I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 646


Chapter 646 The situation is moving in all directions, sitting firmly at the hot pot table

“Psycho Pirate. Bateman didn’t tell me.” Superman muttered .

General Ryan said disapprovingly: “It’s useless to tell you, what else can you do except question the pioneer, be persuaded by her, and finally accept the status quo?

Do you let those who were baptized, Brain super criminals free.

Let them die freely in an antimatter cloud with billions of ordinary people who absolutely don’t want to die?”

“What are you talking to me about now? ?” Superman frowned.

General Ryan shook his head gently, “I just experienced today’s battle, and I have some doubts in my heart. I want to chat with you, who has participated in many parallel universe defense battles.

Find out about the war in other universes, then report the information to the White House and the UN Council.

Even the aliens are starting to bet on it, and the Earth army has to increase.”

β€œ Although Harley grabbed a lot of alien spaceships and weapons, the Earth soldiers couldn’t operate them proficiently, and the strength of individual soldiers is far inferior to that of alien space soldiers, so there is no need to increase them any more, enough people have sacrificed today.” Superman said sadly.

“Superman, Earth belongs to all of us, not the territory of the Justice League. We have the responsibility to guard home, defend the country, and have the right to die honorably.” General Ryan said solemnly.

“I didn’t mean that.”

General Ryan waved his hand, “Your work is done, you can leave.”

Superman sighed and said Go to the pier.

General Ryan brows slightly wrinkle, as if talking to himself, whispering: “Your child is about to be born, don’t do anything to your wife, or her father will hit you with kryptonite bullets. A sieve.”

Superman paused, didn’t look back, and continued to move forward, “He has no chance.”

Of course General Ryan knew the true identity of his son-in-law.

Superman knows he knows too.

But Superman never called General Ryan ‘father-in-law’, and General Ryan only regarded reporter Clark as his son-in-law.

Before today, General Ryan had never talked to Superman about anything other than work.

This is a tacit understanding.

But today is special.

Even though Louise was reluctant, General Ryan helped her take two months of maternity leave in Planet Daily and forcibly stuffed her into the Aki airship.

Clark Kent didn’t stop.

Father-in-law is a little worried about her daughter-in-law’s reunion with her beautiful old lover now that her daughter is gone.

Well, General Ryan doesn’t care about Clark Kent’s old affairs, and theoretically shouldn’t know about his son-in-law’s first love, but Superman’s secret files in the Pentagon are better than the ‘Harley Quinn files’ in the Batcave Also in detail.

Superman’s high school romance with Lana Lang was one of the main reasons why the ‘Superman Psychological Assessment Team’ believed that Superman could be “domesticated”.

The silhouette of Superman has not completely disappeared at the end of the line of sight. A beautiful female major with short ears and a heroic appearance walked up to General Ryan and asked in a low voice, “Father, do you want me to follow you? See?”

General Ryan brows slightly wrinkle, “Lucy Ryan, this is not Ryan’s house, and we didn’t take off our uniforms, you should call me ‘General Ryan’.”

“It’s almost off-duty time now.” Lucy said.

“Get off work?” General Ryan glanced at his second daughter, “Do you think Shadow Fiend would agree? If I were an anti-monitor, I would take advantage of the night and have another sneak attack.”

Lucy shook her head gently, “He won’t, even if there is no extraterrestrial equipment, no mage who can reverse day and night, our Earth’s original technology has made the difference between day and night long ago.”


“But our human body can sense the difference between day and night.” General Ryan frowned wearily, “Help me arrange a small airship, call Quinn Manor first, I have something urgent See Harley Quinn and notify the Presidential Palace, I’ll be there in two hours.”

“Where’s Superman and his ex-lover?” Lucy asked.

“Superman won’t mess around with my warning.”

“If father-in-law’s threats are effective, there will be no lover’s son-in-law in the world.”

Lucy twitched his lips, but still picked up the phone and started arranging the task given by the general father.

Ten minutes later, father and daughter arrived at Quinn Manor.

Harry was preparing to make hot pot, and immediately smiled and waved: “It’s better to come by chance, this morning, when I killed the ‘beer pirates’ in the YAMAHA galaxy, I came across a giant dragon that looked like a giant dragon. The star beast.

It is the mount of the pirate king Jakes, and now it has become a pot of meat on the table, come and taste it together.”

Smell from the giant mandarin duck The aroma from the pot made Lucy’s stomach disappointing a few times.

Ryan didn’t eat dinner either. He was a little hungry, so he didn’t refuse and brought his daughter to the table.

“Wow, this tastes great!” I took a chopstick as thin as cicada wing and palm-sized deep purple meat slices, rinsed it in a clear soup pot three times, and stuffed it into my mouth, before eating it. , Lucy cried out in intoxication.

“I thought the meat would be very old. With such a smooth and tender texture, how could it survive in the harsh environment of outer space?” Like able people, strength comes from supernatural ability, not pure physicality, and I want to cook hot pot, of course I have to choose the tenderest meat.”

“Well, so that’s how it is.”

“Well, so that’s how it is.”


While eating, General Ryan repeated what Superman heard and saw, “Basically, the alien volunteers and seabed people can use it.

I’m afraid of war. A protracted war.

Seeing that the anti-surveillance can’t break the tuning fork of our universe for a long time, may quietly contact those aliens, make promises, promise benefits, and turn them against the water.”

“Well, General, you are very thoughtful,” Harley swallowed her mouth full of meat, and said strangely: “But, if you really wait until the anti-monitors ‘reduce your dignity’, plan to fight with the inferior Four-dimensional When dealing with ‘material people’, who do you think he would choose to buy first?”

“Us?” Lucy took the lead, surprised.

<>Harry gently chose the food p, “At least he asked us first, and when we refused, he flew into a rage out of humiliation and went to eat the inferior ”’.”

“Makes sense” General Ryan’s chopsticks hung above the hot pot, and he fell into a long period of contemplation.

Harry’s words seemed to open the door to the New World for him

“Should we surrender?” His tone was a little sneaky.

Lucy looked towards father in shock, forgot to chew the meat in her mouth.

“You can consider it.”

Lucy’s shock increased tenfold, and she turned her head and looked towards the five-ring general with a natural expression.

Harry continued: “Don’t refuse bluntly, look at the conditions and sincerity of the anti-monitor, and also look at the trump card of the monitor.

In case the anti-monitor lies and deceives We, in case the watchers turned against the wind, we surrendered.”

“Harry, you are very thoughtful.” General Ryan looked admiring.

Lucy glanced across the dining table, hoping to find someone who disagreed.

Ivy didn’t respond, and prepared a fruit plate for everyone. The legendary dog Holy Son burrowed into the bones.

“It’s only the first day of the war, so let’s talk about surrender. Isn’t it good?” Lucy said weakly.

“We must work hard to win. It’s really a hopeless war of attrition. This is a set of plans. We can’t surrender before our allies.” Harry said.

“Yes, no matter how good a surrender is, it is not as comfortable as the victor, but surrender is a way out. When it’s time to surrender, we have to get ahead of our allies.” General Ryan strongly agreed.

In just over half an hour, the Ryan father and daughter had their belly round and full.

Harry and the dog Holy Son are still munching.

With a few polite words, they said goodbye to Washington.

“You’re lying again,” muttered the dog Holy Son.

“Who did I lie to?”

“You won’t surrender at all, and you don’t even trust the monitor, how could you entrust your entire life to the anti-monitor?


Of course, according to your style, when the anti-monitors come to you, you will still surrender, fake surrender.

You’re telling General Ryan that you’re placating him and Washington. said the dog Holy Son.

Harry squinted at it, “Yebi, how did Yang Xiu die, do you know now?”

The dog Holy Son sighed: “Yang Xiu’s death, It’s because he likes to play tricks in front of a master who is more stupid than him, making his master feel ashamed that ‘I was completely seen through by this child’.

If his master is smarter than him, he will bring Enough self-confidence, with a condescending attitude of tolerance, I admire his quick thinking and outstanding.”

“Good boy, you didn’t read this book for nothing!”

Harry’s face With a confident smile, in a condescending gesture, pat his dog’s head.

The dog Holy Son glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes, not sure if she was really happy, or if she was hiding a knife in her smile, she could only lower her head and gnaw at the bones silently.

“Harry, there’s a major event!”

Suddenly a green light flashed in the night sky outside the window, and Hal Jordan’s anxious voice appeared outside the door.

He was not polite, he pushed open the door directly, rushed in hurriedly, and said with a horrified expression: “Ou Axing was attacked, and the Guardian and most of the Green Lantern Legions were wiped out.”

” Dead?” Harry couldn’t help laughing, and tried to look surprised and angry, making his expression a little distorted.

“They didn’t die, they were trapped in a space-time beam of light, space-time solidified, and they became prisoners.”

“Oh, who did it?”

Harry didn’t even bother to pretend to be surprised and angry, her tone was calm, and she chewed the meat with chopsticks.

“Have you had dinner yet? If not, come and have it together, Ivy, and give Hal a set of tableware.”

“Harry, don’t eat, hurry up and I’ll go to Oa.”

Hal tried to pull her arm, but she avoided him.

“Sit down, eat, and speak clearly.” Halle said solemnly.

Hal reluctantly sighed then said and sat down beside Yebi, “After the meeting, Kirovog and I are going back to Oa to persuade the Guardian to send the green light Legion to Earth.


But before we left, we received the Guardian’s summoning order.

The Guardian has been observing the battle on Liberty Island, and without our persuasion, they made the green light to mobilize the Legion themselves. Decided.

At the time, I smiled and said to Kirovog that it would save a lot of time.

As a result, when I returned to Oua, I saw a beam of light running through the sky. The atmosphere, the Guardian and thousands of green lights, like an insect in amber, are sealed inside.

The look of shock and fear still remains on the Guardian’s face.”

“So Say, you don’t know the murderer?” Harry asked.

“At this time, I can’t think of anyone other than the anti-monitor for this kind of power.”

Harry was silent for a moment, then said: “After you finish your meal, go to the Fate Academician. , he knows more about time and space than I do.”

Hal Jordan randomly forked a few chopsticks, left the manor, and went to Liberty Island.

In just an hour, Fate Academician and Howl came together.

“The Pillar of Time is not a dead thing. The forces of creation outside the universe are poured into it, and I am not strong enough to break it.

Even if I could I dare not.

Smash the Pillar of Time, and the people inside will shatter like glass.” Destiny Academician said.

“Have you eaten yet? Ivy, give Kent a set of tableware.” Harry said.

“Thank you.” Kent sat rudely next to the dog Holy Son.

“Halle, are you still eating?” Hal was excited, “Would you at least take a look?”

“Don’t worry, don’t panic!” Harry said indifferently: “Don’t forget that we also have an overseer boss. When the Herald arrives, the problem of the Pillar of Time will be solved.

What’s the use of letting me go now? What fate Academician can’t do, I What can I do?”

“Don’t you have the power of God?”

Harry rolled his eyes at him, “You just asked me to kill the anti-monitor, because I There is the power of God.”

Hal sat down helplessly and continued to eat meat, “When will the pioneers come?”

“I have never been to the monitor satellite.”Ha Li’s heart moved, said with a smile: “However, the monitor satellite can monitor every world, our side should be the top priority, and there are only five universes left.

You go to Liberty Island, Shouting while standing on a tuning fork, or writing a few words in the sky should attract the attention of watchers and pioneers.”

“Harry, you’re so smart!” Hal crossed wildly. A few chopsticks of meat, quickly ran away.

Harry pours Kent a drink, and the two continue to eat shouted.

In less than an hour, Hal came again, with Bateman, looking even more anxious than the first time, “Harry, the major event is not good, the watcher is dead!”

(end of this chapter)

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