I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 637


Chapter 637 terrifying, even the First Fist Emperor of the universe began to introvert

“King Aum, no matter what crazy thoughts you have about Demonness , Saltwater will never participate.”

After Nereus refused, the Lobster Man followed suit.

The Atlanteans in the saltwater country have alienated their bodies and look like lobsters.

“The fisherman won’t join.” The fish-faced and fish-tailed murloc king said quickly.

After he finished speaking, he added, “King Aum, please think twice, that’s Demoness Harley, don’t ruin the eternal legacy of Atlantis.”

Aum Jun’s face was ashen, “I just asked casually ‘Is there a chance to kill her’, I haven’t started planning yet, what are you guys doing with such a big reaction?

She is obviously threatening us, don’t you? Can’t you see?

The seabed people with advanced civilization and noble race are threatened by the lowly and uncivilized land barbarians, don’t you even have the blood to resist?”

“Austria King Mu, the seabed people are noble and more civilized than the land barbarians, I agree with this; for the glory of the seabed people, I also agree with the land people A Tooth For A Tooth and Blood For Blood who humiliated us. But the other party is Demoness Harley !” The Fisherman King sighed.

“What about Demoness Harley? Haven’t you watched the last few episodes of the ‘Cosmic King of Fighters Tournament’? Even the splash seed crushed her”

When referring to ‘that splash seed’, Aum’s face showed a touch of resentment, and a killing intent flashed in his eyes quickly.

After a pause, he continued to sneer: “I assure you, that is her full strength, Demoness Harley is essentially a powerful human who relies on tricks, and her real strength is that of a seabed person platoon. The level, I can beat her ten.”

The Lobster King shouted: “Aum King, do you only watch the King of Fighters live broadcast and not the Earth news? With the ‘Martial Arts body refinement’, her extraordinary power is the key to her becoming a ‘nuclear bomb’.”

“On the fighting arena, the only power she does not use is the power of the yellow light, but she The yellow beast of the yellow light is lost, and the energy in her body is a little less, and it is estimated that she will be completely misfired in a few days.” Aum said with disapproval.

“The Green Lantern Beast is her servant,” Nereus reminded.

Aum coldly snorted, said: “Why don’t you think she is combined with Ion Shark? Not everyone is suitable to be Green Lantern and Ion Man.”

“It doesn’t matter if you say that. Use, Demon King can’t analyze the pros and cons, don’t know her details, what is the result?” Fisherman Wang said.

“It’s useless to talk more at this time, she’s waiting for us, hurry up to see her.” The Lobster King urged: “The worst outcome is that each of the four countries will send a Hundred Men Squad to the Off the coast of Manhattan, guard the tuning fork.

Even if any of you want to take revenge for her intimidating shame today, at least you have to wait for the end of the Infinite Earth crisis.”

Aum didn’t refute this time.

Although the four kingdoms are separated by thousands of miles, they are all super civilizations and have high-tech spaceships. In less than two hours, the farthest Aum King has arrived.

Aum came to the Seabed Kingdom City, and Aum immediately noticed that the Seabed Kingdom was very lively. He heard cheers, shouts and cheers coming from the direction of the square from far away.

After entering the street, he stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the bridge and saw a crowd of black people surrounding the palace.

Well, not a group, just a bunch.

The crowd was crowded in the square, and above the square were suspended layer after layer of circular seabed people, forming a huge ball of people.

“Campbell, you have to hold on, don’t fall down, oh~~”

“Demoness Harley is amazing, she won again.”

Ao Mu’s submarine circled for a long time before crossing the square and entering the palace apron.

On the palace tower, he finally saw what Zebel’s subjects were watching.

Harley Quinn takes on four fully-armored Seahorse Knights with her bare hands.

At this time, two Knights were knocked unconscious by her punch, the other Knight fell from the seahorse, and the seabed people almost lost this fight.

“What’s the situation?” Om asked in confusion.

“Harley Quinn was bored waiting, and took the initiative to meet the seabed people. Now she is fighting against my Royal City Guard.” Nereus said.

“She wants to put pressure on us by showing martial power?” Om coldly said.

Nereus shook his head and was about to speak when Mela limped in, holding a piece of “Harley Quinn defeated by Zebel Princess Mela, January 13, 2015” The huge gold plaque, flushed with excitement, said with a big smile in her mouth: “I won, Aum, I beat Demons Halle, hahahaha!”

She cracked her mouth, Everyone could see that she was missing half of her front teeth.

And her upper lip was broken, her left cheek was bruised like a loaf, and her speech was slurred.

But the smile on her face is really bright.

Aum was stunned, “This is Harley Quinnβ€””

“gā gā gā “A gruff, loud laughter came from outside the corridor.

Then I saw a huge lobster man crawling through the door, his head wrapped in bandages, but he was smiling very happily.

His left pliers were gone, and only his right pliers firmly grasped a golden plaque that read “Harley Quinn wishes to call King Zanta the first lobster of Universe Starry Sky”, shouting: “King Orm, Nereus, I won, I defeated Demoness Harley!”

Aum was stunned again, “You and Demoness Harleyβ€””

“hahaha” the fishtail man with the crown on his head, swam in quickly, with a gold plaque under his arm: “In two hundred rounds, Harley Quinn and the Fisherman King are each other’s opponents.”

“You are the Fisherman King?” Aum looked at the bruised face carefully, and finally discerned a trace of familiarity.

“Of course it’s me, I’m tied with Demoness Halle! I’m tied with the Multiverse First Demon, hahaha!” the Fisherman King shouted hideously.

“Harley Quinn has only been in Zebel for two hours and has fought so many battles?”

“Demoness Harley’s flaws are too obvious, speed, strength, and reflexes are all It’s not as good as us seabed people, she saw that the situation was far from good for two 3 minutes in a battle, and she voluntarily conceded.” Mela said with a smile.

Om saw again that fiancee was missing half of his front teeth.

A look of disgust flashed in his eyes, he turned his head and looked towards the fighting arena below, his brows furrowed even tighter, Harley Quinn barely evaded, the fist came, she blocked, and was knocked into the air; lance came Now, she still blocked, and her palm was scratched; even if the guards of the royal city used energy weapons, she still blocked, and it was too late to block, and she was hit in the body. You hit me with your fist, and I returned it with a punch. You slashed me with a knife, and I kicked you with my foot

In just a few minutes, the opponents below changed to two groups of four.

Harley Quinn was also very excited, and she kept talking trash in her mouth. She drenched her head with blood and her eyes were red when the seabed warrior scolded her.

Aum watched for a while, until the game stopped, not sure if the current demoness is more fierce, or the more flexible demoness in the king of fighters.

“Who else won Demonness Halle?” he asked back.

“I.” General Zebel took out a half-person-high wooden token from under his wheelchair, “I made Demonness Halle voluntarily surrender.”

” And me!” The king’s bodyguard wrapped in bandages on the sofa in the corner, tremblingly took out a scroll, and wrote “I admire, admire, I am not as good as you – Harley Quinn.”

“There are also two Lords who defeated Demonness Halle together, and are now in hospital.”

Nereus opened the wrist communicator and projected a 16-inch light curtain in the air, There was a line on it, and the writing was exactly the same as before: Harley Quinn was defeated by Rashford’s two brothers.

“Hey, King Aum, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time!”

King Aum was in shock, and another person walked in outside the door. Yin Hon.

She has a red light face, neat clothes, a happy smile, and a brisk pace.

Aum stared at her smooth and full forehead, beautiful ruddy face, and looked at the equally excited and happy Miss Tooth Mela, Broken Claw Crab King, Pig Head Fisherman King

“Hello, Lord Quinn.” His voice was a little dry, and his eyes were a little blank.

“The four kings will gather soon, let’s have a meeting immediately.”

Harry dragged a chair and sat down with a familiar tone and attitude.

We all had a fight, can we not know each other?

“I’m not talking nonsense, the four seabed kingdoms, each kingdom provides 100 seabed warriors to join the ‘anti-prison alliance’, the warriors are personally selected by me.

Of course, the king’s Sacred power cannot be violated. As an Instructor, I will select 1,000 or 10,000 qualified reserve members from the sea, and the final list of 100 will be determined by the king.

In return, when the antimatter cloud approaches the sea, we will help If you resist, you will also be presented with the title of Dragon King and sign a treaty of never committing crimes.” Harry said directly.

A few decades ago, Atlantis was divided into seven kingdoms in a natural disaster.

Zebel and Atlantis are still mostly human.

The people of Saltwater Country and Fisherman Country evolved into lobsters and murlocs respectively. Finally, the wisdom is still there, and the civilization can continue.

The Trench tribe has degenerated into wild beast, and the remaining two countries have disappeared directly into the long river of history. Once a seabed kingdom, it has even become the current Sahara desert.

So, at this time, only the lords of the four countries came.

The other three kings all turned their attention to the beautiful King Aum.

Harry looked at him too.

His status is probably equivalent to Eastern Sea Dragon King.

Aum’s eyes flickered slightly, and he asked, “Don’t the antimatter clouds fall from outer space, attack the ground first, and then annihilate the earth and ocean?”

So, surface people There is no way to not protect the ocean.

Harry smiled, with obvious sarcasm, “Do you think the antimatter cloud is the white cloud in the sky?

It penetrates from a higher dimension to the three-dimensional material world in all directions. , there is no top-to-bottom, left-to-right in naked eye.

When the antimatter cloud arrives, the surface, sky, outer space, seabed, stars, and aliens face the probability of annihilation crisis The same, no one is in front and no one is behind.

If the people on the surface can’t stop the antimatter cloud, we will die in the same proportion as you.”

Aum’s face is gloomy. , I don’t know if she deliberately lied to scare them, even if there was only a 1% chance that it was true, she offered a condition at first-trifling 100 warriors, which was far below their bottom line.

Intellectually, he should agree.

But he doesn’t like the surface people very much, he doesn’t like this Demoness Harley, and he doesn’t like the negotiation initiative being controlled by her at this time, and he is like a clown who can only passively accept it.

“Atlantis can agree to ally with the surface people, but you have to promise me a condition to fight with me.” He said solemnly with a violent look in his eyes.

– Even if you can’t kill her, beat her!

Harry smiled oddly, “Of course.”

She came to the seabed people, did she really expect these cowards to pull strongly against a crazy tide?

Not to mention the United States, she has even run around Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe, and there is no super criminal prison or superheroes who get together to give her experience.

Well, there are quite a few loose criminals wandering outside, but finding them one by one is too inefficient.

Then, she set her sights on seabed people, not only to gain experience, but also to recruit a group of cannon fodder whose individual strength is not inferior to that of ordinary heroes.

Make big money.

Half an hour later, the “Sea-Land Alliance Agreement” was signed. Harley, on behalf of the surface people, signed in the name of the five-ring general, and the kings of the other four countries signed and signed in turn.

Ten minutes later, King Aum was lying on a stretcher, allowing two doctors to deal with his right leg whose knee was shattered in the quantum kick. With a mouth half missing, he smiled at the hundreds of thousands of citizens who chanted “Long Live King Aum”, and raised the diamond-encrusted gold plaque of “The First Sea King in the Universe – Harley Quinn” with a smile.

“Wo Yinlao, Woo Sun’s magic Harley!” Tears of ‘excitement’ flowed from the corners of his eyes.

“The warriors of Zebel, keep coming!”

Not far away, Harley, who had been taught a lesson, tore off Trident, who had stabbed into her lower abdomen, and was full of anger. call.

Already level 79 and 20%.

(end of this chapter)

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