I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 636


Chapter 636 Fresh clothes and angry horses, majestic and powerful

Mela reluctantly came to the sea, but was stunned to find that she The battle is not small, and Demoness Halle is also “big”.

In addition to the mage who controls the plants, there is also the Holy Son dog that is used as a mount, the big black dog (loach) standing on the clouds together, and there is a big green shark on top of the head, the ion shark

At this time, the people and pets of the Quinn family who are still in Earth are here.

“Meela, why did you come here in person? Old Brother Nereus is too polite.” Harry laughed falsely.

β€”β€”Is Nereus your Old Brother? So what have I become?

With resentment in her heart, Mela deliberately dawdled not to lead the way in front, nor handed Harley a snorkel, but urged: “My father is waiting for you in front of the Palace Square, hurry up. “

“Okay, let’s talk at the palace.”

Harry didn’t seem to see her little trick, the head of the patted dog Holy Son.

Yerbi is still stepping on auspicious clouds today.

It only stomped on the clouds, and the Water Element in the sea below seemed to hear an order, rolling fiercely but orderly.

“crash-bang!” The sea water under the dog Holy Son, driven by elemental power, separates a crystal clear tunnel, which is 100 meters wide and two stories high. For the ladder – the flowing seawater stabilizes into a level 1 automatic descending ladder.

After the dog, Holy Son, landed, he did not remove the clouds below him. He raised his head and was slowly led into the seabed by the flowing water stairs.

The nearby ocean is still calm and tranquil, not affected by the seabed tunnel at all.

Meila’s mouth widened and her eyes widened, she hadn’t come back to his senses for a long time.


Or Harley called her, and she hurriedly brought a group of seahorse Knights who were also shocked on the spot. The Knights suddenly found themselves in trouble , Seahorses are not horses, they don’t have four legs, they can’t run on the stairs of the sea, seahorses have no wings and can’t fly, how should they go back?

A different route, swimming in the sea by the tunnel?

As a welcome messenger, I don’t even take the right path, too

β€œPrincess, what should I do? The nearby Water Element is as firm as a seabed reef. My magic power is limited, so I can’t use water. The magic formed waves and rushed into the tunnel.” The Wang Family Guard Commander was at a loss.

“We take the water ladder.”

Meila is a powerful magic Grandmaster, the dog Holy Son silences the Water Element, but only raises the threshold of using magic, and does not deprive archmage, Grandmaster’s ability to use magic.

But she didn’t summon the waves into the tunnel, it was too reckless and rude.

She uses only sea water to keep the seahorses in shape so they don’t fall over on the elevator without their feet.

The way back was found, and Mela felt even more depressed.

While suffocating, I was also amazed at the behavior of the dog Holy Son casually controlling the elemental power, and I was envious of Harley, who could use such an amazing big dog as a mount.

“Wow, what kind of magic is this, very powerful.”

“It doesn’t seem to be magic, it’s just a simple control of elemental power, just like the Atlantis mage learns first Before a magic trick, you can control the flow of water with your mind.”

“But the innate talent is as powerful as Mela Princess, and it can only draw the sea around you. Look at this tunnel, Poseidon is above, from the sea to the The entrance to the royal city is at least five kilometers long, and this scale is even more exaggerated than forbidden spell.”

“It’s not an exaggeration, you look at the big dog under Demoness Harley, it is a contemporary Holy Son, specially designed for It was born to calm the chaos of the elements.”

“It turns out that the Holy Son, which was so noisy earlier, came for it”

A group of seabed people thought they should feel weird, but they saw it with their own eyes After being shrouded in a hazy holy light and exuding a sacred and majestic dog, Holy Son, it is difficult for them to feel ridiculed and contemptuous.

Although Yebi is a dog, in terms of magic and biology, it is much higher than ordinary seabed people. If low-level beings can despise high-level beings, it is called a brain problem.

For example, Xiaoheidou had only one dark, thick and long hair at the beginning, and everyone who saw it was trembling with fear and awe.

“Demoness Harley actually rode on Holy Son’s back.”

Seeing the extraordinaryness of the dog Holy Son with my own eyes, when seabed people go to see its owner again, their mood and expression will change. becomes extra complicated.

Harry rode Yebby through the crowded central street with a natural look.

“The Lord of Holy Son Yebi, the Admiral of the Five Rings of Earth, the Duke of Paradise Hill, the head of the Christ Salvation Mission of the Multiverse, the archmage and the user of the yellow light energy – Lord Quinn, came to visit Zee Nereus, Bel Kingdom, Your Majesty!”

The fat-headed shark took the lead, flew to the palace early, and shouted to Nereus and all the seabed ministers.

The eyes of the seabed people flickered, and their eyes moved back and forth on the ion shark, the dog Holy Son, and Harley, all with suspicious expressions on their faces, and some people hid behind and whispered

“Demoness Harley is so shameless, she has come to the gate of the palace, and let the ion shark announce it loudly, hey, such a shameful name, she can’t say it.”

“She doesn’t need to say, Her pet said it.”

“It was a shame, but let the dignified green light beast shout out, she is still riding on Holy Son’s back, looking pale, who can say she has no face?”

“Not only the lamp beast and the dog Holy Son, but the cloud seems to be very extraordinary.”

“What’s extraordinary? Isn’t it just a cloud of water vapor?”

” The more we think it looks like a cloud of water vapor, the more extraordinary it is. If you think about it carefully, if the clouds are ordinary, why does the extraordinary dog Holy Son keep stepping on them?

Demoness Harley The Holy Son is the mount, the ion shark is the herald, and the hound is also a god dog. The clothes on his body seem to fluctuate with the power of dreams, 80% of which are Divine Items.”

“That makes sense! Demoness Harry and the dog Holy Son are both extraordinary people, they can fly, and they will never make an ordinary cloud.”

“Ah, I recognized it, you look at the reins in the hands of the Demones, no matter what the Demons Whatever posture, the chain will automatically adjust the length to suit her.

Looking at the style and magic fluctuations, 80% is Ensap’s infinitely extending chain, a Legendary Grade Divine Item.”

“I’m also sure! Based on my 80 years of experience as a magic Grandmaster, the cloud becomes more and more extraordinary. It must be a Divine Item with laws? Or magical incantation?”

“Eight achievements are enough.”

“Ai, her posture. Many Supreme Existences with hoods covering their faces and loners are not comparable.”

” A good mount should be prepared for King Nereus, at least a Divine Beast that can fly and run on the ground, or a mighty, unique and unmatched Divine Beast. The king of the seabed people, can’t let the land people compare.”

“Your Majesty’s messenger must also be carefully selected, even if it is not as good as Ion Shark, it must be Deity or Divine Beast.”

“Zebe There is no Divine Beast or Spiritual God in the Kingdom of Er. “

“Then lower the standard by a notch, at least the Grandmaster servants, alien mounts and Divine Item tools, the dignified Zebel Kingdom, can’t be much worse than Demonness.” “

“No, we were still mocking the Demoness style before, how can we imitate the ‘Demoness style’ now? “

“This. Her style is indeed different, but you have to admit that in the multiverse, no one’s appearance is more shocking than her at this time.”

No matter what method she uses, we’re all blown away, aren’t we? “

“Well, we don’t want to compare, but we can’t lose to her, at least King Nereus can’t lose. Look at our king, he walks on his feet, his robes are gorgeous, but he doesn’t even have a magic tool. Not even a single Divine Item on his body, which is really shabby. “

Nereus’ face twitched a few times, resisting the urge to turn back and roar, and took the initiative to walk down the stairs, “Hahaha, I’ve been looking forward to it at home, and finally God Lord Quinn is here.” “

He had a big laugh, a warm face, and a relaxed attitude, as if he and Harry were really close friends.

“Ai, I also want to visit Old Brother on seabed, but it’s a pity Earth doesn’t know what’s wrong these days, and there are always crises. “

Harry jumped off the dog’s back, with a more natural and sincere tone than Nereus, and greeted him and the seabed people behind him.

Nirvana Rose hurriedly returned the salute, and then saluted the dog Holy Son with a solemn face, saying, “The presence of Yebi Holy Son is a great honor for the people of Zebel. “

The dog Holy Son only had time to politely return the greeting before being pushed away by Harry, “King Nereus, it is not the protagonist today.

The time is of the essence, so I’ll just say it straight, Earth needs you, and the universe needs you. “

β€”β€”It’s finally here!

Nereus secretly sighed and said, “Let’s enter the palace to talk.” “

Harry left the fathead shark and the two dogs on the outside square, and she and Ivy followed Nereus into the large waterless living room on the left side of the palace – except for the Royal Family, Atlanta The Tithians cannot live without water, and ordinary rooms are filled with sea water.

β€œYou all know the current situation in the multiverse. The destruction of countless parallel universes, the destruction of countless Earths, the destruction of countless seabed kingdoms on Earth must have suffered the same ending You wouldn’t want to end up with the same ending, would you? “

Nereus looked embarrassed, “Zebel is very willing to contribute his strength to Earth, but the seven kingdoms of seabed, respected by Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, we can’t ignore King Orm will. “

Harry had a mild smile on her face, “Why don’t we call King Aum and the other seabed kings, let’s talk face to face?” “

“I can help with subpoenas, but I can’t guarantee they will come.” “Nerus said.

Harry took out her mobile phone, dialed Cyborg’s number, and turned on the speakerphone directly: “The force field shield that can drain the antimatter cloud to the specified direction, is it assembled? ? “

“The Flash is missing, the progress of the project is much slower, and we have to wait for two days.” “Steel Road.

“You as soon as possible.” “

Harry turned off the phone, full of smiles looked towards Nereus.

Nereus opened her eyes wide and said, “Guide the flow, what do you mean?” Is the antimatter crisis over? “

Harley shook her head, “It’s like in the event of a flood, the core city can be saved by breaking the embankment and flooding unimportant areas, but the rain will continue, and the flood release will only be a temporary solution. “

Nereus’ Old Brother shivered shivered and understood what she meant, what she meant by making a speakerphone.

“We seabed people have always been sensible and sensible.” Take responsibility, as long as I explain the antimatter crisis clearly, the other three kings will come as promised. He said solemnly.

“Well, go and reason with them.” If we join the Alliance, we become allies, and on behalf of the Earth government, I grant you the title of ‘The Dragon King’, and swear that the land people will never offend the lands of the Seabed Kingdom. “Harry gently obeyed.

Nereus did what he said, went to the communication room next door, and explained “the antimatter crisis of the seabed people” perfectly clear, and the other three kings really couldn’t sit still.

“Sea Dragon King? Also respects our right to rule, seems sincere. “The Lobster King of Saltwater Kingdom.

King Aum glanced at him and said solemnly, “Can the force field shield really guide the flow of antimatter? Could it be Demoness cheating? ”

β€œShould be true, it will be assembled in two days. “Nereus said.

“King Aum, we can’t escape, go see Demonness and send some soldiers to join the ‘Anti-Monitor Alliance’. “The Fisherman King sighed.

“Nereus, is it possible, in your palace, to besiege the Demoness? ” Aquaman’s younger brother gloomy and coldly said .

Nereus gave him a look like a fool.

“King Orm, I will never murder the victim.” I personally introduce the guests of the palace. “He said solemnly.

β€”β€”If he could be surrounded and killed, he wouldn’t seriously welcome her into his home.

(End of this chapter)

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