I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 643


Chapter 643 Prosperous

“Ai, are the anti-monitors too cowardly? From fighting to escaping, continuing It’s been less than half an hour. You have participated in many space defense battles before, don’t you keep saying that you will fight for a few days and nights?”

Looking at the experience jar that was about to overflow with only a trace of blood left, Harry couldn’t bear it. Live to complain to Superman and other heroes who have been to the foreign world.

In order to rise to level 80, she first tossed American superheroes and super criminals, from morning to midnight, only resting for two or three hours – to let the prison officials and police officers who accompany her to rest.

After walking through the United States, I went to the Earth countries for a tour.

Then go to the four kingdoms of seabed, and also fight fiercely until dawn, lasting several days and nights, only eating and not resting.

After that, I will provoke pirates in the universe, and threaten the civilized country with good reputation and reasonableness.

It is still 1/4/2022 away from level 80.

As a result, the Shadow Fiend has arrived.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover the true effect of the fourth defense feat, and Harley is also ready to have a double happiness.

But less than ten minutes after she was in the fight, the Shadow Fiend began to retreat

“You don’t answer my question, what do you see me doing?”

The heroes looked at the monster’s expression, and the mages’ expressions of envy, jealousy and hatred made Harley very useful.

But before envy, shock and awe, you have to answer her question first.

“Harry, the power of God is so useful? It’s specially used to restrain shadow demons?” Superman asked after calming down.

“The power of God?” Harry was stunned for a moment, then crossed his chest with a natural and solemn expression, “God is omnipotent and omnipotent, I never doubt that the power of God can restrain the shadow demon.”

She really has no doubts.

If God makes a move, the shadow demon will be disappeared in the blink of an eye, like a shadow in the sun.

“It’s all the power of God? I’ve analyzed it with the green light ring, the yellow light energy is very obvious, and it is mixed with a strange golden” Hal Jordan is not sure: “There is a kind of difference from the yellow light ring. The golden strange matter of force, not sure whether it is physical matter or energy in the form of light waves.

What is that, and what is the use?

Can the energy of the yellow light combine with it? To play a special role?”

Harry glanced at him, not too surprised, the stomach acid was exposed, it would definitely be noticed.

But she wasn’t worried they guessed it was her stomach acid.

After the food defense feat is upgraded to Level 8, stomach acid is no longer an ordinary solid liquid substance.

It can be the same liquid substance as the ordinary person, or it can be a regularized force, not just energy, but a digestion concept similar to the rules of gravity, kinetic energy, momentum, etc.

So, as long as she doesn’t say it herself, it will be difficult for outsiders to break through the truth of the golden stomach acid mist.

“Ai, there are some things I don’t want to say, and I don’t want to say, I don’t want my secrets and cards to be known by outsiders.

In short, thanks to the omniscient and omnipotent God, He protects me and protects Earth.” Harry sighed.

Superman and Hal Jordan have some insight.

In addition to envy and awe, the rest of the people have no doubts.

Well, Harry didn’t care what they realized, she didn’t say anything anyway.

She’s been praising God, what’s the problem?

If it is wrong to praise God, she is willing to make mistakes for God!

half a day later, on Liberty Island, Manhattan, next to the tuning fork, where the hero Legion resides.

A post-war wrap-up meeting is taking place.

“No wonder the Overwatch wants the Herald to invite Harley. Your restraint on Shadow Fiend is too strong. If you join the Overwatch rescue team, we can save more people.” Superman said with a complicated expression.

Harry shook his head and said, “I don’t need to repeat this question. I won’t go to the surveillance satellite, I won’t leave this Earth, and I can’t even keep my own home. What else can I talk about saving the world?”


General Ryan said solemnly: “The five-ring admiral’s choice is correct. If we don’t have her today, even if we can defeat the shadow demon, it will only be after a tragic war that lasts for several days.

How much sacrifice would that be?

In just half an hour today, we lost 23 heroes, 681 elite soldiers from Earth countries, 158 extraterrestrial volunteers, and seabed peopleโ€

Speaking of this, he looked towards the red-haired Princess on the opposite side, “Meila Princess, how about the seabed people’s battle damage?”

‘Anti-Monitor Alliance’ consists of five teams Composition: Earth soldiers headed by General Ryan, extraordinary Legion headed by Fate Academician, seabed people headed by Mela, alien volunteers without a leader, Earth powers represented by Zhenglian – not limited to heroes, some superpowers Criminals are among them.

The five Legions are united around Admiral Five Ringsโ€”most of the teams are formed and hand-picked by her.

“400 warriors, 124 dead.” Mela frowned.

“The damage ratio is a bit high, I thought the seabed would be safer,” Harry said.

Superhuman: “According to the combat experience of multiple universes, there is no difference between the air, land, and seabed to the shadow demon, but the seabed is dark and the shadow is more difficult to capture.”

“Next, don’t hide in the sea, just float to the surface.” Harry said.

<>Mella gently nods p, she has such a plan too.

“The shadow demons were defeated today, will they still come?” she asked.

Harley looked towards Superman, who has experienced dozens of battles with Shadow Fiends in the multiverse a few days ago.

“Sooner or later will be back, we Earth have tuning forks that block the invasion of antimatter clouds.” Superman confirmed.

Luther said: “But they obviously have no chance of winning. You first explode a wave of solar flares, golden nuclear bombs will come and go, and how many shadow demons will be useless.

Using anti-surveillance There is no reason to do useless work.

Besides, he has destroyed countless single universes, so is it necessary to stare at us as a hard bone?”

“No doubt, The purpose of the Anti-Monitor is to destroy all universes, no matter what the cost, he will not give up Earth 0, because Earth 0 is the main universe.

Also because of the five universes, five tuning forks, equivalent to the house’s Five pillars, lose the other four universes, and if we are the only one left, the tuning fork effect will be greatly reduced.

Five of the five load-bearing pillars are broken, how can the only one remaining support the whole house? Collapse?” Superman said seriously.

“Can’t we fight back? Find the anti-monitor, kill him, and solve the crisis completely. Keep defending, and have no hope of victory. How long will we consume?” Mela said.

“Perhaps the Watchers have a plan,” Superman said uncertainly.

“You didn’t ask him?”

“Yes, he said everything was arranged, let’s wait.” Superhuman said.

“Then just wait.” Harry said in a relaxed tone.

Hal Jordan glanced at her, “Do you still want to go to outer space to ‘recruit’?”

“Don’t go.” Superman immediately advised: “From the results of today’s battle See, Halle is undoubtedly the main force against the Shadow Fiends.

And the Shadow Fiends have come once, proving that the passage is open, and they may come again at any time.

Starting today, Halle Better not leave Liberty Island again.

The amount of alien weapons and alien volunteers you get is not as important as you alone.”

“That’s true, but”

Harley brows slightly wrinkle, only about 1% away, about to be level 80, will the shadow demon come?

She showed too much restraint against shadow demons today. The anti-monitor sees it, and will repeat her useless efforts?

If she went to the universe for two more laps, she would be 100% able to gather enough experience.

Although the fourth defense feat may be the “sixth note”, what if the guess is wrong, or if the anti-monitor has a second power other than antimatter?

At level 80, it is safer to reserve a speciality seat.

“Green Lantern, now that Shadow Fiend has appeared, it turns out that Earth is the key to guarding this universe.

Can you call both Little Blue and Green Lantern Legion?” Ha Li asked.

There are 3600 Green Lanterns guarding the house, and she won’t have a big problem if she slips away for a day or two.

“That’s what I mean,” Hal nodded. “When today’s meeting is over, Kirovog and I will go back to Oa and ask the Guardian to convene the Green Light Legion to gather at Liberty Island.”

“With the green light Legion, Liberty Island is even more solid.” All the heroes showed a relaxed smile.

Meila glanced at everyone, purse one’s lip, the hesitation in her eyes disappeared, and she said firmly: “I will also send a message to my father and the other three seabed kings, asking them to arrange another batch of warriors for freedom. Island.

Without the tuning fork, the Ocean Kingdom will be in danger, and they will understand the simple truth.”

“Very good.”

Haha Lily satisfied nodded, this Mela also seems to have several points of heroism.

Although the future situation is unclear, the “Anti-Monitoring Alliance” is obviously in good shape, and everyone is more and more happy.

The warm atmosphere at the scene also seemed to be infected with the aliens, and the representative of Lannxing said loudly: “I will immediately report the war that happened on Liberty Island to the Supreme Leader, and ask for an additional batch of at least five people. Thousands of Rann Space Force.”

“Thank you, Colonel Strange, Earth people will remember the Rann people’s support.” Superman excitedly said.

“pa pa pa” General Ryan and the heroes laughed and applauded.

Harry slightly frowned, what kind of help is this?

And, five thousand space soldiers at a time.

“I will also send the battle video to the class spokesperson, the Kru people are not idiots who don’t know the big picture, we probably will too. Send an additional 10,000 interstellar warriors.

“Tamaran will not sit and watch the shadow demon destroy the tuning fork, I will report the situation here to the Queen of Black Fire, and apply for a space Legion, at least 200 Planetary Grade defensive boat, eight thousand officers. “


As the aliens expressed their opinions one by one, the atmosphere at the venue almost reached a high level.

Superman said emotionally : “We are so united, why can’t the tuning fork hold back?

No matter how ruthless and powerful the ultimate enemy’s anti-monitor is.

I firmly believe that under our sincere cooperation, he will definitely fail!”

The aliens didn’t look at him, but looked at Ha in the main seat Li.

Harry looked at Ryan vaguely, said with a smile: “I never doubt the ultimate failure of the Anti-Monitor. “

“pa pa pa “Everyone clapped excitedly and smiled.

The meeting ended before evening, and Superman stood on the pier with a solemn expression, watching a group of martyrs. The coffin was carried onto the warship until a female reporter came over.

“Hi, Superman. “

It was a girl with black hair draping over the shoulders and a delicate face. Under the fashionable blue long sweater, her figure looked petite and slender.

“Lanaโ€”โ€””Superman Surprised, he couldn’t help calling out her name.

But then, when he saw the cameraman with the camera beside her, he restrained the rich emotions on his face, nodded and said: “Hi, you are Laura. Na Young Lady Lang? I look at your reporter card, you’re from CNN in Kansas? “

Lana Lang couldn’t help but pursed his lips and smiled when he looked at him seriously and pretended to have just met her, “Yes, I’m from CNN Lana Lang, Superman, have the honor to chat with you?” ? “

“Of courseโ€””

Of course Superman is willing to accept the interview with his first love, without the slightest hesitation, he will agree, and then General Ryan’s voice comes: “Superman, I need Talk to you immediately. โ€

Old General walked over quickly and glanced warily at the pretty female reporter.

Superman didnโ€™t know what to do.

Thinking for a moment, He felt that he should reject the old father-in-law, because Superman is not his son-in-law, so don’t listen to him.

“I will interview the soldiers who participated in the war at the dock. “Lana Lang is very considerate.

General Ryan didn’t come to arrest the stealing son-in-law. He called Superman aside and said with a serious expression: “The alien’s reaction is very abnormal, I hope you use Super listening probe what those guys are saying to their ‘president’. “

“Why is it abnormal? “Superman wonders.

“They’re too aggressive.” โ€

(end of this chapter)

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