I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 633


Chapter 633 Christ Salvation Mission

“If in our universe, can the souls of dead heroes be rescued with the merits of heaven?”

The communication with the voice of the sky is only in the breath. In reality, Bateman has new questions.

“As long as the hero has a chance to call for help when he dies, it should be fine,” said Harry.

“The financial management of Paradise Mountain stipulates that if the heroic deeds are not enough, the soul will belong to you after death?” Bateman asked again.

“It’s not mine, it’s serving me for a period of time, working part-time to pay off the debt.”

“Can a living hero pay for the debt?” Bateman asked.

“Of course you can, do you want to be a hero and pay for the hero?” Harry said curiously.

“It’s not just me, we are a whole. As long as the hero dies in the battle to defend justice, the living hero is willing to bear his debt.” Bateman said solemnly.

“Have you talked to Superman and Wonder Woman?”

Bateman nodded.

“Why did you change your mind? You guys were extremely opposed to Paradise Hill’s financial management.” Harry asked.

“Heroes are not afraid of sacrifice, but if they even have souls” Bateman looked sad, “They are all heroes, and they should all go to heaven, where they unite with their parents and close relatives, and wait for their friends and wives in heaven. Children.

They sacrificed themselves to save the lives of others and are entitled to a happy ending, not nothing left.”

β€œHow to tell if a person is Hero?” Luther was touched, and asked, “If I die in the battle against the anti-monitors, while taking out a loan in Paradise Mountain, will you repay the debt for me?”

“If If another hero dies, are you willing to repay the debt for him?” Bateman asked rhetorically.

“Well, I am for everyone, everyone is for me” Luther touched the chin and fell into deep thought: Do you want to pretend to join Zhenglian’s ‘mutual aid plan’? Or, believing that Harley is preparing “the last boat”?

Harley VS Zhenglian, it seems that Zhenglian is more credible, Harley is too much like him

Harley said curiously: “If the sacrifice will the soul flew away and scattered, you are Isn’t it fearful, hesitant, and shaken?”

Betterman said solemnly: “There must be fear, hesitation, we are also human, but they still insist on the front line, every day all have heroes sacrifice, Not a single deserter.”

β€”β€”Although there are no deserters, if it can give the dead hero a better ending, the Zhenglian giant will certainly fight for it.

Harley somewhat understands the thoughts of the Justice League heroes.

“Voice of the sky, what method is suitable for the current situation, which can prevent the soul from being annihilated by antimatter, and the merit is extremely low.” She communicated with the voice of the sky again.

“It’s very troublesome. After sunset today, heaven closes, and at 12 midnight, hell closes, and before today, other Divine Domains have long been hidden and disappeared. Naturally, it is impossible to receive the souls of believers.” Tianzhi sound.

Harry had thought about this for a long time, and immediately said: “I have the Holy Mother Huiyin, which is like a Holy Mother Divine Kingdom, which can store the soul for a long time.

First put the soul Send them into it, and let them take their places when the crisis is resolved.

In other words, you only play the Spatial Teleportation function of the universe.”

“Yes, 50,000 meritorious deeds. A soul teleportation card to transfer souls to the Holy Mother Shining. But you have to remember, do not impregnate those souls with the power of Shining, it will make them cut off the way to heaven or other Divine Domain heavens.” Voice of Heaven .

“I understand that it affects going to hell or other Divine Domains, but why can’t you go to heaven if you are infected with a little Holy Mother’s power?” Harry wondered.

“You have defiled the Holy Mother’s power in the Shining Seal with your unclean soul, and now it has become a corrupted power, and it is likely to go to hell.” Voice of Heaven indifferently said .

Harry wanted to yell, “Fuck you goddamn shit!”

She admits that her behavior is not in line with God’s teachings, but why doesn’t she “peng” her and go to hell?

“50,000 meritorious deeds are a bit more expensive, can it be cheaper?” she asked sullenly.

“Considering that 10 million merits come from God’s blessing, the price of the ‘Soul Transfer Card’ has been discounted by 10%.

If in the same universe, the soul transfer is almost 50,000 Meritorious, but this time not only across the universe, but even across time.

It is the same as when you were teleported from the wizard group to the edge of hell in the super-time stream, at least 500,000.” Voice of Heaven .

“If I put the card-bearing hero on the chest or cloak of the uniform, with the cross representing Christ, um, it’s an advertisement on the chest, can it be cheaper?

Think about it. , the heroes who sacrificed their lives and saved lives gathered together, how dazzling, how splendid.

But when hundreds of millions of people looked at them, they were surprised and said ‘Hey, the Sbecome Saint cross on Superman’s chest’, What a sensation.”

Voice of Heaven was obviously hesitant, before saying for a while: “This kind of advertisement does not bring belief, nor does it conform to the teachings of God.”

“I don’t will bluntly change their uniform emblems, but in the name of God, form the ‘Christian Salvation Corps’ – a group of heroes representing Christ saving the world.

They are the modern Crusaders, of course they must be unique badge and perks.” Halle said with a smile.

“If it’s a ‘crusader’, it’s fine. According to your superhero level, B-rank heroes will lose 10,000 merits, A-rank will lose 20,000, S-rank will lose 30,000, SS-rank With a reduction of 40,000 yuan, Superman only needs 1% of the original price, that is, 5,000 meritorious deeds.

In addition, on the basis of the above, a further 70% reduction will be used as the military expenses of the Crusaders.” The voice of the sky.

“Omβ€”” Harley felt her Holy Mother Huiyin in Sea of Consciousness tremble slightly, and a clear comprehension came to her mind: This Huiyin, who had been fired from the business unit before, was now again. Incorporated into the City of Silver system.

However, she is no longer the Holy Mother, but the head of the Christ Salvation Corps of the Holy Cross.

“What are you thinking?” Bateman’s voice entered her ears.

Harry spread out her hand, “crash-bang!”

Like card-changing magic, the silver white cards were connected in a line, falling from the sky and landing on the palm of Harry’s palm. Boxes of playing cards were thick, two boxes, three boxes. The piles got higher and higher, and finally Harry had to use the energy of the yellow light to manifest a tray and pile the cards into a small pyramid.

“Take it, this is what you want.”

She used all her 7 million yuan, leaving only a fraction of 200,000 to 300,000 yuan as Paradise Mountain Financial reserves.

A little feat is nothing compared to the sacrifice of a hero’s life.

Betterman reached out and took one, and saw that the card was silver white, a metal with a faint golden light, the size of a playing card, with Jesus nailed to the cross on the front, and a line on the back: God have mercy on the world, Christ saves the world The heroic spirit of the regiment will never be annihilated.

“This is the legendary Heaven Helicopter Card? Why are there so many?” he asked in surprise.

“It’s not a heavenly ascent, it’s just to let the hero’s soul escape instantly, from antimatter annihilation, or any other form of the soul flew away and scattered.

As for the hero’s aftermath Heaven or hell, or return to Lingbo Hell, it doesn’t matter.” Harry said.

“Isn’t that the same as normally?” Luthor asked disappointedly.

“Yes, it is at this special time that the final destination of the soul is not affected.”


Bateman does Satisfied, he believed that every hero who sacrificed deserved to be greeted by the open door of heaven.

“What do you mean by Christ the Redeemer?” he asked again.

“Originally these cards are very expensive, at least 500,000 merits one. Almost equivalent to ordinary heaven mercenary cut down Monsters, eliminate Demons lifetime savings.

I have some in heaven He told God what happened to the hero.

God is merciful, but he can’t help free—”

β€œIf God is willing to help, why not save it?”

Bateman was a little excited and interrupted her words directly.

β€œIf He saves heroes for free, shouldn’t he also save the ordinary person believers? How to save countless souls?

How to resettle them?

After the rescue, the cycle of the universe’s soul energy is broken, what if the multiverse is completely over?”

“What cycle?”

Harry thought about it: “I’m just guessing. , the annihilation of the material universe and the soul in the universe is not disappeared. In the multiverse, the law of conservation of energy can basically be maintained.

The universe that disappears today is likely to be the nourishment for the next multiverse. You It’s time to ask the monitor, he is the manager of the material universe, and heaven is only one of the eight Divine Domains.

Don’t think about heaven’s selfless devotion.

Angels do ‘belief trade’ ‘Yes, it is necessary to pay attention to the basic balance of payments, but also to abide by the rules of market transactions, not to engage in dumping, nor to monopolize operations.”

Bateman sighed then said, no longer entangled in this to make him believe Shaking the question, he asked: “How many merits are there in heaven now?”

Harry said: “God is merciful, heaven is generous, I have a way, so the ‘Heaven Hill Christ Salvation Mission’ led by me is in heaven The registration is successful.

The Christ Salvation Corps I formed is similar to the crusade organized by the Pope, at least nominally it belongs to God’s warrior.

These soul protection cards serve as the warriors of the Salvation Corps Equipment, no merit.

No money doesn’t mean it’s free, the price is shared by heaven and me, and heaven contributes 90%.

I use my righteousness to save money, destroy my family to relieve difficulties, and take out all my net worth. , accounting for 10% of the shares.

However, the Salvation Group is just a name, and it has no responsibilities and obligations.

If you stick the card on your body, it will leave a message in the pasting position. An emblem of the Holy Cross, when someone asks ‘Who are you’, just add ‘I am the Christ Salvation Mission of Mount Paradise’ before the name.

For example, you could say ‘I am Bateman, Earth 0 of the Heavenly Mountain Christ Salvation Corps, may God bless the world’.

When the war is over, everyone, the Salvation Corps will be disbanded on the spot, and everyone will be indefinitely.”

“How does this ‘crusader’ smell like commercialization and advertising for heaven?” Luther said with a strange expression.

“It’s all voluntary, not forced. This card will be distributed by Zhenglian, but it can only be used by heroes.”

Harry asked Ivy to find a suitcase , put the card in, and put the box in front of Bateman.

“I donated tens of millions to redeem these soul preservation cards. If you have any conscience, you’d better add a ‘praise Harry’.

If anyone shouts, wait. After he dies, I will give him a small gift worth 100 to 1000 merits.”

The expressions of the surrounding heroes and Luther were a little distorted.

After that, under the command of Harley, the remaining Earth heroes and Earth scientists began to build two bases for military and scientific research on Liberty Island.

Considering that there must be a big battle near the tuning fork, Harley also asks the black warrior to remove the free girl Divine Idol.

Like most urban Manhattan residents, seek refuge in the countryside.

After all this was over, Harry remembered Superman’s adopted son, “How about Superman and Alexander?”

“Superman is busy, but in good shape, Alexander” Baxter Man paused for a moment, “He is very special, he can contain both positive and antimatter energy, and is very valued by the watchers.

Now little Alexander is still growing rapidly, when he becomes an adult, he absorbs antimatter energy, Not only does it stop aging, but it may stabilize in a state for a long time.”

Harley was a little excited, “Can little Kent absorb antimatter energy?”

Then he won’t be able to. The best antimatter energy filter?

“Voice of the sky, I want to exchange the Ark of the Covenant and build it with the most common materials, as long as the appearance of the Ark of the Covenant and the imposing manner.” Harry communicated with the Voice of the Sky for the last time.

“Heaven doesn’t sell fakes.”

“Well, to put it another way, I want a blueprint of the Ark of the Covenant, and I have one in my house that looks like the Ark of the Covenant. Wooden box, please give it the power of dive radiance.”


(end of chapter)

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