroes’ Legion ‘move.

One week is too tight. With our current level of technology, we will never be able to research antimatter technology and equipment on time.

We need to see the monitor , needs his help.

Of course, we must also help other universes as much as we can, and helping them is also equivalent to protecting our own universe.”

“Pioneers, can we help us Talk alone? You go to the living room for a coffee first.” Harley suggested.

The Herald hesitated for a moment, nodded and said: “No matter what decision you make, you’d better hurry.”

When the Herald left, Harley asked the Watchtower to contact the hero Legion and the scientist. After both Legion and magician Legion conveyed the content of the ‘Hero’s Little Council’ to the ‘Wizard Council’, Fate Academician, on behalf of all human mages, agreed to Harley’s plan, with only one request – Harley gave up on Phoenix Faust, etc. Revenge of the Grandmaster who offended her.

At least during everyone’s “united resistance”, Harry don’t look for opportunities to harm “comrades in arms”.

The video conference started, Superman first explained the arrival of the Herald, and then Harley said: “Now the ‘Anti-Prison Alliance’ faces three choices and three paths.

The first way, according to our original plan, wait for the arrival of the antimatter wall.

The second way, give up the original plan, turn to the monitor, follow his command, and respond according to his strategy Antimatter Crisis. Well, for now dropping outdated crisis names like ‘Crisis of the Multiverse’, ‘Crisis of the Pharaohs’, ‘Crisis of Antimatter’ and ‘Crisis of the Anti-Monitor’, collectively called ‘Crisis of the Infinite Earth’.

The third way, we divided our troops into two groups, some of them went to the monitor satellite, obeyed the monitor’s arrangement, and at the same time delivered the latest intelligence and antimatter technology to those who stayed behind in Earth.

To sum up, Either we continue to be tough and firmly believe that the ‘Anti-Anti-Monitoring Alliance’ can handle everything; either we believe that the monitor is a ‘savior’; or we are half-hearted, pretend to be polite, dig the monitor’s corner, and engage in our own small group.”

“The first way will definitely not work!” Aquaman immediately said: “How stupid and arrogant we, who don’t even understand the properties of antimatter, refuse the help provided by the multiverse manager! “

“Actually, the second way is very good, monitor VS anti-monitor, at least evenly matched on the card, we will do our best to help him, it is the most efficient way to solve the crisis.” Green Lantern said slowly. .

“I originally thought the third way was very good, but after listening to your ‘summary’, it doesn’t seem to taste right?” Luther frowned.

Next, heroes, mages and researchers expressed their opinions one after another. Basically, no one agrees with the first way, 20% of the supporters of the second way, and the remaining overwhelming majority do not agree with the third way.

“We could split our forces, with some heroes and scientists to watch over satellites and the other to stay in Earth, but not half-hearted or small groups.

Earth 0 It is the rear, the monitor satellite is the military camp, and the universe that is in danger is the front line of the battle.

This is an organic whole, and there is no entanglement of interests. Everyone should face a crisis with the purest heart.

Because in the Infinite Earth crisis, there is no room for small actions.

Any single selfish act or thought of us may affect the survival of billions of absolutely lives.” Bateman said .

“Well said.” The Flash excitedly said.

β€œI agree with Bateman.”

Superman and Wonder Woman applauded, and the rest of the heroes and officials expressed their nodded approval.

Then they looked towards the host at the center of the video.

“Kent, what do you think?” Harley looked towards the fateful Academician who has been silent.

“It’s hard to say, you seem to want to form a small group? Why?”

Halle gently nodded, “I propose three options, Bateman is the third choice. It has been greatly revised and can be regarded as the fourth choice.

In my personal opinion, I think the third way is the best.

The second way is the first way, followed by Bateman The fourth choice, the second way is the next choice.”

“It’s too unsightly to start small groups at this time?”

“unimaginable, isn’t it? It’s better to sit still and wait for death than to obey the monitor’s arrangements?”

The heroes were greatly puzzled and excited.

Even Luther and government-government representatives browse tightly frowns with a puzzled look.

“I don’t really want to explain, I can only swear to you,” Harry said with a serious look, “The choice I made is more for you and this Earth.”

“This” everyone has different expressions, and they are not convinced.

Betterman stared at her, said solemnly: “If you don’t explain, how can you convince us?

If you don’t convince us, how can we believe that it’s right to follow you?

Without the belief that I am on the right path, where did the ‘Anti-Anti-Prison Alliance’ get its battle strength?”

“Harry, what are you worried about?” Superman asked.

Harry hesitated for a moment, then said softly, “I don’t trust the watchers.”

“Ahβ€”” Everyone said cry out in surprise, didn’t expect to hear this Answer.

Superman wondered: “Are the pioneers lying to us that the Watcher is an anti-watchman and not an enemy? The Watcher Satellite is a trap?”

Harry shook his head and said, “Even if the purpose is the same , the position may be different.

Just as I have led heroes to solve global crises many times, the Justice League still cannot fully trust me.”

“Of course we trust you.” Superman hurriedly Say.

“During the Brainiac crisis, you didn’t want me to be the boss. That’s called trust?”

“Hey, why are you still thinking about this?”

In front of so many people, Superman blushed for her, too careful!

Everyone’s expressions were weird, but Harley looked calm, “You believe in my belief in leading the team to save the Metropolis, but you don’t believe in my character and style.”

100 Terman endured it for a while, but still couldn’t stand her ‘hypocrisy’, and said: “After the battle, you removed three engines from the skull spaceship, removed eight neural link mechanical tentacles, and packed away two experiments. area, several robots, a star radar system, and two cross-Star River communication systems

Bleniak’s spaceship has been hollowed out, how can you tell us to trust you?”

“Harry, didn’t you say you were empty-handed and didn’t catch any spills of war?” Luthor complained.

(end of this chapter)

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