I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 645


Chapter 645 Those Harleys who were killed by Zhenglian

The dark cloud on Superman’s face dissipated in an instant, and it became full of hope and peace again. look.

“General Ryan, there are still heroes in the world, and Mela Princess is a qualified hero king!” He excitedly said.

General Ryan looked thoughtful nodded, “Yes, she’s fine, just the hero king we need.”

The smile on Superman’s face faded, father-in-law this It doesn’t sound right.

“In the next few days, you’d better eavesdrop on and peek at those aliens every day. I will also notify Cyborg to strengthen the monitoring of electronic information. Must be sure that they have not changed their minds temporarily. “

General Ryan’s expression was much better than when he first found Superman, and his face was a little brighter.

“It’s better not to let them join the alliance.” Superman sighed.

General Ryan said resolutely: “Today our Earth army has more casualties than aliens and seabeds combined, but their record is equal to the sum of Earth heroes and far more than the Earth army.

Many seabed soldiers and alien instructors are better than most heroes, stronger, more experienced in combat, and more familiar with team combat.

There are no aliens and seabeds, Without the extraterrestrial weapons obtained by the five-ring admiral’s jungler, the casualties of the Earth’s defense forces would exceed the government-government’s endurance limit for protracted wars.

It can be said that if it weren’t for the positive alliance of a few The main force and the five-ring admiral exist, the main force on the battlefield today is not the Earth army, not the rotten hero Legion, but the orderly and familiar foreign reinforcements of Star Wars.”

Speaking of this , he moved in his heart, said curiously: “You have been to multiple single universes, what’s the situation on their side?

In terms of the intensity of our war today, with the help of so many external forces, half an hour No, nearly 700 officers and soldiers died, and more injuries.

How can other universes continue to fight for days and nights?”

Superman was embarrassed at first, then embarrassed It turned into pain and grief, “It was very tragic. Countless heroes came one after another, and hundreds of heroes died every day.

Ordinary soldiers don’t have energy weapons against shadow demons, so they can’t help at all.”

“Oh, relying on heroes to use their lives.” General Ryan was stunned, “No wonder the pioneers are divided into 20, constantly recruiting heroes, the consumption of front-line cannon fodder is too great.

It is no wonder that five General Huan is reluctant to go to the watcher satellite.

She has already seen through the essence of the ‘watcher hero Legion’, and is unwilling to go to a foreign country to be cannon fodder, and even her soul can’t be returned.”

This is so heartbreaking.

The superman who volunteered to enter the watcher satellite, recruited heroes in Earth, and saw countless heroic fearless heroes sacrifice with his own eyes, felt a pain in his chest, like he had been stabbed more than a dozen times.

“General, please speak with respect,” Superman was a little angry. “Those who died in battle were great heroes. In order to protect the great ideals of the multiverse, they died gloriously, don’t use ‘cannon fodder’ ‘Insult them.”

General Ryan glanced at him with a dull expression, and continued to ask: “The energy weapons of advanced alien civilizations can obviously hurt the shadow demons, why not form a coalition like us? “

Superman was stunned, and hesitantly said: “I don’t know, the watchers formulate the strategy outline, the pioneers are responsible for recruiting troops, and we are responsible for executing the mission.”

“parallel universe’s local What about the government-government? What did they do?”

“They didn’t do anything, didn’t even believe that disaster was coming until the antimatter cloud appeared, thought the Shadow Fiend was our trick, and sent the police and the army Arrest us.” Superman sighed.

“Does the White House in parallel universe live with wine skin and rice bag? Or are they less intelligent than us?” General Ryan frowned.

Superman looked at him with a strange expression, “You are the one who sent the police and the army to arrest us, at least in the more than 200 parallel worlds I have been to, there are more than 170 General Sam Ryan. , all made the same decision.

The pioneer also said that this is the commonality of ‘General Ryan’, let’s not mind.”

Sam Lane blushed and said angrily. : “Superman, how dare you insult me like this?!”

“I swear, it’s all true!” Superman said seriously.

With a move in his heart, he said again: “If you don’t believe it, you can go to Earth Green Lantern, his green light ring can automatically record the battle scenes of his life, and he can call out the hero Legion and ‘General Ryan’ to entangle. The scene of the fight.”

General Ryan’s face changed, and he said, “Is there no Harley Quinn in other universes? She didn’t become a golden nuclear bomb, did not lead heroes, super criminals, Earth government-government, Seabed people and aliens form a big alliance?”

“Harley.” Superman only thought of Harley from the parallel universe for a moment, and his expression began to distort, “The world is different, and the character’s experience, personality and life are also different. It’s different. There is only one golden nuclear bomb, only in our universe.”

General Ryan’s expression became better, and his eyes were full of anticipation, “Is she very unbearable?”

β€”β€”Bia I might as well?

Superman seemed to have guessed the dark thoughts of father-in-law and said, “It’s not that bad, at least it’s better than ‘General Ryan’.”

“What do you mean? ?” General Ryan said with a sullen face.

– Was it aimed specifically at me?

Superman tangled and said, “The few ‘Harley Quinn’ I’ve met are weird, but as long as we find her and invite her, she’ll be more than happy to help guard the tuning fork and die like a Heroes.”

Earth 0’s heroes may question Halle’s origins and way of doing things, but they all really think she’s capable.

Therefore, every time you entered a parallel universe earlier, you would first find the ‘Harley Quinn’ of that world – most of them were fished out of the Arkham mental hospital.

Those “Harley Quinn” with non-mainstream personality and dress are also really brave and fearless, holding a big mallet, wailing, laughing towards the shadow demon,

Then there is an instant decapitation, a broken stomach, and a corpse. Just like a complete set of ‘Harley Quinn’s Various Ways to Die’.

It’s horrible.

Then they stopped looking for her to form a team.

“You are still alive, but Harley Quinn is dead?” Ryan was stunned.

“Well, they are all ordinary persons, with no superpowers and no high-tech weapons.” Superhuman said.

“This” General Ryan was stunned, “Could it be that the five-ring admiral is really mediocre, all relying on hard work? Are you sure it’s the real Harley Quinn? Are there similarities in the characters’ experiences? ?”

“It must be her, at least in the early stages of life, there are many things in common, for example, gymnasts who are extraordinary natural talents, have been asked by their parents or coaches to play fake matches, and have a bad family of origin. “

“Where did the distinction begin?” General Ryan asked again.

Superman thought for a while and said, “According to Bateman’s analysis, there are no Holy Sons in other universes.

The coming of the Holy Son only happens in our universe.

Because of this, she did not conflict with the Holy Adventist Crusaders, she did not become a mercenary of God, and she did not deal with supernatural powers.”

“Oh, that cross of the Holy Adventist Crusade, that share God’s contract is the starting point and source of her ‘making a fortune’.” General Ryan was stunned, and then envied: “No wonder it is said that God favors her, and God made her different from other Harley Quinn.”

Superman said resolutely: “God favors those who work hard and have justice in their hearts.

In the face of evil forces like the ‘crusade monastery’, most of the ordinary girls dare not resist, nor have the ability to resist

Harry was only 14 years old at the time, a promising up-and-coming sports star, and the monastery only treated her as a passer-by and did nothing to her.

She was the one who took the initiative to be bullied The classmates were in their early years and accidentally won the cross in the life and death battle. Maybe God saw her bravery and kindness and chose her, and it has nothing to do with luck.”

“Chance and luck are still very important, If it were me, I would be no worse than her, but I have never met a fool who holds a contract of God but is mediocre.” General Ryan muttered.

“Did you beat the death knell when you were 14?” Superman asked.

“The death knell is a warrior of transformation.”

Superhuman said: “The big man killed by Harley was a magic warrior.

He was also in The army has done special forces, and his experience and strength are no worse than death knell. It is the number one battle strength of the Crusaders in Gotham.

The key is that he also holds a holy relic and can use the power of God to heal wounds.”

“How do you know so much?” General Ryan doubted.

Superman mumbles: “Batman has a ‘Harley Quinn file’ that I’ve seen.”

The file is so detailed that both he and Diana have seen it.

Because Superman and Wonder Woman are the key “weapons” of “anti-Harley Quinn tactics”.

“The fourteen-year-old female high school student killed the security guard Captain, I believe. But she didn’t even start contacting Martial Arts at that time, she was able to kill ‘Death Knell’?

The death knell is the Green Arrow The enemy of Xia Xia’s life.

Doesn’t this mean that Harley Quinn, a sophomore in high school who only practices gymnastics, has surpassed the Green Arrow?

It seems that Bateman and Green Arrows are similar.”

General Ryan was still a little suspicious, just like Zhou Botong didn’t believe that Guo Jing could kill Chen Xuanfeng at the age of six.

Superman’s super eyesight, seeing that the sky was dark and the first love was still waiting at the dock, he couldn’t help saying: “General, you are busy first, we will see you tomorrow.”

General Ryan called Stopping him, he said with a serious expression: “Even if the ‘General Ryan’ and ‘Harley Quinn’ of the parallel universe are not good enough, what about you and the pioneers?

Why don’t you form a coalition to bring the power of the whole universe together? Unite?”

“We only do missions, and the people who make the plans are the watchers.”

“That’s what I don’t think is right,” General Ryan said more sternly.” Why does the Watcher only recruit heroes, instead of summoning cosmic authorities who are stronger than heroes to deal with the crisis together?”

Superman pondered: “It may be troublesome, the Watcher may be powerful, But he and his adopted daughter, Laila, are the only two on the Watcher Satellite.

In order to improve efficiency, Laila is also split into 20 Heralds, which are still too busy.

To convince Xinxin The unpredictable leader of a higher civilization.

Do you see how busy Harley is?

Also made threats, and allies are full of spies.

The hero is different , capable, not afraid of sacrifice, trusting each other, not stabbing in the back.

Based on the entire multiverse, there are enough numbers.”

General Ryan’s eyes flashed slightly. , “I seem to have heard some different news, such as the pioneers leading psychological pirates who can control people’s emotions, turning disobedient superpowers into heroic fearless heroes.”

“You listen Who said that?” Superman frowned.

General Ryan said meaningfully: “Betterman gave Admiral Wuhuan a secret document, which not only contains the science and technology related to antimatter that we urgently need, but also the list of all the heroes who have been recruited. .

Recorded the hero’s age, origin, ability, character

He found that many super criminals have completely different personalities and obviously distorted will.

Later, he noticed that the pioneer who specialized in recruiting criminals was often accompanied by a mind controller.

So, he came to a very terrifying, but very common sense conclusion – the watcher understands trickery , will use means.

Anyway, it is our military, when the universe is in crisis, we don’t mind using superpowers to control some disobedient superpowers.”

( End of this chapter)

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