I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 639


Chapter 639 Admiral of the Fifth Ring who has not entered the house after eating in the evening

“Don’t talk nonsense, five The ring general is a cosmic hero, how can he be a pirate?” Green Arrow clutched at the communicator, scolding the Indian-American teenage hero who was favored by the Indian god.

“The Bitter Heaven has the wisdom of Ganesha. Not only can he read any text, understand any language of wisdom, but he can also analyze the truth of the matter through clues.” Moon Girl said.

“If Ganesha knew everything, Kutian should go to the ‘Scientific Research Legion’ and use Spiritual God’s wisdom to study antimatter, why didn’t he go?” Green Arrow disagreed.

“Scientific research and investigation are different,” Kutian said in curry-flavored English.

“Golden nuclear bombs are much more terrifying than interstellar pirates.”

The small gunboat is already small, with a deck less than ten square meters, and a dozen people are crowded together, and the sound is not small, half small Everyone on the ship heard what they were saying.

At this point, a head sticks out from the bridge console.

A white officer who looks less than twenty years old, wearing the same style of combat uniform as the sailors on the ship, only with a major badge on his chest.

“Major Enrique, what do you mean?” Green Arrow frowned.

Because dealing with shadow demons requires super powers or super power equipment, and he does not have super powers, he has submitted applications to Zhenglian and Admiral Wuhuan several times before, but he has not been recruited.

It wasn’t until the sky was dyed red that the signs of the war became more and more obvious. With the technology brought back from the monitor satellite, some weapons against shadow demons were developed, and Green Arrow asked the Admiral of the Fifth Ring to fight again.

It happened that Harley received a call from Jessica, asking her not to let her second phase of ‘Hope Star’ die again for the sake of the name ‘Young Watcher’.

Admiral Wuhuan waved his hand and let the green arrow come over and take the child.

Of course, Green Arrow is an old hero after all. He can do the job of a nanny, but he can’t directly take the job title of nanny.

He became Chief-In-Charge, the fourth line of defense in the open sea, so he knew that some of his gunboats were indeed taken from Universe Starry Sky by the Fifth Ring.

According to her own words, those fleets appeared to be caravans, or even a civilized space force, but they were actually doing pirates and attacked her first.

She fought back in self-defense, and by the way harvested a batch of spills of war, which just happened to be handed over to Earth soldiers to protect Earth.

The White House president and officials embraced those blimps, but snort disdainfully at her words.

They, and later Green Arrow, thought she was an interstellar pirate.

Otherwise, how could a normal person encounter pirates every day?

But they will only help her cover up, and will not condemn righteousness to righteousness that inspires reverence.

“You know what? I’m not from Earth.” Colonel Enrique took out a simultaneous interpreter earplug from his ear, shook it down, and repeated it in the alien language.

“I’m from the North Star of the Lann civilization, and I’m in charge of driving this star patrol boat from the Lann civilization.”

He was lying at the window and talking to them.

He pointed to the small boat under him, “That’s it, the latest bull-bee5 battleship, responsible for the defense and patrol in the star system, equivalent to your Earth people’s police car.


But its technology is very advanced. At this stage, only Lann soldiers can be proficient in controlling it, and it can only be controlled by us, so as not to leak the technology.”

“Oh, you are the same as the seabed people. The cannon drawn by Admiral Wuhuan “Green Arrow” suddenly realized, and almost blurted out the ‘cannon fodder’, “Well, artillery commander.”

“seabed people? I haven’t seen seabed people, underwater. They are the patrol boats?” Colonel Lane asked.

“Well, a total of 400 people, 30 seabed battleships, and a 150-person marine cavalry. However, the seabed people can’t breathe in the air, and must always wear seawater Battle Armor, I have never seen it. Their appearance.” Green Arrow said.

“Who is the seabed man?” The black guy from Gold Chain asked in confusion.

“It’s the Atlanteans. The Kryptonians invaded the year before, and they were allies with us.” Green Arrow said.

“Ah, the Atlanteans really exist? I thought it was a legend.”

“Why wasn’t this news made public? Besides, the alien volunteers came to Earth, It’s also good news, and it should be widely publicized to make the people of Earth feel at ease.” Moon Maiden said puzzled.

“There aren’t many people here. Lann Star has only twenty gunboats, each with two pilots and four gunners, and “Alien Enrique is a little embarrassed,” we also Not volunteers, we don’t want to come, but the golden nuke claims that Earth has a tuning fork and can control the flow of antimatter, so.”

Green Arrow suddenly realized, and then browses frowned, and the five-ring admiral “plays” Pirates”, set up the Earth Army equipped with the IWC brand equipment, and recruited soldiers everywhere to form the Universal Alliance Army.

Too chaotic, not only difficult to manage, the team also has their own ideas, not necessarily willing to work hard

Could it be that the crisis is approaching, and the generals of the fifth ring are in a hurry?

Thinking of the recent past few days, Admiral Wuhuan has hardly ever returned home. After visiting the United States, he immediately went to seabed people. After finding seabed people, they went to outer space, busy like a spinning top.

I heard her secretary Ivy say: Admiral Wuhuan only sleeps half an hour a day, eats only one meal for four days (I don’t know how she does it), and passes by Quinn Manor more than a dozen times, She didn’t go in for a rest.

Green Arrow couldn’t help but be moved and sighed: No matter what her private life is, as the leader of Earth in times of crisis, Admiral of the Fifth Ring is impeccable.

Well, Harry is indeed very busy, but instead of recruiting strong men, she is busy scavenging for experience in the name of ‘strengthening the alliance against anti-prisoners’.

The difficulty of reaching level 80 exceeded her expectations.

In Seabed, she rose to level 79, but not level 80, so she set her sights on the sea of stars.

One thing she was right about was that she was not a pirate, she was fighting a pirate.

It was not the pirates who troubled her, but she took the initiative to find the pirate’s lair and enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.

On the way to find pirates, when she met a famous literary star in the galaxy, she also turned into a golden nuclear bomb, came to the door to find out the benefits, “persuaded” them to join the alliance, and then in the name of the audition warrior, she earned a wave experience.

“Nonsense!” There was a screeching voice from the bridge, and a big hand pulled Enrique in and walked out a middle-aged beard, a colonel in his forties.

The colonel said with a serious expression and impassioned: “We are volunteers, in order to protect Earth and the universe, in order to fight the antimatter crisis spreading across the multiverse, all the soldiers of Lannxing are not afraid of sacrifice, and they signed up enthusiastically, and finally elected. The best warriors have come here.”

“Ganesha’s wisdom told me that he was lying.” The Indian-American hero whispered bitterly.

“I don’t need your Ganesha wisdom, my mortal eyes can easily see it.” The rainbow-headed boy complained.

“Shut up,” Green Arrow loudly shouted, and smiled at Colonel Beard, “Thanks to the heroic Lann heroes, Earth and the multiverse will remember your exploits!”

“Well, Earth people are brave too, long live the friendship between Lann and Earth!” Beard shouted a slogan, and went back to the bridge to operate the gunboat.

The young man Enrique didn’t come out again.

“If the small gunboats are equivalent to police cars, these helpless volunteers are only equivalent to patrol officers? It’s too low.” The boy with earrings said.

“Without the help of heroes and the use of extraterrestrial weapons, the millions of troops of the United States on land, sea and air would not be able to defeat this small airship.” said the wisdom of Ganesha.

“Bullshit, I watched “Super Battleship”, and only an antique cruiser from World War II killed the aliens.” The tall and thin black guy said seriously.

The Indian-born hero gave him a middle finger before patted the battery on the gunboat, “Admiral Five Rings is very smart, this kind of small gunboat is best for intra-planetary warfare.

If a space cruiser with a star destroyer is parked in the Atlantic Ocean, how dare we let it fire? What if we blow up the Earth?”

“Arrived, come with me!”

The small gunboat had bypassed Liberty Island and entered the estuary of the Atlantic Ocean. It stopped beside an Aegis destroyer. Green Arrow greeted and jumped up the rope ladder first.

“Cut~~ I also use a ladder to climb.” Electric arcs flickered on the boy with earrings, he jumped more than 20 meters high with a swish, and landed firmly on the deck of the destroyer.

Other teenage heroes also showed their Divine Ability. Even if they couldn’t fly, they jumped directly to the opposite side with their physique and exquisite Martial Arts skills.

Green Arrow slowly climbed onto the deck, and saw the nine heroes more or less smugly looking at him.

“Look at what I’m doing? It’s all gone. As long as you don’t leave this ship, you can do whatever you want.” Green Arrow waved his hand with a look of impatience and disgust.

“You haven’t given us a mission yet.”

“If a reporter asks you, or if you pose and post a puppy video, you can proudly declareβ€”you are The fourth defense circle is a super-powered square, responsible for guarding the surface warships.

But in fact, your job is very simple – don’t make trouble now, wait for the enemy to approach this ship, and try to survive.”

Green Arrow called an American soldier, pointed at the nine teenage heroes, and said, “You take them for a walk around the boat. You can make it clear what you can touch and what you can’t touch.”

After he finished speaking, he walked towards the bridge.

“Hey, aren’t you our hero mentor?” the hot pants girl said dissatisfied.

“Walk around first, familiarize yourself with the terrain, and then come to the bridge to find me. I’m very busy, and I’m in charge of defending the open sea.”

“We’re not interested in destroyers.”

Several teenage heroes followed him directly to the bridge.

The Green Arrow is indeed not bragging, he is the Chief-In-Charge of the Offshore Defense Line.

On the radar display, there are hundreds of large and small ships from the coast of Liberty Island to the Atlantic Ocean dozens of kilometers away.

The universe tuning fork is like the Ancient Life Tree in DOTA. With it as the center, the defense is divided into four layers: free island, offshore, medium distance, and long distance – just like the four between the river and the home. tower.

At this time, five destroyers, twenty small gunboats guarding them, and two aircraft carrier formations farther away formed a long-range defense line.

“It’s not just interstellar battles now, what can destroyers and aircraft carriers do?” Gold Chain black guy muttered.

“We already have Superman and golden nuclear bombs, what else do you need?” Green Arrow gave him a sideways glance.

“Uh, the gap between us and Superman, and the gap between me and the golden nuke, is far less than these tattered and interstellar battleships.

To be honest, compared with the old heroes, I have never lacked strength. , but opportunity, experience and fame.” The boy with earrings said proudly.

While tapping on the keyboard and replying to the messages from various battleships, Green Arrow said coldly: “If it wasn’t for being too busy with work, I would really like to slap you in the ring.”


“Hehe, sorry, I’m not interested in challenging you, and I won’t have a sense of accomplishment. My goal is a golden nuclear bomb.”

(end of this chapter)

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