I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 635


Chapter 635 Wise Nereus

A few days ago, the antimatter universe, the Kovard star.

The vast, empty multiverse surveillance hall.

The anti-prisoner king stood in front of the ten-meter-high video wall with his hands on his back and watched quietly.

The screen shot is divided into two parts up and down, and the upper part occupies 70% of the area, showing the detailed landscape of a universe invaded by an antimatter wall, and the lower part is divided into many small grids, all of which are unconquered universes.

The anti-prisoner king selects a universe below, and the inner scene of that universe is displayed on the big screen above.

At this time, the anti-prisoner king was staring at the universe of Earth 0, and he didn’t change a shot for a long time.

“Your Majesty, I don’t know what the watchers have done, the antimatter cloud is being suppressed by a strange force, and the rate of destruction of the multiverse is still accelerating, but the growth rate is decreasing.” Pharaoh said.

“This is a game between me and the monitor. If I make a move, of course he can fight back.” The anti-supervisor king calmly said.

“What do we do now? The universe is running out, maybe it’s time for the Heralds to assassinate the Overwatch.” Pharaoh suggested.

The anti-supervisor glanced at him, “Every time a positive-matter universe is destroyed, the monitor’s power becomes weaker.

Now the destruction of the universe is accelerating, and the monitor’s The power continues to decrease, which is obviously more beneficial to me, why should I rush to use the ultimate move?

The weaker the Watcher, the better the chance of the Herald’s assassination being successful.

Wait for him to kill Watcher, I won completely.”

“In theory, but Harley Quinn is a variable, I always feel that she is planning something, her behavior is too abnormal.” Pharaoh said.

When the pioneers went to Earth 0 to pick up Alexander the younger, the soul was controlled by the shadow demon, and everything that happened in the Earth 0 watchtower after that – Harley’s suspicion of the monitor and refusal to go to the monitor’s satellite , The negative attitude of persuading the hero to stay in Earth ‘to engage in a small group’ was seen by the anti-prison king and the pharaoh as long as the pioneer knew.

“With her wisdom of ‘the second-generation Pharaoh’ and ‘the smartest woman on Earth’, she shouldn’t be stupid.

Then there is only one possibility left, she is very confident , there is a better way to solve the crisis than relying on the watchman.”

The anti-supervisor said with a sneer: “I have the shadow demon transformed by her grandfather, and it is easy to control her, no matter what plan she has, After all, it’s all in vain.”

Pharaoh frowned, the shadow demon is so powerful, he has seen it with his own eyes, as powerful as a pioneer, and he can’t resist. Because the shadow demon is an extension of the will of the anti-prisoner.

“But Demoness Harley can’t be underestimated, she has the power of Manhattan!”

“I’m looking for you, isn’t it just to deal with the power of Manhattan?” said the anti-prisoner king.

“Don’t we do nothing now?”

The anti-supervisor king shook his head gently, “It’s up to you to play chess, and after the supervisor makes a move, I must fight back.

Well, I’ll take two of his pieces.”

He reached for the video camera, and a group of photos appeared on the screen, a ‘hero’ following the pioneer.

“I noticed him early on, the psychic pirate from Earth 2, and he was originally a super criminal who got the Evil God mask.”

Pharaoh glances at the psychic pirate character Ability introduction: As long as you look towards the mask of the Psycho Pirate, the mind is injected with emotions representing the expression of the mask.

For example, the mask is shown as fear, and the person who sees the mask is overwhelmed by fear.

“The pioneer took him, using his ability to ‘persuasion’ the criminals who did not want to join the ‘Salvation Army’?” Pharaoh wondered.

“Well, a lot of people, like Harley Quinn, were reluctant to go to the Watcher satellites, but the Watchers needed them, so the Pioneers found psychological pirates, and took slackers, bastards, and people afraid of death all over the place. Become a hero willing to die generously.”

“Why didn’t the pioneers control Harley Quinn with psychological pirates?” the Pharaoh wondered.

“Probably I’m afraid of arousing the disgust of the positive heroes.”

Half a day later, taking advantage of the psychological pirate’s order, the anti-prison king with no difficulty captured him to his castle.

Another day passed, and the hero ‘Red Whirlwind’, also from Earth 2, became the second captive.

“He is a technological creation, but he represents a natural source. When the time is right, I can use him to bring natural disasters to Earth.” The anti-prisoner king explained.

On the third day, the anti-prisoner king stared at the Flash running freely on the timeline with a serious expression: “The Flash is no less threatening than Harley Quinn, I didn’t pay attention to it before. He, it shouldn’t be.”

“Traveling through time and different universes at will, is indeed very strong, but it has no impact on the overall situation, right? You are already above time.” Pharaoh wondered.

“It’s not an ordinary time travel. The Flash controls the speed force, and the travel process shakes the timeline. If he is allowed to continue running, it is likely to restart the universe.

The current universe is in antimatter The cloud is riddled with scars, but once it is restarted, it will look brand new, and I will also lose a large part of my antimatter energy.” The anti-prisoner king said solemnly.

“Cosmic reboot.” Pharaoh looked thoughtful.

“Although he has great potential, it’s as easy to deal with him as Harley Quinn.” The anti-prisoner king laughed.

“Controlled by Shadow Fiends?” asked the Pharaoh.

“The Shadow Fiend is useless to him. He can get rid of his own single universe through vibration, and naturally he can also use the shock to break free from the Shadow Fiend’s occupation.

But I am the master of the universe. , time is in the world.

As long as he dares to time travel again, I will arrest him as easily as catching a goose.” The anti-prisoner king said with a sneer.

Now, in the Central City Xingchen Laboratory, the explosion site of the cosmic treadmill.

The flames and flying debris landed on Harry without causing any damage, but the experience jar bubbled up a few times.

β€”Malicious, Barry was murdered by someone who was malicious towards her?

Harry’s heart clear comprehension.

“Oops, even the treadmill exploded, Barry he-” Sisko’s face was mixed with nervousness and confusion, “What went wrong?

It was calculated before. Okay, the treadmill is fine, and so is Barry.

Could our universe finally be destroyed and Barry rushes too far into a timeless void?”

“Barry should be alive, right?” Caitlin looked at Sissoko, who was panicked and panicked, making her lose one’s head out of fear, panic and worry even more.

She immediately turned to Halle, who was just solemn and thoughtful.

“Miss Quinn, what’s wrong with Barry?”

Harry sighed, “He’s probably being targeted by the Anti-Monitor.”

Sith Ke thought for a while, and said, “It’s possible, how can we be sure?”

“I only guess that Barry’s disappearance was not an accident. Someone was doing something wrong on the river of time, considering Barry’s purpose and anti-surveillance. the ability of the attacker,” Harry said hesitantly.

Seeing the red-eyed and sad expressions of the two ‘Flash assistants’, she gave them a reassuring smile and affirmed: “You don’t need to worry too much, although Barry is missing, it is 100 percent. Hundred is not dead.”

“How do you know?” Sisko was looking forward and anxious.

“The Flash has a new icon of a holy light cross on his chest since a few days ago, do you know why?” Harry asked.

“Soul Preservation Card” suddenly realized the two of them.

“If Barry dies, no matter which universe or timeline he died in, I can sense where his soul is.” Harley believed.

The past few days, her Holy Mother Huiyin did receive dozens of heroic souls from different universes and different eras.

But Harley made a big mistake this time, too, because of her ignorance of the Speed Force.

The Flash’s soul doesn’t belong to heaven or hell at all.

The final destination of every Flash is the Wall of Speed Force.

The Soul Preservation Card only ensures that Barry’s soul is not annihilated. If Barry dies while running – when his body is wrapped by Speed Force, his soul will not be annihilated, and the Soul Preservation Card will not be activated if it is not annihilated. , even if he has a card on him.

Two days later, in the Indian Ocean, the magnificent seabed royal city of Zebel.

Near the equator, the golden sun shines through a layer of clear water, as soft as a girl’s gaze, imprinting a layer of misty colorful light on the tranquil seabed.

A group of small fish with scales reflecting golden light, roaming in the gorgeous coral cluster, strange and lovely shellfish, starfish, jellyfish and seagrass of various colors, surging slowly with the ocean current, seems to be Do a slow dance.

The calm of “whiz whiz whiz” was suddenly broken, the water flowed rapidly, and a colorful-scaled seahorse carrying a silver-armored Knight, like an arrow, swept across the coral forest, making the sea fish scattered. flee.

The seahorse Knight fast as lightning, pulled out a white bubble line in the scenic seabed, hit a layer of transparent protective force field film, and disappeared suddenly in the vicinity of the fish and shrimp eyes.

“Reportβ€”” Seahorse Knight roared loudly.

The world in front of him is no longer a seabed of reefs, seagrass and corals, but a beautiful city of gold and jade in glorious splendor.

The seahorses galloped above the central street, and nearby residents stood on both sides of the street in an orderly manner, leaving a broad and open road for Knight.

“Report–” the seahorse Knight in silver armor, crossed the five-kilometer avenue, and finally stopped in front of the palace where the tower stands in great numbers, “Your Majesty, the representative of the surface people, Harley Quinn, We have reached the border of Zebel Kingdom.”

At the main entrance of the palace, at the top of the three-story stairs, Nereus, who was wearing a gorgeous robe, sighed, “Meila, you take the Wang Family Knight group to the sea. Let’s meet her.”

Princess, the seabed person, had a stern face and a gloomy expression, but when she heard the father’s order, she almost jumped up, “father, are youβ€””

Are you confused?

She wanted to say that.

“King Orm of Atlantis also brought important Imperial court ministers to Zebel for an official visit, and you didn’t even leave the throne.

Now for a trifling Demoness, Not only did you come to the square by yourself, but we were all called out”

Meila excitedly pointed to the hundreds of nobles and armored generals behind her, and pointed to the empty space in the distance, surrounded by seabed people On the central avenue of the city, “there is also a main street specially emptied!

This is not the end, you let me lead the Wang Family Knight group to leave the king city Poseidon is on top, you regard Demoness Halle as Divine King Zeus Is it?”

King Nereus was really nodded, and said solemnly: “I just hope you, you, treat her with the solemn attitude of treating Divine King.

Don’t ask why , there are too many reasons, she pitted Divine King Zeus, pitted countless gods and demons, but she is still alive; she let the green light Legion covered in dirt, she killed Sannomiya, she captured Brainiac

The most important thing is that the Infinite Earth crisis is coming, this time we ask her.”

“What do you ask her? Do you still expect her to protect us?” Mela said with a disapproval sneer: “On the contrary! I bet she’s coming to seabed now because she’s begging us.”

“What do you think?” Nereus glared at her daughter, “I guess she’s here. seabed is looking for cannon fodder to deal with the infinite Earth crisis, please don’t keep staring at us Zebel, don’t trick us, don’t plot us.

Serve her well, let her stop thinking about us and make Zebel completely Forgetting is already a great gift.

I also expect Demoness to be kind and protect us. Whoever has brain issues would be so delusional!”

Meila He opened his mouth slightly and muttered after a while: “father, your request is too humble, isn’t it?”

“Her Highness the Princess, Your Majesty This is not humble, but realistic and mature. Wisdom to seek the country.” Several important officials even spoke up to defend the king.

(end of this chapter)

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