I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 640


Chapter 640 Shadow Demon Assault

“Shut up, Arc, your arrogance makes you look like a Clown!” Moon Girl reprimanded her teammates and asked Green Arrow humbly, “Who is the enemy we are about to face, what attack methods they have, how we deploy defenses, how to attack. You have to teach us all of these. “

Green Arrow frowned: “Jessica didn’t send you the ‘Shadow Fiend Defense Manual’? You entered the puppy video network, searched for Shadow Fiend, and you can find a lot of information about them.”

” We have read the manual and the video, but we haven’t personally contacted it, and we have no idea.”

Green Arrow sighed then said, “I haven’t seen the real–“

“Om wow — wow wow –“

The piercing alarm suddenly resounded through the sky, followed by a superman’s roar on the radio: “The shadow demon is coming, prepare to fight!”

“Shit!” Green Arrow scolded secretly, holding the communicator and shouting: “General Ryan, the demons are here, the aircraft carrier fleet is retreating, all fighters take off, but don’t enter the battlefield, just prevent the shadow demons from entering the city to engage in massacre. “

Then, he said to the captain next to him: “Colonel Jefferson, the destroyer Squad is under your command. If we stabilize the front, we will complete the mission.”


Green Arrow ran out of the bridge with a bow and arrow.

“Holy shit!”

Just looking up at the direction of Liberty Island, Green Arrow and the heroes who followed him couldn’t help but change their expressions.

Yin Hong is like the sky where her face has been slapped, and there is an extra gray black umbrella over the Liberty Island. film.

It’s like a pear flower needle in a rainstorm pressing the switch.

A few kilometers away, the black shadow demon looked like a drop of black rain. At this time, a continuous torrential rain fell on Liberty Island.

โ€œwhiz whiz whizโ€”โ€”โ€ Liberty Island also poured heavy rain from bottom to top.

The raindrops of multi-colored energy beams, almost forming a pillar as thick as Liberty Island, fiercely poke the black clouds into the sky.

“Oumai, the attack of this intensity, the Shadow Demon doesn’t seem to be reduced?!”

The eyes of the Indian-American hero turned into pure golden, seeing more details, and analyzing more truth, “The energy cannon can only kill a shadow demon ten times in a row.

The Shadow Fiend can also evade flexibly, the efficiency of this attack is a bit low-“

“Ah, it’s Superman, what does he do–“

I saw the tuning fork on the Someone soared into the sky, like a red lightning in the black rain, and came to the center of the black cloud almost in the blink of an eye, “BOOOOOM!”

Superman was like a nuclear bomb, exploding a dazzling golden light ball .

Just looking at that ball of light, the mind is oppressed by the majestic energy contained in it.

It’s like a 200-pound sack resting on your shoulders.

Time seemed to become extremely slow at this moment, and everyone saw the golden ball of light slowly expanding, expanding and expanding in the black cloud with an unmatched posture.

The Shadow Fiend twisted and howled in the golden light, shattering little by little and disappearing.

70% of the black umbrella covering the sky over Freedom Island suddenly melted away.

Empty sky, a silhouette of a red cloak falls freely from top to bottom.

“Superman fainted? What did he do?”


Eight green rays rose from Liberty Island , are the eight Green Lanterns.

A lantern found a mattress to catch Superman, a lantern attacked the sporadic shadow demons who wanted to get close to Superman, and the remaining six lanterns stretched their arms forward, with their rings facing Superman, Shoots golden-bright and dazzling high-energy yellow sun beams.

Dachao swayed and stood up before he landed.

Fatigued and in bad shape.

“Stinger–” Scarlet Cyclops shot, he did not rest, and joined the battle again.

Superman didn’t use his Iron Body to rampage, but instead cooperated with a Green Lantern, trying to avoid direct contact with the shadow demon, and only used Cyclops.

Superman, multiple lanterns, firestorm and other flying, high-damage heroes fly in the air to form the first layer defense line.

The formation of gunboats, the floating seabed submarines, the Second Layer defense line with energy cannons, and the ground heroes with tuning forks all around are the last line of defense.

The huge and continuous energy output makes the air around Liberty Island begin to boil.

Hot wind assaults the senses, hot and hot.

Because too many energy beams dissipate, the sky presents a colorful and poignant beauty.

Even though Superman’s one move ‘solar flare’ cleared nearly 70% of the “dark clouds”, a thin black shadow came from the unknown universe immediately to fill the vacancy.

In just a few minutes, thousands of Shadow Fiends broke into the First Layer’s defense.

Many casualties occurred immediately on the human defense lines.

“Be careful, there is a shadow demon coming this way!”

As Green Arrow, Oliver’s eyesight is extremely outstanding, even if the shadow demon is close to the sea, he is precisely locked by him .

“Whoosh-” A special arrow galloped away from the string, flying in mid-air, already “stabbed” and wrapped in a purple arc, landing precisely 80 meters away, a faint illusory shadow on the top of the forehead.

The arrow was originally fast, but when it hit the shadowy shadow demon, it seemed to penetrate a layer of liquid, the arc flashed more intensely, and the speed slowed down.

However, the arrow did not nail the Shadow Demon, but penetrated the head, losing kinetic energy and electrical energy, and only one arrow fell to the seabed.

“Wow, the green arrow is so cool, it’s so far, and it kills with one hit, how can it be stronger than the energy cannon?” The American girl with golden double ponytails exclaimed.

“Vital attack.” Green Arrow was also very excited after one arrow made a contribution, “Shadow demons are humanoid creatures, and humans transformed by antimatter and dark energy also have human vitals.”


“I thought the Shadow Demons were so powerful. It turns out that an electric arc attack can kill them. This is my battlefield!” The boy with earrings excitedly trotted to the side of the ship, and looked out to the sea.

“Arc, what are you doing?” The Moon Girl Surprised and Angry said: “If there is one Shadow Demon, there may be a second or third one, and we must line up to meet the enemy.”

“I’m not looking for the second or third one?” said the boy with earrings nonchalantly.

“Jessica let us keep in mind the five points, we have to unite and cooperate, don’t forget.” The Indian hero has transformed into an elephant-headed human body, with golden eyes and a majestic body like the Hulk.

“Jessica doesn’t even have superpowers, and she still guides us, don’t you think it’s funny?” The boy with earrings turned back and smiled proudly, “I jumped in arcs all over my body, even behind my backโ€””

“Be carefulโ€”” Green Arrow suddenly raised the bow and arrow, pointing at the boy with earrings.

But before he could let go of the bowstring, a black shadow emerged from under the deck, just under the arc of the young man with earrings, like a bunch of black light, passing through his body from bottom to top.

A smug smile solidified on his face, and two sparks were stabbed and disappeared.

“chi chi โ€”โ€”” The boy with earrings was divided into two parts, from the genitals to the throat, the whole was cut open, and the internal organs and blood were splashed on the ground.

“Whoosh-” Until this time, the arc arrow of the green arrow passed through the crotch of the boy with earrings.

Like Harley, Bateman, and Death Archer, Green Arrow also has a strong spiritual sense. When a crisis comes, he will experience numbness in the scalp, speed up the heartbeat, and time slows down infinitely in front of him. reaction.

Before the Shadow Fiend emerged from the deck, he sensed danger, bend bow and place arrow.

When the Shadow Fiend emerged, he predicted its attack path and fired an arrow.

Unfortunately, the Shadow Fiend suddenly sped up and smashed the body before the arrow.

“Omg, the arc is dead!” The black guy of Gold Chain was terrified, his body’s flame power surged wildly, igniting himself into a burning man, and also forcing nearby teammates to retreat a few steps.

“Whoosh-” The shadow demon is like the shadow of an airplane under the sun, and it’s so fast that they can’t react at all. The black guy pupil shrinks, his body is cut in two from his waist, and the corpse continues. combustion.

The smell of charred meat spread all over the deck.

“ahhhh, Shadow Fiend, I want you to dieโ€”” Two teammates died tragically in the blink of an eye. Some people couldn’t take it anymore, and they vented their fears by making noises around them.

For a time, the battleship deck was devastated by powerful abilities such as lightning, ice, strong wind, and supergravity.

“Ulla Ullaโ€”” The siren of the damaged hull was harsh, and even a set of radar wires were smashed.

“Fake, you are destroying the battleship!” Green Arrow roared.

“Everyone, don’t be impulsive, follow the formation we rehearsed in the past, trust your teammates, and protect your teammates!” The Moon Girl was sweating anxiously.

“chi chi chi โ€”โ€”” In the smoke, the blood mist began to fill the air, the shadow demon came and go without a shadow or trace, only a black shadow could be vaguely seen, and life was taken away.

“Damn it!” The green arrow aimed several times, but was blocked by the light, wind, and water vapor from the burst of power.

“You killed me.” He cursed, holding the arrow in his left hand and the iron tire bow with flashing arcs in his right hand, and rushed directly into the center of the chaos.

Oliver is fierce, but not reckless.

He clearly saw the location and attack range of the few remaining teenage heroes, looked for opportunities to approach them, and there was no Oolong incident of being mistakenly killed by his own people.

“Calm down, you’re doing thisโ€”” As soon as he persuaded him, a chill made his hair stand on end.

The green arrow is calm in the face of danger, does not look back, the right arm is still drooping, the palm is firmly grasped, and the iron tire bow is reversed – the bow string turns from the inside to the outside, and the left hand holding the special arrow is close to the front body Come to the bowstring, on the arrow string, draw the bow in a semicircle, and release your fingers along the source of the crisis.

He twists and shoots an arrow backwards in a weird gesture.

“Chiโ€”” He suffered severe pain in his left shoulder and was attacked, but the pain did not spread.

“Thorn la laโ€”” The shadow in the center of the arrow was close to the back.

Hit the center mouth, and it froze for a while, but didn’t die.

Green Arrow seemed to have guessed the ending, too, turning his body and waving his arms, bowing like a machete, across the Shadow Demon’s forehead.

“chi chi โ€”โ€”” The arc flashed, and the shadow demon seemed to wailed. There was no sound, and the expression of the shadow could not be seen clearly, and it slowly dissipated.

“The Shadow Fiend is dead, stop it!” Green Arrow yelled.

At this time, the mad young hero came back to his senses, then gasped for breath and looked around in a daze.

Only four people were left standing, Captain Moon Maiden, Ganesha God Blessed, Rainbow Head Ice Attribute Power User, and Demonized Warrior in a Nano War Clothes and a Nun Clothes.

“Arrow, are you injured? Kutian, give him treatment!”

The Moon Girl didn’t have time to grieve, and immediately pulled the Indian boy to heal Green Arrow.

“What a weird attack, the body is blurred like a shadow, and the attack can fall on the person, and it looks like the entity of the Iron Body.” He turned his head to look at the left shoulder with his eyelids open and the bones exposed, and the green arrow Sweaty.

The boy who turned into a Ganesha held his wound, chanted Brahma, Shiva and Ganesha in his mouth, and released green rays of light from his hands.

“Don’t stand stupid.” Green Arrow shouted to the other two: “Hurry up and check your companions to see if they’re dead.

Even if you are caught by the Shadow Fiend. Attack, as long as it’s not critical, it won’t necessarily die, just like me.”

“Ohโ€”” Rainbow Head was about to agree, but his expression suddenly stiffened, pointing to the sky, screaming hysterically: “Shadow Head” Demon, there are two more shadow demonsโ€”โ€”โ€

โ€œchi chiโ€”โ€”โ€ The cry did not stop, two golden lights cut through the sky, and hit the two in an instant with lightning speed. Shadow Demon’s eyebrows.

It was two golden needles, which stopped at the center of the shadow demon’s eyebrows and trembled. The next moment, “Bo, Bo!”

The two shadow demon heads appeared blank, and they Holding his head, he seemed to be wailing again, and the silhouette gradually became illusory.

“Admiral Five Rings!”

“Golden nuclear bomb!”

Several people exclaimed in different ways, but looked towards the same person, a golden- A bright and dazzling silhouette, galloping down from a higher sky.

Harry hovered in mid-air, frowned: “It’s only been less than five minutes since the Shadow Fiend attacked, you are still on the periphery, why is it so miserable?”

Five of the nine died


“The golden nuclear bomb is back, the golden nuclear bomb is back, come on everyone, we are going to win!”

Waiting for the Green Arrows and the others What to say, the battlefield suddenly burst into deafening excitement and cheers.

All the soldiers on the ship, including alien volunteers and seabed people.

The heroes didn’t shout, they just sighed in relief,

(end of this chapter)

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