I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 642


Chapter 642 is too ferocious, Demonness Harley is actually chasing the shadow demon

“It’s just ordinary food Defense expertise. Food defense, how low-end!

But with such a trivial trick, it killed the terrifying enemy who tore up the multiverse.

This is forcing me to pull strongly against a crazy tide, save Earth, show off the limelight, shock the anti-monitor, shock the multiverse!”

Harry had a sighed expression on her face, her hands on her back, and she raised her head and sighed.

The golden mist overflowed from her throat, and the mist of stomach acid combined with the power of the yellow light to form a transparent sphere with a radius of two meters around her.

A transparent liquid like a shallow golden.

There is a nine-slap-length Flying Sword inside, like a swimming fish, and circles around Harry’s body.

Recalling that she took on the task of ‘advertisement for God’ in Voice of the Sky, Harry changed the Flying Sword into a cross.

It’s just for decoration anyway.

“Harry, what are you talking about, why don’t you come soon?” Dachao urged eagerly.

Harry ignored him, put away the N metal space protective suit, and replaced it with a long-sleeved Sandman robe.

With a little movement in his mind, he changed the purple and black of the robe to a neat pure white, bordered with gold, and a golden holy cross was also printed on his chest.

Golden ponytail braided, untied, and long hair wafting down the back like a piece of satin.

Take a look at yourself up and down, left and right, Halle brows slightly wrinkle, the costumes and moves are all good, but there is still a lack of sound.

“Forget it, I still use the Holy Mother aura to stimulate the hearts of believers. Hymn.”

She sighed, put a layer of Holy Mother aura on herself, and turned on the god force field – almost ineffective against antimatter, but the breath was there, with the Holy Mother radiance, Enough to fool people.

After finishing these preparations, Harry quickly rushed towards the center of the war, not rushing, but floating in a dashing manner.

On the destroyer on the outskirts of Liberty Island, Green Arrow led four young watchmen to kill.

They weren’t completely safe after Harry helped them deal with the two shadow demons.

Where a Shadow Fiend dies, Shadow Fiends from other places will be attracted to it.

From the moment Green Arrow killed the first Shadow Fiend that approached them, they were destined to stay out of the fight until the end of the fight.

There are not a large number of shadow demons, but there is an endless stream of shadow demons in small groups.

However, this time, the big team with four small teams performed very well.

Like at this moment, two shadow demons galloped from diagonally above.

Green Arrow’s expression was light, “Bingfeng!”

The rainbow-headed boy ‘Frozen’ blew a cloud of cold mist against the sky, and when the Shadow Demon rushed out, the speed was half slow. more than.

“sou sou!” They just emerged, and two special arrows hit the eyebrows with precision.

“Thorn la laβ€”” The two shadow demons dissipated.

“At 12 o’clock, Captain!” At the same time, he turned into an Indian-born goddess with an elephant head and golden eyes, and shot two golden lights from his eyes, causing the shadow demon flying close to the sea to pause for a moment. .

“Drink!” The moon girl stretched out her hands and squeezed hard, “bang bang!”

She could create an explosion out of thin air and blow the shadow demon flying.

Not dead.

The Indian boy shot a golden light from his eyes again.

Suddenly, the green arrow complexion changed slightly, eagerly saying: “Evil demon cultivator girl!”

Moyan Taotao’s hooded nun loudly shouts, raised her hands, a miniature tornado surrounded herself and several teammates, and rose more than ten meters at a high speed, and the green arrow shot down an arrow.

“Ding – stab!” The demon that emerged from the deck was hit on the top of the head and slowly dissipated under a special arc.

“Hahaha, it’s too easy to kill four more. As long as we work together, the Shadow Demon is nothing at all.” The colorful head boy laughed excitedly.

“Don’t be careless, we lost five teammates.” Moon Girl reminded.

The boy fell silent.

The Ganesha patron sighed: “It turns out that Jessica is right.

The battle points she gave us, trust your teammates, work together, and listen to senior heroes Don’t be impulsive and reckless. They are all good words of Gold Jade summed up in life.

It’s too precious and useful, but unfortunately we didn’t take it seriously before.”

Green Arrow didn’t hit them this time, instead he said comfortably: “No matter how precious and correct experience is, you need a lot of battles to practice yourself. For you, this war is too early now.”

“Four more shadow demons are approaching from the direction of eight o’clock!” Moon Maiden cheered up, loudly said: “Now is the time for us to accumulate experience, let’s put grief behind first – Hey, the shadow demons are changing direction. “

“Ah, it’s a golden nuclear bomb!”

The Shadow Fiend turned, and they shifted their gaze, and then they saw the hands on their backs, their heads looking at the sky at a forty-five-degree angle, and expressions on their faces. A touch of gold nuke.

She came floating in a golden ball.

She was so slow, she didn’t dodge, she didn’t even see those shadow demons!

“Watch out!” they shouted, and at last Harley gave them a glimpse.

Don’t look at us, look ahead – ah, it’s too late.

They shouted in their hearts, and then they were stunned. Four black shadows collided with the light ball, and their bodies immediately froze, like flies sticking to a sticky board.

“bang bang bang!” The white light shone brightly, with four muffled sounds, and the shadow demon disappeared.

Green Arrow and the four teenage watchmen were stunned and didn’t know why.

“Protect yourself well, I’ll take care of those trash fish.” Leaving a faint sentence, Harry drifted into the distance.

She was actually stunned for a moment, because the explosion was relatively close, two meters close to her, and four of them exploded at the same time. The formidable power was extraordinary, causing her experience jar to bubble up a few small bubbles. .


Harry hurry up.

Can’t let the heroes take her experience baby away.

“God, the golden nuclear bomb is too big–ah, what’s going on, the shadow demon will self-destruct when it gets close?!”

Harry’s shirt fluttered, Like Sword Immortal with a gas hood.

Flying over the gunship, “hit” and blasting seven or eight shadow demons, the aliens on the sea were stunned.

“Poseidon is above, Harley Quinn is too reckless – ah, Poseidon, is this the legendary ‘golden nuclear bomb’? Golden-bright and dazzling, the enemy touches It will explode when it arrives?!”

Harry’s clothes fluttered, like Limbo Fairy flying over the sea, blasting out a piece of while light channel in the black pressure group of shadow demons, the seabed under the sea People exclaimed in amazement.

“Ogmaika, Admiral Five Rings, Admiral Five Rings, she’s finally here!”

The American soldiers in the fortress on the island cheered loudly.

This time, Harry finally had a reaction, first waving to the soldiers on the defensive line, then carrying his hands on his back, and rushing towards the shadow demon group indifferently.

Well, she opened her mouth slightly, spitting out wisps of golden stomach acid mist all the time.

It consumes a lot and needs to be replenished from time to time.

“Boom boom boomβ€”” A single shadow demon exploded, the sound was dull like a drum, and its formidable power was several times stronger than a grenade.

In the battlefield of all Star Wars weapons, it is not conspicuous.

But Halle’s spatial flight, coming and going, riding the wind and waves, crashing too many shadow demons, the continuous explosions are connected together, the dazzling white light covers the small half of the sky, and the muffled sound of the drums has become a rumbling sound. Long thunder.

“Omg, why is Harley Quinn so strong?”

All the heroes on the island looked up at the sky, looking at the indifferent, floating, The silhouette of the shadow demon scattered ashes and dispersed smoke everywhere, the face is full of indescribable and unbelievable shock.

“Could it be because of the power of the yellow light?! Her yellow light shield is too arrogant and domineering, and it explodes when it touches it. It is the invincible hand across the multiverse and the shadow demon that kills countless Superman!

Who will tell me what’s the reason for this? Green Lantern, what’s going on?”

Firestorm shouted excitedly, and finally turned his eyes to Kirovog next to him.

“It does have the aura of the power of the yellow light, but.” Pig Head Green Lantern looked blankly, “It shouldn’t be so strong, the Guardians always say that the green light is the strongest.”

“Green light Guardian understands the yellow light of a hammer.” The Mirror Master jumped out of the mirror, shouldered the laser cannon, and said proudly: “Our Captain is the golden nuclear bomb, an expert in using the energy of the yellow light.

Now this performance is just her normal performance.”

“This is too exaggerated. We used our best efforts and sincere cooperation to barely resist the attack of the Shadow Demon.” Magic Grandmaster Phoenix was shocked in his heart. More than puzzling, “Did Demoness Harley develop a new trick?”

“I beat her before, I swear, she didn’t let the water go.”

Meila was surprised Mouth open, front teeth repaired.

Somehow, Nereus allowed his only daughter to guard the tuning fork from the Isle of Freedom.

However, only her Royal Family came to seabed, and both the U.S. government and Zhenglian also regarded her as a representative of seabed.

“Without the power of the yellow light, at least 200 people in the universe defeated her. With the power of the yellow light, even Superman cautiously became a shadow demon in front of her that didn’t even have to stretch out her hand.

This is why she is called a ‘golden nuclear bomb’?

With the power of gold, she will become a god in seconds?” Hal Jordan said blankly. .

“I don’t think God’s coming down is as exaggerated as she is. Omg, I don’t have dazzling eyes!” Luther, who was wearing mecha, cried, “The Shadow Demon is retreating, and Harry is chasing after. .”

He didn’t have dazzling eyes, next moment he heard Harley calling from the sky: “Don’t run, I know you can hear the anti-monitor, come back quickly, let’s fight to the end of the universe!”


“Kent, what do you think?” Several Grandmasters looked towards leading big brother.

Fate Academician pondered: “I have carefully sensed that Harry exudes the aura of the Holy Power of Supreme God.

Probably opened the gods to the earth.

Shadow Demons are anti-material beings distorted by special methods, making us in the material universe at a loss, and the attack efficiency is very low.

But Harry has always been favored by God, and the power of God, you know .”

In the end, his face was full of confidence, and there was a hint of envy in his tone.

What about the veteran heaven mercenary who inherited from Naboo and has a good relationship with the ghost?

No matter how strong the ability is, no matter how hard the relationship is, it is not as good as the favorite of the biggest boss.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

“Almost forgot about God that dog.cough cough cough, God Supreme, it’s normal to resist shadow demon raids!”

“Why is God again? He just likes to hide behind and do things quietly?”

“Hehe, God’s style, you only know today? Think about the thousands of strangers. Think about God’s plan in the little black beans incident, and look at the recent dog Holy Son.”

Kent only said one sentence, all the mages and those who know Harley’s status as ‘God’s favored one’ transcender , it dawned on me immediately.

There are also many people quietly gnashing their teeth, looking at Harley, who has been chased to the end of the sky, with envy and hatred on their faces.

“What does God appreciate about her? Say it and let us all learn together. If I can get such blessings, even if I read the Bible every day, give up black magic, and practice God’s teachings in everything I do, I will Willingly!” A black magician said sourly.

“Let’s ask if Demoness Harley is back?” Someone was really excited.

(end of this chapter)

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