I Am Going To Have A Fight With Superman Chapter 648


Chapter 648 Louise’s Crisis

Fate Academician is right, Earth is not at the most critical moment yet.

But he also guessed wrong, Earth didn’t have a chance to roam around for three or five days.

After eating ‘half cow’ that night to supplement the large consumption of stomach acid during the day, Harry lay on the bed, ready to sleep like a mortal.

Well, for more than a month ago, she really only rested for an hour a day, not to mention sleeping, and she even ate one meal every three or four days, eating a ton of food, and was full for three days.

The body is not very tired, and the spirit is also very good, but the mind is very tired.

But not long after she lay down, the sky outside gave out the tragic roar of the giant dragon being castrated by the rusty blunt saw.

Harry opened her eyes in a daze, the blood outside the window was red, as if the blood spilled from the dragon root drowned the entire world.

“Fat head, please close the curtains.”

With a vague command, she closed her eyes and ears again, turned over, faced inside, and continued to sleep.

Her bedroom is huge, more than 100 square meters, with a fat head lying on the bedside dozing, dog Holy Son squatting at the door, reading books with open eyes.

Harry was very indifferent, the dog Holy Son looked steadily forward, even more calm, but the fat-headed shark’s face showed curiosity and panic.

It first drew the curtains, and then rushed out like a green light.

Well, Duoduo went to Paradise Mountain.

Even if the universe restarts, the dog Holy Son won’t die.

The power of the dog, Holy Mother, cannot be inherited from the bloodline, so he has to cultivate himself, just like Zed.

Duoduo’s power comes entirely from when it was Wyepi, it was a little magical from the fetus, no cultivation, no strength.

So, Harry didn’t let it stay in Earth.

“Harry, the phone number from Liberty Island, said it was urgent.” After a while, Ivy from the next bedroom ran over wrapped in a pair of pajamas.

“Ai, isn’t the sky turning red? Let them calm down and talk about tomorrow.”

“I can’t calm down, the sky seems to be bleeding, and I can’t hear the sound of thunder. Make sure it’s thunder, even I’m a little scared.” Ivy sat beside the bed, staring blankly at the red light that the curtains couldn’t cover.

“If you can’t sleep, just meditate and let me rest for a night.”

Ivy glanced at the head of the bed, Harry’s blond hair was messed up and fluffy Fleece, can’t even see his face.

She thought for a while, gave up the urge to lift the quilt and get in, climbed to the end of the bed, sat cross-legged and began to meditate.

On the morning of the second day, Harry slowly got up, washed, ate a ton of hearty breakfast, and tossed it until half past ten before riding Yebby with Ivy. Flying up, facing the downpour, lightning and thunder, I came to Liberty Island.

Maybe there was a mess last night. At this time, the island was still in order. The sky and sea were full of airships with various signals, spreading for dozens of kilometers. Warships are also mixed in.

Through the sea, you can see the seabed brilliant lights and vibrant colors, the underwater battleship and the ocean knight are constantly flowing.

There are thousands of Earth soldiers on the island. They come from all over the world. They are all special forces with knowledge and combat experience. An energy weapon that is more effective against Shadow Fiends.

“Why is it just you and the others? Didn’t you say there was a small meeting in the morning?”

In the ‘Hero Hall’ below the tuning fork, that is, the hero In the place to chat, watch TV, and drink beer while on duty, Harley only saw about a dozen heroes, except for those on duty, Superman and Cyborg.

When eating hot pot last night, she also said that she had something to talk about this morning, but she didn’t see anyone.

“After the meeting, I was too tired, so I went back to rest.” Superman said tiredly.

“I didn’t come, what meeting are you having?” Halle said strangely.

“I called you, you won’t come by yourself. The situation was urgent and we had to get together to discuss first.”

“What was the result of the discussion?” Harry asked.

Superhuman: “Weather mutation is because antimatter clouds have increased the erosion of our universe, and parts of the Universe Principle have begun to collapse.

Like a hard candy thrown in In the ice water, it is slowly melting.

But it is not a big problem for the time being, this is a normal phenomenon of antimatter crisis, and other universes have experienced it, so don’t worry too much.”

Harley With a sullen face, he said, “So what are you struggling with? Have the laws collapsed and need to be discussed?

I’m a mage, so I can feel it.

I said don’t worry. , take a good rest first, keep your spirits up, and have something to talk about tomorrow.

It’s better for you guys, stay up all night and be busy like a great headless fly.

What to do during the day After living, one by one was too tired to go back to sleep.

You and those who didn’t study hard during the day, went to the study room at night to stay up late, stayed up until three or four in the morning, with ‘lazy The ghosts are sleeping, and I have worked hard for another day. I am extremely tired and satisfied. I go back to the dormitory and sleep until two in the afternoon. I am dazed and unpredictable for an afternoon. At night, I go to the library and work hard for graduate school students, what is the difference?”

Superman looks embarrassed, he seems to be in college. Oh, a lot of his college classmates are like that.

“Harry, last night was a special situation, not the norm. It’s just this one time, it’s different from a college student who has been upside down for a long time.”

“Harry, you’re here!” General Ryan walked quickly with his second daughter, “The changes in the sky and celestial phenomena are too terrifying, causing great panic among the people.

Mr. President wanted you to hold a separate press conference last night to appease. The people of Earth.

As a result, you don’t answer the phone, he has to go on his own, and the effect is not very good.”

“You also didn’t sleep all night?”

General Ryan’s eyes were bloodshot, and the two lumps of feces at the corners of his eyes were the size of soybeans.

“How can you fall asleep?”

“Then go back and rest, the current astronomical mutation is just the beginning, as the antimatter cloud gets closer to the universe, such a mutation will only It’s getting stronger and stronger, we have to learn to get used to it.” Harry said.

“You hold a press conference first to appease the people and me, so that I can sleep.”

“Let Superman and Zhenglian go.” Harry said .

“They have uploaded a video last night to persuade everyone not to panic, everything is normal in the universe now, and the effect is not good.”

General Ryan said while asking his daughter to put the bag in tablet handed to him.

“Look.” He opened the puppy video network, and several videos in the recommendation column on the home page were all videos of ‘old heroes’ such as Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern.

He opens the first row first, which belongs to Superman.

In the video, Superman looks serious, explains the changes based on objective facts, and says that everything is under control. The ‘Anti-Monitoring Alliance’ has long considered this situation.

As a result, the most popular post below is “It’s over, Superman has no confidence at all.”

Landlord: Superman seldom posts selfies. He used to say something, but today he only explained the phenomenon, so that we can feel at ease. , you look at this – a few months ago, the Metropolis was poached by Brainiac, the high-definition street shot before Superman’s expedition, and look at it now, it’s completely different!

First floor: Indeed, seeing Superman and a group of Zhenglian heroes make a video to appease us, I was even more flustered.

Second floor: As we all know, fire and disaster relief rely on positive links, and there are nuclear bombs to save the world. Now that the golden nuclear bomb is silent, it has been proved how serious the lost self-control is, and it is useless to talk big.

The third floor: That’s not the case. Zhenglian performed well in Apocalypse and in the Brainiac crisis. If you can’t win the MVP, you must be qualified to be a ‘Pippen’ (ps) .

Fourth Floor: Haven’t you seen the photo of the landlord? Previously, Superman was like a ray of hope bathed in the sun. In today’s video, Superman has dark circles, bloodshot eyes, and is so tired that he seems to have just gone to a nightclub and flew into the early morning.

Fifth Floor: Is there a problem with the light? It seems that Superman took a video with his mobile phone at night. No beauty, no lights, and no makeup. This effect is already very good.

Sixth floor: Then look at this piece of “Golden Nuclear Bombs with Hands on Their Backs, Walking in the Shadows and Demons.jpg”, which also has no beauty, no lights, and no makeup.

The seventh floor: I buy Karma, my Goddess! How can he be so handsome, so beautiful!

After the rainbow fart on the 200th floor

The eighth floor of 208: The sixth floor is awesome, so clear, you can even see the look of the world in your eyes, where did you do it?

Reply on the 6th floor: I am a war correspondent, hehehe, there are more high-definition photos, please search the public account ‘Wonder Woman’s starlight flying crown’.

Floor 309: I saw it, there is a video, the shadow demon is so frustrated, and the golden nuclear bomb didn’t reach out.

Reply on the 6th floor: Believe me, man, I’m at the scene, and a rough estimate is that a shadow magic group will destroy a million rice army with ordinary equipment.

Floor 310: Fake, the ‘war reporter’ didn’t lie, you go to his public account to see, in addition to the photos of the golden nuclear bomb, there are many sexy long legs of Wonder Woman. , I got the point wrong, Shadow Demon is too strong.

Floor 311: holy shit, the shadow demon kills the soldiers like chickens, it’s so brutal, why didn’t this kind of video make the headlines?

Floor 352: Where did you watch it? Can’t open it.

Reply on the 6th floor: Mother Fake, my official account has been blocked, please see me change my vest , no gas.

Floor 353: The golden nuclear bomb slaughter all sides, but Superman frowned. As long as you are not stupid, you will understand how serious the matter is.

After thousands of floors, except for some who called ‘war reporters’ but did not respond, netizens no longer crooked the building, and all sighed for Earth and their own destiny. worry.

“Ai, Superman, your image is really bad.” Harley returned the tablet to General Ryan and looked at Superman up and down, “You are so tired, it must be because of the excessive use of ‘Super Flare’, Go back and have a good night’s sleep.

Take the bed to outer space and float in front of the sun to sleep.”

“How about you?”

“Press release Forget it, find a reporter to go to the manor for an exclusive interview.” Harry said.

“An exclusive interview is fine, as long as you can appear in front of the media.” General Ryan’s expression softened.

Superman’s eyes flashed, “Harry, I know a very professional reporter, maybe I can ask her to give you an exclusive interview.”

The ease on General Ryan’s face disappeared immediately , glared at him with a stern face.

Harry also noticed the strangeness of several people, said curiously: “Who is it?”

Superman held the sharp eyes of his father-in-law and sister-in-law, his tone and expression as plain as possible: “CNN midnight The intern anchor of the current affairs news, Lana Young Lady Lang.”

“Midnight news, and an intern anchor.” Harry understood a little, and Louise seemed to have a green light over her head, “Okay, Let her come over.”

Even if there is no emotional crisis, Louise will definitely have a career crisis this time.

That Lana Lang is from Kansas, 80% and Superman are childhood sweethearts.

If her business ability is qualified and her personality is more pleasing than Louise, Harley will consider helping her become the second cosmic name on Earth, and it is best to find a chance to dig into Planet Daily, and Luis. Yi Si’s office lives across the door.

(end of this chapter)

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