I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 638


ps ps of chapter 638, light multiverse and dark multiverse

ps should have been at the end of the chapter, I I did write it, nearly 500 words, but the result failed to save, and it was gone.

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Papetua’s three sons are all multiverse managers, and the monitors manage the positive matter universe, which is the many parallel universes in the Ten Thousand Heaven Instrument.

The Anti-Monitor runs the antimatter universe.

That universe is very small and limited in scope, and there is only one universe, and its territory is much smaller than that of the positive matter universe.

It seems that the monitor has a million houses in the core area of Beishangguang, while the anti-monitor only has a decadent hut of ten square meters in the most out-of-the-box countryside.

So, can you understand the origin of this infinite Earth crisis?

The uneven distribution of property has made the anti-monitors angry.

The monitor’s positive matter universe, also known as the light multiverse, and the forger, smashed down with a hammer, smashed out a single universe, and managed the dark multiverse.

In the dc multiverse, all single universes, even the foreign world, the egg of the world, are knocked out by the forge with a hammer.

equivalent to He runs a workshop.

In the manual workshop, the scrap rate must be relatively high.

Those disabled, distorted, demon-contaminated, underdeveloped junk universes are all left in the dark multiverse, ready to be rebuilt.

The perfect finished product will be sent to the positive matter universe according to demand.

The dark multiverse is a cosmic garbage dump, a cemetery; the light multiverse is beautiful, and every universe is healthy and beautiful.

In addition, the most junk universe in the dark multiverse is the fallen universe distorted by nightmares.

And in the Nightmare Universe, the most terrifying is Bateman’s Nightmare Universe.

Many readers look down on Bateman, thinking that he is incompetent, but always likes to pretend.

In fact, this is really a bit of a misunderstanding of Bateman. It’s not that he is incapable of getting superpowers, but that he chooses not to have powerful powers.

Don’t doubt Batman’s ability, in the dark multiverse, Batman has succeeded, successfully robbing Flash’s speed force, Superman’s Iron Body, Manhattan’s power and various superpowers, He grabbed them all, or researched them himself.

When Batman sees other people’s superpowers, he will also envy in his heart, and then imagine a scene where he also has such abilities, he will simulate in his mind: what he can do with this ability.

In the end, the simulation results show that superpowers are beyond his control and belong to uncontrollable forces.

What he thinks is beyond control is that power will change the way he thinks and behaves. And this change was not accepted by him.

For example, Batman is the kind of person who is very smart and can maximize his potential. Once he has the green light ring, he will want to use the power of the ring to the extreme, and he will probably learn Sinesto monitors the heartbeat of the criminal in Gotham, judges whether he has the urge to commit a crime through the heartbeat, then monitors the monitoring, and finally captures the criminal before he commits a crime.

But this behavior is not the justice he seeks.

Therefore, he believes that the green light ring is an uncontrollable ability.

He is strict with others and will only be stricter with himself.

Ordinary person’s nightmare is not being able to lend money, getting fired by the boss, being green

The nightmare of Bateman, many of which are that he gets super powers, and those super powers are uncontrollable , he lost control, brought harm to Gotham, to the world – in the nightmare universe, he was all “dream come true”.

He is passionate about Martial Arts because Martial Arts is perfectly controlled by his will.

If in other worlds, such as reality, Bateman’s nightmare is known, it will only lead to a burst of incomprehensible ridicule.

In the dc universe, if the dark multiverse’s inside story is made public, the entire multiverse will tremble and feel terrified.

In the dark multiverse, the most terrifying nightmare universe comes from Bateman.

In those nightmares, Bateman gave up his morals and in various ways became Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Divine Force, Hi-Tech. Even Manhattan Academician, and then ruled the world, or destroyed the world .

To go further, the light multiverse, and the corresponding dark multiverse, are just qualified universes and inferior universes.

(end of this chapter)

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